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 Blood - Breakfast of Champions

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: Blood - Breakfast of Champions   Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:37 pm



Demon Blood - Demon blood is essentially human blood because the demon needs a human host in order to survive. Snacking on a demon will grant you the same nourishment as a human.

Fae Blood - Tastes sweet. Very nourishing. Gives the vampire a sort of high, can cause hallucinations, or put them in a state of euphoria. This can impair the vampire's senses, depending on your character. Fae blood is very addictive.

Wolf Blood - The ultimate Red Bull. Makes you more powerful for a short time. Powers are easier to use. Strength, speed are increased. Wounds heal much faster.

Witch Blood - More nourishing and 'lighter' than a regular human's blood. You can take more and store for a longer period of time. This makes the blood very prized as it requires less feeding.

Human Blood - Mmmm, people. Human blood is, and will always be, the fount of life for vampires. More readily available, easier to come by. A vampire can not survive solely on the blood of other races. It needs human blood in order to remain animated.

Vampire Blood - Almost an act of sex for some. Very intimate. May allow for the exchange of memories. It's a pleasurable experience. Some vampires have a weakness in their blood that makes them irresistible to other vampires. Others carry a weakness that makes them unpalatable.

Blood from a blood bank - Once the blood leaves the body it is no longer 'alive'. Blood from a blood bank or 'bagged' blood will make you weaker. You will remain awake and animated, but you will grow weaker to the point that your stats are the similar to a regular human.

Blood from an animal - Animal blood is much the same as blood from a blood bank, though the effects of weakness take longer. Blood from animals will fill you up, but powers will eventually wane.


How Often? The vampire only needs to feed once every two weeks, but that's pushing the envelope. Essentially, that's going from a full tank to fumes. If you have a character that's prone to frenzy, probably one shouldn't wait that long.

How Much? Only a pint will do the trick.

The Kiss is what most vampire's refer to the act of feeding. A vampire naturally has the gift to put a human in a state of pleasure. This is why we have blood dolls - humans who are addicted to the act of being victimized. The act of penetration of fang on flesh yields no pain, unless of course that vampire has that as a weakness.

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Blood - Breakfast of Champions
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