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 Alex Hannibal

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PostSubject: Alex Hannibal    Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:03 pm

Alex is a pretty complex guy for being just a "regular joe". I, the player, should probably explain something about him before I introduce him. I've had the honor of training with and making friends with many veterans and active duty military over the years I've taught and trained martial arts in real life. Alex is an ode to all of them and an amalgamation of the best and worst parts of them, their fears, their triumphs, their shame and pride - I didnt really know much about PTSD before my friends started coming home. But like most psychological disorders, its treated with a stigma and It shouldnt be. While trying to come up with a character concept for Ravenhurst, it dawned on me that this setting was full of every nightmare trigger you could imagine for my friends. So i decided to put them in Ravenhurst (along with parts of me) to see if we could survive, and maybe thrive in the face of adversity. Spit in the devils face if you will, and maybe mix in a little Public service by introducing my fellow players to someone flawed psychologically, but functional. A good guy, even though he's not perfect. And maybe even prove that heroics dont stop when you come home, and heros maybe around us in our daily lives - just regular joes and janes in the supermarket, at work, writing you a ticket, teaching your kids judo class...whatever. So say hi to Alex, make friends with him, hate him, throw your worst at him, even if he goes down, he's not going out without giving it his (our) best!

Alex Hannibal
Race: Human
Age: 36-37 (he'd rather not think about it)
Escaped a rough neighborhood in Dallas, TX as a kid by enlisting early. Served 2 tours as a special forces operator, with the rank of 2nd lieutenant in the US Navy, his 3rd and final tour included a transfer to a separate operations command group SOCOM expedite reactions to intel from the intelligence brought in by the drone group. Alex was honorable discharged for medical reasons and has his name in a lot of reports that basically have black sharpie all over them and are stamped "redacted".
Alex thinks retraining as an EMT is a way to continue to serve in a less destructive manner and hopes helping people will help him repay his karma debt. He believes his PTSD is a direct result of his accumulated karma.
Alex likes cigars, whiskey, lemonade, pretty girls to young for him, Warner Bros cartoons. and anything he didnt get while he was in the service. He's also a closet geek.
Alex dislikes: MRE's, mean people, people who bag on "Murica", and Good & Plenty candy (there maybe plenty, but there's not one good one in the f'ing box),
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Alex Hannibal
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