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 The Dark Wolf

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PostSubject: The Dark Wolf   Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:02 pm


One of the few wolves returning to the island of Ravenhurst, following the Purge.

Standing somewhere within the forested areas, the island itself having become strangely disfigured, the terrain having been terraformed under the strain of which had nearly destroyed civilization, he knew he was standing on the sunken ground of his cave.

That same cave he'd found refuge; found a stronghold; had physically restrained the Elder Vampire of that time, steel spikes driven through her chest and arms, pinning her to the rock walls and held captive for a week as he rallied the wolves within the forest, showing them what wolves could do when banded together.

That was years ago, though. His pack had all been scattered even before the Purge, as if they could all foretell the impending doom which lurked under the surface of life itself. All the old wolves, the Great Ones as they were often referred, were all gone now. Kione was never one of the old wolves. Never one of the Great Ones.

He was always known as the Dark Wolf, and even the old wolves took stock before confronting this giant of a man.

* Specifics
- Alpha wolf / Mated
- 50 years old / looks early thirties.
- 7'4" tall / 500+ pounds (Huge Size Merit)
- Born and raised in Bed-Stuy (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
- Spent years as a serial rapist, captured by a pack of wolves in San Angelo, Tx and 'detained' for his 'reform'. He was brought into the pack and given an education where he earned his Masters Degree in Philosophy and Mathematics. From there, he was given (through channels within that pack of wolves) an opportunity to work for the Forest Service, where he rose in position to investigator. This is what brought him to Ravenhurst to begin with, an assignment to investigate the rash of deaths within the woods, civilian hikers coming up missing or mauled.

Eventually, he gave up a lot of the pretense held in society, venturing further into the woodlands to build a home for himself and giving up his position within the Forest Service. He was an animal at heart. A monster to some. His path has always been that natural instincts, something which only deepened throughout the Purge.
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The Dark Wolf
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