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 The Default Vampire

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: The Default Vampire   Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:30 am

1. Immortality
2. Enhanced perception ( hearing, smell and vision including night vision)
3. Speed and Strength ( Four times that of a peak human)
4. Quick Healing
-- broken bone, 2 in-turn posts
-- a shotgun blast, 5 in-turn posts
-- third degree burns, 3 days of actual role-play
5. Enhanced Toughness (roughly that of light armor)
6. Basic Mind Control
-- With eye contact the vampire may control the mind of the victim (excluding other supernaturals/vampires). Simple commands may be given, memories can be edited or erased. This will have no long lasting effect on the nature of the victim.

1. Sunlight - Severe burns ( limb loss to perma-death)
2. Silver - Burns and weakens, extremely painful
3. Stake through the heart ( will paralyze)
4. Decapitation will kill
5. Fire will kill
6. Loss of too much blood, or not enough feeding can cause you to frenzy
-- uncontrolled blind fury of feeding from vampire and human alike

*Important Roleplay Information

THE FACADE - All supernaturals in Ravenhurst hide what they are from the humans. If exposed to  the human world pitchforks and riots will ensue. Therefore if a vampire breaks this cover by showing any acts of supernatural ability or their true form in public view, they risk being exiled or death. The Facade among all Supernaturals is of utmost important to keep up  (Remember there are human NPCS all over Ravenhurst in the public places)

Note: In order to use any special ability, the vampire must role play one turn to use their blood to power the ability. All abilities will cost 1/4 blood, leaving the vampire weakened physically, and potentially at risk for frenzy should there be further blood loss.

-- Bairns: NO special abilities, may learn 2 through RP.
-- Adept: choose 2 special abilities.
✦    Rubescent - The vampire’s body is warm and his/her skin has a normal, healthy glow looking very similar to a human.
✦    Grow Claws - The vampire is able to grow long, razor sharp claws.
✦    Form of the Animal - The vampire, as in myth lore, is able to take the form of an animal.  The vampire is still vulnerable to all default weaknesses. (Wolf forms subject to admin approval)
✦    Form of Mist - The vampire, as in some legend, is able to take the form of mist, rendering them invulnerable to physical attack, but also making   them unable to physically attack, or use any of their other powers.  The vampire, while in this form, is able to slide through very small spaces, such     as through cracks, keyholes, and under doorways.  They are, however, only able to move at a slow crawl, and are visible as an eerie incandescent mist, so unless he or she is in just the right outdoor environs, this power will be a high risk used in front of the mortal population.
✦    Form of the Nosferatu - This power enables the vampire to assume the physical aspect not unlike horrifying vampire of traditional lore.  Disfigured and imbued with abject inhumanity in physical form, the vampire is able to instill a sense of terror into anyone in line of sight.  This power may   disgust other supernaturals, but will not make them flee in terror. (Even if the two are in a Blood Oath.)

✦    Gift of Tongues - Once per night, the vampire may choose to instantly absorb and learn a language from a nearby person’s mind. The knowledge of this language remains until the vampire next sleeps.
✦    Command the Beast - The vampire can call and control a certain kind of animal. The type of animal is chosen at character creation, or when the vampire gains the power. The smaller the animal, the more individuals may be controlled. This power may not work as expected on were-creatures.
✦    Telekinesis - The vampire can move objects about with its mind within line-of-sight. They may exert a telekinetic strength equal to their unaltered human strength before death.
✦    Invisibility - The vampire may hide itself visually from one individual by concentrating. It is still possible for the vampire to be heard, smelled, tasted, or felt.
✦    Presence 1 - The Vampire gains a temporary boost to charisma, seeming more like-able, and attracting the attention of all that can see or hear the Vampire. Typically a good ability for leaders. Once the vampire employs this power, those who are near him or her want to be closer to him or her. It is an immediate and intense attraction, but not so overpowering that those afflicted lose their sense of self-preservation. Danger breaks the spell of fascination, as does leaving the area. Victims will remember how they felt, though, and this will affect their reactions should they ever encounter the vampire again.
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The Default Vampire
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