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 Moxxi cleanses the murder site.

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PostSubject: Moxxi cleanses the murder site.    Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:25 pm

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer walks up during the day into the woods, despite the murders and the fog, neither of these really seemed to phase her very much because she had been down this road, many-many times before; during the purge that had been more or less her job. Traveling, healing and cleansing areas that held an abnormally high about of corruption, or taint, and well, she had done the dance with the fog before. It is a lonely walk, quiet and some how peaceful in a morbid and macabre kind of way. The fog did its best to avoid her, her energy warding it off, keeping it at a safe distance; the calm spiritual purity that radiates from the elder, a safety bubble so to speak.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer follows the smell, the feel of the area she sought out, while it had probably been long picked clean by the police during the investigation, that is not what she is concerned with. The crimes, these, murders, acts of malice, violence, were bad news as she had come to learn in her past during the purge, like wounds, if they were not cleaned they could and would get infected. . drawing all kind of nasty things; angry ghosts, poltergeists, and of course there is always the fog which just loved to feed on this kind of activity.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer she comes to the place without much hindering her, the typical hike. Taking a moment to examine the ground, the surroundings while she shrugged off her shoulder back. It might have been her, but everything seemed dark, murky, like it were coated in a thick layer of oil, and it wasn't just the fog either--the area had been tainted for certain with violent emotions, acts of brutality, and the sorrow of the dead. She sighs and reinforces her aura to keep herself centered and focused in this time and moment.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer digs around in her bag for a bag of course sea salt, clutching it in one hand while the other dives right inside of the ziplock container to liberally coat the ground with it, not stopping until every bit of the ground has been thoroughly covered and the browned grass is almost white from the amount of salt she has sprinkled. After that a bottle of water is pulled and opened,it is not holy water persay, but water filtered by magical energy, her energy ensuring that not only is this water charged, but purified as well to act as a conductor for channeling, and future purging of the site.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer works quickly, but efficiently. She could feel the waves of unease rolling from the fog as the ground is being prepped, further forcing it back away from Moxxi. Bundles of herbs are placed at the corners of the area; north, east, south, and west, then are lit to a point of smoldering. Plumes of white smoke lift to the air slowly, and she waits for now in the center of it all. Standing there with the elements; air, fire, earth and water, and she at the center as the fifth, spirit. Breathing in deeply, her energy expanding and contracting with every inhale and exhale. The tides of magic stretching through her form from head to toe, and beyond; pushing it outward to fill the safety bubble she had created, ethereal waves rippling to the very most edges where it is held and sustained for the time being.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer raises her hands when enough time has passed, slowly pulling them up from her sides as she stares out a head at nothing in particular, just focused, every fiber of her being in the here and now, nothing else mattered or would waver her concentration. " Guardians of the towers; north, east, south, and west. I call on you to bare witness to this rite. Spirit of the fallen, hear my plea. Pass on and leave this realm peacefully. Do this, as I ask of thee. As I will, so mote it be. " Her words are spoken clear and loud, enforcing them with another burst of energy that not only goes outward around her, but cycles down into the ground; mixing and mingling with the salt, the water, and the burning herbs that smudged the very air about her.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer continues to loop and push the field of energy out and down, until the whole area as been fully consumed by a globe of pristine purity; warmth, love, life, and tranquility emanate. The grass perks up, trees, and flowers within the zone also stand up with newly found vigor, becoming greener, healthier, soaking up the life-giving essence that the fog would choke from them. Even stray animals that are hiding nearby seem to be drawn and comforted by the embrace of magic. Making a small gesture with both hands, the energy disperses at her command, taking the elements with it into the air and down deep into the ground; cleansing the area and sanctifying it so that it could heal, the spirit would move on, no longer tethered to the pain and hate.

Moxxi Miasma Mori Mizer lowers her hands as she lets out a deep sigh. The energy she had expended did not deplete her, but certainly is taxing. She felt oddly heavy for a moment, and lingers in the freshly purified zone until she can recoup, draw more energy for the trip back into town. Using this time to pack her things back up and double check that nothing is left behind as hard evidence that can be linked or traced back to her in any way, shape or form.
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Moxxi cleanses the murder site.
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