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 The Past, The Present, The Reborn -- Jake Angelis

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PostSubject: The Past, The Present, The Reborn -- Jake Angelis   Mon May 12, 2014 7:25 pm

  It's been quite awhile since I took the time to write down anything, but the journey home has left me with nothing else to do. Since I do not recall where my original entries are stored, then to start at the beginning should fine as the past is what molds us into who we are in the present. So lets begin shall we?

      It started on the 10th of June in the year of 1986 when a boy who would be named Jake Simon was born, the first time, into this world at a town just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Born to Robert and Carole Simon and eventually becoming older brother to a sister named Elisabeth. His childhood was that of most youngsters, full of fun and mischief. Though on occassion he would behave himself, that is, when his father would take few hours in the day to work on an old rusted motorcycle. He'd spend at least a couple of hours a day if he could watching his father work on the restoration process of the aged iron horse. This facinaction was most likely the reason further down the line for his career choice in the late teens. The years growing up though weren't always peaceful, as boys will be boys, getting himself into a few scraps now and again.  Some being ones he picked or on special terms of teaching a boyfriend not mistreat his younger sister. This entertainment leading him to take up a few lessions in the art of kickboxing though his style would mostly be considered street boxing. As time passed some people mature and as he did, he would eventually graduate from a local community college a few counties over. After graduating he spent the next few years at a garage learning the trade as much as he could in an apprenticeship. At the age of twenty-four, he began to travel up the east coast, taking jobs where he could even if it wasn't the trade he had been seeking. This continued on for the next three years as he moved to California and started his way northward. His exploration would come to an end though in the state Washington, where the next chapter in his life would begin in a small town just outside of Seattle, known to the locals as Ravenhurst. This place would become a mark in his history, forever altering his perspective of the world around.

       Ravenhurst, the small town that he had come across in his path, was a quite little town settled on an island. It had few roads and was only accessible by ferry, but it did have a small garage that worth the shot of his visit. Which later he would find out that its main purpose was to fix the dents in the sheriff's suv that would always end the night of a patrol with two or three. But his story doesn't begin there, instead it begins on a night walk though the city square when a nightingale on a bench catches his eye. She was a sight and with the bonus of having her nose buried into a hotrod magazine. She would be his downfall, literally, into a world beneath the one he knew. Those tales spoken to you as a kid about what bumps in the night held nothing to what he had walked off into.  Her name was Celeste Angelis, and her beauty was only matched by the bright bouncy personality that glimmered from her. That personality being what made her stand out in the world she was from he would later find out. What hid behind that beauty though was the pointy whites of the vampire kind. He being the new kid in town only fastened his fall as he had taken quite an interest in this lovely nightingale vampire. Needless to say, he stepped out of the skillet and into the fires of Hell once he had found out what she was and the world she was appart of, agreeing to become what was referred to as a ghoul. Being blood bond to her and into the fray of the night. This new status in the underworld had its benefits besides being next to a beauty. It gave his physical abilities a considerable increase, though with any good benefits comes restrictions. The restrictions in these case were brought on by the one that had adopted the bubbly vampire, known as the Sheriff Keliah Angelis, otherwise known jokingly as the Sheriff of Vehicler Terrorism. She was quite welcoming and after a short while he would start to call her mother out of manners and eventually literally as his path carried on. He would remain as the nightingale's ghoul for awhile, getting to know the world hidden within the world, making friends and foes of the others that shared it with the vampire kind. His time thought as a ghoul would come to a crossroad as he was given the choice to either remain a human with extremely decreased aging, or become more.  The lather choice meaning the end of the one named Jake Simon and the birth of a new life in the world of the night. So it was decided and with the help of the mother, he would walk out of the sunlight and embrace the night for the rest of eternity.

      So was born Jake Angelis, born August 3rd of the year 2012, and first child reborn to Keliah of the Angelis linage. It was decided that she would be the one to take his life and give him a new one so that there would be no effects of the bond between the maker and the child when it came to the nightingale and himself. The newborn life went well for a good bit after his awakening, till things began to go wrong for Celeste Angelis. Her bright bubbly personality started getting her into multiple times of trouble for being who she was. Try as he might to prevent any harm to come to her because of it, he was powerless to help and by vampire law she would come to her demise. So in an instant his whole purpose to walking down the path he had choosen was gone. His story was not ready to end just yet, but to blossom as the blood of his mother's linage would reawaken the rebellious side once again. This trait even causing a few altercations to develope between his new mother of the night and himself. One most notable being one that involved a chair being flung at his head with the speed of a pro league pitcher. There was also the occassional night in with the one of the enemy, just adding to his fun. But as most fun will eventually come to an end, so would his. The reason not being that of a person, but because of the town itself being slowly invaded by strange happenings. One most noticable was the errie sea of fog that seemed to be enveloping the town. Eventually leading to the town of his rebirth having to be evacuated.

      That was almost two years ago or more as time has come to a stand steal for him. Having followed his mother around for a short time after the evacuation, she would one day vanish from his mind. So he be alone in the world for the time being, that is till some news had come his way. It started as rumors of a town emerging once again from beneath the haze that had claimed it, so he set off to return to the town of his rebirth. Curious of what became of the quite little town and would she be there when he returned, or would she be gone for eternity.
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The Past, The Present, The Reborn -- Jake Angelis
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