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 The battle continues

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PostSubject: The battle continues   Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:01 am

[19:10] Davida surfaced from exploring the subways tunnels, the sewers, and the other seedy corners of the outlying city. She continued restlessly down the street when the scent fo blood hit her like a club to the face. She stopped to look at the dark haired man on the bench. Her pout pink lips turned up into as sweet smile...but she said nothing....just....looked at him.

[19:13] GΛßRЇЄL glances up with a poised lifted chin as he simply held the cigarette between his fingers and sighed the acrid smoke from his nostrils. He could be looking at her, he might not be, his gaze gone behind the round rims of his glasses. He tilts his chin a little higher however, "How does the saying go...?.... Take a picture" he offered a teasing smile before drawing from his cigarette again.

[19:19] Davida retained her smile, a flicker of bemusement shifted the silver in her eyes ever so briefly. Her right hand began to sweep her fingers in a slow wave at her side, making the long blades extending from her gloves like grotesque fingernails clicking quietly in a repetitive rhythm. She finally broke her smile with a sweet giggle as she rocked back and forth on her heels "Sorry...Just....That you remind me of someone....". She moves her gaze towards the entrance to the venue to the man's right and gestures towards the arch with her chin "What's this place?" she asks bluntly, not bothering to introduce herself or display any other civilized social grace.

[19:23] Jordin made his way back to the club, his attention drawing to Gabriel and the woman he spoke with outside of the club. "Good Eve." He said to the pair, using his signature incline of the head in greeting to Gabriel.

[19:25] Davida blinked and turned her chin to touch her shoulder at the voice, looking coyly over her shoulder and sharing her smile to the man that greeted "hiya." she replied simply before turning her attention back to the bespectacled man expectantly. She inhaled again the scent of blood, reading it as best she could at her young age. She sensed.....decades. Odd.

[19:26] GΛßRЇЄL slid his gaze over her quite thoroughly, as he did any person. Whether wearing the glasses or not. In actuality, he sometimes forgot he was even wearing them. The pulsing tone of music within the club overwhelmed the soft clicking of her nails but he did look to locate where her hands even were. Drawing the cigarette again when something you didn't see any average human doing, happened. He held his arm out to flick his black fingernail along the underside of the filter and ash the tip before he stood with a inaudible creak of leather, step forward and offer his hand out to her, "Gabriel" he said first, maybe the name would ring something if he really did remind her of someone. If not, introductions were made regardless. Not even glancing back at the club he looked with just his eyes as Jordin made a passing greeting, "Hello Jordin"

[19:32] Davida's jovial countenance faded slowly as she watched him move with a supernatural grace. She had varying experiences with elders...some kind and eager to teach. Others, decidedly cruel, hesitant to share whatever population they feed from and ready to destroy those young enough to be killed easily. With her Sire now gone, and only the blood vial about her neck as her last piece of him to give her any strength at all, she knew she was at the mercy of whatever mercurial beast she happens to wander into. She cleared her throat and gingerly took the hand offered to her, careful not to slice his skin or digits "Davida." she said simply as she tried to see past the dark lenses.

[19:47] Jordin's attention turned back to the woman and then her hands. "Meow, hello kitty's claws are out." He commented with a smirk before looking over to Gabriel. "Things going well -" He stopped short as he heard an approaching heart beat, head turning to see Nathan. Ah yes, Nathan. He had encountered him numerous times but never really was formally introduced. He looked back to Gabriel. "I left Blaze inside, I hope she 'asn't gotten into too much trouble while i was away. No more flashing incidents."

[19:49] Nathyn for once wasn't moseying along... he was strolling. Were he in the mood to do so he would debate and explain the differences in the walking mannerisms behind both... but that was just too much thought. He was not in the deep thought mindset. His hand rested on the inside of his front coat pockets as he approached a familiar street. This was someplace he wanted to eventually wander to. Admittedly it was sooner than he'd have liked. Ah, well. There was no better time like the present. He turned on his off beat stroll and turned toward the little gathering outside. He smiled with a strange empty doll like quality and in true uncaring fashion merely said one word as he pulled his hands from his pockets. "Gabriel."

[19:52] Davida's eyebrows raised at the taunt from Jordin, unsure whether any real threat was threaded through his words. She chanced raising the blades extending her fingers and *clacked* them together twice with a mischievous grin, hoping to provide entertainment and extend her preference for survival in this city. Her eyes moved past him now to the one she saw earlier, her hand dropping to her side though two "fingernails" continued to scrape and click together nervously. Her eyes seemed to focus with an intensity that might unseat any not familiar with vampires....or at least, hungry vampires.

[19:53] GΛßRЇЄL looked upon davida with brief quiet thought before wrapping his much larger hand around hers. Long cold fingers snaking around her palm and lightly grasping before giving a single brief shake and letting his fingers just briefly pet along her flesh and along the sides of her bit of claw before setting his at his side again, "It's a pleasure Davida" he gestures to the building, "This is a nightclub by the way. Week starts tend to be somewhat slower, but it's still open" if the music didn't already give it away of course. Glancing again to Jordin his lips quirked, "Well enough.." then paused briefly as he noted Nathyn approaching. The smile he felt pulling at his lips were restrained and he held a flat expression instead for the man. He watched him carefully for a moment, expecting some sort of verbal assault or ridicule for what he 'knew' he did to the man, "Mr.Wright" his tone seemed to drip a thick dark sweetness, a soft mock with jest all in one. How a simple tone could mean so much between them.

[20:00] Nathyn walked right up to Gabriel, nodding in greeting to the others. His eyes kept on Gabriel's though. Then he smirked. It was just that a smirk on an otherwise expressionless face. The calm before the storm. In this case, the storm being he fist he then sent right For Gabriel's face. He was aiming to knock him square in the jaw..

[20:03] Davida watched as Nathyn approached, a light pout turning her lips down as she took a step back to give him room, assuming business was to be spoken of. As she saw the fist come around she stumbled back, a quick panic in this unknown city sending her empty heart into a near race with time itself. She caught herself before she fell on her bum, and with hunched shoulders, her finger blades twitching nervously at her sides, watched the action with wide eyes.

[20:09] GΛßRЇЄL expected quite a few things from Nathyn, some physical as well. But he'd be lying if he said a hook to his jaw was the first thing he expected. The smoke perched between his fingers at his side as the fist connected with his jaw. It was that split half a second of surprise that made the humor in the moment stop him short and turn somewhat with it. Landing a solid hook right into the side of his face, sending his glasses flying. He took just a second but then turned to look at Nathyn after spitting a glob of blood at his feet, the look alone pulled his lips into a tight grin that peeled back his lips as if to say 'is that all you got?'. Not having to say a single thing.

[20:14] Davida moved her back to the wall, watching Gabriel take the fist with an unnerving grace. She had to learn how to do that. She stooped over quickly to snatch his glasses from where the skittered across the ground and clenched them tightly in a fist. She had no idea what she would do with them...but felt the instinct to grab them nonetheless. She straightened i time to not be hit with the blood from Gabriel's face. The sight of it...the smell...it took all of her will to not fall to her knees to taste it right then and there in front of them both. She shuddered in her hunger and pressed herself back towards the wall, watching again intently at both the men, her fangs bared in an intuitive menace.

[20:14] Nathyn growled as he reached forward with the hand that slugged him and grabbed his jacket collar, yanking it forward. It was only in partial hopes to pull him forward as well, but not a necessity. He pressed his body into Gabriel's and pushed his face up into his, drawing his tongue first across the bloodied lip. that was quickly followed by one heat and growl laced kiss. The other hand came out from his pocket to wrap about him. It slid down his back and into the back pocket of his pants. He squeezed the cheek that was shielded by leather... and paper.

[20:22] GΛßRЇЄL couldn't help but give a smile of laughter at Nathyn for his display of what seemed to be anger. Not lifting a hand to make him let go as he grabbed at his shirt collar, he was actually somewhat surprised yet again when the dark Fae licked across his mouth and stole himself a kiss. He wasn't so noble or masochistic that he didn't return the favor and clamp his teeth hard onto Nathyn's mouth. Hard enough to break flesh before he felt the hand slide into his pocket and he finally moved his hands to snatch Nathyn's wrists and pluck his arms off of his own body. Licking the corner of his mouth, "Pleasure to know you enjoyed my visit so much Mr.Wright" he chuckled, dark rumbling laughter as he'd felt just a little of what the other had been experiencing the night before in his attempts to reach out.

[20:26] Davida blinked, confused at the men...she couldn't decipher the anger mingling with an apparent lust. Were they lovers? Ex-lovers? It was safe to say her curiosity was piqued, but she remained n edge at the violence she had witnessed. She remained clutching Gabriel's glasses and waiting, watching the men for the next reaction.

[20:27] Nathyn scowled teasingly as he was pulled off Gabriel. "that wasn't about your visit." He scoffed and pulled back from him, turning away, " that is about Greeting. THAT... is how you properly greet someone like us as you walk on by." He looked to Davida and her....youthful antics. " Evening Ma'am." He tipped an invisible hat to her as he...began to stroll away. He was an incredibly fickle creature, much like Gabriel.

[20:31] Davida followed Nathyn's departure with her eyes only. Once he seemed far enough away, she cautiously approached Gabriel, holding out his glasses for him. She had no idea of his temper or sense of humor, but she would try to ingratiate herself to him...again, displaying a certain cunning when it came to her own survival "Friend of yours?" she attempted a lightness to her voice though perhaps it seemed a bit tense.

[20:34] GΛßRЇЄL was left to lick his lips a moment. The cut on the inside of his mouth from the hook already healed. He straightened his shirt after letting Nathyn's hands go, the same smile there. A little smudge of crimson left at the opposite corner of his mouth, his tongue curled along it, "Oh how rude I was then" he gave a mocking flourish of his hand with a eccentric bow of his head before standing again with a fling to push back his hair again in one go, "Enjoy your pretty little gift before it slips away Mr.Wright" glancing then to Davida as Nathyn greeted her and then carried on about his way. Her question brought a dark dribbling of laughter as his chuckles quieted and he took his glasses back with a thankful nod, "Heavens no, not at all" in question of their being friends, "Someone whom I often play a game with" he instead offered, inspecting the glasses and tsk'ing as the frame showed up bent to him. He simply tucked it at his neckline then.

[20:36] Candy came just around the corner in time to see Nathyn walking off. A brow lifted and he gave a shake of his head over some thought in his mind. Feet stopped where he was as he leaned slightly against the corer and looked fully around now to see who else was about. Spotting Gabriel he kept quiet and fell into watching mode letting his eyes and ears pick up what they would.

[20:39] Nathyn turned walking backward a few steps. He sent a hand into the air as though he were bowing to a grand audience. Perhaps in his head. One could never tell. "I enjoy the taste of you , even if your gifts are underwhelming." He chuckled darkly and waggled his eyebrows.."Well... not ALL of them." He laughed and turned again to continue down the street. His arm was still up in the air,and his hand pointed upward. Though only one solitary finger stuck out... like a BIRD in the sky.

[20:39] Dr. Quinn Hodges nearly stumbled at the words as he started walking backwards. "..... you are totally shitting me right Candy?" he said then laughed. " oh shit.. " he said and put a hand over his eye and shook his head laughing. " This fucking city is just full of surprises " he said then spun back around facing front. " ah~ I am going o love it here so much... such tricky cows... " he said in a pleased manner and licked his lips. " mmmm such cute things.. such pretty... " h stopped ten wiggled his nose a little. " hmm" he muttered then sniffed at his shirt. ".. nope.. not me~" he said in a sign song voice then looked at Gabriel . " hello Gabriel~" he said and went to stand by him for the moment. " I found something cool!" he said grinning at him. He said then blinked hearing the voice. " was that Nathyn?" he asked. ".... that was disturbing.. " he said looking a bit disturbed and shuddered rubbing his arms a little.

[20:42] Davida nodded, clearing her throat once "I see..." she replied...though she really didn't. She furrowed her brow at Nathyn's odd farewell before looking idly at the man that stopped in front of them chattering nonsensically, flicking her gaze between the two men and too distracted to notice Candy behind her. She shook her head as if giving up on trying to understand anything just yet before pouting to Gabriel "You are popular..." she mused quietly.

[20:51] GΛßRЇЄL turned his eye to Nathyn again as he commented on his gifts and sauntered away like he was a bad ass or something. He laughed again, though quietly before he looked at Quinn as he approached and was already on his way with rambling again. He crossed his arms, "Hello Dr.Hodges..." the guessing game wasn't one of the games he was a big fan off, but he played along anyway, "I'm not sure, perhaps it was your eloquence?" giving a completely flat expression. He was rather good at that. He quite obviously cupped himself, doing a brief spat of adjusting before looking back in the direction Nathyn had been strolling as Quinn noted the 'disturbing' behavior, "That was simply Mr.Wright, take care Dr.Hodges" he chuckled. He recalled Davida then an turned to regard her once more, "Ah apologies, he has a curious mind and sometimes gets adamant about questions... Davida, this is Dr.Quinn Hodges" gesturing of course, "Dr.Hodges, this is Davida. And if I'm popular, it's only because I have something people want" and he smiled that long alluring smile, letting the lass think and assume what that was for a bit.

[20:53] Candy felt his lips twitch slightly hearing Nathyn and spotting that salute that was given. He was fairly good at fading into the background when he wanted to.. and at the moment he wanted to. Something had just happened here. He wondered just what. He stayed back at the corner no heartbeat to give him away.

[20:58] Dr. Quinn Hodges looked after Nathyn ".... yeah.... it's a bit unusual to be on the receiving end of that.. " he said then shrugged and smirked as he started squirming on the spot " ... el-" he started then looked to the side for a moment and laughed. " oh it was a joke.. it's hard to tell a joke when you make a face like -" he stopped and copied Gabe's facial expression making ti just as flat for a moment. " I found-" he started then stopped and looked at Davida "... my aren't you a beauty " he said looking her over. " Nice to meet you I guess" he said. " hmm... what was it I found?" he said in a thoughtful manner and looked up "...oh something neat about the pretty one you left me with. But I need to know if it's interesting or boring might I poke your library a bit?" he asked then stepped back to show him he didn't' have any toys. " No toys today.. well not those kind any way " he said.

[20:58] Nathyn WAS owning his walk... like a BOSS. At the edge of the block he broke into a loud fit of laughter the air around him radiating with darkness and frost... and a ferocious glee. He spun in place and rocked his hips in his little victory dance. IT was something so magnificently breath-taking it should have been postured a signature move of a great... like Elvis... or Michael Jackson. Perhaps it was from the long lived as he that the human legends... learned their moves. Whatever the thought the moment passed and off he strolled as though he had never owned the moment at all.

[21:07] Davida turned to consider the Dr., her lips parting a bit as her expression deepened with confusion. Her eyes opened a bit wider as he addressed her, complementing her with a half thought. She smirked ever so lightly, bemused...but still, so confused. All she really understood from the man was a request for a library? A library?! She did love to read...the last of her human hobbies to stick with her, her young blood lust driving out the rest of her now relevant past-times. She nodded to the Dr. with a brief introduction of her name "Davida." she offered with a slight tilt to her chin.

[21:11] GΛßRЇЄL lifted his eyes a moment, his light green gaze following Nathyn again further for a brief moment as he fell out into an oddly graceful victory dance. Eyes continuing to move until they passed the tree and then in that line of sight, fell upon where Candy was standing. He stared for a moment, then as if he hadn't noticed him he turned his attention between the two once more. Whether or not he truly saw the lad or was simply not acknowledging was up to their interpretation. The quick flick of a silver reflective sheen darting across his gaze before he settled on them again, "I don't see why not... though you'll indulge me with 'why' of course"
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The battle continues
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