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 Tabs and Moxxi speak in the swamp.

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PostSubject: Tabs and Moxxi speak in the swamp.   Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:13 pm

Moxxi Edwards walks through town and a good portion of the swamp before it dawns on her that she is wearing some old ass pair of 3D glasses and not her legit pair. She had no idea when or how she switched them, but it was too late to go back now. Cresting the hill, she would spy the blonde hair, and come to a stop when the rest of Tabs' person is well within view, but sadly not in 3D--Tabs in 3D, sounded like a legit flick to her. "So you are still alive, everything okay?"

Aftermath Bedlam let Norman Bates run around sniffing everything as she built a fire. It was a beautiful day sun shining well above zero. But you could feel the coldness of winter blowing in off the water. " few more weeks yet Norman and lets hope you dont want to breed.. Actually a better is what did your mother breed with.. cause its well beyond me.. " he really paid her not mind as he rooted in the dried grass. Tabs gathered the odd dried seed pod as the fire was well built she laid her pack down and heard a familar voice. " Ya its all good .. dont mind Norman over there as far as I can tell he dont bite .. but ya never know.. I just came to gather seeds.. how you doing anyways ?"

Moxxi Edwards looks on at Tabs, but it is not long before her gaze travels to the critter mucking around in the frozen earth. She raised a brow as she studied the beast from a distance; merely watching it do its thing without being overly crowded by strangers. " He is pretty cute, albeit strange looking, but cute. I'm doing great, just cming out for a stroll, I guess, and to hit up the greenhouse over there. I need a few herbs for my first try and potion brewing, just the staples stuff for now." She paused and looked around the swamp some as she spoke because last time she was out this way vampires were roaming.

Aftermath Bedlam looked at Norman and shrugged. " I guess he will grow on me.. strange as he.. is well I dont even know if its a boy or not. I am going to charm some seeds and see if there is actual any more of our kind in this place.. I wont lead them to our shops.. or homes .. that would stupid.. But I think I will find a place neutral and safe if there actually is one.. and I will monitor the place and see if the calling to them actually works .. it use to work in the olden days.. so.. I will go with you to the green house.. " she grabbed her pack and some more seeds as she passed the drying heads on the brown stems. Fresh green leaflets pushing up through the darkened earth. would let her know. New life in mother earth was coming soon enough..

Moxxi Edwards follows along, and as she does so, she looks around at the sleeping trees and wilted plants. All through the winter months they remained quiet, but now as the slow thaw that is spring drew near, she could pick up the very first 'words' coming from the lulled vegetation, however garbled it might have been. " That sounds like a smart idea. I still remember the calling back on the island, drove me crazy until I followed it." Marching up the small mound of dirt and into the greenhouse just to check on the plants, pass a little energy their way to make them happy, healthy, and grow bigger and stronger. " The amount of our kind seem small here, but they were that way back on the island too, yeah? Or maybe just scared to come out into the public so to speak because of how we are treated by the others."

Aftermath Bedlam lead the way with Norman hopping along side of her. " I dont have a clue here.. what it is about this place. I know we more guarded then ever.. I mean the island I was born there and even through I lived elsewhere for awhile.. It was always home and the energy was always alive.. life was worth so much more.. here's its just differnt wrong feeling.. so what I can do.. cant hurt to know can it?" she said following Moxie into the greenhouse.

Moxxi Edwards looks down at the plants as she focuses the loop of energy between her and them. "The island seemed to be a place of peace and order, a state of balance. This place, the state of things are more on the downslope from the chaos that ensued. The earth is in a transitional period and so is the energy it would seem since they are connected. . . well actually everything is connected, but as things settle perhaps the old feeling will come back as well?" She never was great at explaining or expressing, not like her Sifu was.

Aftermath Bedlam let Norman run around outside. She actually kept a watchful eye on the little critter. She probably didnt really want it to run off. Tabs paused to listen to Moxie as she to looked over the plants. Digging her fingers into the warm soil of the pots and bedding areas. Pushing some energy towards the soil. And letting the energy from it flow through her in return. Thats makes so much sense. Maybe the sourse we managed to pillage from the failing island was damaged doesnt provide us with all we need. Maybe we rebirth of it.. if that makes sense.. and maybe need more of it. more then one .. for each directional element. a piece of our source from us .. around the city.. do you know what I mean.. ?

Moxxi Edwards looks over at Tabs and nods. " I understand, and that really is a wise idea, honestly. As perhaps one of the only humanoid creatures on this planet, we alone seem to have something special that none of the others do; we are blessed with a gift from the two worlds of the material and spiritual. So it makes sense that as we reap the ability to cast magic, we should also sew back into the two worlds. A sacred or charmed area to each element is really ideal."

Aftermath Bedlam thinks more as she works puttering around the greenhouse. " it does make sense the more I think on it.. I mean we have our place.. and we warded so its well guarded.. but what of the others.. if we created paths and places for them. I mean if there are any.. " she stopped working in the bedding boxes to look at Moxie. " this is a great place.. its like mess of the city beyond cant ruin everything that makes our lives real. "

Moxxi Edwards dusts her hands off and begins to shear away some of the leaves that were ready to harvest; lavender, lemon grass, and a few other herbs are gathered up and placed inside of a small bag she brought with her. " Yeah. Are you thinking about leaving hints and clues for them? To find us? Or something else in mind?" she genuinely seemed to like the idea as a smile washes over her and her expression brightens notably.

Aftermath Bedlam looked out the window of the greenhouse. Trying to find Norman. " were's he get off to.. " she said randomly. " no I dont want to be found so much.. just guidance.. I dont know.. There are very few I trust.. So I have no desire of giving myself away let alone the rest of the circle.. but I can or we create a path for them .. they dont need to know its us.. they just know there is something there.. maybe I am talking shit.. just an idea.. " she shrugs and grabs her pack. " you okay to head back on your own .. I am going to do some reading about making directional towers in the craft.. I might be onto to something.. NORMAN! " she called out.

Moxxi Edwards gives a small nod, sundown wouldn't be for a while and vampires didn't wander out until then. "Yeah, I will be fine and you are right, the idea is great, both of them." she leaves it at that when the bunny-like creature had seemed to wandered off during their chat. She shakes her head and returns to working the plant bed for now.

Aftermath Bedlam smiled at Moxie " you need to expand your gifts to include earth and water.. you really need to do that.. "" she bent down to pet Norman as he appeared at the open door. " maybe see ya for drinks later or I am in the loft working on charming the world.. " she cackled jokingly before hitting the path.
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Tabs and Moxxi speak in the swamp.
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