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 Lukka at Gans new apartment

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PostSubject: Lukka at Gans new apartment   Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:49 am

Prior to this RP there was another RP though I have no record of the RP Script as I crashed before this RP, Lukka however did receive a note from me giving directions as where to go.

[01:47:02] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) let out a little mewl and scratched at the door, pretending he was in his cat form.

[01:48:49] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks over to the door and opens the door slowly

[01:53:53] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) smiles brightly although he looks very tired, and steps in through the doorway. "Hey, i found the right place!" he said happily.

[01:57:14] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks to Lukka as he enters and says "so yeah when I came into the strip club earlier I got into trouble, and Luna took me to someone named Kelli and well lets just say Kelli informed me that I was living in a bad building, she didn't say what was so bad about it but I had a feeling that place was no good, Anyway I'm glad you found the new apartment, So yeah theres something I need to tell you and it's important. But I need you to promise that you won't freak out." he sighed

[01:58:32] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) blinked as he listened, "Wow, I don't think I've ever heard you say so much in one time!" he said with a light laugh, and then nodded, looking more serious, "Okay, I am mentally bracing myself."

[02:03:24] Gan (gantheral.mason) frowns with a serious look on his face and says "my pack and or family is dead I moved here hoping that whoever killed my pack in their sleep wouldn't come after me, I never told anyone until today because I didn't want you to freak out, my mom dad and son are dead and it might be because whoever killed them was after me, so I need to you be extra careful who you talk to or when you are around me, my life may be in danger I told Kelli this and Luna, as well as you But lets face it I'm a lone wolf and if anyone finds out I'll be hunted down and killed." he looks down at the floor

[02:05:41] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) just kinda stared for a moment. "Whoa, that's a lot to take in," he said, then frowned, "So someone might try to hurt me if they know I'm living with you? And Luna knows you're a shifter?" He asked curiously.

[02:10:26] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head sadly saying "she hasn't actually seen me shift, but I had to come clean with the story, and hopefully no one will try to hurt you if they are really after me, very very few people know we live here so, if someone does come around that you don't recognize run as fast as you can to get help or find me quickly, oh and if you see a man named Aeleus he was with Luna when I told her here, but I don't think he was paying attention to the conversation so he may not remember." as he nods

[02:11:53] Gan (gantheral.mason) he adds "Kelli and you have seen me shift though!"

[02:14:02] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) tilts his head a bit as he listens. He nodded. "Okay, thank you for letting me know." He was quiet for a moment before he asked, "How come you let me live with you? You seemed like you wanted to keep me as a pet when I was just a cat, but now you know I'm a shifter too. But you still let me stay with you, but you also don't try to kiss me or anything so I don't think we're boyfriends.." he looked a little confused.

[02:19:45] Gan (gantheral.mason) scratches his head and says "yeah I was thinking about that too, and It doesn't bother me having you live with me I feel safe around you, I know it's strange especially since we are slightly different, but I wasn't sure if you wanted a relationship or if you just wanted a place to stay, I wouldn't mind being your boyfriend but I wasn't sure if that's what you wanted as well?" as he watched Lukka while leaning closer to Lukka

[02:23:07] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) blushed a little, "I like you, but I don't think I should have a permanent boyfriend yet, since I just got here a few days ago.." he said, fidgeting a little, "But I would not mind if you wanted to take me out on a date sometime, to see how it goes. I know that it probably sounds weird because I'm a stripper, but I'm not very experienced with relationships and stuff.." he said, and then looked at Gan shyly.

[02:25:55] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods understanding what Lukka means as he says "well that is true, besides I am a little concerned, you don't have pack either do you, of course I don't know if it's the same for cats?" smiled

[02:27:32] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) shrugged, "I honestly have no idea. I don't really let a lot of people know about me. Do you think I should have a pack?" he asks curiously, then yawns. "I'm really sleepy.."

[02:29:31] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods saying "it might be safer for you, and I set up the bed if you are sleepy, that is if you want to stay here if not that's okay too." he smiles

[02:32:15] Lukka (lukka.rookswood) yawns again, "Well tonight I will," he said, beginning to take off his clothes, "But I am not really the sort of person that likes to stay in just one place. Sometimes I might like to sleep in other peoples' places as a cat, or not, it all depends." He slid naked under the covers of the bed, "I know that sounds weird, but I swear I don't whore around.. in fact, I am a virgin," he aid, a little smile on his face as he starts to drift off to sleep.

[02:35:19] Gan (gantheral.mason) watches Lukka drift off to sleep he smiles as he sits at the table and nods softly

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Lukka at Gans new apartment
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