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 Mad Prince of the Underground takes Mother Natures...

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Tabs Blackthorne

Tabs Blackthorne

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PostSubject: Mad Prince of the Underground takes Mother Natures...   Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:45 pm

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) got up early with a plan and a mission on her mind. She was not pleased in the least about the extra dangers in the tunnels. It put her entire coven at risk. So a bigger strong ward over an entrance was her goal. She left a note in the red door shop. Telling the group she was headed to the source. It was a mild day and she had no need for a big bulky winter jacket. The rain for the past few days had the ground soft and random piles of snow. She snuck along the tracks and heading to the tunnel that lead to the source. A flashlight in hand her trusty backpack on as she made her way into the gloomy darkness.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) had found sleep to be rather elusive as of late. Now while he surely didn't need anything else to add to the swirling pit of madness his mind was becoming, the patrolling he had put himself up to had been at least something to take the edge off. A means. of relaxing and gathering his thoughts, mulling over the problems and stories of the streets above to try and find a means to have Quinn break up the problems. As usual with this idle walks Remi sat upon his beloved throne, letting its freakish legs lead the way, watching out for the occasional spiderling abominations in hopes to gain further information of how they adapted to their new form.Surrounding him, as usual, were the four enforcers. Another reason the walks gave him a bit of peace of mind was his subtle and lazy means to break the enforcers. Just through the sight of his abominations, his mindless ramblings, his presence and most of all making the sludge through the tunnels around him. "Ya know, conversation would jus' make this whole damned
[07:41] Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker): situation a bit more delightful. Ya silence is jus' annoyin'. If I wanted ta be stalked by quiet annoyances I'd jus' make ya my latest creations. I know ya can speak, I can hear ya bitchin' on ya smoke breaks."

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) At the last corner before the entrance to the source. She dropped her back pack and fished through it for the red candles. Lining near the large tunnel. Lighting it one carefully as she waved her hand over them. The air she pushed fueling the flames. She justed to breath in and out and channel the energy into the task she hoped to place here around this large opening. " Its the blood of my ancients that runs in my veins, their forms have passed, but the circle remains.. I call upon the evening breeze, come to me always when the day is done.. mother earth awaken to me with the heartbeat of a pounding sea.. " she spoke softly but her words were clear. " and dank foul waters around seemed to run pure and clear like a mountain stream.. and she smiled holding her hand steady over the rising flames of the candles

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) leaned a moment in his chair to peak into the abandoned train. It seemed that no matter how many times he cleared the worn machine of the creature's nest it continued to try making the location its home. For the moment, it seemed the creature was somewhere deeper in the tunnels. Upon relaxing in his throne once more in began to step forward, elongated fingers clawing at the ground with each step creating a rather grating noise. As he drew nearer to Tabs his presence, if able to bew felt by the powerful mage, would begin to be the first sign he was around. The festering rage and madness had made it rather difficult not to give off the consequence of his deeds. A chill would begin to grow outside of the candle's reach. A chill caused not by the absence of heat but an absence of.. Something. It was hard to tell, only that something was terribly off about the air. This mixed with the sensation of one's hair standing on end and the, if effected fully, the strange feeling of being watched. Heightened further
[08:03] Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker): by the sound of frantic whispering coming from all sides in frantic malicious voices. Remi himself didn't notice the girl at first, until the chanting caught his attention. He couldn't catch any of the voices thanks to how well a whisper echoed even to his own hearing. He made his throne carry him in the direction of the noise, eyes closed to focus on the direction of the source. The throne lurched forward as soon as he was sure, with remi leaning on the edge of his seat looking for the cause. The candles finally caught his attention, causing him to keep a fair distance from Tabs. His focus on these flames kept him from getting a good look at the woman, with eyes locked on the candle his voice piped up with annoyance clearly weaved through it. "Takin' candles ta light such a damp 'n dank location? Jus' seems foolish in the modern day and age."

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) pooled the energy around and into her task. Believing her words no fear and doubt as she called on the ancients of her past to help her forge this ward she was beginning to cast. It was the noise up head in the tunnel that broke her focus and she for the charm she was going spin. Using the energy from the source so close to her to pull in a protective flow. Her right hand reaching for a candle scooping up the fire, with her fingers. Then his voice sent a shiver over her entire body. It was true now all rumors of the maddened Prince were correct. Once can only hope he had not made it our alive from the town she grew up in. She could feel a fear sinking in. His whole presence begged to be feared and the stench of death alone felt like it could suck the very life from her lungs. But she forced air in and out feeling like she was drowning. " seems foolish.. prehaps.. I will do an about face.. And you will rid of me quickly.. " she reached for a second candle to be armed with 2 of them, one in each hand. Herlips parting softly but no words to be heard as she channeled the energy from the raw flames into fire that flowed in her. ~ fire .. fire its in my heart.. ~ she pooled that power both protective and destructive. " I will leave the way I came .. " and attempt to bow her head slightly as she kept a focus on the Mad mad Man..

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) let out a low clicknig noise, his tongue snapping against his teeth in a sign of disapproval. "Oh leavin' so soon? No threats? No insults? It seems everyone from Ravenhurst has begun ta change upon comin' ta Raven City! It is quite phenomenal, requires study." He drew himself closer, giving the horrific throne he rested on more light before it finally lowered to allow himself to stand. "By why leave so soon? Especially when ya armed wit' such a deadly 'n dangerous force dat I know ya handle well. I want ta know a few things dear Tabs. Let me pick ya brain a little. Oh my." He gave a twisted grin, voice beginning to crack and shift with his waning rationality. To the point his accent seemed to be continually in flux between his cajun and french accent. "Given my track record and what stands behind me that could surely be taken horribly wrong! Oh well. Now, what5 ever is it ya doin' down here? Doin' in my city? Not gonna start leadin' my kindred off ta light the up again are ya?! Still peeved about our first encounta' ya see. So long ago, but people don' change. You were always a dangerous one. Proven by ya element. rememba' somet'in' Tabs. I am de crazy one in dis city, fire or not.. I will neva' allow such a wild threat ta go unchecked. Especialyl wit' de otha' races tendency ta try 'n hit our buildin's from these very tunnels."

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) could feel the power of fire rise in her body cause it was right there in her hands. She was in shock a the look of him and things around him. What the fuck was he sitting on. It seemed alive. Made her want to vomit. But she had to hold the focus to stay a live in this moment. ~ I call on the gate from the west. the gate of fire.. come forth and allow this power through my hands, flame of their flame .. light of their lights.. " she could feel her own body awakening to the calling she put forth. She was not stupid the fear there it was very real about this Monster. The mere look of his throne alone scared the hell out of her. Shaking her head as he spoke. " no.." she managed to say. Even though he had a lot to say as always. She needed to hold her focus stepping back a little as he got off his throne. The fire in her hands growing as she dumped the candles from her grip, pushing more of her energy into her craft. Her eyes remained locked on him. There was no better time his enforcers down the next tunnel. So she said " I call to fire, her heat and light in her life burns strong and bright, Flames like the sun, bring harm to him I am fire, and she is me.. as this is my will so mote it be." and with that said, she pushed both hands towards him not blinking an eye. Adding air to the mix to increase the size of the balls of fire aimed right at him. " die you fucking blood sucking leach.. "

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) was walking along inspecting the tunnels or altleast pretending to be. His mind was on the conversation he had with Zee and Jade earlier. he wasn't sure how to go about the suggestion given his status. " hmm.. " he muttered noticing how oddly mother and the babies weren't following him anymore. " that's odd" he said then jumped hearing the growls from the siblings "........hah I hate to-" he started then squinted listening more as he herd the scream and sighed. " .... remi?" he said thinking of course remi had been doing something he shouldn't again. given the warnings he had been given that was his trian of thought ass he followed the screams and planned on keeping a shovel down here somewhere. As he drew closer he slowed down at the smell of burning flesh "... " That made him think it was a bit more serious than that now. he also picked up a heart beat as well. He was quickly putting two and two together as he slowly approached staying out of sight around the corner for now.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) makes her way through tunnels flashlight in her hand. She couldn't believe she was back down here and that Tabbie would try and handle all the creepiness down herself. From the note she found from Tabs, she had no idea how much time she had to get to her friend. Calling the energy to her before she entered the tunnels she focused on Tabs emotion, feeling the fear that her friend help which only made her move faster. Flashlight in hand she wasn't going to look at anything but straight ahead. If anything her thought would be to get Tabs into the source if she could or aid her in any manner she could. Rounding the corner she sees Remi and Tabs. She freezes for a moment, with a what the fuck is Remi doing her look.

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) gathered her wits and strength as the raven ruthlessly attached her back, drawing her blood as its beak tore at her clothes and flesh, leaving her back like a pin cushion. Screaming in pain and fear. trying not to let it take over As she tried to get to her feet. Still scrambling in the cold water that lined the floor of of the tunnels. With her left hand she swirled it drawing in air and shoving it with all her might at the Raven. Open wounds on her back from its claws start to dip blood. There was such a mixed of echo's in the tunnels it was almost deafening to her. Fear registered well in her now. And she Remi, but he came at such a blinding speed to her. Hand on her glock , when the knife sliced across her face, deeply from the corner of her mouth to dam near her ear, her blood powerful blood pouring down her face. As he felt like a ton of bricks pressed against her. Fighting with her head back and forth. Muffed cries and scream from her mouth mixed with the beasts that lived in the tunnel and did his calling. She would send a well aimed knee towards his crotch anything to get him off of her.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker)'s twisted laugh once more echoed through the tunnels, reaching a hand out to try and grab her newly wounded face and force her to look at him. "I want ya ta rememba' somet'in' Tabs. Somet'in' I do 'ope ya NEVER fuckin' forgot. Got it? Listen good, listen well. Remember this pain. Remember that delicious fear. I will do every single thing in my power to keep my kind's hold on this city. To keep them safe. You have seen what I can create, you have seen what I can do." His hand was trembling still, anger coursing through his vein and the beast pushing to the point he was to focus well to even be able to speak. Yet the near feral tone helped show this. "If you cause me problems, I will make ya one of my abominations. Maybe even put ya in the chair. From there you will watch was I herd ya kind like cattle 'n make the most horrific fuckin blood farm ya eva' did see. Don' force my 'and and maybe, jus' maybe, by my superior's orders you may live a life of relative peace and comfort." He readied his knife, grin going wide once more as a dangerous look appeared in his eye. "Such delicious blood I smell, so potent! Will it be like drinkin' fire? Like a strong Tabasco whiskey? I can't tell now Tabs. Pissed me off, mind is twisting and weaving. I could kill you, I could break you, I could scare you, I could mind rape you!" He let out another laugh. "In my state I don't even know! Be a shame to lose more of our food supply, but I am itching to ruin something, itching to kill! Always run away. Lately I needed a bit of proper stress relief. I-" He let out a pain cough as he suddenly felt the knee slam into his groin. His working eye snapping shut as he fell to one knee. No matter how strong the vampire was that was a shot that still made him buckle and lock up. His body fidgeting a little as for the moment he finally shut up.

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) stayed not to far just around the corner, having herd the screams and picked up the mixture of scents he was wel aware of who Remi was dealing with and rolled his eyes. Thinking, he needed to think quicky and reached into his pocket. Then looked himself over . He wasn't in the fight he could focuse mroe on the surroundigns theirselves and caught another scent and heartbeat approaching. Putting his fingers in his mouth he hoped remi would hear it before lexie got close enough to off-set the fight he gave a loud shapr shrill whistle. It wasn't like the dog whistle but it was a clear alert chirp-like sound. Once mroe doign what he was best at causing a distraction.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) hand automatically began to spend in the air. She didn't even notice how her hand had begun to move faster and faster swirling the air next to her. Her own thoughts calling it to her. She had come to the tunnels to help Tabs but at the sight of Remi all her anger and resentment for him came forward. The normally ~can't we all just get along~ girl was not present at the moment. The fear Remi had her caused when he held for so long in Ravenhurst was now replaced by sheer anger. She couldn't believe that he had gotten that much control over her, that he was the reason that so much had gone wrong while he held her in a cell. She saw him going for Tabs " GET AWAY FROM HER YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as he took a knee. She ran as fast as she could towards Tabs "GET OUT OF THE WAY TABBIE!"kicking the water up as hard as she could she let her hand push the air behind it, pushing air towards the splash. The wind moving around 150mph would be directed mostly toward Remi, the water itself would act as moving water bullets towards him and could potentially cut through his skin if he didn't get out of the way, was losing a lot of blood from the deep cut across her face. She could feel Lexie pulling energy and the added strength she might needed came from the source. As Remi was in her face. Her eyes open wide to him as he lectured her. More scared for her life then anything now. As the razor sharp blade sliced open the other side of her face, while he spoke. Screaming in pain as her face is a mess of potent red blood. Shaking her head back and forth like a plea.. " I get.. it.. " she managed to say as her body quivered knees weakening, as she held to her focus, when she heard Lexie and Remi fall to his knees. She jumped towards the raised walk way. Finding some power left in her gift. As she grabbed her gun, drawing it.. backing up and away from the leaches that infested the sewers.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker)'s head weakly snapped up as he heard the whistle, just in time to see a familiar face kick up somne water. The water itself he had little idea its purpose for, by he had been against the witches like Lexie long enough to know exactly where this was going. He let out a lower sigh, having only enough time to send a message to his throne before he was suddenly blasted through the air. His throne gripped its long fingers into the ground, gripping the train tracks to allow its body to pushed into Remi's path and catch his crumpled body. It lowered itself back down as his blood dripped into the chair from the bullets. The man stuck in the twisted Judas chair let out a pained scream as the impact surely broke numerous bits in his body. While remi twitched a bit in the chair. "Of fu-fuckin' course. AD to fly hrough the air. Everytime I deal with you fucking witches I go fucking flying through the damn air!!" He slowly reached out as the thrones hands adjusted itself under its body, lowering as Remi slowly got up but remained sityting to allow himself to heal. His eyes locked on Tabs and Lex. A twisted and ragged expression worthy of Jack Nicholson locked on his face. "A gun? I hope ya know that is nothin' more than a damn paper cut to an elder."

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) looked at the throne and huffed a little at the throne. That one just made his list. Starrign the throne down then he looked down seeing what anchored the throne . He looked between tabbie and lexie and saw lexie's gun then went back tot he corner to think. Then an idea came to him as he came ot and looked right at lexie's gun and stuck his figners in his ears and waved them at lexie " PBTH!" he did as loud and hard as he could right at her blowing a raspeberry at her. Mean while he focused his tele on her gun to jam it. " YOUR WIND REALLY BLOWS!" he shouted at her.

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) moved back beside Lexie as her free hand fished in her pocket. Pulling free her lighter. She could feel her body growing weak as the blood still dripped from her face. Impressive move with the air and water on Lexie's part. As the Mad Mad Prince went flying. " I know.. but this.." she said flicking the zippo as the wind died down in the tunnel. .." mixed with her.. is called a shit storm you wont win.. and.. we are leaving.. and your leaving .. and you have your sick twisted life and we have ours.. " she leaned on Lexie a little . Zippo in hand gun in the other not for him but his horrid children or creatures, which ever it was that was his spawn from hell. She would try and walk backwards and gain some space between her, Lexie and the Mad Mad Prince. She would gather more energy from the source pooling it were she needed it most. To give her strength and protection.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) wind in the tunnel was becoming stronger her hate and anger letting it build up. She had figured on her best days she could muster up to about 250 mph winds now. Practice makes perfect her aunts would say. The source was so close and pulsing through her now, she was on a high from the power and the anger just intensified it." what vampires don't like to fly? That was always a myth wasn't it.. I am just helping make it true" Her hair was whipping in the wind. She didn't move from where she was.The next blast if anyone came towards her would be strong. She was only seeing red at this point not even that disgusting chair seemed to phase her " Why won't you just die?!!!" she yelled at him. Taking a sidestep towards Tabbie. She wouldn't look directly in Remi's face but she wouldn't look away from his direction. She could anothers person emotion in the tunnel and was aware they were not alone with Remi. once Tabbie got close she would try to help hold her friend up. She began to speak "Through the air and with care , I call forth the wind to me. Send my messages to those that can hear and help me ease their fear. Let words flow and ifind there way to those that need to hear what I say." she would continuing to say the words in her head pressing energy to her words. "We need your help, meet Tabs and me and the entrance of the tunnels. Tabs is hurt" Her focus were on those in the coven, calling them to their aid, backing up as she spoke.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) tightened his grip on the chair as the wilds grew worse, pushing him up against it causing the chair to tighten its grip on the ground beneath them. His laughter soon echoed through the tunnels once more as he listened to Lexie. "Oh our time together has changed you so nicely. Those aren't the words of the meek mage I knew. That is the birth of madness there. Does it still keep ya up at night? Should see how my prisoners are treated now and consider y'self lucky. It has gotten far worse." He heeded Tabs's words, not that he could advance if he wanted to. He tightly gripped his throne was he watched the pair. Her question only made that twisted laugh appear once more. "Why? I neva' die! I am gonna stand my ground fo' eternity. Makin' up for the lax attitude on monstrous behavior my kind seem to strong on ignoring." As the wind grew worse and worse the throne buckled, losing its grip and falling backwards sending Remi rolling through the air, flying straight for Quinn and the wall behind him. A lovely

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) sighed and gave a deadpan look at both the mages " you guys are iddoits it's like you want us be at each other's throats again where are your balls-" he said then blinked "..." he twitched his eyes seeing remi coming towards him . "....." he couldnt' fo gotten out of the wya if he tried witht he force and speed of the wind. Stillt his time he tried to claw alogn a wall still all that managed was he geot pinned to the wall by remi and sighed "... hello remi" he said falatly. " If I get free.. I am kicking your aass " he muttered to him annoyed and squirmed under him trying to get free.

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) lets Lexie guard her staying close and sharing the energy around them. A gentle pull of air and reminder flick of the zippo. Tornado Lexie on her right.. as her flipped and twisted slapping her face and blood soaked cheeks. She knew hatred in that tone that Lexie spoke and the mounting pressure from the magic as it twisted around them all. " we need to go.. " she whispered to Lexie. Her breathing steady enough she could feel the tight clots of blood from the deep wounds on her cheeks. And she moved with the help of Lexie backwards never taking her eyes off Remi. Lowering her gun a little as she held firm to the lighter. She backed away more with lexie at her side. The contact push of her own air and wind Tabs didn't need. " Back away.. he aint worth this.. back way.. " she muttered feeling her body weaken more.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) laughs " The only thing I think about concerning my time with you is if I ever had the oppurtunity to see you again I would kill you" her voice was sure as she spoke. "This is the perfect place for you.. Prince of the rats.. Prince of the sewers..." It didn't even phase her when Remi went flying through the air again, in fact a small smile came across her face. She then heard Tabs voice telling her they needed to go. Tabbie's blood was now all over Lexie's as well "the others are coming I can feel them" she whispered to her sister witch, as she started to back up, moving a little bit faster with every step to increase the distance between them and the vampires.

Dr. Remi Laborde (jingy.blinker) grumbled a bit and rolled off of Quinn to stand, staring at the pair the entire time with that large grin of his. "Heheh. Enjoy the smile Tabs! We'll look so much alike now in the daylight hours." He laughed again, a strange scuttling noise coming from his right. "Prince of the Underground or Abominations is the preferred title." He ran his fingers over his new burn with an annoyed sigh. He would just watch the pair for now, the mix of fire and wind was far to dangerous to follow. The mother's head would peek around the corner at them as they left, clicking its rib bone pincers at them thanks to Remi advising her not to pursue for the moment. "Au revoir den, do remember our conversation."

Aftermath Bedlam (tabbie.blackthorne) backed away faster turning some away from the leaches as, her and Lexie.. " I don't think i can run .. but I fucking well want to.. " she winced at the pain of moving her mouth when she talked. Picking up the pace a bit more as they made there getaway. Hanging on tight to Lexie and she moved a long as quick as she could towards the opening to the tunnel at Old town, she backed away faster turning some away from the leaches as, her and Lexie.. " I don't think i can run .. but I fucking well want to.. " she winced at the pain of moving her mouth when she talked. Picking up the pace a bit more as they made there getaway. Hanging on tight to Lexie and she moved a long as quick as she could towards the opening to the tunnel at Old town.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) stops hearing his words and yells back the hatred a still in her voice "No you are they Prince of the Sewers now and will never be anything more. Enjoy being in charge of the rats!!!" She would then turn and hook her arm more under Tabbie as they rounded the corner. The wind still blowing through the tunnels and around them she didn't know how much longer she would be able to keep it up but knew they had to get out of there. She did her best to move as fast as she could with Tabbie in toe. Constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure they weren't being followed.
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Mad Prince of the Underground takes Mother Natures...
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