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 Even Serial Killers Vote

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Keliah Angelis

Keliah Angelis

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PostSubject: Even Serial Killers Vote   Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:36 pm

[21:41] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) steps into the front room of City Hall, giving a brief shove of her sleeve up her wrist - what time was it? She should have done this eons ago, but hey? Time is time. She doesn't bother waving - because there is no secretary to man the desk. But she does quietly call, "Kismet?" The Librarian. Was she about? "It's time to count the ballots?"

[21:43] Kismet Farstrider pushes the door to the library open and nods, "Of course! Let me just grab my glasses!" She had to pretend to be human of course, and what sexy librarian didn't have glasses? She pulled them from her inner pocket and slipped them on. "I am ready when you are."

[21:44] Marshal: would open the doors, stepping in to the sight of two lovely women as a smile spread across his face. "Hello ladies, figured I'd come to view the counting of ballots if you don't mind." He chuckled, "Couldn't just sit around waiting. Was kind of nervous actually, I hope you don't mind." He would turn and nod to Kel.

[21:47] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) 's brow inches upwards at the glasses. I mean, who was she kidding? Then her brows knit - was Kismet pretending for her sake? Did she think Keliah was a human? Her mouth curls briefly at the thought, figuring Xander or someone else would have blabbed it all over town by now. Thora, too. When Marshal ducks in, she turns around. and gives him a half-smile. "I knew you were the type who liked to watch, Marshal." Hey, maybe she shouldn't give the fae any ideas. She was outmanned here. Plucking the key to the ballot box out of her coat pocket, she heads into the wee office and unlocks it, taking out wads of cards.

[21:51] Kismet Farstrider caught the movement of Keliah's brow and had to dip her head down to hide a smile. She was almost positive that Xander had shared with his deputy that she was Fae, but then again he was pissed at her so he could have told everyone who wasn't human by now. She followed the stunning red head into the office and took up a post on one side of the desk, patiently waiting for her half of the ballots. She lifted a brow looking over their Mayoral candidate, and smiled politely.

[21:53] Marshal: arched an eyebrow over the top of his glasses, "Depends, Deputy Angelis. You giving me something to watch?" He would flash her a large grin before following after her, watching as she took out a number of cards. He noticed the other woman staring at him, the local librarian whom he'd already met. He gave her a large smile and inclined his head to her, watching her from behind his shades. "Well, let's get to it then."

[21:55] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) without ceremony, she just divvies up the pile, glancing briefly at Marshal, then Kismet. Mostly at Kismet. The woman is a sidhe, afterall. Their elegance sort of commands the eyes. "A pity Xander isn't here." She says. Is it really? "Marshal, you know once you become Mayor, you become my boss - that means you'll have to sexually harass myself and Xander equally." Fluttering her lashes; taking stabs at humor. "And here you go..." She pushes half the divvie'd pile towards Kismet and then collects her own. "Shall we make use of the conference table?"

[21:59] Kismet Farstrider takes up her pile and laughs, "Does that make him my boss as well? or am I safe from his advances?" She refrained from commenting on Xander's presence... she's pretty sure that he would take her stack to make sure she wasn't lying... Men. "Conference table it is. Lead the way."

[22:03] Marshal: snorted at Kel, "I think Xander gets more then enough harassment on a daily basis. Besides, he's got enough on his plate. " He would then chuckle and eye Kismet, "No, but I'll be sure to check up on you and make sure you aren't slacking. Knew a librarian like that once." With a grunt he moves and takes a seat, watching the women silently.

[22:05] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Actually, yes." She says to Kismet, her tone sober and grave - then a wink. Passing through the door, shoes soft on the creaky floors with her footfalls - always moving with intent. "No, Marhshal - she is under your employ, too. All the municipals are - that means you will get to fix all of our problems. We all know you are going to win this thing. I mean Tony let his whore launder money..." Eyeroll. Sweeping her hands beneath her bottom for the sake of her skirt, she folds one leg over the other, and proceeds to examine ballot #1 with a smirk. "Here's mine. I voted for you," Picking up the other...

[22:10] Kismet Farstrider lips curled up into a smirk. Oh she was going to have fun torturing their new Mayor... how could she not? She set her ballots on the table, pulled out a chair, and looked over the first one. "This ones is for him as well. So that's two votes for you Mr. Hawke." She pause, "Oh, and they also want you to "Change. Tourism. Fishing Industry. Local Business boost. Rebuild Rebuild Rebuild. Commerce. Municiple staffing." Should you win." She was grinning at that.

[22:13] Marshal: can't help but let out a chuckle, "Money laundering. After this is done, we should at least so to it that they are completely looked into so that we can file some charges against them." He looked up with a small smile, a spark of his former Law Enforcement days still inside of him as he watched her and let out another chuckle. "Well, I appreciate the vote. Don't expect a pay raise." He would turn to look at the librarian with a frown, she seemed to have a dark look in her eye. "Ah, I see. Well, we'll have to see about staffing the Library then." He would reply with a chuckle, "But that's another vote for me. Great to hear. Makes a man happy to know there's hope for a town."

[22:15] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "I can't disagree with that. Poor Alex..." Glancing front and back at her next card. "This one is also for you - and like Kismet's, it says that they'd like to see more housing." Her brows raise briefly. "Good luck with that. There's so much park here - regulations, regulations, regulations..." Humans were so complicated with their laws.

[22:18] Kismet Farstrider: "Staffing the Library?" She lifted a delicately arched brow. "I believe it is staffed, and actually I had a young man interested in a part time position." She sniffed, really did he think that she would let him make a mess of her library? Crazed man. She turned a smile towards Keliah, "Perhaps at least a second boarding house? Or even a hotel? It seems all the places available are no longer that?" She lifted the next ballet, and smiled at the name. It was that handsome new mechanics... what a dreamy hunk! "Here's another vote for you Mr. Hawke. Ren would like you to be a better Mayor than Tony..shouldn't be too difficult." She set it into a small pile she'd decided was his, and flipped over her next ballot.
[22:20] Marshal: inclined his head, "Well, we'll figure something out regarding housing. Some of these houses are kind of small." He smirked, leaning back in his chair before chuckling at Kel's pile. "Well, that's good to know. But I'll do my best to do even better then that." He would turn to Kismet and chuckle, "Not if we get a bigger library."

[22:22] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Well, the boarding house is privately owned - but perhaps a hotel would be a welcomed addition." Glancing at Marshal. Perhaps he might enlist a local entrepreneur to build here. "Should have seen the last library we had..." The statement drifts and then she smartly glances up - then around. Ha! Another memory found. The old, ancient library! How tall it had been - taller than anything else in the old town. She flips one card away from Marshal's stack. "Ah, someone wrote in for Caine Debs." Eyeroll.

[22:25] Kismet Farstrider blinks some, "Isn't that a fox?" She chuckled softly shaking her head, "A bigger library... would be fantastic... and if we had one, we would certainly need more staff!" She was all smiles, until she flipped her next ballot over. Her eyes went wide, and she gasped softly, "Holy Shit!" her soft pink tongue made a trip over her lips as she continued. "I Have another vote for you Mr.Hawke..." She looked up from the ballet, then between the two seated with her. "The King County Killer votes for you, and would like for you to die." If she could go any paler, she would, but with a shaky hand she offered the Ballot to Keliah with out her having to ask for it.

[22:30] Marshal: arches an eyebrow, "Who is Caine Debs?" He would then turn to Kismet and give her a wide smile, "Yes, a bigger library would do--," he was cut off at her sudden exclamation. He furrowed his eyebrows, leaning forward with a frown as he looked over to Kel. "Well, at least our killer knows how to exercise his voting rights. That and he apparently doesn't like Mayor Tony." He gives Deputy Angelis a large smile, "Thats when you know things are bad." Despite the humor, he let out a sigh and frowned. "Give the card to Deputy Angelis, have her file it away as evidence. Have it in forensics and let me know what you find."

[22:32] Aeryssa (tori.nolan): [ Tori stepped off the ferry, the night air cloaked over her form like the arms of her lover, nestling to her and permeating her very being. She inhaled, the coughed, the scent of pine filled her nose and she sniffed, slightly turned off by the good ole fresh mountain air, she missed the scent of pavement and fear that the city offered aplenty. Making her way down the cobbled pavement, careful steps in the latest heels from Milano, she arrived all too quickly at the blue doors to City Hall. A well polished and manicured hand pressed the door open, calling out "I'm here, someone please tell me there is something stronger than Kool-aid to drink."

[22:37] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "I also have another write-in," She declares. "For a Mayor McCheese." Her mouth thins, unamused. Very unamused. "Don't people take this shit seriously?" Pause. "Hmph...wants you to stop the Hamburgler...who ever that is." The card is no longer amusing once Kismet reads off her next one. Keliah sits up a little straighter, "Fuck." As softly spoken as the word is, clearly she is frustrated. Either because the real King County Killer had something to do with it or it's a prank. "Woah there." She says, pinching the end of the card as to not get any more prints on it, looking it over. She reaches for her phone and quickly dials the station, "Mcgee? Hey, bring an evidence bag over here please? Yes. Yes. Still at the library." A pause; she hangs up. When the door opens, she knits her brow and glances over her shoulder - familiar with the presence, yet expecting the Marlboro Man McGee to come waltzing in. Instead, her eyes brighten - would perhaps hug the new arrival and kiss-kiss her cheeks, but instead she
[22:37] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis): remains seated. "Lumberjacks a-plenty."

[22:42] Kismet Farstrider let Keliah take the card by the corners. Just peachy she was pretty sure she would have to go with and provide finger prints so they could rule hers out or...something? She gave herself a good shake, and then smiled at the woman who came into the library. "There is also a bar down the street, if Lumberjacks aren't your thing." She flipped over the next ballot, no reason not to continue counting while waiting for Mcgee to show up with the evidence bag, though instead of commenting she just sorted the card into the 'Marshall' pile.
[22:46] Marshal: would look up, as the door opened, noticing the new arrival as he felt himself grin. "Well, hello there. How are you? And no, sadly we have no kool-aid." He chuckled before turning to Keliah, "Regardless, that vote isn't something you see every day." He clucks his tongue before watching Kismet put another card into 'his' pile. "Well, things seem to be going pretty well so far. Except for two write-in's for a Carrie was it? And a McCheese?" He shook his head, "Damned pop references."

[22:57] Aeryssa (tori.nolan) [ Tori flicked a pale blue gaze to Keliah, a little smirked smile donned lipsticked lips, "Well look at you, out of flannels and jeans I see. I can die happy, knowing I fulfilled my job." Tori winked to Kel, "I'm sure we have a great deal to catch up on." Tori cast a gaze to the woman beside Kel, a warm smile given, "Thank you, but I think I can suffer through" the teasing tone of her voice rather obvious. Lastly that blue gaze landed to Marshal, a sculpted brow inched up as she crossed to behind him, leaning forward and placing lips to his ear, "You said it was important, so here I am darling. Just as you requested." She wore a smirk on her lips the way she wore her clothing, well.

[23:02] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Its like I can't go anywhere anymore without it turning into a crime scene." Spoken with dismay; annoyance. Fucking...fuck! Her terseness was clearly beginning to show as she quietly raged over the King County Monster. "Caine." She grunts. "Don't ask." Still holding the foul card in her pinched fingers, she picks up another. "Oh, look...a vote for Xander." Why in the hell... shaking her head, "Well, here's a Marshal. And they would like you to hold more city-wide barbecues." She picks up her phone again, all the while spying Tori with amused interest. "We all have to grow up sometime." Sometimes a good pair of heels and a skirt were more powerful than any claw; punch; or bite. "I am so very glad to see you here." Truly. Rarely did Keliah smile. After punching in the sheriff's number, she brings the phone to her ear.

[23:07] Kismet Farstrider sighed, she had a feeling she knew exactly who Keliah was calling. Great something else Xander can blame her for. "I have four more votes for Mr. Hawke, one of them left their name off, and a Mr.Puck thought this was supposed to be anonymous, and he would like you to preform a handstand. Blaise Ellwyn would like you to do anything besides it in a fishing boat..." She lifted a brow giving him an almost playful look, if he was as much of a lecher as Keliah implied... perhaps he was balanced enough to do more interesting things in a boat. "A final unnamed voter would like you to bring our town back to it's former glory..."

[23:11] Marshal: turned and smiled at Tori, "That I did. We're going over the ballots right now, I figured you'd like to come over and see what all our hard work got us." He would then turn to Deputy Angelis and grin, "Well, at least we both know you won't have to worry about being bored. Also, a city wide barbecue sounds like a good idea. I rather enjoyed the food cooked at the beach party." He chortled to himself, remembering the event before turning to listen to the Librarian. "I see, four more votes, and one asking to restore the town." He paused for a moment, a small smile on his lips. "Sounds doable. It'll be a hard road, but I'm certain we can do it." He turned and looked back at Tori, "Easier then running for office, right?" He chuckled and turned back to the ladies.

[23:18] Aeryssa (tori.nolan) peered over Marshal's shoulder looking at the ballots, "Wasn't a landslide? Ohh I'm slightly disappointed." She looked to Marshal, "You did remember to shake hands and kiss babies, right? And wear that red tie?" Her brows inched up, a saucy grin teased over her lips. "And I don't run for office, I put other people there" even as the comment came from her lips, one would assumed directed to Marshal, her gaze landed to Keliah, her brow inching up in unspoken question to the woman.

[23:20] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "In the library. I have a phone, but no candlestick. However, I do have a little bit of evidence - the King County Killer apparently voted for Marshal. Can you bring a kit over?" Who knows where McGee ran off to - probably something useless. Like a 911 call. Her brows furrow when Xander replies, but she snickers - hanging up on him, /then/ she'd rise to her feet once the door opened. "We're going to have to review the surveillance of this building now - because that's my favorite thing to do." Sarcasm? A little. She holds the ballot pinched between her finger. "When you pull off that city barbecue, make sure you do a handstand." Actually, that was kind of funny. As Tori's gaze lands her way, Keliah returns it - silence follows. Crickets? "I say, that was a damn fine party, that night - wasn't it?" Shooting people in the ass; dressed in formal wear.

[23:24] Kismet Farstrider collected her stack of ballots, they were all for Marshall, so unless there were more against him in the other stack.."I think that three votes against still counts as a landslide. She pushed herself up out of her chair and crossed the room to her desk. If she was going to have to talk to Xander she wanted it t be from there. Why it made her feel better, who could say, perhaps the library was her sanctuary?

[23:26] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) makes the 20 second walk to city hall(he timed it once before),flings open the library door with a crash, and then yanks the evidence kit from off his shoulder and flings it onto the end of the table as he shouts, 'think fast!' he glances around the room as he nonchalantly strolls inside, taking a moment to finish off the rest of his donut. as he wipes the crumbs from his hand on his pantleg, he nods and says, 'ladies. and you, ms. nolan.' he looks down at marshal with a lopsided grin, 'and there's future mayor joe cool, the man who's so cool the sun shines on him 24 hours a day.' he looks back to the redhead at the window and asks, 'if you tell me the evidence is because someone signed a ballot king county killer, i'm not going to be amused.' he stares for a few beats before adding, 'okay, i'll be a little amused, but you'll be interrupting me time.'

[23:29] Marshal: chuckles at Tori, "I did, though there weren't many of those going around." He would turn to Kel after she got off the phone, moving to stand up. "Well, I'll see to it. Though they might be a little disappointed." He clucked his tongue before turning to Kismet. "Especially when all three votes are votes for other people." He would be lucky enough as he stood to avoid getting struck in the head by the evidence kit. He would smile at his friend Xander, "Am I? I always forget to take them off, so used to wearing them." He would grin at the Sheriff, "And thanks for not hitting me with the evidence kit."

[23:36] Aeryssa (tori.nolan) rested her palm to Marshal's back, just shaking her head at Kel's comment, "It was a lovely party, until someone let the help in" Tori rolled her eyes, "Coming to a formal dressed in that...whatever it was." Her hand slid from Marshal's back, a light little rake of her nails before she moved to Kel, murmuring to her, "any signs of you know who?" her brow vaulted a bit in question, keeping its arched look when Xander burst in, the peaceful moment a blur in the flurry of his flinging. "Well my goodness, you certainly know how to make an entrance, Sheriff." She gave a little wave of her hand, "You ...right there...missed a spot" she motioned to Xander and his doughnut crumbs.

[23:38] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Me time? Is that endless sessions of minesweeper and solitaire?" She might not know what the McBurgler is, but she did know how to be lazy in front of a computer screen. She grins. Xander? Never fails to amuse her. "You'll be happy to know, Sheriff, that someone voted for you. Sadly, Marshal wins this by a landslide - so now he gets to be your boss. I told him that he'd have to sexually harass us equally." She digs into the bag, glancing at Kismet, who had properly accessories her sit animation, while she fishes out a clear, plastic evidence bag. "Kismet, do you know what computer the security camera feeds to?" She carefully places the card over to Xander so that he might have a look-see. "Who?" She asks in reply to Tori.

[23:43] Kismet Farstrider stayed quiet watching the others, perhaps if she didn't make any sudden movements, or stayed nice and quiet- Fuck Kel asked her a question. "Yes, I have it on this one actually, it's the only computer in the building... Since I was the only one in here I made sure I could access the security tapes just in case I ever needed to report something." She turned setting her coffee down so that she could bring up the feed, and various files. "I can pull up the tape from that day during the voting time for you if you would like?"

[23:44] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) offers a thumbs up to marshal, 'it'll be good to have a mayor with lightning quick reflexes...and a pulse. not sure if big tony is still breathing, to be honest. nobody's checked in a while.' he stares at tori for a moment, and then raises a hand to the edge of his lip and pulls off a large crumb. nodding with satisfaction, he flicks it into his waiting mouth and mumbles, 'good catch.' he saunters over to stare down at the card with a questioning gaze. his eyebrow flicks upward as he stares back across the room at kel with an unamused look. 'seriously? i quit updating my match.com profile for this? this is like voting for ronald mcdonald or something.' he sighs as he shakes his head, and then places the card into the bag. 'too bad they didn't sign it mr. or ms., then at least we'd know the sex. unless it's one of those confused transgender types...can never be too careful nowadays...i suppose we can go through the charade of having this fingerprinted.' he glances over at kismet as he adds, '...aaaaand,
[23:44] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron): too bad they didn't time stamp it too. case would be a slam dunk.'

[23:48] Marshal: couldn't help but straighten his back at the light rake of Tori's nails, a shiver going down his spine as he turned to look at Kel. "A landslide huh? So how do we proceed from here? Do I need to take an oath, or am I just officially in office as of now?" He would turn and look at Kismet at Kel's question though, also somewhat curious as to if the deputy could track down the killer this easily. When she noted that they did have a tape, he nodded, "Well that's good. Hopefully if this is the real deal, you'll be able to get some evidence to help aid you in his capture." He then turned his gaze to the Sheriff, removing his glasses to stare at the man with his bright green eyes. "Well, perhaps you should get on that Sheriff. It is one of your duties to check up on -former- Mayors. That and I'd like you to see if you can't wrestle up some kind of file against Tony, I want to see if we can't find some cracks so we can nail Tony along with our killer." He would chuckle at the Sheriff, "Slam dunk is it? I'd pay good
[23:48] Marshal: money to see you slam dunk anything Xander."

[23:55] Aeryssa (tori.nolan) laughed and she couldn't resist a gentle teasing, "He slam dunks his doughnuts rather well into his coffee, don't you Sheriff?" Tori couldn't keep the smirk off her lips, however Kel's question brought her from her little moment, wrinkling her nose, "That little pack of crazies" she spoke softly to Kel, catching the crossfire between Kel and Kismet, looking back to Kel with a grin and softly spoken, "I see you finally have someone that takes their work seriously, unlike a few former lay-abouts" cutting a glance to Xander and then finally to rest at Marshal. "Solving this would be a big step in securing the faith of your constituents, Marshal, ohh wait, do I have to call you Mayor now?"

[00:01] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) "Like you really need the internet to get women, Xander." Look at him. He's a sex god. "The card might be a prank, but regardless, we must take it seriously. I'm not closer to finding our person of interest - apparently, she lives in a box. Nailing tony? That smarmy old Grump? "Alright, Kismet. Good. I'll be by tomorrow to review the footage, then." She'd rather watch a snail crawl. "As for you, Marshal, we'll have an official swearing in and everything - in fact, I bet Tori can make a fine affair of it." While the summer was still with them. "We'll get you a Sudoko book to swear on and everything." Finally, to Tori, "Oh. No. None of our former...colleagues have ventured into my nest." Obvious vagueness - but then again, Keliah didn't really have any secrets about her identity. There was no bruce wayne to her batman. none. "I'm going to go finger print the office there." She says, plucking the kit out of the bag, "And maybe take a few selfies."

[00:05] Kismet Farstrider nodded, taking her seat at the computer. "Sure Sure, I mean so far the KCK hasn't given us too much of a lead so why not time stamp the card?" She smiled at the Sheriff, "I could probably have it pulled up before you get done, but I"ll have it saved for viewing." She pulled up the security program and began clicking away at the keys. So far, there was no yelling at her. This was good....then again he wasn't really paying her any attention either.

[00:09] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron) shrugs slightly at marshal's suggestion as he says, 'as long as he stays down wind, i think we can all just let big tony do as big tony does. in fact, if nobody talks to him, he might think he's still mayor and just leave everyone alone.' he takes a step back and shifts his feet back and forth as he jukes to the left, 'wanna see my ballin' skills, mr. mayor? i got more moves than ex-lax.' he straightens up once again as he adds, 'although, i always imagined football was more your speed, marshall. that, or chopping down trees with your hands.' nods his head back at tori as he winks, 'i can slam dunk a few other things as well, campaign lady.' looking back to kel, he laughs, 'the internet just makes everything so much more efficient.' he gathers up the kit bag and slings it over his shoulder. 'okay, kis...just give the office a buzz so we can take a look at what you find. also, make a copy for us...' he pats his pockets until he finds his portable usb drive inside his left jacket pocket. he tosses it her
[00:09] Xander Pryce (xomar.mycron): way as he says, 'go ahead and put what you got on there...and if there's pictures or something on there...um...go ahead and delete them. no need to look or anything.'

[00:14] Marshal: flashed Tori a small smile, "You can call me whatever you want, Ms. Nolan." He would put his hands in his pockets and chuckle at Kel, "Right, swearing in. I understand. Just make sure the Sudoko book is new, so that I might play with it after we're done." He would reach up and scratch at the scruff on his jaw, "But you know, aiding our Deputies in securing this criminal would be a fine way of bringing some relief to my city." Oh there was certainly a Dark Knight to Marshal's Bruce Wayne, "I of course offer myself up to give any aid required to Ravenhursts finest. Feel free to make use of me, Xander. I still have my badge tucked away somewhere." He let out a laugh before folding his arms across his chest. Snorting at the man, he shook his head, "Right, certainly. I don't think it would be much of a game." He gives the man a large smile at the mention of other sports and activities he thought more Marshal's speed. "Care to find out? We can have an exhibition match in boxing, where we can raise some money to do
[00:14] Marshal: something for the town." There was no mistaking the humor in the man's voice as he made his offer. He would then roll his eyes and turn away from Xander as he went back on about his online slam dunks.

[00:23] Aeryssa (tori.nolan) shot a look to Marshal, "Oh really. -Anything I want- " she laughed, "That might be dangerous for you and so entertaining for me." Tori glanced to Kel, "That is good news, a very welcome relief in fact. I think tomorrow we should grab a drink, play a little catch up and I'll let you raid my closet like old times." It was Xander's cavalier comment that drew her attention from Kel back to the Sheriff, she couldn't help but laugh. "Sheriff, I'm sure your slam dunk skills are ..." she paused a moment, her brow lifting in a manner suggesting doubt, "entertaining at the very least."

[00:26] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis): [alright all, I'm collecting finger prints in the other room and it's 3:30 am for me.]
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