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 Luna's Last Journey Home

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Luna Gealach


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PostSubject: Luna's Last Journey Home   Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:41 am

Luna walked those streets for the last time. up the stairs to the hospital she went and then to the office wolf had graciously left for her to still use. just a couple more things for her to get. the picture she kept of the child she swore to protect and then one of her mother. she stood there, sad and a bit tired. she had worked horribly hard for everything she had here in raven city and even harder for what she had in ravenhurst. now, there was nothing to do but go home. ren and esme were already there, waiting on her to arrive. aeleus had gone several days earlier to make sure they had a place. she had to stay behind. there were patients that had to be tended to. there were too many that counted on her to be here so she could not leave until the last possible moment and here it was before her. she recovered the two pictures then leaned against the wall. how odd it will be for her to be going back to where she started from. she sighed then turned and made her way to the front desk. hugs from all the nurses still there and a note left for quinn. not a long one but just a simple sweet short goodbye. it read...... "dear quinn, how long have we both come from that day i met you running around with a dead bird? both of us changed and both of us have our separate things to tend to. thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you here even if we did not see eye to eye. i hope that you and remi have a lovely life in whatever you find yourselves into. send my regards to him as well. sincerely, Luna." she turned then, taking one last look around herself at what she was going to be leaving. it might have been the best place in the world but it was a place she considered almost like a second home for awhile now. she turned and opened the doors then took those first steps outside. again she turned around, missing those she had become so close to already. she made her way to the street. aeleus was in a car by her apartment already waiting for her. all her belongings already making their way to San Antonio where they would be going. she was making her way back there now but she took the long way. she went all the way around, pausing in front of the theater. memories of those that she would miss already flooding her mind. katherine, a vampire who was kinder than anyone she had ever known even she had tried to eat her once. wyatt, a man she hardly knew but he had katherine's hear and always seemed nice. chris, a man who she had grown to trust even when she swore he was just trying to use alex. alex......how far had she fallen from her. once they were like sisters and unbreakably so. now, they hardly knew each other. they were strangers. their paths had taken both down roads the other could not follow and they had done things that could not be undone. now, luna had come to the decision to understand that the woman she had known and loved died that day that alex chose to become the undead. there was nothing left of the one she had cared for so much other than the tiny little boy luna was now in charge of caring for. he would know his mother but not what she had become, but what she was to her. she continued on her way to the strip club. a smile grew on her face as she remembered iason. the only vampire she not only allowed inside her head but also to make a bond with. the man who made things for her far more interesting than she thought it could be. she had always been stuck in normal and controlled and he had brought her bliss. he had cared for her when she didn't think anyone else would. he had offered her protection with out demanding anything in return. a safe haven if it were and for that she would always care for him. calmy, the small redhead who she first met in the hospital. the boy who screamed at her and was nearly the first patient she drugged just to get him to shut up long enough she could get him treated. how much he had changed now as well. so strong and tall and most definitely sweet. she blushed, remembering the thoughts of him and iason together that she had the night of the masque. she smiled and blushed even more at the memory of him helping her pack. he was one she could never forget either. she would always hold him close to her even though they would be separated by miles and miles of road and possibly sea. she continued on her way and then stood in front of the garage. she sighed. that place held both good and bad memories. the betrayal of those she would call family and give her life to protect and the new family she found that didn't try to hide her but embrace who and what she was. they didn't force her to change but encouraged it and found her useful. x, dangerous, colton, even aylin. she had already said her goodbyes to them. she couldn't find aylin but she offered a place in her home for her and even asked her to help her raise the child she had since the one she gave birth to was taken from her. she didn't know if she would take the offer but she offered it none the less. she turned around, making her way back and up the hill. she walked past the old houses to the magic shop and stood at its gates. her head rested there, she sighed again. moxxi, lexie, even crazy ass shayne she would miss. they had been incredibly helpful to her in helping her understand and accept what she was. a witch, a healer to the very core. they had always been there to help. she made her way down the hill and then to the car where aeleus was waiting. "are you ready baby?" he asked her, taking her hand in his and giving it a soft sweet kiss. luna simply nodded. she was sad, knowing she would never see these people again and each one had taken their part into making her the person she was now. each one was very much apart of her life and now, all of them gone. each one in their own direction. they started toward the wolf statue, passing the wrath on their way. another frown came over her face. nathyn, gaberiel, alice, and the insanity that was the tea shop. gaberiel, that brought memories of puck. she knew she would never see him again and she had failed ot free him from gabriel. she only prayed that the first man she had ever loved would not turn out to be like that monster. puck was lost to her the day that gabriel had turned him one of his kind. for that, she would never forgive him. a part of her still held a love for him and always would. she had thought about ways of turning back time and stopping him leaving. maybe screaming crying, going with him. had she gone with him, he would never have been on that raft drifting at the edge of humanity. gabriel would never have found him. he would have stayed human. so many regrets but nothing she could do about them now. the pub was their next passing building. she got out of the car and then went inside to retrieve her tea kettle and cup. brick and crystal smiled as she walked in. "all packed up hun?" brick asked her. luna simply nodded. brick handed her her things then gave her a hug. cyrstal was far more teary eyed than brick when it was her time. "stop crying cyrstal. listen, i have this note for sho. please give it to him?" she asked and crystal would just nod. the note would read. "dear sho. you were never one for big words so i thought i would share some with you now. thank you for letting me continue to work in the pub even after fen sorta went MIA. my loyalty still knows no bounds and should you need anything, please come and find me in San Antonio. i send my love and admiration. i hope life keeps you well. sincerly, Luna." back out the door she went and back to the car. aeleus made his way down the street and as they went to exit the city, luna had him stop. she got out of the car and then looked back and sighed. aeleus exited as well and looked to her. "what are you looking at?" he asked her. "it use to be home." luna sighed. she got back in and tears she swore she would never shed again would silent fall from her eyes. aeleus couldn't bear it and just wrapped his arms around her after he sat down. "we will make a new home now. one we will never have to leave again. no more tears. right here and right now, this is our future. together we will make it ours." she looked up at him and gave him a sweet soft kiss. he always knew what to say to make her feel better. they continued, dealing with the security check out and then started on their journey. it would be a long hard drive but it would be her last journey home.
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Luna's Last Journey Home
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