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 Joined a new Pack

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PostSubject: Joined a new Pack   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:06 am

[19:50:11] Gan (gantheral.mason) knocks on the artshop door seeing if it's open as he was expecting to meet someone here at the artshop to discuss an important issue

[19:56:22] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) puts down the weekly sales budgeting book thing and rubs his eyes. "Its open." he says loud enough for who ever was outside to hear.

[19:59:07] Gan (gantheral.mason) enters and says "Hello I'm Gan, Luna sent me here to talk to you about joining up, I can't go back to my pack/family they are dead they were murdered before I moved here she suggested I speak to you about this matter.Can you help me?" he asked knowing it was not wise to be a lone wolf

[20:01:23] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) nods and puts his pencil up on his ear carpender style and folds his arms across his chest. "Of course. My family/pack is always open to helping loners. I run my pack like a family, we protect one another. I assume thats alright with you?" ren asked with an arched courious brow.

[20:04:41] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "it is much alright with me, as it is honestly I'm looking for protection I'm afraid whoever killed my mom dad and son may be after me as well, I've also spoken to Kelli about my pack/family being dead. Even though when she spoke to me it was to put me in my place I did some things around here that weren't permitted so she had that talk with about it." as nodded remembering what Kelli said

[20:07:08] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) nods and smiles some. "Yeah, thats kelli for ya. She's...err..well she's kelli." he says and leans on the counter offering his hand to the man. "Then join my family and we will do our best to help you and protect you like family." he says offering a gentle smile.

[20:10:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks up to the counter to meet his hand "sounds like a plan, I can't guarantee they won't come after me in my sleep like they did the others though.But regardless I'll take whatever help I can get." he smiles shaking the mans hand.

[20:13:48] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) shakes his hand firmly while sending his alpha prescense though gan. Linking his mind with Ren's. "Might have a headache for like a minute but it will go away i promise." he says and lets his hand go and takes his pencil out behind his ear. "I will let everyone know of you." he says.

[20:15:09] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods as he feels the headache come and go he says "Thanks, are there any places I need to be aware of to stay away from?"

[20:18:50] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) nods. "A bar called the thirst. That is a vampire bar ONLY. I cant stress that enough. I hear one or two wolves go into sinners that strip club. But if you go there. Please. Do not start fights. Enjoy yourself sure. And the sewers. DONT .." he pauses letting it sink in. "Dont...go into the sewers."

[20:22:32] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "I understand completely, is there anything that is expected of me otherwise?"

[20:24:06] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) shakes his head. "If i need something i shall contact you via link. And dont be afraid to contact me via link. If you need anything or if your in trouble for what ever reason." he says and smiles. "Other than that. Welcome to the shadomun family. You can call me Ren."

[20:27:56] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "Thank you, I will keep that in mind. Also do you know what would turn someone inside out and disfigure them to the point of having boils and blisters on them?" as he looks around carefully

[20:29:23] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) rubs his chin in thought. "Not off hand but i got a few bookshelves of books upstairs ill look into it and get back to you."

[20:31:25] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods a little worried saying "Thank you very much, I'll be next door in my apartment on the top floor, if you need me." as he turns to leave if he wasn't stopped

[20:35:20] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte) nods and waves. "Later and your most welcome."

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Joined a new Pack
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