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 Investigation in the Woods

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Keliah Angelis


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PostSubject: Investigation in the Woods   Tue Jul 08, 2014 3:38 am

[18:29] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) slowly walks down the street, but for once not by choice. he jerks on the leash on the intransigent canine who moved as slow as a DMV employee. he turns to glare down at the hound, 'i know you're not being paid by the hour, so you need to step it up, officer. i really don't have all night for this crap.' he tugs once again, but the dog continues at his snails pace, pausing every once in a while to sniff at seemingly nothing in particular. as he nears the garage, he's surprised to not find the mechanic hanging out front for once, but can still hear the familiar voices from inside. he half walks half drags the hound up the ramp and into the shop. 'who the hell did you punch this time?' he asks with a sour look on his face, mostly due to the difficulty of his companion. looking back to derrick, he adds, 'nevermind. if nobody's filed a report, it didn't happen. evenin' deputy fuller. i figured i might find you here. we're heading up to the woods to finish up our investigation. i figured you might want to
[18:29] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron): join myself and deputy angelis.'

[18:32] Keliah (keliahangelis) Que deputy angelis - who stands with her bag-o-tricks and a pensive glance towards those in the garage. "Maybe save the punching for later." She says in general, keeping her cautious distance between the dog - she hoped it would be able to discern actual death from hers. "We have work to do."
[18:33] Keliah (keliahangelis): Cue*

[18:35] Grey Barbaros (angelise.serpente) looks over to the door. Spotting the Sheriff and the poor dog at the end of a tight leash. Frowning a little she sets her coffee down and reaches over her counter, grabbing a puperoni out of a little baggy back there. Wrinkling her nose at Xander she breaks it up into a few small pieces before moving to the dog. Kneeling down she offers the thing a bit and holds the rest out for Xander to take" I didn't hit anyone...not yet anyhow. Here these might getter better cooperation then just tugging, yelling and scowling..." She scratches behind the dog's ear if it lets her and stands back up moving back to her counter lean. Picking up the coffee again..." And evening to you both.." What type of investigation? That John Doe you all found? "

[18:35] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) leaned over a little as he could hear someone gripping and moaning outside , Was a bit curious really a twist of his lips when Sheriff Risco meanders a bit laden down about the corner with a Dog in town ..," Hah.. I see you have a friend there.." smiling a little at the Dog for a moment," Yeah .. I've heard about it, Defiantly up for it." giving a nod of his head he pushed off the counter top and moved over to the garage entrance ..," I'll see you around Ms Barbaros " giving a nod of his head lightly towards her .. He noticed Deputy Angelis ," Evenin..." he thought he had bumped into her at the office a long time ago but he couldn't put his finger on it..~

[18:40] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) looks down at grey as she fiddles with his dog, handing off some sort of dog treat. 'why do you even have dog treats available? i hope this wasn't lunch. oh, just you know i'm not ignoring my messages, i got the one about the atvs. we'll come back and settle that up soon enough. unfortunately, this takes precedence. he stares down at the dog who is seemingly enjoying himself as he chews loudly on the treat and shakes his head. 'okay, that's enough. it was hard enough to get him this far; last i need is him declaring a mutiny. and as far as our investigation, we are of course not at liberty to say. just know we're protecting and serving and all that.' he looks up at derrick and nods his head, 'let's head out. you and angelis take lead.' he glances back down at his dog that had now flopped onto the ground and didn't appear as if he was planning on moving anytime soon. 'this may take a while...' he says through gritted teeth as he yanks on the the collar, trying to get the animal to his feet.

[18:43] Keliah (keliahangelis): "I can't believe the county sent /that/," She says, glancing towards Grey as she showers it with affection. She doesn't say anything; her questions are left unanswered. To Xomar she only nods - glancing briefly at Derrick - before turning for the road and quietly walking towards it.

[18:45] Grey Barbaros (angelise.serpente) shrugs a bit knowing she wouldn't get a real answer anyhow...." I have Midnight that comes around alot. And I'm pretty good with canines...You all be careful out there Protecting and Serving and all that..." She looks down at the poor dog, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth and tossing a thumb in the direction of outside.." Go on get moving, you got work to do.." Though she was talking to the dog, She gave a little salute with her coffee cup to the rest

[18:46] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) watches how stubborn the Dog is with Xander , kind of hand him smirking a little bit though he kept his chuckle to himself for the moment .. quirking his lips a little as he looks to Kel .. Derrick knew about the investigation but he hadn't gotten radioed in when it happened .. didn't know where the Scene was so it was a good thing she knew where she was going... Pausing a moment he grabbed a handful of those treats Grey had and gave them a shake in his hand at the Dog as he followed Kel ..," Come on lazy bones , stop giving Rosco a hard time.." he smirks a little at Grey as he gets moving .. Maybe the Dog will follow a bit easier.~.

[18:49] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) jerks backwards and almost falls as the dog hops up onto his feet again, most likely having switched allegiances at the drop of a doggie treat. dogs did tend to think with their stomach, not that much unlike himself. he straightens up and adjusts his belt, making sure he hadn't lost anything important, like his pistol and nods. 'oh, we'll be protecting. let's just try and make it so that we're not protecting people from getting punched over here, okay? later, grease monkey.' he turns his attention back to the dog and begins following after the two. 'you little traitor...best start doing your job before i let you swim home.'

[18:59] Keliah (keliahangelis) "You know," As she clears the bridge and takes in the sight of the woods, the first thing she notes is the fog. There was a lot of it - not thick or very dense, but heavy on the ground and wafting gently through the many trees. "This all seems very familar..." She says. Yes, it's abstract and weird, but the observation is made - and to no one in particular. Ever present with the vampire is the eerie sense of presence that accompanies her, but the fog carries with it the same sort of sensation. "Anyways, I feel like we're walking into a B flick movie." She says to them both and reaching for her flashlight. Absently, she continues to walk. In the dark, she needs no flashlight nor does she need the dog really...the smell of old death clung to the earth.

[19:02] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) was reading the file handed to him by Kel as they moved through the Forest , normally he would be a little on edge out here it wasn't like he could sprout fangs and bat wings or get all hairy , Sure throw a little magic but that was a last resort he wasn't like the crazy witch running around town somewhere ..," Well this is by the not the worst I have seen here.." he mutters with a sigh of a breathe through his nostrils ...The Fog was unnerving to him he had been remembering alot about this town recently mostly through meditation and magic herbs ... He really wished he could remember if these two were human or not he couldn't tell...," Haha... Doesn't it..? ..Wait you mean the forest don't you..." casting a glance over his shoulder and a bit of a sheepish grin ," Heh... So..suppose since the body is cleaned up ( Right..? )) We're looking for anything left behind.. and that is why fido is here eh..?" shaking the treats a little to get the Dogs attention....One thing though .. If they did find something
[19:02] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon): and he could get ahold of it and alone perhaps he could use a Locater spell... he hadn't done that in a very long time though he wasn't sure he could get it to work right.~

[19:08] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) has an easier time of getting the dog up the mountainside than he had previously expected; apparently all he needed was a little bribery to actually do his job. that proved he was a government employee above all else, he thought wryly. as they pass over the bridge, he begins to feel uneasy, almost like they had walked onto the set of a horror movie. he looks up at kel when she makes her comment and frowns at her. 'hey, get outta my mind.' he looks over at derrick and answers, 'basically. supposedly, these things have an amazing sense of smell, so i figure if there's anything to find, this pooch should be able to point us in the right direction.' he crouches down and pulls out a knife wrapped in a plastic evidence bag. cracking it open, he places it under the dog's nose as he says, 'alright, elvis, let's see you earn those doggie snacks.' he puts the bag back into his jacket and straightens up, eyes on the dog and waiting for it to do something useful for once.

[19:14] Keliah (keliahangelis) glances over her shoulder. In the setting eventide, it's /quite/ clear that she is not human. At least to those who know what they are looking for. It's in her eyes - the way the sort of reflect light - much like a muted version of other nocturnal creatures, though the glance is fleeting. She sets the beam to work, more moved by the fog than the underly stench of somethingdiedhere. "The dog's name is Elvis..." She grunts. Actually, that's kind of cute. Crouching low to where the corpse had laid, she examines the remains of the bloody smiley - the place was crawling with buzzing flies.

[19:16] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) moved around the scene slowly taking it in , looking down at the case file that had been handed to him he was flipping through the pictures though nothing on them seemed out of the ordinary to him ," The Knife all you guys found..?" he posed curiously for a moment though he looked at them again as he wondered where the knife was from ..," Where is the knife from..?" He didn't seem to notice where that had been found at actually .. Pausing a moment he watched to see if the Dog was going to do anything though with the little intensive he had brought along he hoped the dog would ," Heh ... What's wrong with the name Elvis..?" he leaves Rosco alone with the dog moving to the blood smeared on the tree ," Is that a 2..?" leaning his head to the side as he leaned in swatting his hand back and forth to clear the annoying flies away...~

[19:22] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) watches with arms crossed as the dog pads about through the foggy forest floor, his tail tracing a pathway like a miniature doggy shark fin. he sighs as he answers, 'yeah, yeah, the dog's name is elvis. because, you know, hound dog. i'm sure the trainer thought that was hilarious for about 5 minutes.' he looks over at derrick, tilting his head to the side as he asks in return. 'did you not hear about the other murder? geez...we need to get you up to speed. there was a woman evicerated behind the bank...the murder weapon was left in a dumpster. not sure why that one was left behind and this one is missing so far. maybe the killer is starting to up their creativity.' he glances back towards the forest as he hears the dog make a growling noise and begin digging about 20 feet from the crime scene. 'hmmmm...i think our doggie might have found another treat.'

[19:25] Keliah (keliahangelis) "There was another murder. A first one - and at first, I thought it was only just an isolated incident. Then this happened." She motioned to the pile o' flies. "We've already combed this little spot. Time to branch out." The smell of sanguine earth was a little too strong on her nose; she rose and stepped away, sweeping the beam of her light idly across the trees watching the fog lazily taunt her from the distance. Her eyes narrow - was that a shadow? "I don't know wha-.." The statement falls short as she hears Elvis do his thing and she moves towards the general direction. "Hopefully he doesn't play fetch."
[19:27] Lucie Bluebird-Lexington (lucie.bluebird) is online.
[19:27] Tad Brimm is offline.
[19:29] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) gave a shrug of his shoulders ," Yeah , I knew about the one down by the banks but I didn't have access to the case file , heh ..." Twisting his lips in thought he glanced back at the dog as it started to dig..," Suppose the first time they didn't have a plan to hide or take the weapon... This time it doesn't seem like anything was found yet .." he did wonder if perhaps one of the things lurking in town did this but you could tell some of the cuts were clean so it had to be a tool of sorts or a knife like the first murder ..," Serial Killer ..I take it......" he looked up at Kel who seemed a bit unnerved , honestly he just learned to hide it well..," Well if the Dog finds a hand i'm sure it won't try and jump up and shake yours..." he mused with a chuckle.~

[19:35] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) steps quickly towards the dog as the flies buzzing about make a path as though they're purposely avoiding landing on his body. he says, 'good idea, kel. do you have a trowel or anything useful in that bag, or do i need to dig in the ground like a damn animal?' he attempts to waive away the fog with his hands as he looks down at the spot the dog is currently digging in, but can't quite make it part for very long. it's almost as if the fog was sticking to the ground. sticking? that's...rather unusual, he thought to himself. he says over his shoulder to derrick, 'i'm no magic 8 ball, but all signs point to this being a serial killer so far. hence, the dog. i want to see if there are any other little messages out in the woods that we haven't yet stumbled upon. there's a lot of places you could hide a body out here.'

[19:39] Keliah (keliahangelis) "I suppose I need to check to see if that computer whiz came up with anything," She glances towards Derrick. "Yeah, all signs point towards serial. The knife from the first was so blatantly placed, I wonder if it was done on purpose..." At first she had taken it entirely personal. Thought perhaps it was a message to her since everyone in this town seemed to hate her. She moves along the path and drops the bag, crouching low to dig in it and produce some small hand shovels - well, one at least. She hands Derrick the camera while she goes about digging up placement tags for points of reference.

[19:43] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) thought the fog was acting strangely , as if its purpose was to torment these two for the moment though it seemed to leave him alone , perhaps the fact he had been touched by the Source as most other mages had ,kept the fog from fucking with him to much .. He could do something about that just gather a little energy and wave his hand but he didn't want to give himself away they'd have to put up with the annoyance for the moment ..," What else did they leave..? A Knife... " he looks through the file Kel handed him," A Joker card..? Create so this is a joke ..." Kel hands him the Camera and he takes it up popping the flash and lifting it to his eyes to have a glance around , " Huh .. Least this is better then Polaroids..." Taking a Practice shot of the scene letting the flash hum to life before he tries to get all three of them in there as the Dog is working on unearthing anything that might be hidden..~

[19:48] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) continues waving his hands through the thick mist carpeting the forest floor with increasing frustration. 'of course, it's going to be impossible to find anything unless nature turns off it's fucking fog machine.' he reaches back, arm extended and palm spread open as he says, 'did you find that trowel yet, or are you playing with your cell phone, deputy angelis?' he winces and holds up his other hand in front of his eyes as he lets out a yelp when the flash goes off close to his eyes. 'jesus christ, derrick! are you trying to blind me or something? at least give me a damn warning before you do that. where the hell is my shovel? i'd like to help before this dog ends up in china...' he stops bitching for a moment when the dog stops his digging and begins growling once again, the sound of plastic scraping against his claws faintly echoing through the night. 'nevermind. i think we found our buried treasure.' he reaches down and pulls the dog away by the collar and gropes under the fog until he feels the edge
[19:48] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron): of a plastic bag. he pulls it free with little effort and stands up, holding a trash bag tied off at the center. 'okay deputy fuller...NOW you can take a photo.'

[19:57] Keliah (keliahangelis) smiles slightly. "Good God, Xander..patience is a virtue," And then it's her turn to flail as the flash goes off, trowel still in hand and held aloft. She rises whether the sheriff takes the little shovel or not and then plants an point of reference tag near the hole. Her eyes go to the trash bag and her lips thin, drawing in a deep breath through her nose. Yeah, there was more carnage in that bag. "You ever seen that movie Seven and the end Brad...oh, what's his name...is whining about what's in the box? Since the head is accounted for and present, I'm a little afraid for what's in that bag...." In the distance comes the sound of a faint series of clicks. Something rapping nails or claws against stone. Keliah glances that way - aims the flashlight. Since she can't smell anything or sense anything else over the overwhelming stink of this place, she assumes it to be nothing /too/ noteworthy. If it were wolves, she'd know.

[20:05] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) did somehow take a measure of satisfaction as the Sheriff grumbled at him after he had taken the picture ," Cheese..." he smirked a little though he kept the chuckle beneath his breathe , glancing at the picture of the two of them the Dog seemed to be the only one enjoying the attention ..," Heh .. So which one of you is Morgan Freeman..." leaning over a little he lifted the camera and snapped a shot of the bag for them doing his best not to blind the two of them this time..," What ever the Serial Killer left for us , if this really is a game to them .." glancing at the camera as he was making sure it came out alright .. He glanced at the bag really wondering what else could have been left behind by this person the way they had eviscerated the body ... ..," What's in the bagggg..." he says quietly as he waits .. smirking a bit as he remembers the movie really well... Derrick could normally feel if things ...items persay .. had been touched by magic .. Unfortunately he wouldn't know until they got off the
[20:05] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon): hill the Fog was magic in a sense so he couldn't feel a damn thing in here ... Really wished he'd gotten more ammo for his Revolver now in case whatever was peering out through the fog at them decided it was dinner time..~

[20:09] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) looks away from derrick's camera, still a little dazed from the first blast of light directly in his eye. he grits his teeth as he waits for another blinding event as he says, 'sorry to burst your bubble, deputy angelis, but this doesn't weigh enough to be a head.' he shakes the bag a little, hearing metal clank against metal and adds, 'although, i'm guessing this is where our murder weapon was discarded.' as he hears derrick prepare to take the photo, he holds up a middle finger as he says, 'here's your cheese, private dick. and none of us are morgan freeman. that man's a national treasure.' he attempts to blink away the stars in his eyes as he feels a shift in emotions from derrick, he asks, 'what's going on? i can't see anything.' he hears the dog whimper and can trace his padding footsteps as they rush off the direction they had all come from. 'great...i think elvis has left the building. who scared the dog off?'

[20:16] Keliah (keliahangelis) glances up, then turns over her shoulder at Derrick. "Who's Morgan Freeman again?" Yes, she just asked that. "And why is he a national treasure?" Rising, she hopes the hole has been documented properly and so she begins to collect her figures. Her eyes go wide at the sudden departure of the dog. Laying a hand on Derrick's forearm, "What's in the baaaaagggg..." She thought that was pretty funny, "Anyways, I think we should follow Elvis." She says speculatively. Although she couldn't /see/ anything out there, she certainly /felt/ it. She visably tenses and moves to take up the caboose this time, her eyes cast to the unending dark and the taunting, quiet fog. Again? A click. Something snaps in the distance - a branch. Could be anything, really, but the uneasy presence of their surroundings make it all the worse. Between the two of them, she doesn't care who hears her - and she does emit a sort of wretched, caustic sound, something like a long, low hiss, bearing her fangs to the wilderness and the things in
[20:16] Keliah (keliahangelis): it that might mean to do her teammates harm.

[20:22] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) did seem to once again enjoy getting on Sheriff Roscos nerves ," Hah ..." smirking as he waits for the bag to be pulled open so he can take some pictures of whatever secrets it may hold for the three of them .. When Elvis took off running he shouldn't have been surprised really , it was a wonder the Dog even wanted to make its way up here perhaps it just really liked those treats after all..," Well you're not exactly a dog person .." feeling Kel rest a hand on his forearm he glances to her and chuckles ..," Cake..?... Maybe they left Cake...Morgan Freeman... You know.... The really deep soothing voice ... He could Narrate you taking a shit and it would ne the most interesting thing ever .." Even though he felt the same way Kel did at the moment .. Watching her gaze off at something that had caught her attention .. he didn't know how sensitive they were to the Fog but it was either playing tricks with their senses or She really did feel something out there..," Fog maybe..?" he mutters as he casts a long
[20:22] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon): glance across the Forest around them .. He wouldn't dare try any magic with the Fog so thick right now it would draw attention to him that he didn't need ..," Yeah... Second the motion...To leave that is.." twisting his lips a little as he glances down towards Kel swearing the woman was hissing at the night .. Fangs? or was he seeing things... Only a couple of things in the night did that....?He could speculate sure.. She was familiar to him but he would figure that out later perhaps...~

[20:25] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) hears the hiss emanating from his deputy and takes that as a sign things are about to get hairy. he closes his eyes once more, concentrating on his human mask, clearing away the eyes so that he can see properly once again. last thing he needed to do was run around all blind. daredevil he definitely wasn't. he peers out into the darkness with piercing, purple irises, trying to pinpoint what had riled up the vampire as he reaches for his sidearm, pulling it free from the hostler with a graceful movement and extending it before him, preparing for the worst. 'i think we're all in agreement. derrick, fall back and find my damn dog. i'll never hear the end of it if i don't return him back to his seattle handler.' he slams the bag into his stomach as he adds, 'and take the evidence down to the station. we'll cover your retreat.' he turns his almost glowing violet eyes towards the man as he asks, 'you are armed, right?'

[20:32] Keliah (keliahangelis) 's eyes aren't so vivid in the dark anymore. In fact, much of their luster is gone and in their place remains an inky darkness. Her sidearm was in the bag and so she takes a moment to retrieve it. A few clicks and the safety is released, but lets face it - if she wanted to go all OMG GONNA KILL THIS on something, it wouldn't be with a firearm. Around them, flies buzz. The noise, even in the hum of night, seems to increase in volume - to the point in which it can not be ignored. "There..." She extends her finger, a clawed finger, towards the place where the corpse had laid. Fog swirled around the tree that bore the bloody smile more than anywhere else and the flies just seemed to get thicker...and thicker...they boiled up together, as if forming together into something....else. "Right. Run."

[20:38] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) could tell they were both on edge now the way Xander started up it was like whatever they had gotten a wiff of was serious enough to raise the hairs on the back of their necks , Derrick couldn't sense any Magci int he air with the Fog around him so he couldn't help them find whatever it was that was haunting them..," Sounds like a plan to me.." he mutters as the bag is stuff into his chest he snatches it up with out much of an complaint really , But it was hard for him not to notice Xanders eyes , seemed both of them were not to worried about him knowing this right off the bat...Ha....haha....," Yeah..." he mutters glancing at the Fog again .." His Revolver was loaded but just plain old bullets and a lot of good that would do him , He didn't want to pull that thing out .. Against his better judgment he started to pulling on the magic around him , They couldn't very well see him doing it But he was well rested and this far up the Mountain he could get what he needed....," You assholes running ..?" he
[20:38] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon): started to move away from them ... Hell if he was going to leave his Partners out here alone ...! He paused as he got further away watching the flies gather into something he really hadn't seen before ...That was New... He could feel the magic moving through him he just needed something to throw it at... .~

[20:44] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) flicks his own safety off his 1911 as he stares with awe and disgust at the unnatural shape forming just feet from where they were standing. there were those that might want to know what it was they were facing, perhaps even reason with it. he just squeezed the trigger, letting the rounds fly into the black mound still taking shape until the slide locks, and then pops out the empty magazine and begins reaching for another. he shouts over his shoulder as he hears derrick pause, 'move, idiot! you too, deputy angelis. down the hill now!' he begins to retreat backwards down the pathway, quickly, yet sure footed, not needing to see the ground to instinctually adjust to the divets and bumps along it, all the while staring at the black, buzzing creature. his rounds didn't seem to have done a damn thing. well shit...that wasn't good.

[20:50] Keliah (keliahangelis) is about to move alright - move towards the thing. Kill it. Make it dead. As the rounds pop off she pops a few of her own, the sound of which ring throughout the mountains. Bang! Bang! Fog folded in on itself, the buzzing flies collapse, and for a moment she wonders if they've slain the creature. "Of course..." The being begins to swell up again. Its made of magic and sinister things, not flesh and blood. She reaches for Derrick's forearm and begins to scram for the path, hoping to draw him along.

[20:54] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) didn't think normal bullets would ever effect anything supernatural in origin around here , Didn't they know that..? Still though it didn't hurt to throw slugs into the thing as the Sheriff fired off a couple of rounds at the thing that was taking shape in front of them .. Xander started to brush passed him but Derrick waited for a moment slowly making his way backwards ... He could see how the Fog seemed to stroke across it like a flame even though it was made of Flies it was Magic and he could fucking see it now...," Jesus ..." He didn't know if a mage had done this but something like this to have been done by a mage was disturbing ... He wasn't sure he could gather enough Magic to kill it he needed time ...No he was sure he couldn't kill it he didn't have anything prepared he could how ever slow it down ..Kel grasped at his arm ," Woah wait wait..." She started to drag him along with her breaking his train of thought for a moment though he still gathered Magic around him...~

[21:00] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) stares at the creature as it continued to form up, the incessant buzzing growing louder, almost deafening. it sounded...angry? could the buzz of a thousand insects actually sound angry? if not, this was a damn good impression. he slams in the fresh magazine and releases the slide to chamber another bullet. his bullets hadn't stopped it for shit, but it had seemed to disorient the thing. that was good enough for now. if they could get down the mountainside, they could regroup and come up with a plan. not that he had any idea what kind of plan you could make up for a bug monster that followed the principles of e pluribus unum. how appropriate for the holiday past, he thinks as he pops off a few more shots in the creature's direction. he feels as kel races past, tugging derrick behind her and begins to follow in their footsteps, running backwards with the sure footedness of a mountain goat. 'go, go go!'

[21:05] Papa Bundia totally didn't just walk up behind thme and then through the crowd. But he appeared at the edge of the fog, papa was a happy man with the fog that had rolled in. he was out with his out in the oods, his cane was held loosely in his hand as he would light up a smoke of some sort at the edge of the fog.

[21:09] Keliah (keliahangelis) if Derrick doesn't come along, she might be sassed to actually carry him. She comes thundering down the bridge with her gang hopefully in tow, glancing behind her nearly the entire while as she jogs at human speed away from the creature that had maybe or maybe not have given chase. The fog swirls angrily at the other side of the bridge, but nothing comes for them. No boogy men in the night. Derrick might feel the magic energy lessen. On the other side of the bridge, things seem to be less...sinister. Weaker. She suddenly stops at the sight of another and crouches, unsure as to what or whom in the briefest of moments, ready to spring if need be.

[21:14] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) didn't really appreciate getting pulled along like that but he stumbled along with Kel as she pulled him along he had the pleasure of getting a look at this thing following them like some kind of sinister cloud of bugs and gnashing things mixed in with the unnerving fog that had the other two on edge the whole time .. He was more then ready to unleash the magic he had been pulling on this whole time but the chance was gone then as they crossed the bridge and the thing seemed to be unwilling to follow them .. He pulled from her grasp if allowed and looked across the bridge perplexed .. What kind of magic did that..? He wasn't familiar with it .. He almost wanted to go back across the bridge and face the damn thing but he got the feeling his Partners didn't think he'd fair quite well out there alone....he slowly backed away and shook his hand trying to relax though he was stirring that magic he'd bottled up around.. Wasn't about to let it go just yet not until he was further away..," Well.. Great times In
[21:14] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon): Ravenhurst ... Nothings changed around here I see..." meandering back towards the pair with a huff of breathe.~ (( LOOK the flies were Tanis all along O_O ))

[21:17] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) runs backwards as he keeps pace with kel, keeping his sidearm aimed towards the creature that was advancing their way. he would fire off a round or two as it began to move closer, but would stop each time to let it gather itself back again. he hears the thumping patter of the footsteps across the bridge and feels a sudden rush of relief, somehow feeling as though getting past the bridge will be past the reach of whatever was pursuing them. he gets across the bridge and stops as he no longer hears kel's footsteps, suddenly spinning to stare at her crouched form, and then turning to see what had alarmed her, pistol still raised and ready. he relaxes as he spots that strange, hobo looking fae standing up on the hillside, completely oblivious to what they had just witnessed. of course he was. he takes a deep breath and lowers his piece as he glances back to derrick, 'well, that was a nice run. i told you to find my dog. where the hell did he go?'

[21:23] Papa Bundia looking to the grouping of them as they seemed to be chasing something. he was smoking his usual blend of pot and cloves. looking to the gathering as the sherif spoke. his hand went into his coat and slipped his zippo back into his pocket.. though hearing the gunshots he didn't seem put off, though his hand stayed within his coat pocket. " Papa heard tings " he said simply as he would look donw upon the gathering. he didn't say much anything though he would raise his single brow

[21:25] Keliah (keliahangelis) "What do you mean...clearly he is responsible for this!" She extends a finger towards the Papa, the one who had brought them the odd painting. In a blink, her eyes are normal, though she was itching to go /back/ into the fray. To destroy it. Make it gone - take away the threat. Oh. Right. Dog. She steels herself against, well, her inner beast, the thing that most drives her. The thing in the woods scared her...and fear made her angry. On the other side of the bridge, the fog stayed where it was, the sound of thousands of flies dissipating.

[21:29] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) glanced back at Kel , she didn't seem to be all fangs and hissing anymore but he got the feeling she wanted to do exactly what he wanted to and that was go back in there and kill it .. Not sure he could with out knowing what it was first though but maybe tossing a bunch of magic at it would work..? Or just piss it off ...," Dog really..? That was your one job wasn't it..?" When was he the keeper of the dog when Xander had brought it in the first place...? He looked to the man in the big funny hat , hadn't he seen him talking to Grey a time ago..? he didn't know much about him though Kel seemed to think he was responsible....," What..? How..?" perking a curious brow to Kel over his shoulder .. Sure he liked to ask lots of questions..!

[21:31] Tanis Scaevola (agares): heard the shots off in the distance, he was at the very top of the hill helping his new friend break down her campsite and move back down to the town, he had a few of her items in his arms but those quickly get dropped as he runs down the mountain, it was much easier running down then it was walking up it, he had pulled his shield out and his gun was in his hand totally leaving the girl behind "whats going on?!" he calls out to the group as his eyes quickly scan the area, he recognized Kel and Derrick, his gun was pointed to the ground but ready to be used if needed "FBI!" he screams, he just had to say that... cuz.. well.. it just sounded so fucking badass, he didnt notice any of the weird things going on at the moment only the bit of fog which seemed to happen sometimes, he glances to Kel again with a questioning look having no idea what was happening other then hearing the shots

[21:33] Danea (daneaesperanza) runs up behind Tanis stopping up short seeing the group in front of her staying back as told mostly cause she liked her skin without holes in it she moves slightly to the side , wishing Tanis had the same sense of self preservation , a dead FBI agent ment hell for her and her kind that man had to stay upright and breathing , she quickly looks around judgeing where a threat would come from and ready to move if needs be wishing humans were bullet proof she wiggles her bear toes in the moss and simply watches for the moment

[21:34] Papa Bundia looking down at the group as the man came bolting out of the fog with a gun waving his badge around and yelling fbi... papa continued to pull upon his herbal concoction, with a hand holding his cane and the other in the pocket of his coat. looking down at the woman he continued to raise his brow " Papa had nothing to do wif any dogs. " he stated simply to the lot of them and would just look over his shoulder

[21:37] Keliah (keliahangelis) Wait. Where was the bag? Oh. Right. Check! "It's a promotion from trash duty," Xomar smirks and then moves off into the distance to seek out Elvis. So there they were, the fearsome trio and one lost dog, looking slightly disheveled and perhaps a little wide eyed. "He found the body - though the Sheriff doesn't suspect him." By the tone of her voice, Keliah seems to not feel the same way. When the Agent comes along the way, her first thought is his safety, despite his show of bravado. "We all need to get going - official Sheriff's Department business - not your jurisdiction....also, bear. Out there. Big angry bear." No, no monster in the fog. Not at all.

[21:41] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) watched the FBI guy burst into the scene , like out of a really bad B movie .. Lot of those references going around today come to think of it...," Bag.." he had the bag still giving it a pat as Kel asked .. The camera was in there too so he hadn't dropped a damn thing thank god .. He wasn't going back in there until he'd had a chance to figure out what was going on..," Bear... Yeah.. Bear... Covered in Bees ..Think it said something about a picnic basket..?" he gave a shrug of his shoulders as he moved away from the bridge towards Kel .., Seemed they were not to Keen on the FBI guy figuring things around town out... So he'd play along best he could.. The guy on the hill got a passing glance out of curiosity.~

[21:44] Tanis Scaevola (agares): frowned hearing the mention of a dog "dog?!" he cries out and looks around waving his gun in a not at all safe way, he called out sick the day they went over weapon safety at the academy "I fucking hate dogs" he mumbles then turns to see Papa and narrows his eyes at the man, Tanis swore that guy had more then a few screws loose "he causing problems?" he asks Kel but keeps his eyes on Papa for another moment before turning to look at her and finally holstering his weapon, he raised a brow at Kel "Sheriff's department business?" he asks "you are working with me, deputy...... you have others to deal with all the other bullshit" he mumbles and looks around again for the bear slowly stepping closer to Kel as if for protection, she did know the place better then he did "a bee bear?" he asks turning to look at Derrick "I hate bears too... and bees!" he just hated everything today

[21:47] Danea (daneaesperanza) would giggle at the woman as she mentions the bear but though she was right FBI agents belonged in town , safe , holeless and not knowing anything , she steps a little closer to Tanis whispering softly " maybe you ought to listen to them you know keep the peace with the locals , no stepping on toes and all that " she smiles at the people to her left and gives a nervous wave " I'm not a bear just been camping to long " she was messy , flushed and her hair still wet and now tangled from her rush threw the tree's , the human may have had a hard time going up but fuck could he run down and she had to stop and grab all her stuff witch had gone flying in every direction , at his words about dogs she nearly grones inward , perfect he had a issue with canines that helped her situation tones " Not all dogs are bad " she blushes realizeing she has spoken out loud " Some are nice "

[21:50] Papa Bundia looking abotu the area and when the fbi agent looked to him " papa causes no trouble. " he said simply " papa should also not report bodies that he finds in da woods. People seem ta think Papa be a murder " he said simply as he would continue to fill the air with the smell of pot and cloves. though his cig was getting rather short as he would continue to hold onto his cane, which planted now in the ground and he leaned upon it. he noted the woman that was with the fbi agent and assumed a few things

[21:59] Keliah (keliahangelis) only just /now/ seems to notice the appearance of Danea. To be fair, though, she had just come running for her life from a monster made out of corpse-feasting flies. Mostly, her hot blush is what did it - and her voice. The smell of heating, rising blood was bad news to her already awakened beast. If it's possible, she might have grown more taut and paler on the spot. "Yeah guys, bear in the woods..." She says to all of them and reaches for Derrick's forearm again. "Come on, Deputy." She says. Because if she stuck around, probably...yeah. Better not think about it. "We have to call the /other/ feds. The wildlife ones..." What were they called again?

[22:03] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) wasn't sure who the woman that had stumbled out out of the forest with the FBI agent was , hadn't seen her before either just way to many things going on in one day for him .. Maybe he should just toss his hands up in the air and say Fuck it I am out ..Thought crossed his mind you know.. ," Animal Control..? Sure Seattle Animal..Control....." They have bee killing bear capturing devices for sure..!...Right. She looked a little pale around the cheeks and he wasn't going to argue with her she had kind of pulled him away from an angry cloud of corpse bees when he was determined to fight it... ," Alright Alright.." he was getting pulled along and he tried to grumble out his protest at getting led around but that didn't seem to work.~

[22:05] Tanis Scaevola (agares): glanced over at Danea seeing her for the first time since he ran down the hill "some... but most bite" he was judging that off a bad childhood experience with a chihuahua that bit the shit out of his ankles, he then turn his eyes to Papa and raises a brow, his hand was resting casually on his hips "oh so you found the body" he mumbles and nods to the weird guy "thanks for that..... and no... you should keep reporting any bodies you found..... but report them to these guys" he thumbs to Kel and Derrick, Agent Scaevola had other things to do... like investigate the strange reports in the town, he turns back to Kel and nods agreeing with her, it seemed it was a better idea to go then to hang around if a bear was in the area, he didnt notice Kal had gone even more pale then she was but he does turn ready to follow everyone out of the woods, he glances over to Danea and motions her to follow "come on"

[22:09] Danea (daneaesperanza) watches the woman concurned , she had noticed how pail she was and she bites her lip talking mostly to herself " That must have been one hell of a bear " she looks to Tanis as he calls and moves to follow unable to help herself " Don't tell me the FBI does not handel bear round ups jeeze what those guys teaching you " she grins cheekly at the back of his head then pauses , she was at the back and the so called bear was behind her , she moves faster catching up to the group what ever it was she had no desire to meet it

[22:13] Papa Bundia looking at the group as it went off and he chuckled simply. he unlike the rest of them wasn't afraid for the forest. not when you were actually what he was. he would start off back into the woods away from the group. " papa be a going dis way " he said simply to the gathering, his hand moving out of his pocket. though he just continued to hold his cane.
[22:17] Keliah (keliahangelis) if it were any other situation, Keliah might have laughed at 'Papa's statement. It was just damn perfect. As it was, she's sort frazzled and in a hurry? And so she and hopefully the rest of the gang head back to the fog-free town.

[22:21] Derrick Fuller (basch.savon) was already to go , Bag in hand and moving away from the Bridge apperantly being pulled along by Kel , Papa was moving off into the Forest and the FGI agent was doing whatever he wanted for the moment .. the bubbly girl seemed to be tagging along for the ride.. Derrick would make sense of all this crazyness later just wanted to get back to town.~

[22:23] Tanis Scaevola (agares): frowned glancing back at Danea for a moment as she mentions the bear "they dont really cover alot of wildlife material at the academy" he mumbles and looks back to Papa "be careful!" he calls out to the strange man, he looks over to Kel and the other deputy "well... I'll see you guys in town... Im gonna help this girl with her things" he says and moves down the mountain absolutely nothing in his hands leaving the girl to carry all her shit
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Investigation in the Woods
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