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 Gans Rite of Passage:The Illuminati

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PostSubject: Gans Rite of Passage:The Illuminati    Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:04 am

[15:02:00] Addie (adeera.constantine) used her free hand to knock on the door, the other holding a bag of groceries.

[15:03:48] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks over to the door and opens the door and says "where were you when I woke up?" asked curiously then seeing the groceries as he nods realizing what was in her hand

[15:07:38] Addie (adeera.constantine) unslung a leather bag from her shoulder and let it fall to the ground. "Just had to get somethings." offered the bag of goods to him. "I figured that you might prefer to hunt but... I make a killer pasta dish."

[15:09:22] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "oh good!" he smiled as he helped her with the groceries setting them on the table for her

[15:12:42] Addie (adeera.constantine) picked up her bag of clothing and tossed it against the wall. " I wanted to thank you again for letting me crash here, I usually just find a corner of a bus station and pass out for a couple of hours."

[15:15:11] Gan (gantheral.mason) smiled as he looked over at her while he put the groceries up "oh it's not a problem really."

[15:17:25] Addie (adeera.constantine) bent over her bag to pick out a tube of cheap lipstick. Coating her mouth in the deep red color, she capped it and stuffed it in her pocket. "So, how long have you known Virgil?"

[15:20:35] Gan (gantheral.mason) as he finished putting the stuff away "oh about two weeks, after I moved here he was one of the first I met. I moved here hoping to evade whoever killed my pack/family years ago back in California" he nodded

[15:24:09] Addie (adeera.constantine) nodded to his words and made her way over to the refrigerator. "No wonder why you said it sounded familiar. I don't mean to upset you but.. who killed them? Vamps?"

[15:26:55] Gan (gantheral.mason) says to Addie "The Illuminati, I stole money from them and converted it into credits and I'm pretty certain they want me dead, they went after my family when I wasn't home and when I came home I found them dead turned inside out disfigured with boils and blisters all over them it appeared they were caught off guard and killed in their sleep." he sighed
[15:32:10] Addie (adeera.constantine) swallowed hard, putting back the armful of food she had taken out to make dinner. Maybe later. "I'm sorry to hear that. You think they would follow you out here?" instead she grabbed to glass bottles of soda, offering one to Gan. " How much money did you steal from them?" twisted the cap of the soda, taking a sip
[15:35:02] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks to Addie with a serious look and says "one thousand US Dollar of course this was all done during the fall of economy so I had to convert the money in order to survive, and of course I picked the wrong bank to rob."
[15:37:46] Gan (gantheral.mason): ((i'll take the offer soda on my next post))

[15:41:08] Addie (adeera.constantine) spits soda out at the number, coughing and sputtering. "Whoaa.. That's more than a cut purse like me has ever seen." wiped the soda away from her lips, smearing some of her lipstick. "So you got away with this?"

[15:44:12] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head as he took the offered soda and wiped his jacket from the sputtered soda he says "well not without a cost apparently, because now they are after me and my family/pack is dead because of it. But yes it is a lot which is why I'm surprised the police here have not caught onto me yet." he laughed a little

[15:47:22] Addie (adeera.constantine) set the spare on the table, looking around the appartment for something to clean up the soda with. "That's just.. wow. Sorry I am kind of speechless at all this. You think they got a chance of coming here? I'm not much in the fighting department."

[15:49:54] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods saying "it's possible, so that's why we've all got to be on edge because anyone I've talked to may or may not become a target of The Illuminati. Which is why we have to be careful."

[15:54:03] Addie (adeera.constantine) grabbed a towel, wiping off the soda from his jacket. "What did I get myself into this time.." shook the thoughts out of her head. "Alright, maybe we need to look into getting some firepower. Are there any gunshops around here?"

[15:56:33] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head and says "that's a no go, unless you have a permit the only bloodsuckers that I know of that have guns are the NRC Police and even then we'd have to figure out how to steal the guns from them if that is even possible." he huffed wondering how they would fight back

[16:19:51] Addie (adeera.constantine) waded up the towel and threw in the pile of laundry from yesterday, she had yet to locate a laundry mat in the city. "Stealing isn't a problem, sugar. I can get us what we need. Might be slow in coming, but I can outfit us." walked back to her bag, and began to unpack her clean clothing, folding them and setting them on the couch.

[16:27:01] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "sounds like a great plan, we should check in with Virgil and see what he has planned as well. also if you need to do laundry theres a washer and dryer in the hotel sometimes I sneak in there and do my laundry." as he nodded as he noticed the pile of laundry

[16:31:29] Addie (adeera.constantine) looked to her dirty clothes, smiling sheepishly. "Thanks, if you want to add your clothes, feel free. I don't have much so I will probably be doing laundry often. I can't survive without clean panties."

[16:38:10] Gan (gantheral.mason) smiles and he says "well not anymore, here are some credits to help you out with daily living." as he offers her two thousand credits from his pocket as he says "if you need more later on let me know." he nodded to Addie

[16:41:26] Addie (adeera.constantine) shook her head at his offer of credits. "I couldn't take them from you. Someone else, maybe. My people believe in hospitality though, and you have shown me a great deal. I could not take more from you. I will go out tomorrow and earn some credits for myself."

[16:45:08] Gan (gantheral.mason) furrows his eye brows and says "well alright but, if you can't find work come and let me know, and I'll supply you besides I could always use the extra help around here. "he smiled to Addie

[16:48:30] Addie (adeera.constantine) chuckles softly, and dropped her southern accent, adopting the way her parents spoke in a heavy, eastern European tongue "Gypsy does not look for job. We make money our own way." finishes stashing her clothes and finds her deck, smiling. "Tada!"

[16:52:45] Gan (gantheral.mason) grins and says "ah okay well maybe you can read me my fortune sometime then."

[16:56:20] Addie (adeera.constantine) flexes the cards a bit, before she lifts her dress up over her hip and slides them into her pocket. "Of course. You know I was born to a family of very powerful seers and readers. I am very very accurate."

[16:59:23] Gan (gantheral.mason) smiles as he watches her put the deck into her pocket he says "well then I'm sure it'll be right about me then"

[17:03:52] Addie (adeera.constantine) scrunches her nose up and rolls down her dress. "Rarely am I wrong. Especially when I do a reading for men."

[17:06:52] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "well I'm sure it'll be fine then, let's just hope nothing bad happens today."

[17:08:19] Addie (adeera.constantine) waved her hands back and forth. "No no, you must not say stuff like that, It will put a jinx on you!"

[17:13:15] Gan (gantheral.mason) grins and says "relax it'll be fine, how could I possibly jinx myself. I'll be alright really!" even though in the back of his mind he knew he wasn't alright and that The Illuminati could come at any moment he said to Addie "well maybe you're right I'll be careful."

[17:17:05] Addie (adeera.constantine) looks a bit more relieved. Taking a moment, she looked around the apartment, seeing where she can outfit some charms and simple ways of protection for them both. "Vampires, we must be careful of them. On top of this Illuminati. They may pretend to tolerate the presence of wolves, but it is just a facade.

[17:22:48] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods as he says "I've heard crosses and garlic work on them, though I've never tested it myself. as for the Illuminati I don't know what works against them?"

[17:28:40] Addie (adeera.constantine) looked to the table and how it was set, and picked up the knife. Careful, she pulled the fur away from the center before she raised the knife to stab into the wood. With her hand still wrapped around the table she began to chant in a mixture of both Hungarian and Italian.

[17:34:04] Gan (gantheral.mason) watches Addie as she chants with the knife in the table wondering what sort of protection chant she was placing on the apartment." he stood back and waited for he to finish
[17:35:23] Gan (gantheral.mason): ((her))

[17:36:08] Addie (adeera.constantine) removed her hand from the knife and stood up straight, dusting herself off. "There, may all of our enemies feel the knife stabbed into their hearts."

[17:41:04] Gan (gantheral.mason) smiles and says "oh good that should slow them down at least."

[17:45:21] Addie (adeera.constantine) tapped her lip in thought. " We should be safer. I must go shopping in town, find a witch. Get some supplies from them."

[17:47:29] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "be very careful of the witches around here, some of them I've heard consort with vamps. so if you must just be very careful." he nodded to Addie

[17:50:32] Addie (adeera.constantine) picked up his soda and opened it, taking a deep swig. "Virgil.. have you seen him? Does he live close by?"

[17:57:04] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "he leave next to the Tea shop with someone named Aylin she's like us I believe, from what I can remember" he rubbed his head

[18:04:08] Addie (adeera.constantine) raised both eyebrows at the information. "Like us? Do you mean like you, or like me?"

[18:04:15] Gan (gantheral.mason): ((lol i meant to say lives not leaves, wow my spelling is bad today))

[18:05:40] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "like me and Virgil I believe I met her my second day here and she smelled like us." he nodded

[18:07:54] Addie (adeera.constantine) looked slightly disappointed in his words. She harbored a desire to meet another person like her. "I
[18:08:04] Addie (adeera.constantine): ((oopd hit enter, one sec))

[18:09:00] Addie (adeera.constantine) looked slightly disappointed in his words. She harbored a desire to meet another person like her. "Its just been such a long time since I had someone to talk to like me. I miss my parents."

[18:13:30] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks to Addie and frowns as he sits down next to her as he says to her "I'm sorry about your parents, I'm sure we'll find someone here you can relate with." as he seemed to want to comfort her while waiting for Virgil to come to his apartment

[18:15:24] Addie (adeera.constantine) emotions swung in a different direction, taking a sip from her soda as she smiled. "It's okay, hopefully I will have you and Virgil to hang around a long time. I guess I should warn you that I am cursed."

[18:18:10] Gan (gantheral.mason) makes mmmmm sound and says "really, cursed wow okay well how bad are we talking?"

[18:21:50] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): an loud banging can be heard at the door. "Open up Gan!" Someone yells sounding strangely like Virgil.

[18:23:48] Addie (adeera.constantine) was about to tell Gan, when the door thudded with the loud knocking, slowly she began to stand, keep her half filled soda bottle in her hand. "I guess his ears were ringing"

[18:24:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) runs over to the door and opens the door as he hears Virgil yelling he says "What the hell?" as he seed the man with Virgil

[18:25:56] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): the door opens revealing Virgil holding a man tied by his feet and hands with a piece of duck tape over his mouth. Virgil walks his quickly and drops the man to the floor. "Fucking heavy bastard" he yells.

[18:27:32] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): (ill post with the npc, give me a sec)

[18:28:38] NPC (devilsoldier): falls to the ground leavinng a loud thud sound. Moaning can be heard as the man hit the ground, he seems to be in a lot of pain.

[18:31:00] Addie (adeera.constantine) confusion seemed to fix itself on her face. Took a step up next to Gan's side to look down at the man. "So who is this?" took another sip of her soda, before she remembered her manners. "Would you like something to drink, Virgil?"

[18:32:38] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks to Addie and nods. "Yea get me some water, I need it after carrying this bastard for so long" He said as he punched the man to the back of the skull.

[18:35:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) growls smelling the man on the floor and looks to Virgil and says "is this who I think it is, you tracked him down for me so I can take care of the war they started with me by killing my family." as he looked down at the man on the floor saying "sure, I took from your organization, however you took my mother father and my son from me" as his voice became a yell

[18:37:49] NPC (devilsoldier): feels the punch and lets out a loud moan. His glasses fly off in Gan's direction hitting his legs. He looks up to Gan and shakes his head moaning the process, seeming like he was pleading for his life.

[18:41:43] Addie (adeera.constantine) set her bottle on the table, turning to the sink to run the water for a few seconds, before she set the glass underneath the faucet. Her hand almost slipped and dropped it on her way back, hearing Gan's words. "Illuminati?"

[18:42:57] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): "This is the man who killed your family, he was the hitman who pulled the trigger. I have yet to interrogate him further for more information, thought you should do that if you feel like it" He pauses for a moment to slap the man to the side of the head just for fun. "Or you can just kill him now" He laughed waiting to here what Gan wanted to do and holding his up waiting for Addie to give him the drink.
[18:43:16] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): hear*

[18:48:05] Gan (gantheral.mason) growls loudly and says "yes, The Illuminati." as he answered Addie then said to Virgil "oh I'll do much I'm going to have fun with this motherfucking controlling bastard, as I torment him then kill him slowly..." as he gave the Illuminati man an evil glare he said "I'm going to remove the tape from your mouth and you will tell me who sent you to kill my family or I'm going cut up up slowly into small pieces and send them back to your boss one by one." as he grabs the knife Addie was using off of the table

[18:50:41] NPC (devilsoldier): Mikes head jerks to the side from the slap almost pushing him over, but he was able to regain his balance keeping him in the fetal position. He keeps his head to his knees as tears fall to the floor as Gan yells at him.
[18:51:18] Addie (adeera.constantine) gave a sideways look to Gan before she crossed the floor to Virgil. There was a sudden feeling that she got, the man was going to become a smear. With a hard swallow, she pushed that tightening feeling in her gut down, raising the glass of water for the Alpha to take. "Here you go." turned around in time to see Gan take the knife off the table, flailing a hand for him to stop. Addie was about to yell at him not to, but she decided better of it, she didn't need to redirect any of his anger.

[18:57:19] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): takes the cup of water forcefully from Addie's fingers, quickly lifting his bandanna and chugging down the glass of water till there was nothing left. Virgil hand the cup back to Addie and nodded with a smile. He then turned his gaze to Gan "We can not kill him here though, if the Illuminati found out about this it could mean all our heads. We will take him to the Sabbat meeting area near the crashed tanker, it will put the heat on the vamps rather then the wolves" He said with another sadistic smile underneath his bandanna.

[18:59:45] Gan (gantheral.mason) glances to Addie has he puts the knife back on the table instead as he says "you scream and I'll cut your vocal cords out" as he takes off the tape of the mans mouth that was curled up on the floor goes to say "now tell me who sent you?"

[19:02:51] NPC (devilsoldier): moans a bit when Gan rips the tape off his mouth. "Listen man, I didn't kill anyone. I am just a businessman from New York" He pleads to Gan, hoping he would catch onto the lie.

[19:04:17] Addie (adeera.constantine) took the cup from him, but not before she made the sign of the cross quickly and said a quick prayer under her breath. Returned the glass to the sink, rinsing it out while her lips moved silently. Once it was dried she set it back in the cupboard and turned to Gan. "Maybe it is some mistake?"

[19:08:32] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): laughs at the mans plead. Then turns to Addie "Oh this is him, I can assure you that" Pauses for a moment and smells the man. "This fuckers got the smell of an asshole thats for sure"

[19:09:55] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head as he growls attempting to kick the man directly in the throat with his combat boots yelling at the man "TELL ME, WHO SENT YOU AND STOP WITH THE LIES!" as he could see right through the mans lies he quickly picked up another knife that wasn't the same knife Addie was using as before this time the knife was slightly large almost the size of a butcher cleaver as he swings the butcher cleaver to the mans face attempting to slash him a little across the cheek

[19:11:41] NPC (devilsoldier): points to the girl with both tied hands. "Yes yes, its wasn't me" He said as he put his hands back to his knees. "Please don't kill me..." He was interrupted by getting kicked in the throat and being slashed in the face. He then rolls over onto his side gasping for air seeming to be in a lot of pain.

[19:14:44] Addie (adeera.constantine) held her hands up to him. "If my pack says you are who you say you are, then I believe them. Besides I can make you tell the truth far easier and with less blood then they can. I would start talking before you really piss them off." approached the table and picked up the knife once again and stuck it back into the table so it was straight up in the air.

[19:17:40] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): lifts the man back up to his sitting position so Gan can speak to him more clearly. He then looks to Addie as she speaks then back to Gan "Hell is she could do that, might as well let her I don't think this fool is going to talk"
[19:17:53] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): if she*

[19:24:07] Gan (gantheral.mason) picks the man up off the floor and attempts to slam his skull into the wall behind Virgil he says to Virgil "might wanna move!" as he pins the mans hand to the wall while he holds the butcher cleaver in his other hand he yells "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!" as he rests the Butcher cleaver on the top of the mans wrist to indicate he was going to chop the mans hand off as he growled at the man

[19:28:36] NPC (devilsoldier): gets slammed up against the wall, by Gans superhuman abilities. "Jesus Christ, help me!" He screamed hoping that Addie could help him somehow know that he saw her make the sign of the cross.

[19:31:13] Addie (adeera.constantine) took a few steps closer to them, though far enough in case Gan's rage gets to be too much. Still, she made sure to stay in the man's view. "Heaven helps those who help themselves. Tell him what he wants to know, and things can be less painful."

[19:33:20] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): quickly moves out of the way, laughing at the same time. "Damn your quick when your angry" He chuckled as he looked a Addie wondering if this Bad cop good cop thing my work.
[19:33:32] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): may*

[19:37:19] Gan (gantheral.mason) chops the mans hand off as he screams he yelled at the man as he could feel his rage building up inside him he began to show his teeth to man and yells "TELL ME WHO SENT YOU WHY DID YOU KILL MY FAMILY!" as he pulls a picture out of his son showing it to the man he yells at the man again "REMEMBER HIM, HE'S DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!"

[19:42:39] NPC (devilsoldier): screams in pain as his blood flies all over Gan and onto the walls. "Holy Fuck!" He screams looking at his dead hand now on the floor. "Your right. I fucking killed them. God damn, are you happy now!?" He yells at Gan spiting in his face in the processes.
[19:44:47] Addie (adeera.constantine) turned away quickly, the tightness in her stomach returning. Blood made her a bit queasy, more so now that the man lacked a hand. She began tidying up the other half of the room till her brain could process what was going on, and she can deal with a more leveled head.

[19:47:17] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): facepalms as he watches Gan chop the guys hand off. "Ugh.... thats gunna make the enforcers look for more clues. Don't kill him here, like I said" He saw Addie turn away and stomped over to her. "You watch this Addie! This is vengeance, don't you want the same for your family!" He screamed as he tried to turn her to watch the scene play out.

[19:50:20] Gan (gantheral.mason) growls and yells "YOU ARE DEAD!" as he tosses the dead hand to Virgil and says "see that hand gets mailed back to them, as a message." as his rage reached a point of an uncontrolled shift he begins to change to finish the man off as his clothes rip off his body and his body changes forms he grabs his ribs and growls extending his muzzle and claws as he yells and growls "NOT IF I EAT HIM!" as he finished changing into his crinos form

[19:53:37] NPC (devilsoldier): "Holy Shit" he yelled as he scurried for the door handle, but reached for the door with his arm with the hand cut off, trying to open it with his stub.

[19:53:46] Addie (adeera.constantine) didn't fight him as he turned her, looking over the scene in front of her. Her skin began to pale, and become cold and clammy under his hands. She always thought of vengeance and what she would due to the vamps that killed her wolves. Knees began to shake underneath her. "Vampires are already dead... Virgil he's shifting!"

[19:58:08] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): Virgil catches the hand but quickly drops it as he see Gan shit. "Gan! Don't eat him!" He yelled as he walked over to Gan. "You do not want to devour this filth, the hunt is a sacred ritual for us wolves. I will explain more latter, but you don't want to do this!" He said as he placed his hand on the fur of Gan's back. "We must put this death on the Vampires, its the first act in our War!" He said as he gripped his fur tighter.
[19:58:19] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): shift* Very Happy

[20:01:53] Gan (gantheral.mason) growls as he listened to Virgil he understood not eat the man even though Virgil didn't say not to kill the man as he grabs the mans skull and looks at Virgil while he attempts to bash the mans head into the bloody wall a few times to knock him out so Virgil could carry the man out back behind the apartments as he grunted to Virgil and pointed to the door

[20:03:51] NPC (devilsoldier): gets knocked out from the hit and his body goes limp as Gan holds him in the air.

[20:06:27] Addie (adeera.constantine) a little sound came from her, sort of a panic gasp, quickly she stifled the rest of the noise, biting down on her lip as she watched Gan and the now lifeless body. "I have to clean up the blood..."

[20:11:20] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): "Good, Gan I want you to deform and get dressed, and meet me at the crashed tanker to the southwest of the city. You will see the Sabbat hideout, there shouldn't be any their now" He turns and looks to Addie. "It is up to you Addie, you can decide to come and watch his death or clean the blood" He said with a nod. As he walked over to the door and grabbing the body from Gan and placing it on his shoulders.

[20:18:09] Addie (adeera.constantine) pointed to the hand "Leave it here, I will put it in a bag so it doesn't drip all over the place. You don't want any evidence in here right? This has to be cleaned up right away before it has a chance to seep into the floor and wall anymore. When you get back, you can tell me if you smell the blood anywhere else..."

[20:22:59] Gan (gantheral.mason) shifts back into his Human for decontorting as he quickly gets dressed he says "oh gods that was the most painful shift i've had in a long time, make sure to mail that hand to the Illuminati I want to send those bastards a message not to fuck with me ever again." as he looked over to Addie he says "yes please get this cleaned up and use the blacklight and spray in the book shelf behind me" he nodded as he followed out the door for Virgil

[20:25:50] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): with the body slung over his shoulders he opened the door. "Good idea Addie, keep up the good work. Your Rite will come next" He said as he walked out of the building and down to the crashed tanker, taking the river path, so he doesn't attract attention.

[20:33:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) he walks inside the tanker meeting Virgil inside with the knocked out man from Illuminati as he watched Virgil place the man on the floor

[20:35:17] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): watched as Gan walked in looking behind him to make sure no one was following him. "Alright, go ahead and finish the job" He said as he looked down at the still breathing body.
[20:36:00] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): "Make the teeth marks aswell" (forgot to add that)

[20:40:03] Gan (gantheral.mason) leans down and bites the mans neck attempting to puncture his jugular vein with his teeth using his incisors he growled tasting the blood wanting to shift and tear flesh he controlled himself enough so that he wouldn't as he looked up at Virgil when he was finished he attempted to break the mans neck to finish the job

[20:43:32] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): Virgil twitches when the mans neck snaps feeling the need to shift as well, but keeps it in. "Good Gan, You have passed your Rite of Passage. Will you continue to follow in the ways of Gaia and destroy the ones that corrupt it?" He questions in a serious tone.

[20:46:48] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "yes I will destroy those bloodsuckers as well, and hopefully this is the last time those Illuminati fucks come after me." he grins

[20:50:48] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): nods to Gan. "Good, you will be a valued soldier within the Pack, it is great to have you with us" He said as he walked over to the exit. "I will leave you to your thoughts, but be quick. I intend to call the enforcers and frame the sabbat"

[20:51:42] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks seriously at Virgil and says "I better search him and make sure theres nothing leading back to me." as he leans down to search the dead body for anything that may lead to him in anyway, before Virgil calls the enforcers so he can make his getaway.

[21:01:47] Gan (gantheral.mason) finds an id that says Mike Valentino age 27 and in his other pocket had another ID from a building called Solaris, he removes both ids from the dead body and quickly leaves the crime scene after Virgil

[21:05:26] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks to Gan as he walks up. "Alright, head home and lay low for a little while. Tell Addie whats happening. I will take care of the rest. You go and rest" He said with as nod as he put his hand to his shoulder, gripping tightly showing his acceptance of Gan. He took it off then wait for Gan to walk home.
[21:05:44] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): waited

[21:07:56] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods to Virgil and says "Thanks man I owe you a lot, be careful out there, and see you soon." as he headed back to his apartment to lay low and tell Addie what happened

[21:12:21] Gan (gantheral.mason) knocks on the door three times and says loudly "it's done, you can open." as he waits for Addie to open the door

[21:13:25] Addie (adeera.constantine) unlocked the door and pushed it open, but she remained in the door way, not letting him enter just yet. "Where is Virgil?"

[21:14:59] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "he had some things to finish up, he's fine you can let me in."

[21:17:11] Addie (adeera.constantine) set her hands on her hips, giving him the full stare down. "Fine, inside... I tore up the patch of carpet and tossed it and my clothing into the fire. I recommend you burn your clothing too." her words were short and clipped, turning her back to him as she stepped into the apartment.

[21:19:53] Gan (gantheral.mason) takes off his clothes and says "I know, I'll replace the carpet and wallpaper tomorrow along with buying us new clothes, I owe you a lot Addie, and thank you for everything." he smiled to her as he walked over to the fire tossing his bloody clothes into it

[21:21:45] Addie (adeera.constantine) crossed her arms over her chest. "I got some ground rules, for both you and Virgil, whenever her shows up again."
[21:22:11] Addie (adeera.constantine): he*

[21:22:52] Gan (gantheral.mason) frowns and says "yeah I'm sorry I should have told you, that was my bad."

[21:25:29] Addie (adeera.constantine) waved her hand. "As long as I am here, this is my home too. I will cook, clean and make sure it is pleasant for you to come home. However, this is our home and it will be safe. That means no more bringing strangers here to kill, and no messing with my talismans!"

[21:30:14] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "okay, I won't mess with your talismans anymore, and especially won't be bringing strangers here to kill." as he looks around the messed up apartment that he'd have to fix later while getting dressed again in spare clothes he had in the wooden chest

[21:31:51] Addie (adeera.constantine) softened up slightly. "Alright... I've all ready got some of the blood spots with bleach, and your hand is on the table. Take a sniff around the apartment and let me know if I missed anything

[21:36:31] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks over to the wall and sniffs the area where most of the blood was as he looked around he could still smell a faint scent of blood he says "yeaah you did the best you could at cleaning it most of it is damage that'll I'll have to fix though. I'll take care of the rest tomorrow. it's good for now though." as he turned and looked to Addie he goes to say "I found a couple of id's on that man apparently his name was Mike Valentino he was 27 and worked for a company called Solaris in New York."

[21:40:56] Addie (adeera.constantine) walked over to the sink and began to clean off her makeup. "Solaris? Sounds like it might be a front for the Illuminati" dipped her face in the water, cleaning of the eyeliner and bright red lipstick. She came up for air in a second. " Not very creative with coming up with names. So how did Virgil get his hands on this guy, better yet, how did he know who he was?

[21:45:07] Gan (gantheral.mason) sighs he said something about connections and he said something else about his father could get his hands on that man, all I know is Virgil got him to me and I'm not going to question it because it's put my mind to rest, but you're right it does sound like a front for the Illuminati." as he looked at both the ids nodding to Addie

[21:49:12] Addie (adeera.constantine) turned around with her fresh face. She approached him and placed a hand on each of his arms. "I'm not going to get involved more than protecting you and Virgil. This has to do with avenging you family and I understand that. I just want you both to be careful though, messing with the Vamps with a small pack is suicide."

[21:54:14] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods to her as he looks down at her hands on his arms he says "I won't let anything happen that will jeopardize this pack, I made that mistake once and it costed me dearly. But I will say that I won't let a bunch of vamps over run this city like I have been hearing." he frowned at the thought

[21:56:37] Addie (adeera.constantine) tapped her temple with her finger. "We need to be smart about it. Brute force will get us nothing but killed. Past experience has taught me this. They have numbers, they are sneaky and deceiving."

[22:01:20] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods saying "this is true, especially when they have manipulated lone wolfs namely a lone wolf named Freyr into working for them, he's not to be trusted and please watch yourself around him. Before you showed up I tried to tell him about what happened with my family and he wanted nothing to do with it let alone he doesn't even want to join a pack there was another pack I was with just before this one and they let me go because I joined up with Virgil, anyway when I told Freyr about that other pack he didn't want anything to do with them either. now I know if the Alphas find out about it they'll hunt him down. Virgil has already had one run in with Freyr so he's aware of him already." as he huffed thinking about it

[22:08:39] Addie (adeera.constantine) began to undo her hair, letting it fall down her shoulders. "I'll keep my eyes peeled. I need to go out tomorrow to find someone in the craft who can supply me with a few things. You wouldn't happen to know of a person who would we would be able to trust? The items I seek wouldn't tip anyone off, just a few seashells, candles and the like.

[22:13:49] Gan (gantheral.mason) thinks for a moment there might be a shop with a red door across from the tea shop that sells them or you can ask Virgil he may know as well." he said to Addie
[22:14:17] Gan (gantheral.mason): (("there))

[22:18:50] Addie (adeera.constantine) looked over her shoulder to the couch. "I will start on that tomorrow morning after I find a church. Somebody has to confess our sins for tonight and receive forgiveness." approached the couch and sat down. "You are welcome to come with me if you want to. "

[22:22:14] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods as he glances at the paint above the fireplace he looks back to Addie and says "well the only church I do know of is across from the pub and it's really run down though, I'll think about it though although we really should be careful who say that to."

[22:25:58] Addie (adeera.constantine) laid back on the sofa closing her eyes. "I will be able to find a real priest Gan. Real priest speak to God when dealing with confessions." tossed her arm over her head, opening one of her eyes to look up at him. "Would you really go with me?"

[22:27:57] Gan (gantheral.mason) sits on the couch with her by the fire and says "yeah I guess will, although I haven't been to church in a really long time

[22:42:50] Addie (adeera.constantine) yawned softly. "Tomorrow is a new day Gan, and things are going to get better I promise you that. I think I need some rest though

[22:44:42] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "okay well I'll let you go to sleep, yes tomorrow is a new day after all." he smiled

[22:45:55] Addie (adeera.constantine) sunk deeper into the couch and pulled the blanket up. "Good night, Gan."

[22:47:42] Gan (gantheral.mason) smiles as he stood up to let her lay on the couch he says "good night, Addie"

[22:49:37] Addie (adeera.constantine) let out one last yawn, before a light snoring sound came from underneath the blanket
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