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 The Default Witch

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: The Default Witch   Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:15 am

1. SENSE MAGIC: You may sense magic being used in the immediate area, though you will not know directly where it's coming from.  
2. CHANNELING: You may channel energy to or from other witches, though the latter may only be done with consent.
3. MENTAL RESISTANCE: You are capable of resisting mind control through sheer force of will, though this does not mean you are immune. You are simply harder to control. (*You will be able to resist for two post as long as you are not making eye contact with the person trying to control you.)
4. PUSH: You can push energy forward once to push an attacker back to give you some running time. ( *You only get one shot at the push per scene. The push of energy toward the attacker will be as strong as an NFL Player tackling them)
5. SPELL CASTING: The act of changing and controlling events through the use of potions, charms, and spells.

*NOTE TO PLAYERS (Restricted Role)
The Elders of Ravenhurst have access to a nexus of power called "The Source," from which they can channel more energy than most witches are capable of, allowing for greater feats of strength. This is not an role you can apply for. It is earned through roleplay and only roleplay.  

1. MORTALITY: You're a human. You break easy.
2. FEAR: Whether the threat is real or imagined; the condition or feeling of being afraid could cause your powers to weaken, even to the point of temporarily losing them.
3. INTERRUPTION: Magic takes focus and concentration. If someone distracts you or otherwise interrupts your casting your spell will fail.
4. ANY USE OF MAGIC:  After using your powers you will feel tired and even sick ( think motion sickness) especially if you are alone. Over use of your powers can lead to disorientation, headaches, nose bleeds, nausea, unconsciousness, and - in extreme cases - death.
5. IRON: While it won't injure you like it does the Fey, it can thwart your magic; being restrained by iron shackles will render you powerless until you are released; being surrounded by a circle of iron powder will also render you powerless until you cross the boundary or scatter the powder.

THE FACADE - All supernaturals in Ravenhurst hide what they are from the humans. If exposed to  the human world pitchforks and riots will ensue. Therefore if a  witch breaks this cover by showing any acts of supernatural ability or spells in the public view,  they could risk having their powers binded or exiled. (Remember there are human NPCS all over Ravenhurst in the public places)

Note: The word 'spell' can refer to two things in Ravenhurst; a ritual that is performed to produce a specific result, or a word of power that is spoken to activate a supernatural effect.

In terms of roleplay a spell takes at least 2 posts to cast:
-- For rituals, the first post should be lighting the candles, and burning the herbs while focusing your power. The second is performing the ritual action and saying an appropriate chant or incantation. (You are responsible for coming up with your own words to the chants and incantations. You can make up a little poem (rhyming or not) or - if you want - say that your character is speaking in an unknown language or whispering too low to hear.)
-- To use a word of power, the first post should be focusing your energy. The second is saying the word and unleashing the power.
At this point the spell is - hopefully - effectively cast. (A good roleplayer will not have every spell be 100% effective 100% of the time. Give room for your character to make mistakes.)

All magic requires energy to use. Casting spells can, therefore, be very draining - or outright life-threatening - if not used sparingly. This might sound harsh, but it's this limitation - along with the mortality and frailty of your human body - that allows this role to be so versatile with it's capabilities.

✦ Locator Spell - Burn juniper berries and pour sand, ashes, or powder into a small pile on a map. As you say your incantation the powder will begin to form a line which will reveal the general location of the person or object you are trying to find.
✦ Truth Spell - Burn motherwort and hold a personal object belonging to the target you are trying to influence. Once you say your incantation this person will be unable to directly tell a lie. The spell won't force them to talk, but anything they DO say will be the truth. (The spell ends when you let go of the object, or the herbs stop burning.)
✦Healing Spell - Burn dittany and pour a drop of wax from a burning candle into your hand. Rub your palms together and hold them just above the injured area - so closely that you're almost touching it. As you say your incantation the injury will begin to repair itself. The spell staunches blood, closes open wounds, or mends broken bones. Multiple attempts may be necessary depending on the severity of the injury.
✦ Vitality Spell - Burn a rose of jericho. Recite your incantation over a vessel of water and feed it to your 'patient.' This will restore vitality to living beings who are weak from illness or blood loss, returning them to peak health. (Will also grant strength and abundance to plant-life.)
✦ Sanctuary Spell - Burn vervain and mark the boundary of the area you wish to protect with a line of iron powder. Recite your incantation. This will prohibit the use of supernatural abilities (including your own) within a designated area. (Lasts for one scene. May only be used on property you own, or otherwise have permission to cast on. The spell will remain effective even if the circle is scattered.)
✦ Boundary Spell - Burn dragon's blood resin and mark the boundary of the area you wish to protect with a line of salt. Recite your incantation. This will prevent uninvited guests from entering a designated area. (Permanent, though characters may break in if they spend four post turns attempting to enter. These attempts will weaken the ward, which will need to be "fixed" by re-casting the spell. May only be used on property you own, or otherwise have permission to cast on.)

**Ingredients for spells are hard to come by. It must be roleplayed out how you got them. No one has an endless supply so play accordingly.
Words of Power
--- Translation: Darkness
--- Effect: Causes the target's eyes to cloud over with temporary blindness
--- Duration: 2 post rounds

---- Translation: Awareness
---- Effect: Revives unconscious individuals

--- Translation: Silence
--- Effect: Prevents target from speaking
--- Duration: 2 post rounds

--- Translation: Whisper
--- Effect: Prevents anyone who is not directly involved in a conversation from overhearing
--- Duration: Full scene

--- Translation: Go Away
--- Effect: Forcefully pushes the target away from you
--- Duration: 1 post round (target is unable to take action for that round)

--- Translation: Open
--- Effect: Opens doors and unlocks locks

--- Translation: Close
--- Effect: Closes an object (a door, book, drawer, etc) so tightly that it cannot be opened.
--- Duration: 24 hours. May be broken with APERIO.

--- Translation: Free, Release
--- Effect: Forces target to drop a weapon or release a hostage they're restraining
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The Default Witch
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