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Tabs Blackthorne

Tabs Blackthorne

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PostSubject: FACTS ABOUT PLAYING IN RAVENHURST    Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:03 pm


New combers and Returnees: What you need to know about Ravenhurst.
The island is a temperate rain forest. It rains here. A lot. On the upside the temperatures stay fairly mild year round.

This is as island and windstorms will knock out power, Internet , and phones (both cellular and landlines) a lot, service at the best of times is shady. Power is restored relatively quickly but the other services could take days.

The Ferry service consists of the Poe and the Nevermore, small ships capable of transporting tractor trailers. Keep in mind that bringing a vehicle across is expensive.

The forest is dense, dark and can feel uninviting at the best of times. At night, to mortals, it is oppressive and can be hazardous.

There is a city by-law in place prohibiting the carrying or use of firearms within city limits whether concealed or otherwise. Those in violation will be arrested, have the firearm(s) in question seized, and have their day in court. Firearms are still allowed to be kept in homes, and in businesses.

Actions have consequences. Any action that would get you arrested in RL, will get you arrested in Ravenhurst. This can lead to fines, court ordered restrictions, incarceration, and prison. Those causing too much trouble for the local law enforcement might find themselves ‘invited’ to leave the island at a 2am sailing and never return.

The island is still a center of strong shifting mystical energies and power. For many it acts like a gentle beacon, beckoning, pulling them towards Ravenhurst even if they have no idea why.

Any act that threatens to reveal the existence of supernaturals is punishable by death. This law is an absolute and upheld by all races. No exceptions. Man must be kept ignorant for the survival of all and any possible infractions must be covered up. One is said to be in danger of Revealing themselves, or were Revealed. The notion of the supernatural being thrust into the public eye has been refereed to as Revelation, derived from the book of Revelations in the King James Bible as it prophesying the End Times, Judgement Day.
There are no faction leaders. The Purge has weakened and destabilized the social norms and long standing houses of power within each race. Beyond the basic immutable laws, each supernatural race, group, family, individual on the island is left to their own devices. How will they wish to govern themselves? Interact with one another?

This is not the WoD. ( WORLD OF DARKNESS)
Although there might be some loose similarities, there are no Princes or Clans. No Disciplines or Garou, or Tribes. None of the cosmology of the WoD exists in the world of Ravenhurst and it will not be accepted in character background or RP.
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