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 Callie De'Freyne - Keliah Angelis {The same coin}

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Keliah Angelis


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PostSubject: Callie De'Freyne - Keliah Angelis {The same coin}   Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:45 am

Born in 1892 as Callie De Freyne, she was brought to death on January 1st, 1915, by Mystro Angelis - Prince of Le Famille de Angelis, a notable family. It was not Mystro who turned her, but rather Kristof Angelis. One of the clan's Elders.

Callie de Freyne was born into a family of modest wealth and priviledge. In 1911, after completing finishing school, she joined the noble cause of nursing like many other women of her time. War was on the horizon and France was in the foray.

After her turning, Keliah embraced the blood lust and the power with joy rather than hatred. She relished in her gifts and her immortality. In the beginning of her unlife, she was the perfect cliche of her philosopher-warrior clan. Loving and instigating brawls, relishing in violence. She was mentored by Morelle Angelis, Mystro's progeny,  the second Elder of the Angelis family, and trained to be a solider for her clan.

Angelian dealings and influences were greatly woven with the political system of France - which the clan of Angelis considers their territory. It is because of this that Keliah was enlisted into the military during World War II - along with many other Angelian soldiers. She was "offically" Brigade de Reconnaissance during her terms, a a small sect of spies in the mountains and even though she was guised as a soldier - most of her works were against vampire and lycan targets intermingled with mortal enemy forces. Unofficially, her group was part of what is rumored as L'Ordre Pale, or the Pale Order. Unconfirmed speculation, it is rumored that the Pale Order was a small sect of French Government used to counter-attack the Nazi empire's use of the occult.

In addition to her military works within the Facade, she was heavily involved within Angelian's own battles against opposition. Particularly Faust Klan, a political clan within' Germany, who was a driving force behind World War II in the Nazi empire. She was never infantry or cavalry, and most of her works were done in stealth and secret. Assignations, she calls them. Really, they were assassinations against mortals involved with either the Faust clan, lycan clans, or against vampires and lycans themselves.

In 1972, Keliah took her last assignation from Mystro Angelis and discovered what would be the end of her family line, for Mystro had become overly ambitious and had plotted to overtake an entire quarter of Europe. Kill an Ancient. Knowing what was at stake, she refused. The refusal came with the price of exile.

Until recently, she spent much of her time alone - a vagrant -footing it in the wilds of North America, where she more or less grew up. Learned how to be independent and rely on her own senses rather than the orders of her household. Deep down she was still a soldier; still a warrior, but her disposition towards brutality had embered down to other traits. The righteous Callie De'Freyne re-emerged along with a love and NEED for justice. Goodness. Rightness. Most of all, balance.

Ravenhurst was a happenstance situation. In actuality, she was on her way to Alaska - hearing rumors of a vampire haven - before making a hunting stop on the isle. Angelika Grim bid her to stay to attend one meeting of brethren. A terrorist attack struck during a small town affair and Keliah, ever falling back on her desire to protect, teamed up with the then Sheriff, eventually becoming Sheriff herself.

In the short span of two years she grew still, guided always by her innate sense of balance, driven by the need to protect her people - even taking on a foundling vampire without her sire, siring her own child, and becoming the ruling force of Ravenhurst's vampires. She also managed to fall in love (with a human of all things) and find her own sense of humanity.

When the Ancient powers awoke and began the Purge, she was caught in the mysterious Fog and blasted by the unstable Source power - taken (Rescued?) by an Ancient vampire who, like her, shared the same blood lineage. Weakened by her exposure, controlled by the power of the Ancient one, she worked for him and his coterie. Lead a faction of their army called The Enforcers. Fought against and slew younger ones while the world crumbled around them - victim to the chaos of the Purge.

Perhaps it was a visual trigger, or maybe a distant memory - or perhaps it was simply the raw nature of the person who is Callie De'Freyne and Keliah Angelis - she defected from the Ancient's hold and inherited her sense of rightness back upon his death, slain by her own hands in a battle.

Like many of her kindred, she fought back against tyranny and control until the war was won. However, some things were not the same. Keliah could not remember what she fought for, why she had stayed behind in Ravenhurst. Her time in Ravenhurst - and most of her life before it - was forgotten, burned away from her memory either by the blast of Source or the mind-altering power of the Ancient who had taken her.

What she does know about Ravenhurst? That she lived there. That water had once been paid for by a Keliah Angelis for an address that no longer existed. After the war, she re-integrated herself as a protector; a soldier - she re-enlisted into the police force of King County so that she might request re-assignment to one small, little island north of Seattle. Ravenhurst.
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Callie De'Freyne - Keliah Angelis {The same coin}
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