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 A fight in the woods...

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PostSubject: A fight in the woods...   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:07 pm

[17:26] Rie Trager padded silenty upwards, heading for that spot higher up that she often claimed as her own. the darkness did not bother her, these were her woods after all...but a scent caught in the odd winds from the gorge stops her and for a moment that figure with white hair and softly glowing eyes freezes. leeches were forbidden in the woods, most knew it but it never stopped them from being foolish...and her gaze tracked the scent upwards to the figure dimly silhouetted "dun you know it's unwise to be in the woods in the darkness?" Moon Fall was close, the aggression and ferality lingering about her like a subtle perfume and she'd not move up towards him...one warning was all he was getting though
[17:32] Blade Syakumi sat cross leg'd in the silence of the night, his eye closed, an ironic look of serenity about him. His nose had caught the scent of an approaching figure, not long after her's had. His eye slowly peeled upon, scanning the dimly lit figure before him, his own singular grey eye flickering in the darkness, the ruby on his cruxifix glinting in the moonlight. "I am merely enjoying the night air. T'is a very beautiful place.. And I highly doubt there is little danger out here to a chap like myself." He smirked wryly, playing on his lips with a dark humour. His nose twitched at her vicious scent, like pollen to a hayfever sufferer.
[17:34] Rie Trager let a cruel smile curl...she liked overconfident leechs...they were that much more fun to destroy and her present unsettled, underfed state was ignored. he was a leech after all, they were in the woods, she could let it out and she was just as overconfident...the coming Moon making her eager to shed blood. she stood in a position of shadows and yet he might sense her skin rippling "ah it's Dr Cyclops" she subtly taunted "you should know as much as the others" and this time a step foward came with ehr words, body tense and coiled to come up and at him...or for him to come down at her...eyes pulsing slowly as a call to her wolves is sent through their link
[17:39] Blade Syakumi chuckled darkly, the scent in the air becoming electric, bristling the hairs on the back of his cold neck. His eye flickered over her, his tongue running over the inside of his teeth, sensing the danger around him. "Ah.. It's Scooby Doo." He said softly, in a mocking tone. "I know far more than the others. They are suckling children." He shifted slightly, his hand running down his thiegh, checking the firmly attached bayonet was still there.
[17:42] Rie Trager sneers at that and for once he would see those long long top and bottom canines. they were a fierce mockery of his own fangs, vicious marks of what she was and she'd move up the hill smoothly, moving to face him....didn't want the leech to take off down the mountain till she'd gotten a few rending swipes in did she. her gaze swept over him, catching that gesture and she'd laugh harshly "afraid of the big bad Wolf" she murmured darkly, voice like velvet sliding along his skin and she'd stretch, joints popping quietly before she refocused on him "get out of the woods and you'll take your life with you"
[17:47] Blade Syakumi snarled softly as she approached him, bringing himself to his feet. "Huff and puff, Fido." He barked a vicious laugh at his own quip, turning to square off with her, the velvet words once more bristling every hair on his body, listening to her joints clicking, responding with a crack to his neck. "Leave now, and I'll let you keep your pretty little head." He retorted, his grey eye becoming sharper and brighter.
[17:51] Rie Trager tilts her head "huf and puff? do i look like a dragon to you Cyclops?" she brushed hair from her eyes, not hardly needing to but more so he could see what he was getting into. they always underestimated her and she'd grin again...this time incisors were lengthening to meet canines as she shifted into a fighting mindset. she was free to be an animal out here and she was goign to use it "you dun seem to understand...leeech. you're not welcome here. i belong, you don't. remember that bit on the docks? double that trouble and that's what you've got here" muscle rolled beneath skin and one hand snaked around her back, seeking out that hidden blade carefully sheathed there. it was a fool thing to carry silver that close to herself but it was still functional as a stake and she'd breathe out again "get out"
[17:56] Blade Syakumi took a cautionary step backwards, and paused for a moment, lowering his stance slightly. He snarled softly, his own razor sharp fangs revealed, his eye flickering over her rippling form. He sighed softly, noticing there was no feesable retreat to the rear. "You look like a mongrel" He snarled, watching her hand move for a blade, his own hand moving to wrap round the hilt of the bayonet on his thigh. "You don't seem to understand either, pup. You have not come accross any of my brethren like me before." He growled, concealing his nerves under bluster. "Back down. And you leave this unharmed."
[18:00] Rie Trager laughs shortly "you all say that and yet you're truly not unique" the mongrel comment eliciting nothing more than a growl that rumbled through her frame...she was done with talk. her woods, her laws and she'd warned him enough. there was no warning, one moment she was ready and the next she'd lashed out...leaping that last few feet between them and one hand held that blade. she was going to stake him, she knew they were stronger but if she could get that blade in she could torture all night. she'd be working to put even her slight weight behind the power she had into a down and stabbing, aiming for that cold dead heart as she dived at him
[18:05] Blade Syakumi growled softly, "No other are a mi-" He let out a yell of surprise as she lep at him. He quickly went to dive to the left, the stake tearing across his right arm; letting out a blood curding snarl of pain, feeling the cold liquid seap down his arm. He lay on the rocks for a moment, dazed from the pain. He went to bring himself to his feet, the left, uninjured arm reaching for the blade once more, meaning to draw it. "Cur!" He snarled, glancing at his arm.
[18:06] Zack Harkness hurrys up the hill, almost stumbling a few times, seeming to have almost sobered up in the run up here. He stops and sees the two forms on the hill near the revine. His shoulders roll and his eyes flash a very feral blue color, "HEY! Fuckstick! What kinda man picks on a woman?!" He had hoped that would take him off his guard so Rie could get a good jab in the leech. He steps forward more, growling, his canines elongating, his facial hair getting darker.
[18:10] Rie Trager laughed, even as she lost the blade as it snared into his arm. she'd been ready to let it go and the angle she'd held it at was useless for actually keeping track of. she didn't worry too much, she knew he carried something and expected him to go for that over anything of her own. she inhales deeply, drawing in the scent of his blood and this time her voice held subtle echos in it "cur? such sweet words you whisper to me in the dark" her eyes seem to pulse with each indrawn breath, pulling that scent of his drawn blood in and fueling her entirely. sleepless, foodless nights forgotten in the victory and while she sensed her wolves nearby she'd be lunging back towards him...preparing to pummel him to death by that alone
[18:10] Rei chases up the hill after Zack, the flat bottom of her cowboy boots causing her to slide on the rocks and she almost falls but catches herself. She takes a few more steps, then pulling off her satches and holding it in her hand. She drops it to the ground and looks around for something heavy, its the woods there has to be some trees branches around that would make a good weapon.
[18:14] Blade Syakumi cursed loudly at the other mongrel running up the hill towards him, quickly followed by another one. "Well this isn't fucking fair.." He growled, backing to the edge of the rock. He snarled at her words, "Oh.. I've only just begun the lullaby of your death.." He snarled, the hint of panic in his voice. His missing eye was evidence enough to the damage he had sustained over his many years of life at the hands of the lycans. He took a deep intake of breath, leaping forward to meet her lunge, blade in hand and aiming at her face, looking to slash at her eyes, figuring disabling her would be his own option in this dire situation, letting out a loud roar as he did.
[18:19] Zack Harkness growls and drops to one knee, his bones begining to crack and shift, his muscls begining to expand, he groans and screams in pain as his body is being torn up and begining to reshape. He rips off his jacket to reviel the thick hairs sprouting across his skin, the skin bubbling and shifitng under it all.
[18:21] Rei grabs the first good size branch she finds and bangs it on the ground. The old wood breaks and she gets angry and just throws down to the ground, "you back the hell off mosquitoe or your fangs will be a necklace."
[18:22] Rie Trager: she catches Zack beginning a shift, cruel smile broadening and then laughter had at Nick's words, how can she not when he whines about fair...and she pays for that. she is distracted for long enough to miss more than his lunge and that blade whips across her eyes, finding purchase there and she screams out in surprised agony. she would collide with him, not in a state to rip and tear but she does try to grip at that biting blade, attempting to turn her face from it even as blood begins to ripple down her face
[18:26] Blade Syakumi bundled into the injured lycan, feeling the faint splatter of blood over his skin, letting out a blood curdling yell of victory as he attempted to pull the blade from her grip. His balance was thrown from the impact with her body, leaving him exposed for a few moments, unaware of the transformation happening behind him, and in his blood lust the yelled words of anger merely a mumble in his mind.
[18:28] Zack Harkness's screams become more gutteral as his face begins to jet out into a muzzle and his pants begin to rip away from his body to making room for his expanding form. His roars of pain begin to subside, the transformation complete. He stands up quickly and lets out a long howl, the most blood curdling thing to hear out in these thickets. His eyes as bright blue as anything staring straight at what the Vampire had done to his friend, his alpha. He bears his fangs as his eyes shift quickly to the leach and begins to approach him, growling, the drool dripping from his maw
[18:29] Rie Trager feels that blade jerk free, more worried about him deciding to use her as a juice boxe jsut then then the blade itself and while she cannot see him just then she bares teeth, snarling fiercely up at him. challenging him even now "what's wrong leech" she'd spit blood and saliva right into his face if he was close enough "afraid of the big bad wolf" a mocking repeat of what she'd said earler and she'd shake her head, splattering blood everywhere as she sought to clear her vision if she could
[18:32] Rei watching her new family getting hurt by this abomination and the broken branch start to get to her and she lets out a loud howl for someone so small and grimaces in pain as she begins to shift. Her feet hurt and she thinks about her boots ripping, she liked them but there was no stopping now.
[18:36] Blade Syakumi glanced found briefly at the howl, blood seaping down his arm, his right hand coated in his own blood. He snarled at the spit, bearing his fangs. He gave another cautionary glance at the approaching figure, using the time to bring the knife to bear once more on the injured lycan, this time in a stabbing motion at its eyes, hoping to disable the monster. "Fucking cur" He yelled as the knife came through the air.
[18:37] Zack Harkness continues his approach. Picking up his pace attempting to grab at the leeches swinging arm and stop him before the blade made a connect and perhaps squeeze his arm and crush it in the process
[18:40] Rie Trager seemed to seek out her two, the howling bringing that hateful smile brief pride. she could feel the Rage channeling through them and the shouting from the leech brings her head around in time to not catch the blade straight in the temple. it lands true though and her sudden shrieks are a mix of animal yelp and human cries of pain. she could feel the blade tear into her and would, even as Zack was aiming for him, bring her own arms up in a blind attempt to stop the blade, blood and that ew juice from the eyeball leaking down her face steadily
[18:42] Rei lets out a loud growl and it is follows by the sound of ripping cloth as her body expands and she grows into the monster.
[18:46] Blade Syakumi let another cry of victory feeling the blade connect, but the howl was cut short as the other lycan connected with him, falling over to one side, leaving the blade attached to the lycan's face. He tried to push the other lycan away, his hand searching for the dropped silver stake, to no avail, his other arm being put under immense pressure by the lycan, turning in an attempt to sink his fangs into the lycan's upper arm, hoping to tear at the muscle with his razor sharp canines.
[18:49] Zack Harkness roars and while still having a hold of his arm flings him back to shake him then flings him forward back to him taking his other hand and attempts to grab hold of the vampire's neck, making sure to keep its mouth away from him. If successful he lifted the vampire up by his throat and stared straight into its eyes
[18:51] Rie Trager cries out again as the blade twists in, feeling the leech be pulled off and her hands move to latch onto that point of agony. blood slicked as it is she manages to get ahold of it and pull it out, more blood following the trails downwards and she'd try to work up onto her knees "Focking Leech" she snarls out. she doesn't move to attack, she couldn't see shit, one eye torn to hell and the other still blinded from the slashing earlier and she crouches there, trying to follow what was going on as best she can
[18:54] Rei's claws dig into the ground and she snarls as the beast swells within her. Hatered for this leech drives her forward as she leaps. She extends her arms hoping to knock the vile creature back.
[18:57] Blade Syakumi snarled at that clawed paw clamped around his neck, he was lifted for a moment off the ground before the other lycan barrelled into the side of him, ripping him, agonizingly from the other's grip. He lay dazed for a moment, spotting the glinting silver of the lycan's stake. He lay on his back, brandishing the stake in the direction of the lycans, suddenly noticing in his terror he was unable to use his abilities, his hatred and fear of these beasts making him forget it all.
[19:01] Zack Harkness growls and steps forward, attempting to step his large foot down on the arm that held the stake. If sucessful he leaned down and growled, slobber dripping on the vampires clothing. He glanced to Rei and then to the Vampire getting ready to rip into the creature
[19:01] Rie Trager laughs harshly, following the sounds around her and the scents. she would run that blade from her eye into the ground, trying to place where Nick has landed and her voice would ripple out "what big eyes you have Grandmother…" it was a taunting hateful thing. something she liked to throw into a leeches face as Wolves bore down upon them. she may not be able to pinpoint him just yet but she could scent his blood trail and would be unaware that he'd gotten ahold of that stake…really unaware of anything but the fact she wanted at him and she'd suddenly lunge at him, blade uptitled to try and rend into him, hoping the others would stay out of her way mostly fi she did get at him
[19:08] Rei rolls and comes back up on her feet and brandishes her teeth at the vampire. The scent of blood drives her and she rips out with a claw at the now less then immaculately dressed vampire, "DIE" is all she can say and even that is gutteral and poorly said.
[19:10] Blade Syakumi growled as his arm was pinned by the paw, still gripping onto the stake. He watched the injured lycan loom over him, the bloody matted face staring down at him. He tried to squirm while pinned, but let out a cry of pain, which was strifled by a gurgle as the blade sank into his gut, blood erupting from his mouth. He stared at the blade in his body for a moment, stunned and shocked with pain, before suddenly letting out another cry of pain as the claws raked down his side, tearing at his jacket, shirt and flesh. Blood quickly seaped through his shirt, turning a large area red very quickly. He struggled to release his grip, if successful he'd aim for the side of the pinning lycan, and turning it on the one that scratched at his flesh, blood dripping down his face.
[19:16] Zack Harkness pressed down harder, a good majority of his body weight pinning his attacking arm down as he quickly goes down and joins Rei at attempting to rip the vampire apart.
[19:18] Rie Trager grins wildly at the success of whatever she'd done. she could feel that blood pour over her hands and would actually bend to sniff at it but the other two would quickly jostle her off the leech. a snarl of agitation had at that but she'd actually try to scramble and recover that blade. it was the best weapon she had just then...that and she knew where Cyclops was. fury radiated off of her at her incapacity to see and how vulnerable it made her. her proximity to the leech meant she was catching claws and that made her snarl out again, this time a warning to her wolves...they could see and she couldn't....any subtle attempts at beating her were not going to go unanswered, damnit!
[19:23] Rei's claw reached back again but as the growl fromher alpha brough through the yells and growls as clear as a bell. There was amoment of hesitation as she back off so not to accidently hurt Rie, though the manouver put her a little off balance and took her focus off her prey.
[19:24] Blade Syakumi yelled out in pain as the clawed at his torso, he glanced at the pinned arm, raising his forearm to drive the silver stake into the cur's upper leg, and if successful was hoping free the pressure on his shoulder, using the momentary lapse from the other lycan to drive his advantage with the stake. The blade still protruded from his chest, hoping to leave it there, in his panic and fury remembering the danger of removing it.
[19:29] Zack Harkness growls and stomped down harder on the man's arm with enough pressure to break it, as he attempted to do just that he glanced to Rie his muzzle covered in blood he growled and grumbled as he backed off by her request.
[19:31] Rie Trager 's fingers would close triumphantly over that blade, oh yes...the Wolf was gonna pull that bish right out! and she would go to yank on it, unable to remember how had she'd stabbed him with it. if freed she'd more than likely try to stab him again, especially with claws not eating her face...he had legs after all, someone gnaw on his legs before he got away! what she hadn't expected was both of them to abandon the leech entirely, leaving her stabbing the creature alone, bad Alpha and her mixed signals
[19:37] Rei leans in and yells at the vampire, her white teeth glistening in the moonlight. Her body crouched down and her toes dig in ready to pounce on the prey if she needed to, waiting for her Alpha's signal.
[19:39] Blade Syakumi cried out in pain as his shoulder popped from the joint under the pressure, dislocated and useless. He was surprised when the pressure was released, but let out a blood curdling cry as the blade was pulled from his chest, another spurt of blood coming from the wound. With the lapse of danger, he reached over with his right arm to the silver stake, and scrambled back on his heels, feeling the blade sink into his leg, crying out once more. "BITCH." He snarled, and pushed himself up, aiming for the other slashed eye with the stake, his leg pinned by his own knife, his strength deminishing with every blow.
[19:41] Zack Harkness Roars, admiring the vampires's drive but this was getting rediculous. He stepped forward
[19:45] Rie Trager: ouch, there was no way that was not going to hurt and the minute that silver slid along rent flesh the screaming started. it was inhuman and her hands would drop the blade she'd been stabbing him with and try to jerk at his own, attempting to stop the ungodly pain. there was no real strength behind the jerking but she might be able to stop him from actually piercing her skull
[19:50] Rei freezes a moment as its the vampire who gets in the blow and not Rie. The unearthly howl sparks her back to action and she digs in her toe, twists her hip and swigs at the vampire for all she was worth. The swing was clumbsy and born of anger instead of hoping for any accuracy but would be stong in an attemp to knock him away from the...her alpha.
[19:53] Blade Syakumi growled softly, twisting the stake once and and then released, taking her screams of pain as a sign of accuracy as he took a blow to the side of his head, slumping onto his back, bleeding profusely from his gut, leg and arm, staring up at the night sky from his single eye, his left arm limp by his side, groaning softly.
[19:55] Zack Harkness roars and looks to Rei to get the Alpha out of here as he approached the Vampire, attempting to step down on its chest and watch the blood pour out from his weight, hear the bones cracking beneath him. He Growled, his eyes filled with rage and blood lust
[19:56] Rie Trager slumps down, hands gripping her face as she tries not to black out entirely. she manages to remain upright long enough to see them go after the leech but not by much and with a last shuddering whine she collapsed, pain claiming her and the link would blink out like a light...still there but disconnected
[20:01] Rei's instincts want her to go after the vampire, to feel his cold dead flesh in her claws and she growls at Zack in protest. Then wehen Rie falls back she uses all the control she had learned to step back and moves to pick up the injured packmate and letting Zack work out his earlier frustrations on the leech.
[20:04] Blade Syakumi groaned softly, feeling bones in his chest give way, blood gurgling from mouth as he began to black out himself, his vision beginning to blur and distort, looking up at the face above him, a half-witted smirked on his face.
[20:06] Zack Harkness growled louder, his bright blue eyes focused down on him. He tilted his head, if he had the proper vocal capacity would he have some choice words. He bent down and attempted to grab him by his neck once more and if he was successful he would walk over to the side and dangle him over, ready to drop him to the depths below. He stared into his eyes, the rage burning inside.
[20:07] Rie Trager was unconcious and bleeding and at Rei's mercy
[20:10] Blade Syakumi chuckled weakly, spraying blood in the lycan's face, unable to fight being picked up by the neck, glancing half down at the water below, smirking at the sight of the alpha lycan injured and out cold. "Fuck you. Fuck the lot of you. I hope she dies." He hissed in his grip.
[20:11] Rei holds the unconscious form against her and backs away from the vampire, but not before letting out a loud howl of anger at him. It was meant to serve as a warning and a call that the woods were not his domain and his kind were not welcome. Then goes to leave with her charge.
[20:11] Zack Harkness tilts his head and almost looked like a smirk appear on his face as he throws his arm forward a bit and lets the vampire plunge downward
[20:16] Blade Syakumi snarled as he was released, falling towards the water, and plunging beneath the surface, leaving nothing by a diminishing black coat and a crimson stain spreading across the surface.
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A fight in the woods...
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