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 Shelter and food discussed for flood victims.

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PostSubject: Shelter and food discussed for flood victims.   Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:22 am

Amelia Hale (serafina.szondi) isn't even totally sure what she's doing here. Are these people her friends now? They'd given her a ride in a boat to safety, so they clearly didn't hate her as much as she thought they did. Maybe they even bonded a little. Maybe they shared some personal anecdotes to break the ice and realized that their differences weren't all that different or whatever. Real supernatural apocalypse after school special shit, you know? She elbows Moxxi, gently. "Um. Should we be, like, helping or something? I'm crap at consoling people in their time of need, but my cooking skills are freaking supernatural. I can turn canned goods into gourmet cuisine, if there's a kitchen up and running."

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) narrowed his eyes to look through the rain at the SUV in a lazy manner. " No wonder you missed her.. " he said with a slight purr at the end as he eyed the enforcer a bit. To whom he was talking he made no indication as he approached kel.Quinn gave pause a little way away from her, listening to her give orders and smirked at the reply about the eggs and gave a chuckle. " hmm..Shame i bet the would of made a good snake for a hungry snake." he said with a wistful sigh. Then eyed the SUV in a cold manner briefly then flicked his eyes at her. " Now... I haven't questioned to much about your men as of late given the circumstances though I do wonder.... " he trailed off and moved closer lowering his voice for her ears only. " Are you aware of who happened to slip by them into our more private quarters? I can elaborate if you have time for a walk with me out of this rain... " he said.Speaking carefully given where they were.

Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) is standing by, holding a plastic bag over her head, cut open so it kept most all the rain off of her. Looking over at Amelia when she is elbowed, she is not one to turn down giving aid when and where needed even if there are vampires about."Has anyone even showed up here to take shelter? I mean we could bring down some bread and stuff we bake to help out, maybe cook some meals." Quietly responding back to Amelia, still not sure if their help is wanted or not just yet.

Keliah (keliahangelis) "You know, I'm a little busy right now, Cleric." Keliah gave him due enough to address him by his title, or at least give a nod to it. The swarm of enforcers continued to roll in. Two trucks. Then three. His comments about hungry snakes gave her pause. Eggs. Snakes. Child rearing. Pregnancy. Maybe one time? For a flash of a moment she tried to recall her childhood or anything, really. Anything beyond the destruction of Ravenhurst. NOPE! DRAWING BLANKS! "I'm afraid patrol up top is kept to a minimal in regards to the Esteemed One's quarters. Don't tell me some person was foolish enough to invade HQ?" Her mouth cocked upwards into a sort of sneer, but then her gaze veered over his shoulder and towards the approaching blonde and redhead. "Shelter is open," She raises her voice to address. "I wouldn't mind some help getting the word out if you are willing to volunteer."

Jade Courtois (jadeyn.courtois) slowly walks down the sidewalk, bare feet splashing in the puddles. She had so few pleasures in this life, but rainstorms were one of them. Coming to a halt a few feet away from where Kel and Quinn are, she lets her gaze slide lazily towards the humans for a long, indeterminable moment. "Evening," she finally murmurs in her usual pleasant tone, and if it was out of the ordinary for a woman to be walking barefoot in the current weather, well, she was just going to pretend it wasn't. "I trust preparations are being made?" She doesn't even bother opening her umbrella, merely holds it at her side.

Amelia Hale (serafina.szondi) nods at Moxxi. "Some food from the shop would probably be a good idea. It's not doing anyone any good just sitting there. Who's actually in charge, here? The hot redhead barking orders?" She leans in closer to Moxxi, lowering her voice. "We should see about maybe tending to the wounded, too, yeah?" As Jade approaches she lets her gaze linger for the briefest of moments before swinging her umbrella around to obscure her view, leaning into Moxxi again and whispering, "Oh, gods, I can't take it. So many hot wet chicks. I feel like I'm in heat or something."

Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) lets her gaze waver from person to person, and is as calm and even, level-headed as normal even in light of the current situation. Her brow bounce and dance at the colorful comments coming from Amelia as she pretty much comes out at what is an awkward moment. Moxxi cracks a smile and shakes her head, trying to overlook that last comment and focus on the issue at hand, "Yeah, we could spare some tea, fresh baked bread to go with what ever meals and some pies as well. Cold, wet weather will have folks scrambling to find a hot meal."

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) looked around calmly at the Enforcers and shrugged at the question from Kel "... I don't know about invasion but... if you are busy... " he trialed off a bit at more people approaching and moved to walk away. it was a minor annoyance for now anyway. He spotted Jade " hello jade I would say lovely weather but that's subjective at the moment. I do prefer this rather than the snow..." he said then gave a sligthly cruel smile. " I am glad I know how to swim " he said with a quiet creepy chuckle. " Hm, are you busy as well or might I steal some of your time?" he asked.

Keliah (keliahangelis) glances at Jade, who could probably very well see the knowing look she was giving through the shade of her glasses. And then she glanced at Quinn. Lovely weather? Why the head of the authority looked pleased as punch. Before the humans started gawking at her, she moved towards the two - and the others starting to gather in curiosity, "Hot food. Time. Whatever. We mostly need the word spread to those in that shi-. To the flood zones."

Jade Courtois (jadeyn.courtois) can't help but smirk as she catches wind of Amelia's colorful comments, and her gaze turns momentarily back to the blonde before looking to Keliah and Quinn. She meets Kel's gaze with one of her own and the briefest of nods. She was in total agreement there. "We're here to help the people of town however possible," she murmurs in that same pleasant tone, then arches a brow at Quinn with a soft laugh. "I rather enjoy the rain, though I can't say much about the flooding down there. It is better than snow though, certainly. I'm not particularly busy, if you need a moment. I just came to make sure everything was being handled." And make sure the mutts weren't wreaking havoc already, she thinks with a wry smile, then splashes through a puddle with her toes. To Moxxi and Amelia, she says cheerily, "Thanks so much for any help. The city appreciates it, and please make sure to let us know anything we can do to ease tensions during this difficult time." Boy, that was a loaded statement, wasn't it?

Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) looks at Jade with a kinder gaze, she obviously knew the woman from times past back on the island, but times were different and people change, and as much as she wanted to ask Jade how she is doing and catch up on on-goings. . now is probably not the best time to do that. "You are welcome, we can have the food delivered in a few hours, and some other odds and ends. Enough so that people don't resort to looting and pillaging to keep their bellies full and their person dry." Everything she says comes out as genuine and honest, she is trying, trying really hard to let go of the demons of her past. If she could make it through this, she would be in the clear.

Amelia Hale (serafina.szondi) tries very hard not to let her eyes roll back in her head at Jade's last comment. She was really starting to feel like she might need to sit down and take a moment to re-calibrate herself. She'd probably start getting slightly grabby and VERY lewd if it weren't for Quinn and, you know, burley NPC enforcers roaming around. She composes herself enough to say, "Thank you so much. We'll pitch in as best we can. Let us know if there's anything that needs attending to. We're here to help. She places a hand on Moxxi's shoulder and - unless the fellow witch were particularly well guarded - a whisper of a thought would slip into her mind; /We can't let them be the heroes here. We have to be there for the people seeking refuge, and they have to KNOW that we're here for them. Our names, our faces. We need to be the saviors, or Old Town will be that much closer to being swallowed up by the city./

Keliah (keliahangelis) simply gives a curt nod to Moxxi and then to Amelia, though she'd glance subtly over her shoulder to see just what Quinn and Jade we up to. "You, inside." She directs one military buff into the hotel, his arms laden with whatever crock of shit he found that may or may not be useful to rescue efforts. Macaroni? Tomato soup? Whatever. At long last she slides her glasses off her nose and pockets them. If she knew Moxxi from before, there was no recognition in her eyes - and indeed, Keliah looked out from a different visage since the destruction of Ravenhurst. "Good." She says to both ladies, glancing between both ladies, "The sooner the better." Under the awning, enforcers were spray painting plywood white with the traditional red cross that resembled hope and care from times past.

Dr. Quinn hodges (arion.fanbridge) looked at moxxi and narrowed his eyes at her briefly before turning his attention from kel and what he had assumed were 'her' people to jade and grinned " oh you do do you?" he asked and looked her over " hmm.. I can tell bold woman to walk around barefooted. I would though I can do with the cold. I am getting rather sick of it " he said. " Perhaps you can pick a suitable place for us to speak in more...... " he trailed for a moment with a slow blink to hide his annoyance. " preferable company hm?" he asked. The heart bats were getting to him and made him lick his lips a bit. He would attempt to move towards jade and take his hand from his vest now and let it dangle at his side thankful for his music.

Jade Courtois (jadeyn.courtois) smirks to Quinn, then reaches a hand out to rest it on his shoulder as moves closer, if he allowed. "Somewhere more private, of course, Quinn." Turning her gaze back to the others she can't help but chuckle at Kel with a faint shake of her head. To Amelia and Moxxi, she gives a pleasant, inviting smile, the most teasing of winks to Amelia in particular, after her 'in heat' comment from before. "Your contributions will be much appreciated, and I'm certain once this is all said and done we can make sure you're well compensated for any expenses or damages." She wasn't at all oblivious to Quinn's distraction and she makes a low noise before nodding in another direction. "Shall we, Dr. Hodges?"

Moxxi Edwards (orchidea.xaris) licks her lips as she listens to both what is being said around her and the voice inside her head. Giving some nods here and there as if intent or deep in thought. What Amelia had said struck a cord with her, and her brow knit for a moment--did it truly matter who did what? She weighed out the issue, and quickly. Always a firm believer that good action regardless of notoriety always would bring good back your way, but maybe that is one of those outdated ways of thinking that fell when humanity and civilization did. Mentally shrugging off the gravity of morality, and would do the right/good thing even if she wasn't noted for any of it. "what ever helps and thank you, Jade. I think really there will be others more in need of such generosity." with that said and purpose in her step, she turns to head back up the hill to collect those goods; teas, breads, pies, and what ever she could offer.

Amelia Hale (serafina.szondi) pushes another thought into Moxxi's brain /You've probably heard some awful things about me. They're all true. I'm an unapologetic bitch. But I'm not heartless, and I do care about people. There's a delicate balance here and this flood has the potential to shift it in the wrong direction. I'm not saying we should charge in, spells flaring, but we can't sit back and let the city run this show, either./ She slips out of Moxxi's mind, offering a fleeting sensation of apology for such an unwelcome invasion. A hand slips under her scarf, fingering the charm that had let her foster such a connection. She could feel its power ebbing, and decided that it would need to be recharged soon. She blinks, smiling pleasantly at Jade, all roses and sunshine. Oh, she knew the city was bad news, and a trash heap of undead malcontents was at its core, but she wasn't about to assume that all associated parties were a cancer upon society. Especially not fey-like, barefoot daughters of the night clad in some seriously revealing leather leggings. "We'll be back with some provisions," she says, to the crowd in general and no one in particular, before following Moxxi through the dark and stormy streets.

Keliah (keliahangelis) Moxxi knew Jade? That was interesting. Perhaps this redhead was Jade's pet? Her brows lifted for a moment at her own thoughts. To the duo as they retreat she merely gives a sort of militant nod. Impersonal, cold, but thankful all wound up in her body language. "Hey you grunts!" She hollered at two enforcers passing by, "Rally up the Sixth! I want you bastards on sandbag duty. Go down into old with a boatload of sandbags and then I want you to stand guard on the perimeter! I don't want rioters, looters, and general chaos! You know what to do if shit slides downhill..." her voice fading as she ducked into the hotel in order to supervise her crew.
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Shelter and food discussed for flood victims.
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