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 Info Regarding Fae

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: Info Regarding Fae   Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:37 am

FAERIES: Fae, the Fair Folk, Fey

While often characterized by outsiders and even inexperienced kinfolk as the "good" court, the Seelie Court is really defined by the virtues of honour and love.  Seelie fey are more likely to be helpful and benevolent towards humans; they are associated with the Light (see: Dawn and Sun courts). Some Seelie fae are indeed silly and blissed out, the typical image of a fairy, but others can be solemn and obsessed with honor.  Seelie glamor is generally bright, and can make humans and other supernaturals feel punch-drunk, uninhibited, and blissfully happy.
    ✰Death before dishonor.
    ✰Love conquers all.
    ✰Beauty is life.
    ✰Never forget a debt.

Many Seelie fae and other supernaturals see the Unseelie Court as somehow evil, but this description is far too simple. Unseelie Changelings embrace change and sneer at tradition, seeing no special tie to their past. The Unseelie way is passionate and pragmatic, satisfying desire and need alike; the Unseelie deny themselves nothing.  Unseelies would rather hurt humans than help them if given the choice (though 'do nothing' is always an option).  Receiving an Unseelie's glamour leaves humans and other supes feeling a whirlwind of emotions; fear, anger, arousal, sorrow are possibilities.  
    ★Change is good.
    ★Glamour is free.
    ★Honour is a lie.
    ★Passion before duty.


Fae are immortal but not invulnerable, once they reach a certain age (100 to 150 years) essentially they stop physically aging at a discernible rate.

While they have the distinct ability to sense glamor,a Fey does not perceive the world any more differently than a human being.  The sensation is visceral and internal.

All fey have the weakness of cold iron, some even may have the weakness of lead as well. It is one of the few weapons that a fey cannot heal completely from and will leave a scar.  

Most fey can recover from all wounds except stabbing or shooting through the heart or removal of the head.

Lemon juice is a weakness of all fey.  The best example of this would be the caustic effect of acid thrown on the skin.  This will leave a permanent scar and if enough is used it will cause the death of the fey.

Accelerated healing, except from wounds from cold iron, lemon juice or from claws/teeth of other supernaturals.

When glamored, they appear completely human, though people may sense something that they can’t quite put their finger on about you.


Glamor pool, this is the amount of glamor that your character can hold on to at one time.  As the fey age they have the ability to draw larger reserves of glamor.  This is not an unending pool, it must be recharged through rest or:
Dreamers - A fey may target an individual, typically a human, but not absolutely, and garner glamor from them via their dreams, and inspirations.  A dreamer is often young, idealistic, artistic, and passionate.  Often the more aged a creature is, the more jaded they become, therefore with some exception, vampires typically do not serve as well.  

Unseelie fey will typically be attracted to nightmares and dark, brooding artists.

Romance - Whether directly, via a brief and torrid fling, or more indirectly, by proximity to a smitten individual or couple, sex and romance create glamor that can be drawn on.  This is dependent on a fey’s nature.  An embittered or haunting unseelie is less likely to be interested in this method.

Atmospheric Environs - Some environments themselves are enriched with glamor.  Examples of these would be places of unspoiled nature, an art gallery; or for the unseelie, perhaps an old crypt, or an eerie abandoned house, a source of fear, sadness, or nightmares, over the ages.

Reaving - A fey has the ability to literally suck the glamour from a dreamer.  Not unlike a vampire draining their victim dry, while replenishing their glamor reserves, the atrocious action does not go without consequence.  Their victim will be left feeling highly anxious and distraught, devoid of inspiration and imaginative ability.  This might lead to feelings of madness, or acts of desperation.  This method has been favored by some of the unseelie, but as it causes alarm, is harshly frowned upon by the fey community.
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Info Regarding Fae
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