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 Flooding in Old Town

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Keliah Angelis


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PostSubject: Flooding in Old Town   Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:15 pm

[15:37] Keliah (keliahangelis) had to admit it looked pretty grim. The reports from the perimeter hadn’t really done it any justice – the flooding. The wipers squeaked against the dash of her drenched SUV. Beside her sat one and occupying the back seat were two of her [NPC] soldiers, both fearing for their lives with the Commander behind the wheel . She drove the SUV as far as she would dare and put the thing in park, some of the resident poor of Old Town, the human variety, with armloads of their lives over their heads, were streaming up street and to higher ground. Into the city. She shared a look with her Lieutenant occupying the passenger seat and opened the door, produced an umbrella, “Let’s roll.” She gave a soft spoken command, her soldiers followed suit and vacated the vehicle, the quartet footing it down, down the wreck of pavement that lead into disaster, mindful of the slick mud and water streaming down the pavement from the upper crest of the city.

[16:04] Keliah (keliahangelis) stepped right in, flanked by her team of armed officers , though she was the only one who stood beneath the umbrella, an act which separated herself from her grunts. People still seeking higher ground crept along the broken streets and walkways. Most avoided them, but some asked for assistance, begged for help… Keliah regarded them with behind the mirrored lenses of her glasses. This was their food supply and it was in danger between the freezing rain and sleet and the loss of power here in the now-ruins of Old Town. “Pft.” A quiet scoff mostly to herself. What did these people think they were, the bloody Red Cross? It no longer existed in this part of the world.

[16:22] Keliah (keliahangelis) bore along with her soldiers as they surveyed the happenings. People rowing by on boats, candle light and lanterns flickered in the upper floors of windows . Like rats, the populace had sought drier lodgings with their upstairs neighbors, most likely packing themselves into apartments above shops. Wading through in knee-to thigh-to knee-to hip deep water, it was truly disgusting. Trash, leavings, and sometimes the iridescent cloud of gas. Judging by the stench at times? The floating muck from the sewers. If anyone ever looked out of place it was Keliah, what with her black, fine ensemble and her hoity-toity umbrella, but the muck and disaster mattered very little to her. Silently, she was thankful that the river would guide the nastiness along. “Is that a corpse?” Her helmeted, goggled, and bundled up NPC soldier pointed exactly that. A corpse. Face down and floating along to nowhere. “More than likely homeless and victim of the cold.” Keliah nodded forward. They should continue.

[17:11] Keliah (keliahangelis) knew the soldiers probably had enough of wading through the murk and the cold. And there was little to do but take in the scene of the flood's destruction. Too, there was the issue of the sewers and it's 'Lord and champion'. Or whatever the mad old Vampire Remi had chosen to call himself these days. Under the shelter of her umbrella, the Commander turned back towards the streets where the SUV was parked. "You three. Scount the area. I want reports in an hour of a suitable shelter location." Much to the dismay of her crew, Kel hopped into the SUV without them, leaving them in sleet and rain.
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Flooding in Old Town
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