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 A moment of Sanity

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PostSubject: A moment of Sanity   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:05 pm

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ walks into the club and wonders around the huge ass place. Not sure where to go. Once she finds the office, she puts the single bottle on the desk and looks around. Wondering where everyone was at the moment. She wanted to give the single bottle first and bring the crate later. Not knowing if Aron had gotten what her pallet wants. Running her index finger over the desk from one end to the next, she wonders about looking at the pictures and everything. Liking to look at her surroundings.

Aron still seemed to be licking his lips like a cat having finished a bowl of cream. He'd actually managed to do some good, that didn't involve making a mess of things since returning to the club. Full on fresh kickin wolf blood hot out the woods. It wasn't completely satisfying though, an frankly, he'd never be completely satisfied. He had curled up within the cushions for a short time though, having actually bathed 'himself' for once an watching everything an anything with a calculative stare. He could feel the madness creeping in again like an impending doom, but he took in what he could while he could. After some time he left the cushions an the familiar scents they held an he hopped down, padding barefoot over to the door that lead into the hallway, before stepping through.

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ hums a low tune to herself as she looked about. Being in the office... alone wasn't as bad. She was nervous around Michael and was kind of glad he wasn't there. She could be herself and not try to impress anyone. She had to admit that she liked his taste in decor. Liking pirvacy and being alone, this was perfect. Being able to put down her walls and be happy that she didn't have to put a face on for other around her.

Aron left the room an made his way down the hallway towards the open area with the windows, pausing his movement in the center of the room before he took a deep slow breath an moved over towads the office doors. He opened it briskly an peered inside to find mel. He canted his head, "Need something" it's a wonder what his obsession would do for him once he got his hands on it for a change. He thinned his eyes at her a moment, licking the corner of his mouth again before it turned to a widening grin, like flicking a switch, "I remember you..." he cooed with his low baritone, "If you're looking for the Elder, he's currently indisposed" his eyes look to the bottle, then back to her. Despite being fat on wolf blood he was still just like a corpse, an a broken one at that, the black pitless eyes still a testament to that as the red specks in the pool of black flicked once again to Mel.

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ turned her attention to the door as it opened. Seeing Aron appear in it. She tilts her head to the side and looks at him a bit curious. He, having breasts all out there for the world to see the first time they met and now was a tall thing with a sausage between his legs. It isn't hard to know a face nor the art she so admired the last time. She smiled brightly at him as she heard the elder wouldnt' be coming in anytime soon. "Good evening. Umm... no I was just looking around and I brought a bottle for you. The crate will arrive tomorrow my dear. Werewolf blood as requested." Moving and motioning to the bottle as she crossed her arms under her chest.

Aron was slightly impressed she managed to peg him for the same person as before, of course his memory of the evening was... foggy at best, "I apologize that nobody came to meet you at the elevator... memories a bit off, but I believe they should have" a multitude of facts he could gather from simply being here were distorted through that fractured mind of his. Simply at an interesting place of his personality that was probably the most whole. He walked in further into the room, closing the door behind him before he looked towards her with a gaze that finally showed a bit more of the aire someone that was less insane an more the near elder he himself could have become. He was never one to want to lead anything himself though so didn't press anything with anyone normally, that very fact showing true now as he spoke to mel, "I appreciate the speed in which you delivered it... I got lucky in the forest this evening... a possible repeat feed as well, you might get lucky with the local, however well you might play your cards if you ever considered it. Then again, it's not my place to judge what's best in that regards, perhaps local brings the danger closer to home, hm?" aweful talkative. Old people tended to be that way when they weren't completely insane it seems.

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ giggled softly at his words, "Yes local can be a bit problematic, but I actually have my own source from time to time when he decides to come around. Though be being a vampire now and not the human he used to know, things have gotten a bit awkward. Sure it will pass and if not *shrugs* so be it. Plenty of wolves to go around. Just need to make sure you catch them on a good day." Giving him a wink as she watched him with a keen eye. Her gaze went from head to toe as she admired the artwork again. Though, she was one not to look into another eyes from experience. A glance wouldn't hurt though. "It wasn't a problem to recieve it so quickly. I actually had a shipment coming in with a variety, were being on the manifest. It was pure coincidence that I would need for you. I am glad to be of service to you and any that wish to buy some of our blood. My time in Italy showed me many things." Some wanting to get rid of and others wanting to keep for futrue use in her mind.

Aron gave a curt smile, though it might seem more like a sneer. Either way he wasn't too interested in her personal dealings with whatever awkwardness she apparently had towards a potential doner. He just smiled anyway, giving the blank smiling poker face, "Interesting" he lied, before he moved around in a slow berth of her flank towards the desk in the center of the room, "I guess that means you had better be extra careful then... I believe under the radar was the intention correct?" he was one to talk of course.. half the time hiding out on rooves an throwing shingles at people when he couldn't get them alone to attack, that wasn't the most tactful, but again.... completely insane. He only once took his eyes off of her, the fact that he had a gaze that might make most unsure where he was even looking made the direction of his gaze to be right on her face, before he looked then to the desk an to the bottle there before reaching out to hold it an look it over, "Care for a glass?" he changed the subject with.

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ blue eyes followed him as he walked over to the deck. "Under the radar, yes, but I don't have to worry about that. We are related." Leaving it at that and grinning when he offered a glass, though she was sure he didn't want to share it. Knowing how she ever wanted to share it herself either. Bowed her head a bit in respect to him, "Thank you, but I am full and have my own waiting for me at home." Complete lie since she didn't have a home right now. "I'll have more for you tomorrow to keep you for as long as you like, or little. Depending on how much you drink in a day." Grinning brightly as her pearly whites gleamed in the light. Having him so close, she felt like a midget next to a giant. Man, did she shrink? "I really should take my leave and head out. More business to stir up and clients to keep happy. Needing to find Zack since he is poking me to come see him." Though she was sure he didn't care about what her sire wanted. But sometimes she just liked to talk to much.

Aron smiled wider, probably the same smile the snake gave eve in the garden of eden, so full of promise an lies, "Just a glass an you can go" as if it wasn't up for debate at this point. He seemed pleasant enough, despite the fact that no matter his momentary lapse of awareness he still looked fucking insane. He moved around the desk, looking for glasses. Finding one, he took it an moved back around, pulling the stopper from the bottle an filling it halfway with the thick musky wolf blood, "Consider this a small toast to future successful business" he turns his gaze to her while holding the glass out in her direction, an holding the bottle in his other, "Wouldn't want to jynx it now would you" his smile was almost mocking, but there were no words that would hint at anything but simple teasing an light heartedness so far.

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ looked up into his face and smiled. She was one to smile alot. Reaching her head out, she would take the glass. If her hand would touch his, it would be warm and silken smooth. "One glass. Wouldn't want to take all of what I have brought to you. But I can be greedy when it comes to my blood." Raising the glass up to him, she does a toast. "To many more fruitful glasses." Taking the brim of the glass under her nose and taking the scent in. Long raven black lashes flutter as she makes a soft 'mmmm' sound from her lips as she savors the scent. Pressing the glass to her lips and takes a pull of the thick, wolves blood, tongue swirling it around in her mouth as she swallows and feels it slide down her throat.

Aron rose the bottle to her glass an watched her a moment as she drank, holding the lip of the bottle to his own before he finally tilted it back an took a long meaningful greedy gulp, bringing the bottle down but with eyes closed, his throat convulses slowly while he licks his lips an swallows. Then takes a slow breath an brings the line of his neck at a bend once more as he looked down at mel. His jaw clenched tightly as he kept it to one gulp for now. Despite being full bellied from the wolf in the woods, he still wanted to drain the bottle empty, "Vladimir Aron de la Afumati" he bowed his head once, "Everybody calls me Aron however, it was a pleasure, and thank you for stopping by, I'll be sure to let Michael know you did"

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ bite the corner of her lip and looked up at him after savoring her drink. Wasn't completely sure if she had introduced herself yesterday with her nervs on edge. Remember the first elder she had met. "It is a pleasure to meet you,Vladimir Aron de la Afumati." Liking how it rolled off her tongue. "Everyone calls me Mel. People have troubles saying Melanthe." Taking her last drink from the glass, she set it down and ran her finger over the edge of the deck once more. Doing a small curtsy to him as she looked towards the door. "Thank you. I would great appreciate the message." Taking out a card, she would hand it to Aron if he took it. "This is a way to reach me if you or anyone else would need to get ahold of me." Not wanting to over stay her welcome, she smiled politely up at him, "I'll take my leave. I hope you have a wonderful evening."

Aron nodded with her introduction, though both delayed, an out of custom of ceremony to how introductions normally went, aron wasn't typical in that regards obviously, he had the excuse of insanity too of course, but at this point it was mearly timing, "You are welcome back of couse Melanthe--" his romanian tongue slurred, then taking the card in two fingers. Then adding on as a repeat to Michaels very own words from the night before, "--anytime" that grin becoming something slightly wicked on it's own, "You have a good evening as well"

MЄԼƖƑƖƇЄƝƬ nods to his words, "Thank you. I'll be around since we are using the club as your place for the time being. I am sure I won't be a stranger." though her cheeks would flush a pink as she saw the smile on his lips and crossed her around under ehr breasts. Moving towards the door and taking her leave. Trying to find her way back out. . . again.

Aron would wait for her to leave, once she did he'd simply put the bottle to his lips an tilt back, drinking it down till it was empty. Shivering quietly to himself as he grit his teeth an wished the madness would stay away, but knew it would not.
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A moment of Sanity
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