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 Protecting the Source

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PostSubject: Protecting the Source   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:06 pm

Lexie Ellwyn makes her way down to the source. Looking about as she moves hoping not to meet anything she didn't want to. Her necklace not humming so she felt pretty safe. Spotting Tabs she heads over to her " hey there.. we did the ward spell last night, like we talke about I just don't know how strong it is or if it even worked"

Tabbie Blackthorne stood a few meters away from the source. She was pulling her energy from the source a steady stream of power flowing towards her. " hey sweets. Excellent how did the novice responded to the teaching " she smiled and held firm to her focus as she worked the permiter of the charm walking and talking at the same.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) nods her head " They did well, they were all able to push energy at me although the newest to Katerinka and my friend Kei had trouble with it, but were able to do it. We went back to my house afterwards for a little party. I amd sure they will get the hang of it" laughing softly " we had a good time afterwards wish you could have been there" She would start to pull her backpack off her shoulders to set it on the ground " so what are you thinking we should do with this area?"

Tabbie Blackthorne paced off the circle she wished to charm/ward and protect. " This place is envaded to much by to many unfamilars to the craft.. I was out here last weekend and to many were out here like a dam party spot. " she smiles as she spoke. Waving towards Caleb as he joined them. " so my goal here today is to erect a fog around this place thats sacred to us.. ?"

Lexie Ellwyn agian nods her head "I have seen others down here as well when I have come to practice. Wolves mostly but I am sure others. There was something here last night when I was setting up for the ward but it left." Looking over to Caled as Tabs wave " hey there" turning back to Tabs " I like that idea, we need tp protect the new ones, especially those that don't bother to find out more about this town before heading out to the woods on thier own"

Caleb Harrill kept his hands tucked in the pockets of his coat, mostly so they other two didn't see his bandaged up hand. He didn't want a fuss being made about it. He also didn't want to recount the incident in Aura's apartment where he broke his hand an almost burned the place down trying to get out. Aura had decided that she was going to try an intervention or something apparently. He overheard the pair as he approached . "So , we want to keep people out."

Tabbie Blackthorne stops in her place looking at the others. " well to keep anyone unfamilar to our craft away from the source. A place we can come and be safe. And draw on the energy we so need. " she let her eyes flick over him before she turned her attention back to Lexie. " if you can use the water to form a mist and Caleb use your fire and earth to warm the soil. Our goal to is create a thick permanent fog bound to this place. "

Lexie Ellwyn gives a soft smile and reaches into ther bag to pull out her thermos " I have some warming brew with me if either of you want some " taking a small sip and then putting the thermos down. She speaks as she headsto the water. " I think I can do that.. mix the water and air together a little and raise it up. At least I can try. " She stops at the edge of the water debate whether to just get in or stay on the bank.

Caleb Harrill shook his head when Lexie offered the warming brew. "Im fine." He said, perhaps a little short. He crouched down to the ground and rested his hands on the ground. His bandaged hand throbbed slightly when he rested it against the earth. Without another word he started to channel from the source, using that energy to urge his fire to come forth and heat the earth beneath him. Without realizing it, he began to draw from not only the source, but use the pain and anger that had pent up over the last week to fuel it as well.
Tabbie Blackthorne still paced off the perimeters of the ward she hoped they could create together. " our blood once and forever a part of thee. " she said softly as the circle was formed. Feeling the heat rise under her from Caleb ass he channeled his energy into the earth around them. " rise to meet us. Heat from the earth. Water from the sea. Mix together." she ordered from element as the others channeled thee gifts and worked there own magic.

exie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) starts to pull the source to her as she hops on into the water, figuring she would get a better angle on distributing the fog around the area. Stopping to look back when Caleb knelt down and his hand throb. She notice the feeling of pain he had. When this was done she was going to have to them all what had been going on and offer to look at whatever was hurting Caleb. Hopping into the water, she wades out into the center. The energy from the source was stronger there and giving her a rush as it coursed through her.

Caleb Harrill closed his eyes and focused on the task at hand, he focused on Tabbie's words, silently repeating them to himself. He pooled his energy behind those words, he visualized the fog they were trying to create. Thick and foreboding to any who came near that were not of the craft. For some reason he felt a spark of anger that the wolves and everyone and their fucking grandma had been invading this area. Anger that was not natural to him in any other case but lately it seemed to flare as much as the flames within him did. As heat made its way through the frozen ground rapidly, the mist rose from the ground.

Tabbie Blackthorne pushed on the air around them drawing upwards the fog that should be forming from the heat in the earth the rising mositure from the water. Lifting her hand upwards to push the rising mist around them hoping to form a soild blanket of thick dense fog. " this is a magical place to our souls. spirits of mind and body.. protect what is sacred to thee .. Rise the fog and protect this place.. " she took a deep breath pulling in another surge of the powers called to them all. Holding her arms well over head to push the air they needed to move the gathering fog that flowed in on there command.

Lexie Ellwynclosed her eyes pulling the water and air together so that they may class. A slight mist of rain would start to come down just over the area as she tried to manipulate the two elements. She had not really tried before so it was a little hard to control both perfectly. Everyone there to was goignt o get a little wet because of it. She had to force herself to focus, this was the first time being close to Tabs and Caleb that she was getting little glimpses of how they were feeeling however it wasn't anything like the last times when their emotions were so high. The slight feel of anger from Caleb caused Lex to open her eyes and look at him, the focus losing the rain starts to come down a little harder. It would take a few minutes before she was able to calm it down some. Doing her best to keep her focus on making a fog.

Caleb Harrill didn't let the raindrops deter him, though for the moment that they rained down upon them he felt it soak his coat and his hair and slide down his face in droplets. When they hit his skin some of the droplets evaporated with the head he was generating while others made their way through. He did his best to keep his focuse there even though he felt disconnected. At this moment he focused on the power around him, the power that the Elders could generate and he used it to help acheive the spell they threw themselves into.

Tabbie Blackthorne blinked her eyes as the rain seemed to fall from the fog. Only made her smiled as she moved her hand in a circle motion pushing them upwards to hold the moisture on place. Less rain drops failing on her head. As Held her hands up forcing the moisture. To hold if she can forming a wall of the fog around them. Her own fire rising to the surface to add to the heat in the cool dam rain. These guys were a weathers mans worse nightmare.. " Blanket the place and protect it from all. Blind them on the path.. permit no refuge beyond this point.. Forget your way and leave this place.. This is our will so mote it be. "

Lexie Ellwyn as the water and air draw up and hits the heat, a mist would start to form. She would watch as the fog would slowly start moving around the area. She would continue to pull up the water and mixing it with the air and heat. Her focus now was completely on pulling the fog and water

Caleb Harrill felt for a moment as if he had an endless fount of energy pouring through him. Energy he put all in to the spell at hand. When Tabbie spoke, his lips moved to silently repeat her words. He was fuelled by so many things at this point that when the final words were spoken, "So mote it be." He repeated out loud, it was like a bubble popped around him and he felt all the energy flow from him. He slumped slightly and his hand felt as if were going to pop as well, he brought it up to his chest. Maybe he should have gone to a doctor. Hindsight. He tried to compose himself, to reign in the anger he'd been feeling over everything.

Tabbie Blackthorne pushed her hands to move the air quickly around them the wall of fog taking shape and doing her command to seal off the air from prying eyes and passage to those unfamilar to the craft. " hold it tight both day and night. The thick veil around this place. make use safe and concealed as we do your bidding.. " she spoke and felt energy flow from her doing as she askd her mind open and seeing the task she wished to be done. Once the wall of fog was in place she stepped back watchiing it take shape towards Caleb she moved to reach for his hand if she can. Forming a tighter bond using his will if she can to prefect the task and obtain the goal.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) held the elements in place as she listened to Tabs words. Once she was done she would slowly start to let the energy pull pack. Then turning to the banks she would slowly walk out of the water. Her knees a little weak. there was a tired feeling about her but she made her way over to Caleb and Tabs. She was still high from the energy and being so close to the source she wasn't totally drained. Looking over to Caleb's hand, she would reach down to lift it up careful if he let her. "Is this what happened the other night? "

Caleb Harrill let Tabbie take his free hand, drawing from the balance she provided him. When Lexie took his hand he drew it back. He let Tabbie use his will to complete their goal, focusing on that for the moment and not the question Lexie asked him. The truth was that it felt like he'd been horribly out of whack for awhile now. His emotions ran high and low and he wasn't sure why but it was annoying. In response to Lexie though, he shook his hair out on her from where the rain did manage to wet it. Letting the droplets spray her playfully.

Tabbie Blackthorne held calebs hand tightly in her own. " probably need to add our elements of strength to this wall of fog maybe weekly. I am sure being near the source will help to hold it in place. " she smiled at him turning slightly to offer Lexie her hand as well to join the small connect to her coven if she wanted. " You guys amaze me. " she smiled and said to her.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) frowned when he didn't take let her see his hand. Then realizing emotions had once again distracted to her tried began pulling the energy back to her and would then direct back towards Tabs reaching out to take take Tabs hand. Then giving her a big smile " you are amazing to " . It was then she felt the spray of water from Caleb's hair " eeps!' she jumped back, not releasing Tabs hand but looking up at him with a smirk " brat" laughing softly.

Caleb Harrill didn't say much more. He focused on what was needed to help strengthen the wall of fog for as long as it was needed.

Tabbie Blackthorne pushed her heat from her fire towards lexie anything to warm her. " I need some rest.. I am spent.. " she sighs alittle how magic could take so much out of her. " why so grumpy Mister Caleb.. " she lifted his hand if it was still in hers. To give it a soft kiss. " maybe see you tonight ." her eyes fall on Lexie as she spoke. Really still enjoying the small talk with her favorites. She really hated to go but rl was calling her into afk land.

Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) looks at Tabs then Caleb. "be safe Tabs. When you are feeling better want to talk if that is alright, nothing major " laughing softly then looking back to Caleb. Seems you may be in need of some help if you will let me, even if it is just with herbs" offering him a soft smile

Caleb Harrill smiled some when Tabbie kissed his hand. "Sure, maybe tonight." He wasn't going to count on it though. Seemed Tabbie was a very busy little bee lately. He didn't answer the question as to why he was grumpy. "Give me a call later." His eyes moved to Lexie and he finally admitted out loud. "I think it's broken." He said flatly.

Lexie Ellwyn waves a Tabbie heads off then looks back to Caleb. "So am I right this is what happened the night? I felt that you had a sudden burst of pain.. and anger. " her voice trailing off as she spoke not sure how he would take that

Caleb Harrill honestly was not even going to ask how she felt it. There were all kinds of things that kept surfacing with Lexie. "Yeah, I had a fight with a wall. You should see the wall..." He did his best to joke but it didn't reach his eyes. How shitty was it for a writer to have a broken hand? He'd never lashed out like that in anger before. But Aura blocked the door and wouldn't let him leave after opening a can of worms she shouldn't have touched. That and the trying to catch her house on fire. Eh. She assumed it was all about Mizuki, but it was about so much more. "Fix it if you can." He conceded finally. Caleb Harrill glanced at his watch when he held out his hand. "Shit, i've got to go. We'll catch up later."
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Protecting the Source
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