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 Gans murderer explained to Claysin

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PostSubject: Gans murderer explained to Claysin   Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:26 pm

[13:06:42] Claysin Imari blinked wondering where the female had good while he'd slipped off into his thoughts. He was still paler than usual. Seeing Gan he grinned and waved. "Hey man.. Guess what I made some money last night. Was about to go shopping, see if I could find some warmer clothing. What are you up to?"

[13:13:04] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head and says "not a lot, I just came by to see how the business was going for a walk." as he kept the mask on

[13:14:57] Claysin Imari really looked at Gan for the first time and let out a startled squeak. "Gods man.. why are you wearing that?" He'd recognized the guy by his build and hair.
[13:18:06] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks him to Clay and put his finger to his own mouth and whispers to Clay "shh, the killer may be nearby, and after me he killed my family." as he quickly looks around

[13:20:15] Claysin Imari blinked and swivled his eyed down to the finger against his lips. There was puzzlement in his eyes not really understanding then his eyes widened and flicked up at Gan again before he tried to grab his arm and drag him inside the building. If he managed to he'd ask once the doors were closed "What?!"

[13:24:04] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks inside the building and takes the mask off saying "it's a long long story but my family is dead, I'm not from around here and I never found the killer who killed my family he she them or they may still be after me, I came home one day to find my mother and father as well as my son dead killed in their sleep turned inside out, disfigured with boils and blisters all of them. I searched for many years in California for the killer and never found them I finally gave up and moved here, I still think they may be after me though." he frowns

[13:30:50] Claysin Imari frowned as he listened thinking it over. "Wow.. just.. wow." He looked out the window and frowned again. "Has there been any odd cases like that around here? Though just how something like that could be accomplished.. I really don't know. But I know what it's like to have to run and hide.." His multi pierced tongue slid over his lips. "Hey, um.. you get around a good bit. If you hear of bodies of hookers, strippers or just known heavy sexual guys turning up with a rose taped to their hand.. will you tell me? I mean I don't think he's gonna come this far but.." He gave a slight shrug of his shoulders forcing them to loosen up from the sudden clenching.

[13:35:32] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "I will, but if you hear of any cases like I described please let know whatever did it wasn't normal I've never seen anything like it out of all my years being alive, But why a rose, and who?" he asked
[13:35:57] Gan (gantheral.mason): ((let me I meant))

[13:43:41] Claysin Imari gave a shake of his head. "Doesn't sound normal." He licked at his lips again and did not look back at Gan a shudder running through him. "I don't know his name." He reached back to pull the collar of the worn shirt down in the back exposing a fairly fresh knife scar. "I came here from New Orleans last.. Sold off everything that was worth anything to get as far as I could. This was as far as I could get. He picks up guys and gives them a rose, takes them to a motel, drugs them then stabs them with a thin knife. After he tapes the rose to their hand. He wasn't expecting me to move.. He didn't know that I.. well I've built up a tolerance for stuff like roofies. Course the cops down there were no help. They just felt he was cleaning up the streets.. after all he was just ridding the city of vermin after all." He's voice had grown quieter as he spoke, a touch of bitterness seaping in as well. "Though I'd prefer if you didn't tell anyone else.".

[13:47:05] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods as he hears this he says "I won't tell anyone else, please be careful who you talk to sometimes people are not what they seem." he suggested as tried to not remember the death of his family/pack.

[13:53:15] Claysin Imari let the scar be hidden away again. It wasn't really that noticeable, the blade had been very sharp and clean. Nor had it gone very deep thanks to his sudden movement when he realized what was happening. He'd kept it clean after. As time went on it would be even harder to spot it. "But if you hear of anything like that.. He.." his voice trailed off and he gave a shake of his head.. Something about that night he still hadn't told to anyone and very likely never would. Something that had made him run. He cleared his throat. "Anyway.. I think I need some food. And I wanna get a jacket finally and I have more piercings to replace.."

[13:56:02] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "okay, well I'll leave you to that, be careful out there, and don't worry I'll let you know." he smiled as he said that

[13:58:20] Claysin Imari nodded and glanced towards the stairs. Then gave himself another mental shake that was physical as well to cause the braid to flick about. "Wish me luck, my brief wanderings didn't spot much in the way of clothing sellers at all." And would offer up a chuckle. "Might start with the piercings first." He turned to slip back out the doors.

[13:59:35] Gan (gantheral.mason) he slips the mask back on as he steps out the door and says " okay good luck."

[14:00:15] Claysin Imari gave a wave of his hand and headed off to the tattoo place. Most of them sold piercings.. maybe he'd get lucky.
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Gans murderer explained to Claysin
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