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 Whispers on the wind.

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PostSubject: Whispers on the wind.   Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:15 pm

She worked this spell over two days. But her focus was finally back on gathering the familiars to the others in the craft. So the seeds had soaked salt water over night. Vanilla candles burning strong as she threaded the seeds on the strings. " Come from here and come from there. People whom our ideals share. Come now, come whenever,Come to thee. By the sun, wind earth and shining sea. With Seed one the spells begins, With Seed two our wish come true, With Seed three it come for the thee.. with seed four it can. With the fifth seed it grows and thrives. With seed six the spell is fixed. " she said pushing her energy towards the charm. That she covered in vanilla oils. She placed a symbol for the ones on the calling who wish to awaken.. In the north, south, west and east, she placed a candle with a seeds around it. A powerful feeling to those familiar in the craft. Only the feeling that your not alone , in this place. Intrigued about this symbol, will make you check back to this place.
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Whispers on the wind.
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