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 Unholy Sacrifice

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David Hammerthall

David Hammerthall

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PostSubject: Unholy Sacrifice   Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:10 pm

Body left in the forest, near a boulder, with a bloody smiley face graffiti. Head obliterated, otherwise body in tact. No fingerprints left. Boy carries ID, resident of Seattle.

Connor Dyszel was hunched over, looking into the Internet cafe, since it was closed, and geeking out of the decor. "Sweet! Silent Hill!... I wonder if that's paint or a decal." He tilts his head to once side as if trying to figure it out. He shoved his hair over his should with a frustrated sound and bent in another direction checking out the other posters on the walls.

David Hammerthall marches, angrily. Damn nasty funk the man's been in, days of searching for a specimen to no avail, women going missing who would need only utter his name and he could have liberated them... ignoring his grace, the people of this damn town starting to grate his nerves, keeping them raw. Acts of supreme carnal violence feeding into his need for blood, the idea and notion of giving into his divine impulses only slickening the thirst, keeping his evil intentions primed. He rounds the corner, and stops dead in his tracks. How old was this lad... dressed in a damned english flag hoodie. That demanded poor taste, insofar as David was concerned. Probably a god damned Dr. Who fan... probably ain't smelled a pussy in his life. Potential. David might get caught standing there, studying the lad.

Connor Dyszel glanced over catching something out of the corner of his eye, the raised a brow at the well dressed guy coming down the street. Then frowned some at the cigarette. Air pollution. Nasty. He cleared his throat, "Ah... do you happen to know when this place opens?" maybe this guy was a resident of this town. Conner lifted a hand to shove his hair out of his face again, fuck this he was going to cut it no matter what Jay said.

David Hammerthall tosses his cigarette, grinning, "Well son, I'm not sure. Wish I could help you, I really do...but they keep irregular hours." His angry expression evaporated, and in it's place forms something open, friendly, inviting. He looks around the boy's form, above his head, to his immediate left then right, "Uh... " he laughs something harmless and seemingly uneasy, "This is going to sound weird... wait where are my manners? " he steps closer, extending his hand, "I'm Father David, of the Church of Our Sacred Mother... how are you today, son?"

Connor Dyszel instantly smiled and took the offered hand, "It's nice to meet you Da- er.. Father David." He wasn't quite sure what the Church of Our Sacred Mother was.. but respect where it's due. This guy sure as hell didn't strike him as the priestly type, "I'm Connor Dyszel. Starving artist and poor college student rolled up into one." He was grinning all cheesy like. "It's nice to meet you, I can't say I've ever heard of your church though.. is it a new denomination?"

David Hammerthall smiles, "Oh no, it's a very well established catholic church in Seattle, I'm here on mission." he shakes the lad's hand firmly, "Pleasure to meet you son... and as I was saying this.... this might sound odd but...." he looks around the young man again, as if viewing an aura, "has anyone ever told you that you've the light of god about you?" His smile broadens, white honest smile, "And what a coincidence, I used to be a musician myself, before I got my true calling to serve..."

Connor Dyszel brows went up. "I... I do?" He wasn't so sure about that. What would God want with him? He was just some loser from Seattle. "I dunno... I think you might have me confused with someone else." He was grinning now, shoving his hands into his hoodie pockets. "I mean.. I'm just a normal guy.. I play the guitar and sing a little... I play way to many video games." he shrugged, but didn't walk away.

David Hammerthall puts a firm hand on the young man's shoulder, "We are all precious in his sight... Trust me, when I got my calling I was deep in sin. Women, drugs.... Tell me, son... are you struggling with money, does life seem hard to you?" he levels a gaze with the guy, air thickening about him slightly, enough to push out his scent, nothing threatening, not to entice, but to trigger a relaxation in the boy. "We all fall short of his glory... but for each of us, He has a special plan and, I think I may have found my reason for coming to this town... What is your name, my son?"

Connor Dyszel eyes wide he nodded, "Yeah! I mean I have this part time job but it doesn't really help much, gets' me ramen to live on." He was grinning again, not realizing that he was being pulled into this trap. He felt calm relaxed, there was a bit of recognition in his eyes, "Conner Sir, aren't you that musician guy I saw in the news? The one from the band that got signed!" He had an excited tone in his voice, wow! To be in this guys presence! "Is that why you left?"

David Hammerthall raises both brows. Should have expected that, and hell, fantastic, it should sell this all the easier, "Yes, Connor... " he shakes the lad's shoulder lightly, "You know... Hardship comes to those who walk outside of His... wholesome glory, and when success comes, well lad, it comes at a horrible price." he nods, as if now certain, "Connor, I believe... and hear me out..." he raises an open palm, "as Christ as my witness, I believe God has sent me to you... to testify. To tell you my story... and to free you from the wrong path."

Connor Dyszel by this point he was following every word, every nuance, and was completely under the thrall of the man holding onto his shoulder. "You think so? I mean, I only came out here cause it was the cheapest ticket on the ferry and I was bored out of my mind.." He wavered some, frowning slightly. "You don't think it's a coincidence?"

David Hammerthall slowly shakes his head, "No... You know, I used to believe in coincidences, used to reason..." that raised open palm wipes across the air, "everything away, every sign and call until.. I hit rock bottom. I shouldn't have survived but... Connor, I know how this sounds... but an angel came to me... said that I had used the gifts God had bestowed on me for greed, for lust... and I learned that night that we brush off His beckonings... You're not alone in this way of thinking, I assure you. Some days I wonder 'why me? Why would you accept and forgive me?' You see, I strayed so far.. well, you know." he laughs, looking ashamed, lowering his gaze, "You know what kind of life I walked away from. Does that not speak to you, all that I gave up? Let me buy you a cup of coffee, just take a moment of your time... what would it hurt?" He then flashes the boy a hopefilled smile.

Connor Dyszel looked doubtful at first, if not hesitant, but as David continued to talk he started too look more interested, less thoughtful, and more excited, by the time the smooth talker had gotten to the bit out coffee Conner was eager to share more details. "Yeah! No that would be great!" He was grinning from ear to ear, "Uh... does this town have a starbucks?"

Blaise Mistwalker pauses on the sidewalk as she sees people up ahead, blocking her path. Under normal circumstances it would be no big deal, but things were at that point again on their not so sleepy little island. She squints, vaguely recognizing David from the bar. To proceed or detour, that was the question. With a faint shake of her head she edges forward, then steps out into the street to give the two a bit of a berth. "It might be Washington, but we're not /that/ modern," she calls out, in response to the Starbucks question that wasn't even directed at her.

David Hammerthall chuckles, "See, now if I were baptist, I'd likely say starbucks is of the devil!" he laughs, hooks an arm around the lad's shoulders and starts to guide him, "No, but there is a very peaceful cafe just around the corner. Hearing Blaise he laughs again, "Yeah, this place has it's quaint charm. Come on... I get paid by the church, so... this coffee.." he pats the lad's shoulder with his free hand, "Is on our Heavenly Father."

Connor Dyszel looked a little nervous as he was guided around by David. He did look the short, dark haired woman over with a mild, interested eye, but hey who turns down free coffee? "Really? They pay you? I thought priests took a vow of poverty or something?" Being raised in a large city, quiet towns were something of a mystery for him. He followed the priestly man nearly with out question.

David Hammerthall shakes his head, "We all take different vows... I just took the vow of celibacy recently. And, well, it's a salary of sorts. I'm not Saint Francis, after all. A man, even a man of God, has to eat doesn't he? They call it an allowance."

Blaise Mistwalker snorts with a soft chuckle, glancing over at the two as she heads for the door of Hack the Planet. Church paying for coffee? What a crock of shit. But she keeps her mouth shut, and only her expression relies her thoughts on the matter as she goes to unlock the door. "You two be careful, coffee is hot and yanno, it burns, and shit."

Connor Dyszel nodded, that made sense, didn't it? He glanced at the woman again, brows up, then looked back at David. Only slightly worried about the obscenities. "Uh.. that does make since, Sir." He was still a little uncomfortable referring to him as 'Father' but Sir would do right? He followed along like a diligent sheep, taking a seat at one of the red tables. "How did you become a priest? Am I supposed to be one?" He was slightly confused but still in the mans thrall.

David Hammerthall gives a graceful wave of a gesture, offering the lad a seat as he took his own, "I'm not sure... Connor. And feel free to call me David. See, thing is, I'm certainly no prophet. I feel the urge to share with you my story, and from there..." he taps the table before the lad, "It will be on you to reconcile your relationship..." he then points up, "with big guns upstairs." he chuckles. "Well, when I was young my mother passed... I was raised by my grandmother who, for the most part, was an alcoholic. She does love Christ, she just struggles, and she did the best she could. I spent most of my days in the church. I went to a catholic school, was an alter boy, choir... you name it and so fervent was I that I went straight out of highschool and right into seminary. After a few years though I gave into temptation... and I left the church. I think... it was my walk in the desert. Are you familiar with Christ's walk in the desert, son?"

Connor Dyszel listened to every word, almost handing on them. He nods, brows up, "Yeah, I was raised baptist though." He shrugged so he didn't know much at all of how David's church worked. "Does that matter?" He was a little nervous now, it's not everyday you had a local celebrity talk to you about changing your life.

David Hammerthall shakes his head, "No, son... God is in every church. As is corruption of the spirit, but that... is brought in by men." A barista walks out, David orders a tall coffee, black. She nods, looking to Connor for his order, "Look at me.... all this metal in my face... my tattoos not even a habit could cover the obviously worldliness that I once was. And I'm not ashamed. It took those needles, countless lovers, drugs and wrath to truly bring me to him. This is where.... I think you have one over on me. I think it's possible that you might come back to God and not have to suffer as I did to know, and believe..." that last word he said with sovereign severity, " in him. Of course... that's up to you isn't it? And I'm not here to change your mind today, this is... something you should dwell on, and dare I say.... pray on? You see, when we ask for answers God doesn't always hit us with it. Sometimes... it takes time for His plan to unfold."

Connor Dyszel gave a half smile as David reassured him that it didn't matter. He looked up at the waitress with a shy smile, "Er.. just water for me thanks, with lime if you've got it?" okay so maybe he was a bit of a hipster...but so far he was rather impressed with the charismatic individual in front of him. This guy had gone through so much, and still came out of it a truly good man. God fearing and kind. "Yeah, yeah I had a youth counselor that had a pretty rough past, but you make his life sound like a cake." Conner tucked his hair behind an ear and leaned forward some. "So.. how do I change, I mean, I've never done anything really wrong, some fights, sticking up for Jay, but other that.. I don't really do much."

David Hammerthall chuckles, the quick little barista returning with their orders. David pays, tipping modestly, "Well... I'll tell ya. Turning the other cheek doesn't mean not defending yourself, or others. Christ, as a child, he was in quite a few scuffles himself...." he then blinks, as if recalling something divine, "Say... you know what? Conner I've walked this island... and one day, I came across this cave. I kid you not, when I did, I thought I saw a light within it and, well... I got this hunch you know? I go in, just listening to the spirit in me, and.... I might have found a holy relic, here.... in Washington state of all places." and he seemed genuinely enthused, "It was amazing, these caves are lit by these glowing crystals, like nothing I've ever even heard of. I've written the church, as we missionaries are meant to do, and I was asked to seek out a witness. See the catholic church has so much red tape and before they will send a team here to legitimize the artifact, there are processes... You wouldn't consider being a witness for me, would you?" his voice sounds hopeful, "Maybe write up a letter stating what you see for me, so I can get this ball rolling? It would be a serious help to me, and possibly to the catholic community at large..."
Connor Dyszel smiled as his water was set in front of him. He lifted it to his lips after stuffing the lime down into it and giving it a quick stir with his straw. He took a long pull from the glass, nearly drinking all of it, letting out a sigh. "That was good, thank you Sir." He still hadn't called him by just the mans first name. His eyes went wide again as he listened to the 'priests' re-account of the relic, excitement showing in him, "You mean I could see it? And not just in a book of some kind?" he was nearly ready to launch himself up and jog to the location, "I would love to help you.. really!" He reached into his pocket pulling out a hair tie and made quick work of throwing his hair up. Oddly enough in a messy bun, but hell he was tired of it getting in his face.

David Hammerthall stands, lifting his drink, "Looks like this coffee is togo... " he laughs. "Sure and we should get going before we get stuck out there in the dark. I don't much like the woods at night. Creepy stuff." He waves for the lad to follow, "And I'm glad you're excited. If this proves to be a true artifact, it could be the greatest theological find in nearly fifty years for the church, and it would be justifiable cause to raise a church here in this town. Heaven knows, they could use a little faith around here." He starts to lead the way, and while walking the trail, he regals the lad with his years in Seminary, what it's like to not have to worry about where your next meal will come from, or where you'll rest your head, saying, "Matthew 7:11, If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?"

Connor Dyszel downed the last of his water, grinning as he stood, moving along behind the priest, throughly enjoying the hike. He didn't know there was such beautiful country side in Washington, it was obvious he didn't get out of the city much. Especially as he stumbled over roots, sticks, and his converse. "This place is beautiful!" once they reached the mouth of the cave he looked a little nervous, "Uh.. my iphone has no signal, but I have a great flashlight ap!"

David Hammerthall raises his brows, "Yes, God's country out here... truly awe inspiring." he approaches the cave, then starts to emanate his scent, to relax the lad, "Oh, good..." he pats himself down, "I'm not carrying a flashlight... see.... even in the form of an ap, God doth provide." he chuckles then waves for the boy to, "C'mon... stay close, and watch your step this is rather rough cut this tunnel."

Mama Brigitte followed the two males, silently again, her body seeming to phase through the trees, grass, the very rocks.. Not a rustling bush or a crackling twig would betray her presence.. but still there was that feeling, that subtle scent, which she could not hide for all her talents... She paused as they entered a chamber of the cave... just listening..

Connor Dyszel felt calm, even chipper as he stuck close to the priest. "Yeah, you're right." He was grinning as he turned the ap on and gave them a fair amount of illumination, enough they wouldn't have to worry about tripping, though Conner was so busy looking down he forgot to watch the ceiling, and knocked himself a little silly once. He grumbled, but didn't curse, rubbing his head he walked with a hunch after that, "You weren't kidding Father David, this is a rough tunnel!" when he steps out and into the mouth of the cave his eyes went wide, "Wow." he gasped, "This is beautiful." and it was, the way the crystals glowed a bright shade of green...that kind of reminded him of TMNT:Secret of the Ooze. Cool.

David Hammerthall spreads his arms, "Feel that... holy energy!" amping up his own seductive essence, magnified by this place which fed and returned both light and dark, "Just like in the book of Luke verse 19, many of Jesus’ disciples were praising Him and the pharisees there told Jesus to rebuke them, and Jesus said, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Here... this place... it cries out to you, can you feel it son?" he paces deeper into the cavern, "The artifact... is right over here...." and as he moves to his shrine, he points to the small statue of woman and child, "Look, Connor.... the Madonna." Of course he fails to mention she is the Black Madonna, and when Connor would lay eyes on the small statue, the desire to be near to it would consume him, she radiated her own draw, it felt comforting, as if laying naked in the arms of a lover, providing a glow internal that no Son of Adam could resist. The more a man was a stranger to this feeling the more drawn he would be, "Look on her, son. She beckons you to pray… can't you feel it?" David's reverence, fervent love for the icon could be felt, true, no falsehood at all, and was contagious.

Mama Brigitte cocked her head as David began to speak of god and theology... Her mouth tightened.. she'd been alive long enough to wonder what it was he spoke of... The Black Madonna... Brigitte, the woman she'd been named for.. Curiosity got the better of her and, her glamour fading in the darkness until it would be essential to use again, she crept on all fours like an animal to become closer, to inspect the two men, attracted to the wonder of what they were doing and curious as to the mysteries they would reveal..

Connor Dyszel followed along behind the priest, his eyes wandering the room however, still in awe of the crystals. An intense desire to move forward filled him, and he stumbled with it. In his guileless blue eyes a determination grew. And he climbed the rocks with a surprising grace and looked down upon the statuette. He felt that reverent need to fall to his knees before her, it had taken over him. "S-she's beautiful." His eyes were wide once more as they shifted from the Black Madonna to David, completely unaware of the creature skulking in the darkness, who bore witness to the scene unfolding before her. "C-can I?" he asked his voice low, curious.

David Hammerthall climbs closer and settles into the shallow pit, turning to help Connor, and once the lad is nearer he turns fully too him, taking the young man's face into his grip, a hand on either cheek, "You can feel her, can't you son? Our Holy Mother... she's calling to you..." he turns around the young man, placing a hand on his shoulder, leaning to say near to the boy's ear, "She loves you... can't you hear her call to you? She wants your heart. Will you give it to her?" The air about them starts to stir, the energy of this place surging. The Madonna draws Connor's soul to her, "Nearer... nearer" you could almost hear a woman's voice whisper, elegant, soultry… beckoning… "Come closer, love me, feel me, give yourself over to me..."

Mama Brigitte creeps slowly forward, and peers down at the men.. .Her upper lip curls in what might even be jealously as David took Connor's face.. but she contains herself. That is not what she is here for. She peers down at the men, her head turning as she felt the moving airs, her upper lip lifting as the energies began to attune outside her realm of resonance.. She begins to hum, quietly, both to ease the dischord of her presence, and to comfort herself such as swallowing or chewing gum on an airplane ride.. Still she lurks, silent, undecectable save for that delectable scent.. and watches, her huge black eyes intent on the two...

Connor Dyszel blinked, eyes clouding as that need, that want took him over with every whispered desire of the statuette before him. Dimly, there on the edge of his consciousness before it was completely overwhelmed with the desire to fall on his knees, he caught a scent, but his human nose was unable to differentiate between it and the musty smells of the cave and his will was consumed by a desire to serve. He stumbled forward falling to his hands and knees bore the statue babbling incoherently, though random bits of his words could be understood, "take....Mother.....give.." the rest was a jumble of syllables and sounds, half formed and lost in his need to give himself to worship. He had forgotten about the priest, and why he was here, about his life, his desire, everything was gone from his heart, his mind, his soul but the desire to give himself to the Dark Mother.

David Hammerthall 's eyes darken, his face slowly grows into a mask of madness, pure horrid lunacy and delight, even his cock stirs, the rush of blood lust hardening him. Before the young man, the little statue moves, hollow eyes opening to peer into him. "Connor... my love, come with me into our eden..." and in the boy's eyes the infant in her arms disappears, she grows, clothes melting off of her presenting pale, glorious flesh... hair as fiery as the sun spills about her form as serpents writhe and slip about her feet, slither up her succulent thighs. Her arms outstretch towards the boy, the goddess, needing him, wanting him... David turns his head, looking into the darkness behind him, knowing..... who was there. He lifts a finger over his grinning lips, a call for silence, as if it mattered now. Bending, his hand reaches for a stone... and finds one large enough to barely fit in his grasp.

Mama Brigitte 's eyes widen, extremely interested in the change that floods through David.. Her eyes are intent, imploring him to continue, wishing to see the culmination of what he was dong tonight.. Maybe then she would know, to understand.. The infant, tears stream down her face as she'd never been able to bear.. Her teeth bare, a soft snarl escaping her and stifled just as David called for silence, her eyes intent on the stone, the boy, the man... intent.. fascinated.. silent...

Connor Dyszel scrambled forward on his hands and knees, arms going about the statuette as she reached for him, calling for him. Blindly he fell into that stone embrace, tears streaming down his cheeks. His senseless babbling only increasing as he was devoured by the darkness and power that flooded filling the cave, the man, stealing away the innocence that was held with in him. Connor was on the cusp of life, unspoiled, clean, and kind but all of that fell away as he fell into those arms. He could feel her reaching into his soul and drinking that innocence from him, sipping on it like a fine wine. He was claimed hers. He hadn't heard the sounds echoing of the walls of the cave, that growling from the she creature, nor the softer sounds of David lifting a rock. His entire being had been held captive by her darkness...

David Hammerthall holds Brigittes gaze, his form growing before her, taller... about his head a light begins to radiate, a red soft glow forming into an unholy halo, crowning him, and as this transpires he licks his lips, a beguiling grin made more specious by his skilled tongue. With a pucker of his lips he turns... slowly stepping to the boy, his expensive loafers sounding on the stone floor, barely audible over the sound of growing chanting that always accompanied David's particular brand of malice. The goddess embraces Connor, pushing down and away his jeans and pulls him into her... gasping as she does. Her legs wrap around his thighs and now bare ass, just as David stands over the pair. He raises the stone with both hands, ceremoniously, then growls, "In your honor, Mother, this sacrifice....." and with a roar the stone flies down, bashing into the young man's skull. The visage of the woman, the goddess, disappears, disperses like so much smoke, but her laughter, her shrills, can be heard by any ears echoing throughout the caves. Down again comes the stone, cracking the boy's skull open, exposing brain matter, and again, crunching sloshing sounds of apparent doom echoes as well through the cavern. David rights himself, leans back... breathing in the smell of the blood... then lifts the stone before his countenance. He marvels at the sticky sweet blood before lapping the stone with a long, savoring taste.

Mama Brigitte froze, unknowing until that moment that he could actually detect her.. so many were so blind.. She watched, not trying to hide herself, huge black eyes, lavender skin scored with multiple deep and horrible scars.. She tilted her head as an animal did when curious, though she was no animal.. Her own aura might mingle with his, adding her own uncanny resonance, unbeknownst to the victim, but sensible to David... She merely seems perplexed at the noise of the stone effigy, seeming confused as to what they noted in a hunk of carven rock. But still she was silent, until the boy's head cracks open. Then she crouches down low, trying to deny the scent, covering her ears and wailing a high pitched cry so she would not give into the desire to partake in... she knew not what...

Connor Dyszel had not expected to be pulled into her, but his body arched, eyes closed and he cried out. He did not witness the transformation of the man he thought had been a priest of God, nor did he see or hear anything from the she creature that watched the proceedings... A shock of pleasure jolted through his system as quick an as hot as the sudden pain that followed it. The stone down hard and a scream rang out from him echoing off the walls- he coughed spitting out the blood as the rock came down a second tim- killing him and splitting his head like an over ripe melon.

David Hammerthall bends, hands holding the strength of multiple men, and tears the skull of his victim open, pulling out the brain matter as a man might clean out the husk of a coconut. Carefully, he reaches to his vest pocket, pulling at a tucked hankerchef, and opens it, revealing a gorgeous gold necklace, strewn with beaded stones, and a pendant bearing the symbol of the ankh. This he pushes into the cavern of the man's skull, soaking it in the blood that was filling the cavity. He whispers, his voice far deeper than humanly possible, words in a rough, beautiful, but clearly demonic language. It was a prayer or a ritual. Rising, he kicks the corpse, sending it sailing some twenty or so feet away, and he hardly put any effort into it. Moving to the sacred statue, which now appears normal spare it's eyes are alive, and watching him, he bends and adorns it with the blood dripping necklace, "Mother... I love you. I pray you, imbue this item with your grace. May the wearer of it be sheltered from your wrath. As God showed you no mercy, I pray you, show mercy to whomsoever should wear this. Protect them from yourself, from your holy vengeance, from the will of my Holy Father Lucifer. Show mercy, that which is beyond Yaweh, yours alone to give, Mother of Us All, the First Woman." He then bends, kissing the statue. A sigh can be heard, and those eyes return to common stone. David remains there, kneeling, in silences there after.

Mama Brigitte inhales sharply as she sees the symbol. She wasn't born yesterday after all.. "Eternal.." she breathed, looking at David with a new suspicion, and new calculation glimmering in her huge black eyes.. She notes the halo crowning his noble head, and her lips tighten.. It were more than she was worth to allow herself to be taken by him... She begins to slink away... Then the name of the Holy Father was uttered. Her tongue cleaved to the roof of her mouth, her limbs froze, and she shivered there, helpless as a lamb, in wait for whatever the servant of the Father would request of her, if he did so before she could build the power to escape him...

David Hammerthall rises.... slowly, his masquerade, the voice of his host, returning to him, a rich and powerful baritone, "Mama..... Brigitte...." he roars, his voice carrying command and power, "I call you forth... do not shrink from me, beast of the earth..." His dark eyes seem to carry no movement one could discern, as his head turns her way.
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PostSubject: Re: Unholy Sacrifice   Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:20 pm

Father David says, "I'll hear your sins... little girl."

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Unholy Sacrifice
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