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 The Credence Chronicle - Rising Again in the Pacific Northwest

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Tabs Blackthorne

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PostSubject: The Credence Chronicle - Rising Again in the Pacific Northwest    Fri Apr 18, 2014 11:58 am

Ravenhurst -the Credence Chronicle. 2014
Rising again in the Pacific Northwest

It has been more then a year since the unnatural ‘fog’ that forced the evacuation of Ravenhurst receded. Extensive testing and observation has deemed the region safe again. The Governor of Washington has been overseeing the slow and cautious reintegration of the region. Services have been re-established with the final goal of allowing the displaced to return to their homes.  

That day has finally come.

While most of humanity can not trace the exact reasoning behind the drastic decline that lead to the downturn of society that took the world by storm - and many blame it on conspiracy theory, religion, or government - America, and the world, still wrestle with economic uncertainty and regional instability. But, things have calmed considerably. There is hope. Somehow as the year passed, humanity fought hard for it's survival and the rebirth of society as we once knew it was dawning with each passing day.

It wont be easy for anyone, trust funds are gone, banks dwindled in the down fall, but capitalism and commerce are returning, along with the conveniences of normal daily lives. Still, most of us wont forget the long food and handout lines in the refugee camps. We understand loss and we mourn the ones who didn't make it.

A mayor has been appointed until elections can be held.   The police are well established and the other emergency services have a rudimentary presence.  There is a regular ferry service into Seattle again.  The displaced have all been contacted and invited to return to their homes and businesses, and the next of kin notified where appropriate.

Welcome home.

Like any tale, there are two sides to tell. Those who understand the unnatural or cursed, or what ever it is that exists outside the realm of Mankind, know that the world's inhabitants suffered by what is known as The Purge - a war amongst the supernaturals. Long slumbering ancient powers awoke and battled for supremacy, pulling all supernatural beings into their war.  The torrents of power unleashed had chaotic, destabilizing and in some places, fatal consequences.

The hidden war raged for a year.  Some took what refuge they could and tried to ride out the storm.  Some fought in the service of Eldridge powers and old gods. Most recognized that the war was tearing their world apart.  The Old Ones had no regard for casualties or the cost of victory.  Through great sacrifice many of the ancients were destroyed, some forced into exile and the remainder pressed back into slumber.  The supernatural community has been gutted by the conflict, many of their numbers lost and the survivors are still picking up the pieces.  Whole societal structures have been crippled or vanished, super-naturals left leaderless and on their own.

The rules are as they ever were. Though the herds have been thinned, its only instinct to rebuild and coven the system to which and how we survive.
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The Credence Chronicle - Rising Again in the Pacific Northwest
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