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 Gan discovered and lectured by Kelli

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PostSubject: Gan discovered and lectured by Kelli   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:32 am

This RP Script was done on 1/20/2013 and contains two separate scenes

[14:14:08] Gan (gantheral.mason) sniffs the tire of the truck and lifts his leg peeing on the truck tire afterwards sniffing the air

[14:23:33] Luna: took her coat off as she came in. she just kept her eyes averted as always. "hey kitty. let me guess? mr popular is busy?" she asked her with a bit of a giggle. "doesnt matter. didnt come here to talk business. just got a bit restless while stuck at home. some tea please." she gace the others a friendly smile. "good evening." she said. she reconized everyone there. she had seen them more than once but she made a special note that asariel was there. him he reconized purely as the guy who tried to eat aylin. she would do her best to not stare too much but she would stay on guard and at least halfway watch him closely so he wouldnt notice she was doing exactly that.

[14:25:22] Claysin Imari shrugged a bit. "Whore, cum slut, brat.. All the same and no skin off my nose." He looked to Luka as she came in and nodded. "Well I was about to hit the dinner for some soup and hot chocolate. It was nice to meet you and I'll stop by sometime."

[14:26:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks into the strip club in his wolf form sniffing the air as he barks a few times
[14:27:04] Smurffy Knoller (lunasmurf.cannned): *luna not luka lmao

[14:29:49] Freyr (donte.marais) turns his head toward the wolf and frowns. He sniffs at the creature, seeing what he could pick up since he knew some lycan lived around here. "Get, you. No animals inside." He tries to shoo away the wolf. "I guess I can hit up the diner too. That Chinese place sounds tempting, though." He nods to Luna as he passes, "Hey, there. I'm guessing you're not looking for a dance, hm?" He'd have stayed if it meant extra credits.

[14:33:08] Claysin Imari gave a wave to everyone as he started for the doors. Though the wolf gave him pause and he blinked at it. "Dear lords.. is it wild or someone's pet?"

[14:35:03] Luna: just smiled sweetly at asariel though honestly, she wanted to glare. "well i have been working with iason on a few things for this place." she said sweetly. she shook her head no at freyr and just blushed a little. "i am sure you would do a lovely job but...it is just not something i am interested in. thank you very much." she would look to asarial again. "the waitress is not a bitch. rawnie is actually very sweet for the record. of course, given the previous was you seem to say hi, at least from what i have seen, i am guessing you two might not have hit it off so well." she took the tea that kitty gave her then set down the price of the tea and then her tip. she turned around and went to adress the dog. she sighed a bit. "he is friendly honest. not my pet but i have seen him before. i am guessing he is just hungry and feels this might be the only way to get food. he might do better if he tried a different aproach." she looked straight at the dog when she said that then took out a bag of jerky
[14:35:03] Luna: and would hold it out for him to take.

[14:38:43] Gan (gantheral.mason) whimpers and barks as he is shoo'd away and he smells other wolfs as he sees the jerky his tail wags he looks around for the other wolfs he barked again not really wanting the jerky since he still had some left from yesterday he would take it anyway as he sits down outside the door

[14:40:34] Freyr (donte.marais) grits his teeth as he watches the wolf, not sure if he is supposed to be in here or not. "Should we ask Iason if it's allowed to be here?" He questions Clay, even as Luna encourages the animal. "It's a pet, Clay. Obviously."

[14:45:35] Claysin Imari shrugged a bit. "Well most places say no animals unless it's a service animal. Don't really see why it would be any different here. Drinks are served here after all. And it wasn't wearing a collar, too many loose dogs can be a problem. They can go feral and start attacking people." There was grimness to his voice as if he'd seen that very thing..

[14:51:57] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks and growls at clay at the mention of a collar as he lays down in the middle of the doorway chewing on the jerky that luna had given him

[14:55:17] Luna: looked to them. "he is just lonely and probably hungry. not sure if he would really be anyone's pet persay. he isnt mine." she honestly just assumed that he prefered to be that way. her friend kelli was like that. prefereed to be dog rather than a human. it was easier for her. she turned around as the dog went outside and she finish her tea then smiled at kitty as she got her coat. "i will be off for the rest of my walk. i need to go to the hopsital and check in anyway. plus, i have some food to drop off." she would then turn and put on her coat and walk toward the door.

[14:57:20] Freyr (donte.marais) steps for the wolf as it starts to retreat out the door. "Go get.." He starts to say to Clay. "Never mind."" A brow raises at Luna as he stays by the door to make sure the wolf didn't enter again. "If it's lonely, then it should find friends or places to go that allow him there. Until I know for sure wolves are allowed inside, he cannot stay in here." He nods to the woman, "See you later."

[15:01:11] Claysin Imari sighs and eyes the wolf that was just waiting there. "I think I'm gonna head upstairs and relax then.. I don't think it's gonna let me past and I have no desire to play dinner to it's kujo." He glanced to Wolfen at the bar wondering how she got in when he'd not seen her enter but then he'd been a bit distracted.. He turned to head towards the stairs.

[15:04:08] Luna: watched the woman adorned in jewels and gold and she gave a very curious look. she made a mental note as to what she looked like but she wouldnt stop her from comming in. would only give a friendly smile to her as she passed her. "i am sure he will." she told freyr. "i am positive that iason would not want him roaming around in here as he is." she left it at that. she also made it a mental note to speak to the dog for a bit. he probably needed to know a few things and it was clear that the other wolves were not doing much so she would. as she went outside she simply looked at the wolf. "lets go have a chat ok?" she asked him and would scratch behind his ears.

[15:05:38] Gan (gantheral.mason) barks following Luna happily as he was clueless to what he did wrong keeping the jerky in his mouth

[15:09:03] Freyr (donte.marais) calls out to Clay over his shoulder, "Yes. Alright." He lingers by the door, making sure that the wolf really does leave. The woman behind him is noticed but he was too busy trying to block the door.

[15:14:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) sits down and tilts his head at luna listening to her as attempts to not give away who he really is, as he chewed up the rest of his jerky

[15:17:27] Luna: looked to the dog when they stopped at where she was taking him. she looked around and made sure no one else was there before she would start. "you gotta be careful where you roam like that." she said sweetly. "you really do. you are huge and kinda scarey looking. businesses around here would not take too kindly to you comming for a visit like that. you need to be much more careful. it is one thing to have the need to be like that but another to just roam around town as you are. look, there is a woman i think you should meet. her name is kelli. she is usually around the art shop or in the little place behind the buldings. just to the side there is a trail that leads to a litle remot place that hardly anone visits. i think you might want to talk to her. she might be able to take you to a couple of places you can safely be like that and run. just a note, she isnt the most friendly of people. just...be careful with her and you wont get your head snapped off. tell her luna sent you. means you

[15:17:27] Luna: will have to shrink though." she teased and was referring to last night at the tea shop. anyone that knew shifters as she did would know that a wolf of that size was not some average wolf.

[15:20:40] Gan (gantheral.mason) gives a howl smelling another wolf as he listened to what Luna had told him he looked over at the other wolf

[15:23:34] Kelli Standford: was simply running around in the shadows, trying to stay out of sight but god how she needed to run. she felt so much better this way. it was then she caught a familiar scent and she would follow it. upon fiinding luna, she noticed the other wolf immediately. she would rush over to luna and her protective instinct kicked in. she growled and barred her teeth. she even barked a couple of times in warning. she sniffed the air then went back to growling. at the moment, all she knew was the wolf was there with luna who was alone.....again. she kept her agressive posture and defensive stance.

[15:26:31] Luna: looked to where the other wolf was and she sighed a bit as she knew that to be kelli. she leaned down and would try to calm her. "kelli, calm down. he is nice. he needs a little guidence though. when will you ever learn that you do not have to hide like you are. you know, it is ok to have two legs sometimes right?" she sounded like she was lecturing a child but she was tired of never being able to actual talk to kelli. it was a rare occasion with that woman spoke actual words.

[15:27:27] Gan (gantheral.mason) tilts his not really understanding the other wolfs actions as he sees the other wolf get between him and luna he wags his tail giving a harmless bark to let the other wolf know he's not there to hurt anyone as he lays down looking at Luna and Kelli

[15:28:00] Kelli Standford: felt luna pet her and calm her then heard her words. her growling at him stopped but she would then growl a little at luna, not happy with the lecture. she liked it better this way. she just let out a dog sigh and shook her head a bit. she sat down and just stared at the other wolf, taking in his scent very well. she just waited.

[15:29:14] Luna: was glad kelli calmed. "sorry about that. she is....a bit protective but her heart si in the right place. perhaps you both need to shrink. do you have any clothing near by?" she asked the male. her hand would continue to pet kelli though she would be standing up straight at the moment.

[15:31:16] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks at his form now and thinks if he were to change now he'd be fully naked here in the open and that his clothes were back the by the apartments where he left them on the side of the building

[15:45:18] Kelli Standford: stood up and would go over to the other wolf and just flip her head to the side as if she wanted him to follow. even if didnt change right now, this communication thing was going to get her no where. the whole time she was swearing to scream at luna for volunteering her for a babysitting job. this did nothing for her mood but she would forcer herself to at least pretend to be somewhat decent.

[15:47:14] Gan (gantheral.mason) follows Kelli as he semi understood what she was telling him to do he barks as to say ok

[15:49:55] Kelli Standford: used her feet to jump up and open the door as she had countless times before. she barked at him as if to say stay. she would go in the back and then up the stairs to get her clothing and shift back. she would be gone for a few minutes to shift and get dressed.

[15:54:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) sits down and looks around at the paintings as he waits for her

[15:57:10] Kelli Standford: comes out and she smooths her hair over a bit. "alright, where are your clothes pup?" she asked him. "i will follow you." she stated. "if i am going to do this, i want to actually be able to speak to you and you speak back more than just a damn bark or some other insanity. got it?" she said and she still had a bit of a growl in her voice. she really was terrible at being all that friendly.

[15:59:08] Gan (gantheral.mason) flips his head for her to follow him to his apartment he mutters to say ok.

[16:03:00] Gan (gantheral.mason) pushes the button with his nose to the second floor to his apartment as he enters the elevator to go up to his apartments he flips his head for Kelli to follow him

[16:05:27] Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) walked into the buildign and looekd around " this place still needs a door ' he mused then looked at Freyr " my aren't we gettign around today" he said as he approached the bench and looked down "...hello nathyn" he said smoothly and his eye twitched at the scent "... right now I am oing to pretend a large animal didn't just walk to that elevator... " he said with a slgith twitch . " god what the hell is with htis town lately?!" he said. Then looked at NAthyn " I have some questions for you Nathyn " he said tryignt o get back on track.

[16:08:35] Kelli Standford: as they come close ot the building, she became increasingly uneasy. this was so the wrong part of town for her to be not to mention any wolf. as she walked just inside she took a good sniff of the air without making it too obviously. her nose wrinkled and she wasnt so sure she wanted to go in at all. she growled a bit under her breath and the look she gave everyone was more like a glare. she went inside the elevator though she didnt want to at all and her fists clenched. she would so very much make a note to scold that wolf about comming and going inside buildings even if he lived in here. she shook her head and sighed. "you must be new at this." she would only say with a bit of annoyance. oh luna was in so much trouble but she would do this anyway. she promised luna a favor and this was the only one she was going to get that was for sure. she totally didnt pay attention to the rest of them but she heard what they said before they went up.

[16:11:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) gives a bark to tell her to come inside as he changes and gets dressed

[16:15:43] Kelli Standford: went inside and didnt bother looking away when he changed. it didnt bother her any and she was never impressed. she just waited until he was finished. "while we are up here pup, perhaps if you are ready, we could over a few basics about things right now before i smack you so hard you wont be able to see straight for a week shall we?" she folded her arms and just leaned against the wall. she raised her brows and waited impatiently.

[16:16:48] Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) was distracted by the elevator ".....I think I am becomming sane...oh shit...it's another sign.. " he said lookign disturbed now and moved to flop on the bench beside Nat. " .. what protection? Explain is this another crack about me? I sware someone's tellign peopel the wrong info and it's gettign annoying " he said . Then thought for a moment " hmm lets start with who told you w you eeded protection first " he said then looked at Nat " you are shitting me right? This guy doesn't need protection from a damn thing as long as he doesn't start shit with anyone" he said with a shrug. The looked at Nat " Ill be blunt with you Nat y ou know DR wolf was he one of yours?" he asked.

[16:19:10] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says " alright I'm ready, But so what exactly did I do wrong I went into a strip club full of people and they weren't to happy about that, but what's wrong with that?" he patted his hair down

[16:23:50] Kelli Standford: sighed and resisted the urge to go over and just smack him so hard his head would spin. "alright listen up. never under any circumstances do you just fucking change in your apartment then walk out of your apartment and you sure as in hell do not wonder around with fucking fur around the city. do you understand me? what the hell is your name. i want to know the name of the idiot i want to smack the hell out of." she stated and gave him glare.

[16:27:57] Gan (gantheral.mason) laughs but takes her very seriously and says "My name is Gan, I do understand why you would want to do something like that I did something incredible stupid but it's not like I hurt anyone!" as he nods to agree with her

[16:30:10] Kelli Standford: just stared at him. "gan, it doesnt matter if your ass hurts anyone. god, let me try and understand exactly how fucking clueless you are. have you ever had a pack or anyone to teach you anything?" she asked him and stayed where she was. her voice was still more like a growl at the moment.

[16:32:44] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks at the floor and says "had I had a pack at one point and someone hunted them down and killed them in city I was born in, I never found the person that did it either, so I moved away from that city I was young when it happened." as he looks back up at her

[16:35:35] Kelli Standford: nodded. "well, i guess it is time for me to run down the basics before the alphas here decided your head on a platter with extra hot sauce is a good meal. when you want to socialize, keep your god damn ass human. i dont know why the hell you were roaming around new town with fur. that is really fucking stupid. new town is full of fucking leeches. dont do it unless of course, you enjoy the thought of death. in that case i would love to help you with that." she stated firmly and a creepy grin would go across her face when she mentioned killing him. "do you want to die or were you realy just that fucking stupid?"

[16:39:33] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head saying "No, No I do not want to die so I'll do what you say. I understand it was fucking stupid of me I won't let it happen again it's bad enough whatever killed my family/pack might still be after me anyway. So you are right." he nods understandingly to her

[16:46:35] Kelli Standford: seemed to be pleased with that answer and pushed off the wall. "ok good. you can be all covered in fur but you have to be more careful. the size that you are will draw attention horribly and there will be no doubt in what you are. if you were smaller, someone could just say you were a bit big for a wolf but as it is, you are too big. now that is out of the way, if you plan on joining a pack again, talk to luna. she knows who most of the alpha's are and knows plenty about the packs and what kind of people they are. i would also like to suggest that you get an apartment not here in this new city but in old town. there is an apartment building just right next door to the art shop i took you before. most do not bother you unless you bother them so unless you want to pick a fight, just keep your nose clean ok?" she asked him.

[16:55:46] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods agreeingly with her as he says "ok, I'll take the advice you gave me I always had a bad feeling about this place. As for a Pack I'll talk to Luna about that, I know it's dangerous to be a loner so I'll for sure do talk to her about that." he nodded"

[16:59:41] Kelli Standford: listened and nodded. "you should always be human and dressed when you leave this apartment building or any apartment or whatever. if you plan to get all furred up then you need to just find someplace quiet and secluded and do it there. that way, when you are ready to change back, your clothing will be there as well and no one is for the wiser." she stated.

[17:01:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) chuckles and says "yeah unless I want to get caught streaking." as he takes her advice seriously though

[17:07:42] Kelli Standford: "good. now, i am hoping that i dont have to have another talk about the whole do not break the fucking veil thing. you gotta stay hidden if you can help it at least what you are. kinda cant do that with other shifters but keep yourself hidden otherwise. never talk about wierd shit like wolves or vamps in public where other can hear you. take that shit in private. never ever talk about wolf business with anything other than a wolf. you will be labeled as a traitor and if i have to come after you, it wont be pleasent understood?" she said to him and would go close to the door. "i wouldnt be fucking vamps either. another reason for the alpha's to come tapping at your door and not for a friendly visit."

[17:11:50] Gan (gantheral.mason) wrinkles his nose at the mentioned of fucking vamps and says "I understand, How many packs are around here if I had to choose?" he watches her move closer to the door

[17:15:29] Kelli Standford: thought for a moment. "i think just three. not a variety but each is tightly knit." she told him. "i think they are all pretty much friendly with each other too. at least for the most part. if you have any other questions, i am almost always at the art shop. you can find me there ok?" she said to him and would then open the door to leave if he didnt stop her.

[17:16:20] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "okay, thank you I'll be here packing up to move" as he watches her leave

[17:22:16] Kelli Standford: came down and her nose wrinkled again. she didnt care who it was comming from she just wanted to go. she didnt offer a friendly wave or anything of the sort. she just would walk out and go about her day. god she hated people.

[17:28:28] Gan (gantheral.mason) came down the elevator with some boxes in his hands as he looks down at the floor he doesn't say anything to other people he carries his box of belongings out the door with him giving a sigh of relief knowing that he would be moving out

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Gan discovered and lectured by Kelli
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