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 Out of the Pub and onto Housework

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PostSubject: Out of the Pub and onto Housework   Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:20 pm

[12:15:31] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks into the pub as he sees Virgil and says "so I went for a walk last night and it struck me, why do you suppose the bloodsuckers want control over all the guns and blood in this city?" as he asked

[12:22:56] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): turns to Gan as he enters noticing his new look. "Because they are power hungry, the elders think of territory as badges of their accomplishments"

[12:29:09] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "that's a possibility, however I'm starting to think that it might be something deeper, and that the they are planning a massive attack, all I'm saying is between them and the Illuminati we are going need help Virgil we can't do this alone, and so far from what I've seen from the other packs all they do is go run and hide. So what I was thinking is that we either break into the armory and steal back what they took from us or break into the NRC and take back from them either way we were going to need help if we're going to do that." he nodded hearing what Virgil said

[12:33:05] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): nods in agreement. "I completely agree, I have been trying to recruit for these purposes. Two wolves versus armed guards might be a suicide run" He said as he gazed into the fire. "Once we have enough soldiers, we will attack."

[12:38:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods saying "there is another scent that crossed my nose a while back that I forgot about though I don't know the wolfs name that crashed the bike into diner. We could try to recruit him, he seems a bit... reckless?" he suggested

[12:41:05] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): nods. "If I see, I will make it my goal to recruit him. You should do the same" He said as he cracked his knuckles still looking deeply into the fire.

[12:43:18] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "I will, if he doesn't run away when he sees me, he seems to leave the area when he sees me, for some reason, I dunno why? I've never done anything to him" he said with a confused tone in his voice

[12:51:38] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): turns his head to Gan. "Maybe hes just a pup not looking for pack yet, but I will have a talk with the wolf"

[13:11:12] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) gives Shady a small wave of wiggling fingers and thin smile as she pulls on her jacket to keep it closed long enough for her to slip inside the building.

[13:13:34] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks over to the door as he sees Moxxi enter the pub waving he says "Hello."

[13:16:37] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) tilts her head off to one side in a strange and informal greeting to the two. "Afternoon, gents." she says in a pretty calm and friendly tone. Stepping up to the fire that they stood around as well, wanting to warm her hands a bit before she got a drink.

[13:22:45] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks to the quite uniquely fashioned girl as she entered the pub. "Another comes to warm up by the fire I suppose?" He said still gazing deeply into the fire.

[13:29:51] Gan (gantheral.mason) looks over to Moxxi and says "I don't believe we've met? I'm Gan." as he reached out to offer his hand as to shake her hand in a friendly manner

[13:33:37] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) flexes her fingers a little bit to let them warm up before extending her hand to Gan, trying to meet him half way in the hand shake, nothing is worse than shaking hands with someone that just come inside from the cold; was like touching a corpse or a vampire. "I think we did, well in a round about sort of way. You came into the noodle shop and ordered some orange chicken, yes?" Her eyes flicker over to Virgil and she gives him a small nod. "Yeah, warm up. Heard something about an ice storm and or snow today, don't see anything yet, but it sure is cold."

[13:37:10] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): examines Moxxi's features before silently picking up his jacket from the floor and tossing it on. He gave the girl a slight nod then rubbing his fingers through his mane. "Ice storm? Sounds like fun" he said cracking his knuckles in the process.

[13:41:09] Gan (gantheral.mason) shakes his head and says jokingly "it could be worse it could be ash from nuclear fallout." he chuckled a bit

[13:44:01] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) crinkles her nose a little at the 'sounds like fun' comment and shakes her head with a wry grin. "I'm all for ice shedding, but we don't need anymore power outages here with it being so cold." There is a hand-rolled herbal smoke hanging in her lips that up until now went until. She begins to dig around in her jacket for something and pulls a zippo after some searching, putting the thing to good use as she fires up the end of smoke. A couple inhales fills the air around her with the scent of sweet and savory herbs; defiantly not tobacco, something more mild and almost medicinal to the senses. "Fallout, eh? We'd be using bottle caps for currency and fending off zombies."
[13:44:45] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) ice sledding*

[13:46:48] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): turns his head to face Gan giving him what seemed like a surprised looked. "Nah.... nuclear fallout will be bad. Not to mention how angry I would be at humans for destroying Gaia." He said with a quick flick of his wrist throwing what seemed to be a piece of paper into the fire. Virgil takes a long inhale through his nose catching the girls scent of herbs, it was quite strong for him and he shook his head a bit to get the smell out of his nose.

[13:52:48] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods agreeing with Virgil he says "True, and I don't blame you after all we all live here. and breath the same air right?" he laughed a bit smelling some of the herbal scent wiggling his nose a little

[13:55:31] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) looks at the fire then to Virgil when he mention Gaia. There is a thoughtful silence before she chimes in. "Gaia? You one of those tree-hugging new age types?" Leaving things at that for now, she turns to look at the people behind the bar from where she stands. Waving one hand to them. "You have any coffee hot and ready?" she did not need to yell as the bar was not busy and her voice carried pretty well. "This place needs to have an open mic night or something." she off-handedly comments to no one really, just talking to herself.

[13:58:57] Gan (gantheral.mason) chuckles and says "you've never been to Asia have you? Gaia is an Eastern word for Earth it has nothing to do with tree hugging. he asked Moxxi as he smiled and nodded

[14:01:26] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks to Moxxi as he face flares up showing his teeth. "You better not making fun girl!" He said with a faint growl behind his words. He calms down a bit seeing as she was just a human and didn't understand. "Think twice about what you say to me girl, I would kill to protect Gaia" He said as he snapped his head back to the fire, trying to get lost in it. Anyone could see how serious Virgil was about his beliefs, maybe he took it to seriously but Virgil could careless.
[14:01:33] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): his*

[14:05:23] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) spares Gan a glance when he pipes up with Asia, Gaia and inside, Moxxi is really laughing at the irony. She smiles impishly and cants her head as she plucks the cigarette from between her lips. "Really?" There is something in her gaze, an ominous or knowing look, and despite the angry, she brushes it off while tossing the nearly spend smoke into the hearth. It was kind of cute and funny to watch them get puffed up. "Might want to calm down, you're coming off like one of those bible-thumpers now." she adds on and moves toward the bar to make good on that request for coffee.
[14:05:33] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) anger*

[14:08:36] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): places his palm to his face as the girl spoke. Boy did he want to just kill this girl can be done with it. "Something wrong with a little faith?" He said trying to make her something she might regret.
[14:08:50] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): her say*

[14:15:26] Gan (gantheral.mason) says "oh trust me, this is his calm."he laughed then went on to say to Virgil "There's nothing wrong with that, but she's right we don't need the attention of police here in this pub." he looked over to Virgil

[14:18:15] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) reaches up to gently rub the side of her face as she looks over at the pair behind the bar. "Big cup, splash of cream and sugar." Pausing her momentum to the bar to look over her shoulder at Virgil, she could feel the vehemence seething off of him in waves. She perks a single brow, her pleasant and zen like demeanor did not waver a bit. She was not quite sure what these two were, but by their banter and sudden uneasy at her remarks toward the given conversation--well the picture was becoming clear. In that moment she takes a deep breath and with it drawing up a large amount of energy, however it would merely appear like she is sighing heavily. When Gan speaks his piece, she just nods to him and beams, at least one of the two had the right idea.

[14:21:48] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): flicks his hand at Moxxi before turning back around to look at the fire. "Fine go have your coffee, but know that insulting my beliefs is something you don't want to do" He said again with a low growl behind his words.

[14:25:23] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods approvingly he says "that's good." as he turned back around to warm his hands on the fire

[14:26:42] Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) was about to retort to the fact that she was in fact not being insulting, merely playing the role of the unassumed, he just jumped the gun and got super touchy. She weighs this out and shrugs, debating this would have only outed herself. Taking up her pace to the bar and the coffee that would await her once she made it there.

[14:31:20] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos) whispers: looks to Gan as she walks off. "That girl will get wake up call one of these days" He said in a hushed tone. "Well Gan, I am going to head home for now. I need feed the bird"

[14:31:45] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks to Gan as she walks off. "That girl will get wake up call one of these days" He said in a hushed tone. "Well Gan, I am going to head home for now. I need feed the bird"

[14:33:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) nods and says "okay I'll be by later I'm going to pay a visit to the hardware store I've got some carpet and wallpaper that needs replacing." as he headed for the door if he wasn't stopped

[14:34:43] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): nods and follows Gan out the door heading left towards his house, giving Moxxi a glare as he walked past the window.
----------------------------------------------------------End of Pub Scene--------------------------------------------------------

[14:45:39] Gan (gantheral.mason) comes home with the new wallpaper and glue along with new carpet from the hardware store he starts by tearing the old wallpaper off the walls as he scraps the old paper off the walls to the point where they are clean, as he adds the glue for the new wallpaper as he applies the new wallpaper as two hours passed, he finished applying the new wallpaper he checked thoroughly that the new wallpaper was applied correctly.

[15:19:53] Gan (gantheral.mason) starts to cut up the old bloody stained carpet, as he scraps the floor clean already having removed all the furniture into the hallway as he throws the old bloody stained carpet into the bag of trash as he unrolls the new carpet into his apartment he plugs the rug tack gun into the socket as he smoothed the new carpet out then used the rug tack gun that he had in his storage chest to tack the smooth new carpet out in place inside his apartment making his apartment look refurbished, he unplugged the rug tack gun from the wall socket and put the rug tack gun away as he smiled looking around he went out into the hallway moving his furniture back into his apartment

[15:27:17] Gan (gantheral.mason) walks over to his door after he's finished moving his furniture inside his apartment he closes the door behind him placing his furniture back the way it was and smiles thinking he did a good job
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Out of the Pub and onto Housework
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