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 Shifter gathering.

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PostSubject: Shifter gathering.   Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:16 pm

[2013/02/02 20:42] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me jumped out of the van and headed into the garage, there was still a sign on the wall saying for- sale. He grabbed a few half empty cans of gas from inside. Headed back to van and added it to the cargo bay of the van. " its pretty bare in there.. Naz is a hoarder.. I can only imagine the state of basement at the pub.. " he said as opened his mind to his pack mate ~ meet us at the reservior.. ~ he said through his link to the crew. Sho apparently had some need for speed which just looked wrong in a huge moving van. But they were are the destination in now time. Chase grabbed his smokes and slipped out of the truck. " I will watch the back.. " he said walking towards the back of the van and like a soldier at attention he perched himself at the back of the van, before he lit a smoke.
[2013/02/02 20:44] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me is, or rather was off chasing small game in the area. Keen ears pick up the sound of something big coming, and the wolf is alert; watching for what is to come. The instant the two come out of the cab, the beast is bounding down the snow-covered hill, tail wagging behind her and ears pert. When she gets close enough, she lowers herself to the ground in a display of respect. Yellowed eyes glancing up at the men as brows work over the bright-eyed stare.
[2013/02/02 20:46] Sho Flanagan: /me loosed his shotgun, checking the action. The cold could do a number on a gun, but his body heat was keeping it warm. He tucked it back under his jacket and scanned the road and the lake behind them. The moon gave them all the light they might need, but the light fom the inside of the truck cast a dim glow that might announce their presence.
[2013/02/02 20:49] Esme: /me sat strapped in tightly into the truck, rather irritated that she had to change back. "I don't know why you made me change back if we're going to a resevoir," she muttered. Esme peered out the window, uninterested in the snow that whizzed by the window. "I hope they'll accept the food. It's not easy finding all that soft cheese."
[2013/02/02 20:50] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me shoved his lighter back in his pocket. Shoved the latch on the truck pushing up the draw door. Jerking his head towards the pair standing off the path in the deeper snow. " we have supplies.. will trade em out.. ya can step up and take a look.. " he doesnt ask, he makes a statement, if they step forward he will move to the corner of the truck. Draw back his shoulders and puff away on his smoke.
[2013/02/02 20:52] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me was driving his truck down to were the message he recieved on his pre-paid cell. He sighed as he slowly and carefully due to the road conditions pulled into were the meeting place was supposed to be and parked the truck out of the way of others who might show up. "He smiled at esme and patted her leg gently. " I dont know we can try at least yes? I got my paintings too. They are worth a hand full to the right art collecter." he says and hops out of the truck. It wasnt to too far from were his shop was anyway so it wasnt a long trip to make. He swung around to the back of the truck to open the well..trunk bed thing and went over to the truck nodding to the man who spoke and glanced around in the truck.
[2013/02/02 20:53] Sho Flanagan: /me looked over to chase, eyes peeled and sharp, keeping a nice fire ready position should the shiite go down. He turned back to the folks approaching, gesturing with a wave of his hand. "come on up.. I think I see a few familiar faces there. take what you need, leave a little something if you can. Its a cold winter and we all need to get by then. " His voice was barely above a whisper, damaged vocal cords made his tone raspy an inhospitable, but there was a warmth. Pack took care of pack.. and sharing during the lean times was just what you did.
[2013/02/02 20:55] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me held Luna's hand though normally she would have done no such thing. She followed along anyway.. curious about being taking to the reservoir 'what.. you have my death planned out for me this time? Once and for all?' she asked in her soft voice. As she looked around at the others gathered. It was then she heard the voice of one, barely but enough she too would move forward asking Luna 'who is that.. '
[2013/02/02 20:56] Esme: /me gave a slight smile and would slip out of the truck following closely behind Ren. "Well, I hope they like Romanian food. And you're paintings are beautiful." Esme followed suit, though stayed hidden behind Ren, and would sneak a peak into the back of the oversized truck curiously.
[2013/02/02 20:57] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): had come flying down the icy road on his bike as he spotted Aylin trying to stop immediately he swerved into the brick railing trying to stop himself. "Shit that was close" He said as he got off the bike looking around wondering what was going on.
[2013/02/02 20:58] Freyr (donte.marais): /me spotted the truck driving through the city so was on the search. He had moved through the roads without seeing a hint until he reached the mountain trail and saw new tire tracks. Following the tracks, he heads over. Seeing all the people, some he knew to be shifters, caused a raised brow.
[2013/02/02 20:59] Luna: of course had no intention of killing aylin. she figured that her being proven right about carrie was enough punishment for awhile. she heard the voice and she knew it. "sho."she whispered to her. "there is a shipment here but i dont know what is in it. i have never really done anything like this. i thought, well i thought you might be interested in seeing if you could trade something for whatever they have in there. lets say it is my way of saying sorry for the other night. i...i would have been much nicer about things if.....if virgil hadnt started saying the things he did. you dont need me harping on you right now. you need help. if this is all i can do to help you, then so be it though i would rather be there for you whenever you need it."she sweetly told her. she heard a bike and just loked to see virgil. daggers shot out of her eyes at him but she would say nothing to him.
[2013/02/02 21:00] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me eyes flickered over the people that had gathered. His nostrils flared as he took in scents around him. His eyes lock on to Luna. " not you can go back the way you came.. you dont roll in this circle.. " he growled deep within his chest towards the woman. "" you play both sides.. should have fucking skinned you a live when I had the change. " it was easy to tell his anger was mounting as he sunk his teeth into the butt of his smoke.
[2013/02/02 21:00] Sho Flanagan: /me looked over to the (npc) wolf, "whist.." he called softly to get its attention, and gestured torwards the road. "take the high ground my friend, and keep a good eye out at the incoming road." he tapped his nose by way of instruction. Looking back to the other newcomers he repeated his offer from previous "come on up.. I think I see a few familiar faces there. take what you need, leave a little something if you can. Its a cold winter and we all need to get by then."
[2013/02/02 21:00] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): brb)
[2013/02/02 21:00] αѕнα χυαη (asha.silvershade): ((hb))
[2013/02/02 21:02] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me trots around the truck, pacing and watching each person as the walked up the trail and into view. Attention to the others is quickly turned to the sound of Sho's voice and the wolf did as told without hesitation. A low huffy that might be a kind of bark bubbles from the muzzle, but that is all and the creature is bounding off to a high peek in which to keep careful watch.
[2013/02/02 21:02] Sho Flanagan: [truck contains the following.. clothes, liquor, tinned food, blankets, boots, army rations, frozen dinners, army surplus like lanterns, batteries, hats, socks, gloves, cots, bunsen burners, also cigarette cartons, cigars, radios, a few shortwave radios, and two large heavy generators, as well as misc items that you might come up with that somone might think useful in our situation here]
[2013/02/02 21:03] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me looked over to Virgil as she nearly took her out! She'd not go further toward the truck yet. She could see it was more the pack leaders and so she'd just watch from the edge curious because she'd never seen this go down before. She looked to Luna, hearing her and also hearing a form of -I told you so- .. was Luna really trying to help? Why was it so hard to know with her? She sighed then caught the voice of someone she did know. Chase.. she would move closer then because it had been so long since she'd last seen him.
[2013/02/02 21:05] Luna: heard chase's words and she glared at him a bit but did her best to try to just stay calm. "i do no such thing. there is more than one here that can vouch for me. you go off the word of one wolf who, already had an issue with me for personal reasons. there are those here who know better."she called back to him but she didnt move closer. she had only come to honestly bring aylin.
[2013/02/02 21:08] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me smiled gently to esme. "Thanks some dont like art though." he whispers and looks to the man near by named chase. "So just take what we like and leave something in return eh?" he asked and waved at esme to get the food and paintings and other odds and ends they might of scrounged up. While Ren took a hunting rifle and some ammo for it. Will be good protection for his art shop, he'll hide it under the counter in the shop out of eye area. He also took some tv dinners and food. Maybe a radio too. "So for all this stuff here, will the food and these 3 paintings my wife is getting be good? I paint these. I have an art store up the road and around the corner. To the right art collector or exhibit it can be worth a handfull of bills." he said and waited for the okay to take the items.
[2013/02/02 21:08] Freyr (donte.marais): /me jumps over the wall to avoid Virgil as he heads toward the truck. He nods to Luna and Aylin on the way, not recognizing the shifter he had encountered in wolf form a couple times. He wasn't approuching the truck with the items, just peeking around it as he tries to figure out what is inside.
[2013/02/02 21:08] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me kept his eyes dead locked on his target. Her actions are nothing he will ever forget. When it affects his crew and his entire race. He lifted a large hand towards his shoulder holster. As he took long strides towards the woman. Catching A glimpse Aylin as he drew in a breath. " You calling my mate a liar.. did you tell him to go meet a herd of fucking leaches.. while the light in the floaters scotchmen was held in.. by them.. you got no business ever.. talking to me.. " the vein in the middle of head was throbbing and he was not stopping till he was right up on her. If she bothered to stand around which probably is not the smartest move
[2013/02/02 21:08] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): walked closer to the truck passing Luna and giving her a quick smirk. The man would then casually walk up to Aylin and ask "So this some big wolf meeting?". He would then gently place his hand on her back gently if she would let him.
[2013/02/02 21:12] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me did take a few steps forward, it didn't seem they minded that anyone grab up some things. Though she only had her two hands she could think of enough to put in them without being greedy and yet taking what she would need. She stopped though, seeing Chase move in on Luna the way he did. She gulped and looked back to Luna and shook her head. Chase was full tilt.. but surely he'd not shoot her? 'Hey Chase' she greeted him and it would just sound awkward considering... she felt then Virgil's hand on her and looked to him with a smile. She was in a rare neutral mood 'go on, get some stuff... for your pack' she urged him
[2013/02/02 21:13] Esme: /me smiled softly to her mate and turned to go back to the truck. "These should do just fine," she said as she took out some paintings and the food, carefully balancing one on top of the other. As she walked back with the goods in tow, Esme glanced over, surprised to see Freyr there, adn would smile warmly to him, before walking up to the oversized truck and placing the items inside. Esme then smiled warmly to Sho. "I hope you boys like Romanian style. If you like it, we have a big dinner once a week and would love to meet others like us," she said cheerfully.
[2013/02/02 21:14] αѕнα χυαη (asha.silvershade): would love to have others like us to join us**))
[2013/02/02 21:14] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me smiles to sho and nods. "Yes indeed, we would like that. My wife made it homemade on what we had. I hope you two enjoy it. She is a fantastic cook." he says and waits for esme to deleiver the items. Mean while he held the big crate of stuff in front of him with relative ease maybe a tad bit of un comoftableness. When she deleivered the items he slowly starts to walk over to his truck he parked out of the way of everyone and put the items he got in the back and let out a sigh. "Whew."
[2013/02/02 21:15] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): would chuckle at Chase yelling at Luna quite impressed at his attitude towards her. He would listen to Aylin and walk up to the truck, "So what can I use for my war against the bloodsuckers" he questioned politely waiting for someone to direct him.
[2013/02/02 21:15] Freyr (donte.marais): /me steps closer to Ren and Esme after he saw the smile from the woman. He glances back at the other wolves, before his attention falls to Ren. "Why can't you get this stuff from the city, do the vampires not allow you to shop there?" He asks quietly, his voice low as he didn't want his question to travel too far. "There is a lot of things there."
[2013/02/02 21:16] Luna: looked to chase. "i came to bring aylin. my duty is done. not a lier, just misinformed. i am not the traitor you think i am and even fen does not feel the same way you do. i leave though, there isnt a reason for me to stay here." she would just turn to leave, really hoping that chase would just leave her alone.
[2013/02/02 21:18] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me drew his gun extending his hand quickly. " you got about five fucking seconds.. I wont tell you again.. " he was not asking he was making a demand of the woman. He had heard Aylin. " hey girlie.. " he said back to her a little softer tone. But his eyes never left Luna. " still fucking lipping off eh. Fuck faggot Fen.. he is a dead man if he shows his face around here.. I will hand deliver him to your blood sucker buddies.. I got you on lock and load.. " he grit his teeth cracking neck as he jerked it back and forth.
[2013/02/02 21:21] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): turns to Sho and nods. "Of course..... Unify and Purify are the goals we need to achieve first" The brute would slam his fist into his palm as he examined the interior of the truck. "So what can Fenris Wolves take from the truck? I want to leave enough for everyone else of course" He said with polite smile.
[2013/02/02 21:21] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me would watch Luna try to depart feeling all the hostility of the situation mount up and begin to overwhelm her.. she would again head forward, smiling to Chase as he greeted her though she knew he was not looking. 'would I be allowed to grab some things? I.. didn't bring with me anything to trade but I can drop some stuff over later' she offered. Despite his leaving Carrie had left her well stocked in some things.
[2013/02/02 21:23] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me makes her cautious way down in the snow and offers a hint of a smile to Luna before looking at the others. For those whose noses still worked in this cold, she smelled of old house...of sandalwood soap...faintly of Sho from working with him...but strongest of all would be the scent of Finlay...and underneath that, the copper hints of blood. Rubbing her hands together, she pulled her sweater sleeves down and stayed quiet. Listening. Watching.
[2013/02/02 21:23] Sho Flanagan: [recap: truck contains the following.. clothes, liquor, tinned food, blankets, boots, army rations, frozen dinners, army surplus like lanterns, batteries, hats, socks, gloves, cots, bunsen burners, also cigarette cartons, cigars, radios, a few shortwave radios, and two large heavy generators, as well as misc items that you might come up with that somone might think useful in our situation here. There are also assorted handguns, bullet boxes, a few hunting rifles, shotguns and ammo, knives, mace, nothing too major like grenades, mostly hunting or gun store items, second hand used etc]
[2013/02/02 21:23] Luna: had already turned around so she didnt see him draw his gun. she completely blew him off. the whole time knowing that he was the worse kind of living creature imaginable. with her, he was on the same level of gabriel and so not worth her time. she just walked off without another word, seriously hoping he would just die off already.
[2013/02/02 21:24] Esme: /me felt a boost of ego from Ren's compliment. "We'd love to have you anytime," she said to Sho, still keeping that bright smile. She would look over where Ren would be, stopping as she noticed Freyr edging his way closer and just grinned and grinned. "There's a lot in there. Did you bring a car? Ren and I can help you bring some stuff back if you'd like," she offered Freyr. Esme would then hold her arms out for Ren to come back over, hoping that he would that soon from the rather elevated mood of the others putting her slightly on edge.
[2013/02/02 21:24] Luna: gave moira a gentle smile, just glad she was ok. "we will talk later." she simmply told her.
[2013/02/02 21:26] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me sat up on the bed of his truck and watched the others couriously. He smiled to Freyr and shakes his head. "Not to my knowledge not really. I could be wrong so dont take my word for it. We have it pretty rough you know." he says and goes back to looking around at everyone that has gathered. Quite glad he got what he wanted that would last his pack for awhile already. He saw esme and smiled walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on top of her head.
[2013/02/02 21:26] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me kept his gun drawn on the back of Luna, oh he wanted to squeeze off a feew rounds. " I like to know who the fuck she belongs to.. and how the fuck she is still alive.. Do you know she plays both sides..a deadly game that could cost us.. " he said with a darkening growl. As he holstered his gun turning back to the group that had gathered at the van.
[2013/02/02 21:26] Freyr (donte.marais): /me 's head swivels as he saw Chase aim the gun at Luna. His eyes narrow with the hackles rising. There is a mutter to himself, "No wonder everyone is being treated like this in Old Town.. Everyone is fighting with each other. No one can get anything done like that." His eyes move to the truck and then back to Esme in surprise, "I don't need anything.. But if more people need stuff, I can try to bring things from the city to help. I think if I ask, maybe I can get people to give stuff to Old Town." Hhis head turning as he hears Ren, "Ah. I see."
[2013/02/02 21:27] Sho Flanagan: /me tilted his head in a perfect parody of the stereotype as he mouthed to himself "unify and purify".. he walked towards Virgil "I dinna ken what yea mean by the hoity toity words mate. But I tell ye this. You'll be finding yourself face down in a pile of your own shiite if I hear of any more fookin crackhead nonsense about a war with the leeches. You're pack is welcome to the necessities to get by, and as a strong lad that you are, I'll expect to see equitable trade dropped at the pub no later than tomorrow. " His tone was stern and unforgiving, even a note of provocation in it. His chin lifted ever so slightly and he would wait for the acknowledgement of his words.
[2013/02/02 21:27] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me keeps watch over the people coming and going. When she spies Moira, she issues a small bark in greeting, but that is all. The woman smelled of them, but not like them, still this meant she is okay to go by without any fuss from the wolf. In the passing time, she paws at the brick wall and cranes her ears around at every little sound; from the talking behind her to the winter birds roosting in the snow laden trees.
[2013/02/02 21:28] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): looks over to Freyr and points at him. "That loner gets nothing! Hes a filthy whore of the Vamps" He said as he pulled a generator from the truck and placed it on his shoulders. He wasn't done yet he just continued to look in the truck for anything else that would be useful.
[2013/02/02 21:29] Sho Flanagan: /me cleared his throat as virgil seemed to ignore him. "Ah lad. Perhaps theres a bit o confusion in the air. " He would walk over to where the man hoisted the heavy generator, and slowly move it from his shoulders, directing both he and the generator against the bed of the truck.
[2013/02/02 21:29] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me hears Chase's words and her gaze skips from him to Luna and a dark frown marks her face. Lifting her chin, she takes a few steps closer to Chase. "Tis ye I'd be likin' to talk to, if ye dinna mind? I'm Moira...and...I heard what ye said about Luna." She gives Moxxi a warm smile and a little curl of her fingers, then visibly flinches as Virgil starts barking. Yeah...Chase...stranger as he is, is still a warm body between her and Virgil.
[2013/02/02 21:30] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me caught sight of Freyr too and smiled to him the other's she'd only seen from a distance but for Esme.. and that encounter. 'hello.. ' she'd say to anyone else. Turning back to Chase she'd think about answering as to who she belonged to but thought that just might escalate things and right now she really did not want to do that. Her head jerked to Virgil hearing him address Freyr in that way 'Virgil what the fuck!' just tired of the bullshit between everyone.
[2013/02/02 21:32] Freyr (donte.marais): /me turns as he hears Virgil. "I never asked for anything. I'd like to know who I'm whoring myself out to, though. Since I hear word around town is that I'm fucking vampires for money. It would help me to keep up of how many people I'm supposedly fucking." He catches Aylin's smile and returns one of his own, something genuine.
[2013/02/02 21:33] Esme: /me buried herself as close as she could to Ren's side, happy that he was next to her again. She kept her gaze on Freyr and smiled softly. "Hey, I'm sorry if I scared you before. I promise I don't bite," she said, giving a soft chuckle. AS Virgil accused Freyr, Esme's head snapped to the big wolf. "This boy is one of us, and he should get his fair share of supplies," she scolded. Esme would tilt her head back and look up at Ren.
[2013/02/02 21:35] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me dropped his spent smoke to the snow. Crushing it out with his boot. He had heard Freyr.. and Chase would reply. " nikka that bitch.. almost got a crew member of mine killed.. she hangs with a pack and rolls with the dead.. a bitch like that will get us all killed.. " he let his eyes follow Sho, when the woman came up beside him. " talk to you in a minute.. " he said to Moira as he took several quick steps towards Sho. He could feel frustrating and anger mounting in the Ulfric.." aye Irish.. " i t was not said to get Sho's attention it was said so Sho knew he was there. It was easy to see the tension mounting now.
[2013/02/02 21:36] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): ignores Freyr for the time being as he focuses on Sho. "So your telling me that killing those vamper fucks is crack head nonsense? I know our strength and I want to use it to help Old Town and protect it. If that sir isn't nonsense." He replied to Sho as he placed his hand on the Generator. "And what do you want in return for this thing?"
[2013/02/02 21:37] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me nods to esme as if agreeing with her. He stayed quiet for now just observing everyone for now. He looked up to the one wolf up on the road and feeling bad for it that he was the only one protecting the road. He wanted to help but alas he stayed close to esme.
[2013/02/02 21:38] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): it not he...fail...))
[2013/02/02 21:40] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me nods to Chase as he goes over to Sho. Her gaze shifts from person to person, noting the different faces and body language, curling her fingers up into her sweater a bit more to keep them warm. No coat today..hers was sitting in a bath of solvent and water. Live long enough with wolves and you know better than to show up around them, covered in blood. Yours or otherwise. A shiver ran through her and she crouched in the grass, winding her arms around her knees and sitting on her heels, the tendrils waving a little over her head. Maybe Virgil wouldn't notice her if she stayed still and quiet. And maybe pigs would fly.
[2013/02/02 21:40] Sho Flanagan: /me continued to push Virgil and the generator to the truck bed. As the generator would stablize on the bed of the truck, he would slam his left hand up into Virgils throat with the intent to bend him backwards against the truck bed. It was a lightening fast move, his body moving in seasoned coordination (krav maga), while his natural dominance rolled out, washing over Virgil and anyone close by in an almost psychic attack of anger and indignant rage, an instinctual primitive knee jerk reaction to the threat to and dismissal of his dominance. His teeth bared, eyes gleaming yellow as he would look into the others face, pinning him there if his attack was successful.
[2013/02/02 21:42] Freyr (donte.marais): /me 's eyes follow Chase as he listens tot he words from the man and simply nods. "I see." A smirk on his lips as Virgil didn't answer him so he turns his attention to the pair besides him mostly focused on Esme. "What..?" It taking a moment for him to realize what she meant. "Oh, you're the art house wolf!" He heart the commotion next to the truck before he saw it, a yellow eye pretending now to watch as he spoke with Esme.
[2013/02/02 21:43] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me drew back his shoulders as he posed himself at the corner of the van. " that city of blood suckers.. aint a war we will ever win.. you will render us extinct if you try.. if they dont kill you.. we will.." he said blantly to Virgil as he pulled another smoke from his pack. " Fen would play that game with the bloods.. and it will cost him.. live your life smarter bro.. " he added watching Sho's every move, when the Ulfric started to lay the smack down on Virgil. He drew back his shoulders a little more keeping a trained eye on Sho.
[2013/02/02 21:44] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): brb)
[2013/02/02 21:44] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me despite the orders she was given, whatever is going on back behind her makes her ears reel back and then the sensation coming from Sho. While she is well out of rage, the tension caused by it could be cut with a knife and made the wolf's heart pound against its ribs. Instinctively she shifts her weight and pants, taking in the cool air in glups to push out the 'fire' from within.
[2013/02/02 21:45] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me well out of range*
[2013/02/02 21:46] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me had been angry with Virgil by his continued need to hate on Freyr. But when she saw him attacked by Sho.. who she did not know.. she did run forward not sure what to do but make some plea. 'Please!' she would beg not wanting to see Virgil hurt. She was close now though, and felt the power that emanated from Sho. It was more intense than anything she had ever felt from any wolf before and she halted.. even stepped back.
[2013/02/02 21:46] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): would feel the force of his fist meet his jaw, his head would snap back and slam against the side of the truck. Instinctively he would have fought back but he knew that unifying the packs was better then getting into a brawl with another wolf. The man would then lean up against the truck and responded "By Gaia..... really nice guy. This is the shit I am trying to stop. You know wolf fighting wolf for no reason at all". He would begin to rub the back of his skull seeming to be in pain.
[2013/02/02 21:48] Esme: /me chuckled softly. "Yes, I'm the art house wolf. Ren keeps me cooped up inside and it tends to get me agitated." She playfully poked at Ren's side while sticking her tongue out at him. As Esme was about to say something else to Freyr, all of a sudden there was Sho reaching for Virgil's throat. The wave of dominance that man emitted sent a fire hot shudder down her spine, and naturally she would start to freak out. If she had been a wolf fo ra little while longer than just a year she might have had better control. Regardless, the act frightened her, and there she was trying to get as close to Ren as possible, burying her face into his chest.
[2013/02/02 21:49] Sho Flanagan: /me would brook no dismisal of his actions through words. there was only one thing that every wolf would accept as the next step. Complete and utter submission. How much would depend on how fast and how sincere it was, for no wolf could lie very well to another. His hand would crush in on virgils throat as if to guide him in the right direction, cutting off the avenue of communication via the spoken word. His voice was soft, raspy as he would lean over to whisper in virgils ear as he held him pinned in place. "You are alpha and remain in this towne because I allow it and for no other reason. You will be well served to remember that.. if you survive this night." He leaned in closer and whispered "this is where you submit or I put you down. It is our way. There is no room to purify or unify without a few basics understood" his eyes yellowing, his prominent canines extending, brow thickening, his fingernails hardening and starting to push from his fingers like claws, breaking skin on virgils neck and drawing
[2013/02/02 21:49] Sho Flanagan: blood.
[2013/02/02 21:50] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me flinches and had to brace himself some on esme from the feel of sho's dominance hitting him like a bulldozer. He cleared his throat quietly and took a deep breathe and held esme close while kissing the top of her head watching the small outbreak between show and virgil knowing better than to intrude.
[2013/02/02 21:50] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): sho* LOL sorry >.>))
[2013/02/02 21:50] Freyr (donte.marais): /me suddenly swivels his head as he hears the words from the man's mouth. Teeth bare to the one attacked, "No, you aren't." It was all he said as he rears back, trying not to get involved. As he spies Esme's reaction from the voilent, he makes his voice calm and soothing. "Don't worry.. It's fine.."
[2013/02/02 21:53] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me put her hands up gently, a little pawing motion as though she might stop the feeling coming to her from Sho.. she continued to step back slowly even as the worry of how far this would progress dawned on her 'Chase.. will he kill him?' he was close to her which was good, because her question was asked in barely above a whisper.
[2013/02/02 21:53] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me had felt that wave of power before from Sho. Her fingers tugged at her scarf, pulling it free. A hand swept the hair to the side and she bowed her head, baring her throat towards Sho, whether he could see her or not. Submission...instantaneous and complete from kin to the master of the wolves. Eyes lowered, she didn't watch - she didn't have to. She'd lived under the aegis of Donal Riordan, Ulfric back in Ireland, and knew what these powerful, rare ones were more than capable of.
[2013/02/02 21:55] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): felt the hit jab into his throat, he would try and speak but it wouldn't work. He tried gasping for air but it didn't work either as Sho whispered into his ear. Virgil would then push himself off the truck showing that he wasn't going to submit to Sho. Dieing for honor and glory is what Virgil was all about and he surely was not going to bow down to a wolf who punched him for his views on protecting Old Town.
[2013/02/02 21:56] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me puffed on his smoke taking in long deep breaths as the air or dominance was around most of them. He let he eyes gaze around the people who had gathered. Taking in their reactions as Sho,teaches a hard lesson. His focus turning back to the Ulric as the scent of blood hit his nose. That coppery smell easily smelt on a cold crispy night. He lifted a hand towards Aylin to draw her closer to him if he can. " probably thats all up the man now.. " he said his voice low as he lowered his eyes as well to the Ulfric.
[2013/02/02 21:58] Esme: /me gripped Ren's coat to where it would start tearing in the places where her fingers were. She moved her head to get a quick peak at what was happening, but quickly turned her head back into Ren's chest. She felt weak at the knees. Submission. That's what feeling Sho's dominance wanted to make her do. Esme heard Freyr's voice and even it t was soothing, she still felt unnerved and would only clutch at Ren's jacket even harder.
[2013/02/02 21:59] Freyr (donte.marais): /me 's back stiffens with his eyes staring off into space a moment as if a daze took over hi. His head shakes to snap himself out of it with a breath of cold air taken into his lungs. Cold. He was liking the cold right now. "I think I have to go." Golden eyes focus on Virgil and he gives a shake of his head when the man doesn't back down. "Be smart, Virgil. That one is higher than you." He didn't know any of them, but at least he knew that of the matter. He glances at Esme and Ren a moment. Closing his eyes as he concentrates on something before stepping toward the road.
[2013/02/02 22:01] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me felt some weird stirring in her.. a helplessness that when Chase waved her to come closer she was glad to do and quick. By his side now... her small hands still lifted up a little she watched. She did not want Virgil to die and her face, strained with that sadness would be apparent to anyone looking.
[2013/02/02 22:01] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me rubbed esme's back gently as he felt sho's anger. And the feeling of submission. Ren remained quiet and released a breathe from his nose. Virgil was asking for death pratically. Ren shook his head and looked down to his jacket. "Easy hun this coat wasnt easy to get." he whispers into her ear gently.
[2013/02/02 22:05] Sho Flanagan: /me would continue his shift in fluid natural movement into the form that was mostly man, but a little wolf, his sinews and bone structure thickening, rigid hand, fingernails definitely claw like. AS Virgil would push up against him, he would keep his hand on his throat, crushing in, anihilating his windpipe and smashing his head down against the bumper of the truck as with his other hand he would penetrate just below the navel, slicing up brutally until his hand stopped against his ribs. Leaning over him as his innards might begin to fall steaming into the pure white snow he would glare into virgils eyes seeking to establish a mental link with him <mindspeak> where he might hear the words that came from his heart, even as he felt virgils begin to slow. "brother, there is no shame in submitting, the shame is in walking a path far from our ways. Before you can be the defender you must first know what it is to live among us. Lower your head, and give me your throat, for it is mine to tear out, and it is mine
[2013/02/02 22:05] Sho Flanagan: to sucor. You will die in shame and dishonor here this night, or I will let you shift and heal, and you will be one of mine to protect, mine to heal, and mine to direct. Make your choice now brother."
[2013/02/02 22:10] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me could feel his own anger rising. Jerking his head and cracking his neck as the beast he is was rising to the surface. " Stupid man.. you wish to die tonight.. " he growl was deeper as he tried to force his beast back. Drawing back his shoulders growling deeper as he head jerks back and forth. Feeling the need to shift and be free of this cursed form he loathed at time. He would reach for Aylin to pull her behind him. For all he knew she was still Carrie's girl, so the Ace would protect that like it was his own. " Submit bro.. " he whispered feeling the heavy tension in the air.
[2013/02/02 22:13] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me heard the words drifting around her and kept her eyes lowered, her head tipped...shivering as she wound her arms around her knees and sat on her heels, her scarf twisted in fingers gone white with the force of her grip. Lips moved softly after a few moments, the unmistakable sounds of flesh tearing bringing the prayers to her lips. "Ár n-Athair atá ar neamh, Go naofar d'ainim..." the Our Father in her own language.
[2013/02/02 22:14] Esme: /me kept her face buried against Ren's chest. His voice whispering in her ear helped her nerves slightly, but there she stood still weak in the knees. The sound of bones cracking and slicing skin nearly with that metallic scent of blood lingering in the air sent her into a frenzy. -Virgil, just submit- she thought. She wasn't necessarily afraid, but like Chase, she was angry and frustrated. She released Ren's jacket slightly and let out a soft growl, which she'd quickly cover her mouth with her hand. "Ren," she whispered. "Is...Is Virgil going to die?" She knew the answer, maybe, but it would be nice to hear something different.
[2013/02/02 22:14] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): (sry crashed give me a sec to write)
[2013/02/02 22:14] Freyr (donte.marais): /me stops as he nears the road. He turns around and takes in everyone and everything. He crosses his arms over his chest, curious to see how the fight would end. Teeth snag against his lower lip, playing with the piercings as a nervous habit.
[2013/02/02 22:14] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): wb nikka )
[2013/02/02 22:15] αѕнα χυαη (asha.silvershade): ((wb))
[2013/02/02 22:15] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me took in a choked breath 'oh god.. ' she breathed out starting to shake on seeing what was happening to Virgil 'no.. no... ' she closed her eyes tightly. The last death she'd seen was her own mothers by her fathers hand and she knew.. she could not handle this again. Pulled behind Chase she which she did not resist.. she dropped her head and stood there, wanting that Virgil just do the right thing this time and submit.
[2013/02/02 22:16] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me could smell the blood in the air in conjunction with the rising emotions of the whole pack; this meant a couple of things, but regardless the meaning, she licks her chops as both ears pin back against the sides of her skull. Wide yellow eyes remained on the road, she would not waver from her task.
[2013/02/02 22:17] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me keeps rubbing esme's back in a comforting manner. "Shhh.." he whispers to esme. And with that he goes back to being quiet and watching couriously.
[2013/02/02 22:19] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): would feel most of the pain that Sho inflicted on him, until his body would go limp. He gasped for air as the man whispered to him once again. Through the the gasping those that were paying attention could hear some faint words come from his mouth. "Gaia.... takes.... me" was muttered as he tried to reach for Aylin with his last breath.
[2013/02/02 22:24] Freyr (donte.marais): /me turns suddenly and strides back to Esme and Ren. He was trying to distract Esme for the most part, since she seemed rather worried although the words were meant for Ren as well since the man was near him. "Ahem.. I had an idea. A supply truck is bringing food, clothes, and blankets to the strip club tomorrow. With help, I could take some of it and bring the stuff over to Old Town for those that need it." His eyes still on the truck and the things happening, a flinch as the man reaches for Aylin.
[2013/02/02 22:26] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me slowly dropped to her knees .. a gentle collapse as she brought up a hand to cover her face with and hide her tears. Slowly rocking her small form only small choked sobs would be heard coming from Aylin as her friends life was taken from him.
[2013/02/02 22:28] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me shifted a little in his stance, low growls passed his lips as he becomes restless. Pushing short breaths of air out his mouth. Like a bull ready to charge. " friend of yours Aylin.. " she was so close to him it was easy to feel her tension and fear all balled in such a tiny person. When Virgil muttered what Chase would presume to be his last words ever. " pitty .. " was his only reply. As he would force his beast down harder. The urge to fight at tear to pieces.. " stupidity.. prehaps a weaken link in the tribes.. take this knowledge you have learned here this evening.. and be much wiser.. " his eyes and words directed towards Ren, for a brief moment.
[2013/02/02 22:29] Sho Flanagan: /me would continue his shift in fluid natural movement into the form that was mostly man, but a little wolf, his sinews and bone structure thickening, rigid hand, fingernails definitely claw like. AS Virgil would push up against him, he would keep his hand on his throat, crushing in, anihilating his windpipe and smashing his head down against the bumper of the truck as with his other hand he would penetrate just below the navel, slicing up brutally until his hand stopped against his ribs. Leaning over him as his innards might begin to fall steaming into the pure white snow he would glare into virgils eyes seeking to establish a mental link with him <mindspeak> where he might hear the words that came from his heart, even as he felt virgils begin to slow. "brother, there is no shame in submitting, the shame is in walking a path far from our ways. Before you can be the defender you must first know what it is to live among us. Lower your head, and give me your throat, for it is mine to tear out, and it is mine
[2013/02/02 22:29] Sho Flanagan: to sucor. You will die in shame and dishonor here this night, or I will let you shift and heal, and you will be one of mine to protect, mine to heal, and mine to direct. Make your choice now brother."
[2013/02/02 22:29] Sho Flanagan: misfire
[2013/02/02 22:29] Sho Flanagan: /me closed his eyes, pain etched in his face as he nodded to virgil, having no respect for his choice, but sympathy for one who had walked too long in this world without guidance to become the most feared predatoron the planet with no real understanding of his place in it. He would take a deep breath, giving the gift that he could, to ease his transition from this world to the next he would project the image of flowing fields of green, a wind fraught with the scent of deer and game, a veritable wolf elysium as he ripped Virgils throat open, quickly that death would present no burden to his spirit. He whispered softly "may Gaia grant you the peace in the next world that you could not find in this one brother." And he would step back, lowering virgils lifeless body to the ground. He would stand over the body for a long moment, bloodied hands dripping as his body slipped back into his human form. Still gazing at the body he woudl speak to those present. "We do not suffer a rogue to live among us. The law is
[2013/02/02 22:29] Sho Flanagan: clear. With compassion and strength we ease virgils spirit from this world to the next. Remember this." He would swiftly lean down to gather virgils body in his jacket, laying him gently into the truck, tuckign his body behind the boxes. Turning he would address the others. "Take what you need quickly. I will see to virgils rest. For those who cared for him, he will be treated with respect, and for those dependent on him, I will see that you want for nothing." He gestured to chase to step up to supervise and he would walk off to the lake, to clean his hands, and mourn the necessary loss.
[2013/02/02 22:32] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me stayed where she was, shivering hard enough to make her teeth chatter, but not one tear is shed. She was raised in Clan. It was their way, and it was, for her, a very great comfort to know that one in this strange place understood that.
[2013/02/02 22:34] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me nodded to the Ulfric and stepped up to the back of the truck.. " come get what ya need.. " he nodded to each of them still in the circle around the truck. " You " he ordered pointing to Moira as he took a deep breath trying to catch a scent from him. " there is blankets in here.. come grab some.. " did he have mates who need tending to ?" he looked towards the others. " send them to us at the pub.." he reached into the truck gathering supplies in his hands to give to the others that came forth.
[2013/02/02 22:35] Esme: /me's eyes were directed to Freyr as he walked back up and spoke to them. She wasn't aware that Chase had looked over in Ren's direction, which was probably good because she would have a melt down if she saw that. "Would...Would you like some help?" she whispered. Esme's ears perked at the sound of Virgl's last words, and she couldn't help but turn and witness Sho take what was left of the wolf's life from him. The sight of his throat being ripped open was almost enough to cause her to faint. No. None of that. Esme's hand clasped over her mouth, light tears streaming down her face. hard to believe that they had dinner with Virgil just a few nights ago. Esme would lower her head and say a soft prayer in both Spanish and Romanian in respects for the fallen one.
[2013/02/02 22:36] Aylin Sommer (pixies.dreamscape): /me could barely catch enough of a breath to say even one word, but to Chases question she nodded and got out a strained 'yes'. Already she'd gone through so much in losing loved ones in the last month to now this. Carrie had left her, her babies were taken by family and now this. She was pretty sure this was as fucked up as it gets. Pulling herself up into a stand she turned and started to walk slowly to her home. One that she had invited Virgil into so that neither of them had to be alone.
[2013/02/02 22:37] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me chewed his lower lip as he eyed virgils body then by happen chance meeting chase's gaze and nodding as if saying he got the message. He looked to the crying woman feeling sorry for her. He then eyed the generator. "So umm...if no one minds... ill take a generator." he says quite seriously trying to really shrugg off what just happend and take a few steps for the truck. He nods to Freyr, "I dont know right yet not a good time to talk about it maybe later yes?" he says and finishes walking up to the truck standing in back since he already gone he let the others there get stuff they wanted first.
[2013/02/02 22:38] Freyr (donte.marais): /me felt nothing for the death he witnessed and only gave the respsect of half paying attention tot he dying man as the last breaths were taken. He is more interested on who is in charge. A hand reaches out to try and pull Esme so she couldn't face the truck. A glance given to Aylin, like he would have tried to protect her eyes from it as well if he could. He nods to Ren, "Ah. I'll talk about it later." He was starting to walk away as this just all felt over whelming to him.
[2013/02/02 22:39] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me saw Chase's gesture and slowly pushed to her feet. She watched the blond woman move past her and she would murmur softly to her. "Go safely. Ye've still got family here." and then she'd turn to move towards Chase, slow and careful, the shivers still rattling through her. "How..does this system work?" she asks him softly, not looking at the blood, but not skittish about it either. "I am Moira...kin." she tells him.
[2013/02/02 22:42] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me nodded towards Ren.. " names Chase.. just call me Calhern.. go a head and grab that generator.. " he looked down at Moira.. " take what ya need give back when ya can.. we work over at the Irish pub .. we been away gathering supplies.. " he said to the small woman. " anyone else .. I am closing this up for the night.. Will open back up in the morning.. " he said to all the others. " sorry about your Aylin.. he had a choice.. not a smart on.. thats tragic ! " Nice to meet ya Moira.. " Chase shows little not emotion. It back down to business as handed out supplies.
[2013/02/02 22:45] Esme: /me released Ren for him to go get the generator, but felt exposed and vulnerable. A hand grabbed her arm, and she looked with a tear stained face at Freyr and she'd take a few steps away as he pulled her away from the truck. Quickly she wiped her eyes and would take a few deep breaths. -You poor, stupid bastard- she thought. -Fool-. Esme's hands went to her face as she'd rub it hard and let out a soft sigh.
[2013/02/02 22:46] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me smiles to chase and nods. "Cool names Ren...everyone calls me..well Ren.." he says and offers a small smile as he squeezed though the people and grabbed a generator and with a deep breath he heaved up easily and lifted it some so it wouldn't hit no ones head that was gathered around the truck, as he made his way for his truck and putting in the back of the truck with the other stuff.
[2013/02/02 22:46] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me grins wryly. "I started working at the pub too. Bartender. Had...some stuff to take care of today." She reaches for a blanket and pulls it around her, then looks over the offerings. A couple of tins of food are collected and she chews her lip. "I'll get some things when I can." Her gaze flicks to the body in the truck and she lets out a soft huff of breath. "He had two wolves with him that I knew of. Gan and Lilly. They will need to be told." Her eyes shift from Chase to Sho, then a look over at Ren. "Ta, Ren." but her feet carry her towards the wall near the lake.
[2013/02/02 22:49] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me says " nice to meet ya Ren see ya around.. " he pulled a smoke from his pack and perched it on his lips as he lit it. " aight.. send them our way if you know this folks..I am sure how well the news will come across.. but I need to pack of this shit and get down to the pub.. you wanna ride back ?"
[2013/02/02 22:52] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): (alrighty guys its been a great honor rping with everyone shame it ended like this but thats how it played out, if you need my body for anything let me know Very Happy)
[2013/02/02 22:52] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): thanks bro see ya around again in the umbra Razz )
[2013/02/02 22:52] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): ((plots things to do with your body...:ahem:))
[2013/02/02 22:52] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): (( great rp virgil Smile ))
[2013/02/02 22:53] Vїɾgїl (vailiszikos): (Smile yep cya in the umbra *disappears*)
[2013/02/02 22:54] Chase Calhern (vendetta.roecastle): /me closed up the back of the van and walked around to the drivers side. His time in this night was done. And if no one stopped him. He would open the drivers door and hope in it. ( thanks for rp guys I am outta here too )
[2013/02/02 22:55] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me nods to chase. "Sure see ya around man, maybe talk it up some time." he says as he grunts and secures the generator with some spare rope he had in his front seat. He didnt want it to slide no were on the trip back home.
[2013/02/02 22:56] Moira Tamlin (maya.tamalyn): /me nods to Chase's offer of a ride and she looks down at Sho. Her voice is soft, the Irish thick as she speaks in Gaelic for him "A great leader, ye are. They were right to send me here. I thought they were crazy...but maybe I can be of some use. We should talk, Ulfric."
[2013/02/02 22:57] Esme: /me hurried over to the truck in a very hasty manner and would slide into the passenger's side without saying a word. -I want to go home, I want to go home- she kept thinking over and over again.
[2013/02/02 22:59] Ⓡзηαץʇє Ⓧuαи (renayte): /me hopped in the driver side after raising the tail gate on the back of his truck and looked over to esme breifly and patted her leg comfortingly before he started the truck and made his way slowly out minding the wolf by teh side of the road.
[2013/02/02 23:01] NPC Wolf (orchidea.xaris): /me watches and waits until everyone had safely cleared out and is well on their way into the city before she returns to the wild from whence she came. Blood, death, it all mingled in with the beast and only one thing would help, a hunt. So on that note she is off to sport game, no matter the size.
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Shifter gathering.
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