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 Carrying firearms in Ravenhurst

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PostSubject: Carrying firearms in Ravenhurst   Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:43 pm

If you carry a handgun IC'ly, even if you were approved in the past for it's usage, please fill out the Application attacked to the bottom of this thread and turn it into Tabbie Blackthorne, or put it in the mailbox up in the skymall. If you have turned in a new app in the last week (11.11.2011 to 11.18.2011) then you do not need to do this.


All handguns and firearms will come under restriction within the Ravenhurst sim. Law Enforcement and the Park Warden services, must read and follow all rules applying to firearms. Hunters will be required to submit a detailed application starting all weapons and firearms carried. ( Applications can be found in the Rh Info Hub ) .

In addition to the above restrictions and requirements for gun ownership, all ammunition used by players will be conventional handgun/shotgun/rifle rounds - specialty ammo such as silver bullets, "dragons breath", etc. must be approved by sim admins and will only last for the duration of an approved scene.

Other ballistic or explosive weapons - such as assault rifles, semi-automatic machine guns, grenades, mines, explosives are considered restricted only to law-enforcement characters or to those who have been cleared by sim administration to own / operate such weaponry as part of the expected, normal performance of their character.

Finally, as a courtesy to your fellow players and as a general reminder: guns should be considered an enhancement to RP but their use should be considered as a last resort.


Drawing a weapon, aiming/acquiring a target, attacking or reloading are each separate posts. In order to avoid confusion, all combat is turn based with players describing the action/reaction OF THEIR OWN CHARACTER.

Special restriction for firearms: No post will describe more that a maximum of 2 shots at a single target; if no target is declared, the player may fire more shots randomly, but the opposing player may determine the success of the resulting volley.

Players will be responsible for accounting for the number of shots in their weapon - if a player emotes more shots than their weapon is capable of firing without a reload, that action is considered a botched action and the opposing player may take advantage of the temporary weakness in the attacking player's defenses.

Fighting in General

**** Fighting in General ****

For hand-to-hand combat, no more than two strikes (actions) per one post. If two hits are declared by attacking Player A, opposing Player B is expected to take one blow from A unless prior agreements have been reached OOCly by all involved parties, or players and sim admins. When Player B retaliates, Player A is expected to react in kind.

Combat posts MUST describe the character either attempting, aiming, or otherwise trying to hit their mark, with the resulting success and consequence of the action left to the receiving player. Under no circumstances should a player describe the damage done by a strike or action resulting from a strike. ((EX: Player A attempting to grapple Player B, Player B reacting to / allowing the grapple, and Player A throwing Player B across the room is correct; Player A grappling then throwing player B in one action is incorrect)). If a player should violate this rule, the opposing player is allowed to react as though the primary action was attempted, and may ignore the second action.

If two actions are declared in opposition to a character, it is expected the player allow one action to succeed. However, the receiving player must describe in detail how the second action was avoided as opposed to ignoring the unsuccessful action. Excessive violation of this rule may result in a negation of the scene if the player is determined to be deliberately avoiding response to or god-modding the other player.

APPLICATION TO USE A FIREARM IN ROLEPLAY: Turn in to Tabbie Blackthorne in-world.

Ravenhurst SIM (OOC) Player Firearms Permit Application
Date: XX/XX/XX
Character Occupation (per your approved backhistory):
Character reason for carrying gun:
Please copy and paste your characters background history from your initial application from RH. We would like to understand that your character background history supports the initiative to carry a firearm either legally or illegally, and that the weapon is reasonable for the character to obtain.

Please read the HANDGUN AND COMBAT RULES ABOVE and then answer the following questions:

1) What reasons do you feel a weapon should be used in roleplay?
2) How many in turn posts before you would fire the gun?
3) How many shots would you fire in a single post?
4) Are speciality ammunition such as silver, dragons breath, UV, napalm allowed?
5) Do you need to keep track of bullets fired and reloads?
List your weapon and ammunition:
(pistols maybe carried concealed, rifles and shotguns generally not)

Will gun be declared and registered in RP with sheriff, or carried illegally in RP? Please describe:

By submitting this application you agree to accept IC arrest should your char be discovered by law enforcement to carry illegal firearms, or for misuse of your legally declared firearm.
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Carrying firearms in Ravenhurst
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