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 Fog monsters sightings: The battle in the clearing!

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PostSubject: Fog monsters sightings: The battle in the clearing!   Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:11 pm

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde stood staring the mine down, a he often had been doing lately, as if his stoic glare would unlock its every secret. He leaned forward on his cane with a soft sigh. Upon hearing someone coming up he turned to stare her down. "Ya know, it is quite rude ta hang out without de normal pleasantries. A farewell, waitin' for my sentence ta be finished. Really, I need ta get ya a book on proper etiquette."

Ӄίoηℯ caught sight of that flash of red hair as he made his way through the woods, which acted as a beacon of sorts in a dense forest of green. He used this as his azimuth, guiding himself closer to the trail that he avoided, stopping just as he caught the presence of others. A quick scan told him it was Lexie, but yet...there was another, too, and even more up ahead. He announced himself as he stepped from teh treeline, "Keliah..." was all he said, figuring that was really enough. He was here, after all.

Keliah Angelis shifts her attention to Remi; up arches a scarlet brow. Staring Kel down is like staring at a stone wall. Unmoved and cold. "I do not have time for conversation and dallying." Her bright gaze snaps away - that's all she says on the matter - because of the approach of others. Her head tilts quizzically to the side. " Lexie." She greets, "A pleasure to see you, Guardian." To Kione, having sensed his approach. Radio jargon mutters low and she reaches up to silence it. "I have been looking for you." Leaving it at that, she takes a moment to glance at all of them. "I daresay, the four of us together? The world should tremble at our feet." Turning away, amused, she begins to head for the mine.

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde was quite used to staring, and bitching at, walls given who his childe was. "Given what we are, I do not believe a lack of time is an excuse for anything. This island is notorious for delaying this matter, so why stop now?" He turned his attnetion to Lexie and Kione as they walked up. His usual regal greeting being given as he bowed towards the pair. "I whole heartedly agree. Even if I am not sure I met the giant over there." He pointed his cane towards Kione. His memory was rather spotty lately given his latest addiction, Fey blood did terrible things to one's long term memory when one drinks it like water. "Regardless, greetings." He turned on his heel. He twisted the top of his cane to ready the blade hidden with in. One couldn't be too careful, after all.

Lexie Ellwyn turns toward the mining caves, to see if the way was even clear to head down into the mines. . Her necklace is humming as she approaches as she comes into the clearing she spots Kel and Remi. Holding her breath for a moment and then stops hearing Kione. " Well was going to see if you wanted to go down in there. I brought a few flashlights..." she says then looks to Kel. Seeing Kel gave her some relief in the fact that she had two allies with her being this close to Remi alone in the woods. "Hey there" she says in general " has something happened? " she says turning to Kel. She takes a breath hearing Kel's words and starts to pull the energy towards her. Looking over to Remi "I suppose we could make a good team if we all went in together. I think I am alright with that."positioning herself closer to Kione and Kel. Her eyes locks on the dark entrance of the mines "When we did this the last time.. a skeleton army attacked us.. think it will be the same thing or we will be lucky and find nothing at all "

Fat Zombie Fog Monster could be easily smelled before it is seen, the stench of this abomination is beyond anything of this world; worse than decay, it is a mixture of human waste, rot, and that awful scent that came with the fog. . death. . evil. . trouble. Slow moving, aimlessly wandering toward the opening the cave, the thing lumbers forward with heavy steps, each footfall shaking the exposed, bloated mass of flesh. As it draws closer to the light the hulk of a creature can be made out when the shadows peel back to reveal the giant zombie. It was a man at at some point, but now just a puppet for the fog, a tool to wreak chaos and death on the living. Meaty hands grip the ankles of two dead men, one in each hand, hikers by the looks of it that did not take the police warnings over the radio about the dangers of the woods, bodies had been gnawed on, and still are being consumed as the fat corpse is chewing on what looks like the hand of one poor soul. Drawn out of hiding by the presence of life, fresh meat, it gurgles loudly as one bulging eye fixes squarely on the group talking to each other.

Ӄίoηℯ gave a brief upnod to everyone in general, a furrowed glance to Remi, whom he -did- remember but felt a sudden gratefulness that this did not seem to be the case in reverse. His reputation wasn't always a good one within certain circles. He'd listen quietly to the lot of them, an unspoken agreement about the four of them together. He considered Lexie's words the most though, remembering that 'last time' all too well. catching up to Keliah, whom he naturally accredited as the leader of this little shin-dig, "Hey, Red...'choo thinkin' here? Big wolf, monster, of just plain ole me?" The wolf was clawing at the surface of his human guise as is, and he held no illusions about his capabilities, or lack thereof considering present company, while in this form. The closer they came to the entrance of this cave, however, he made up his own mind on the matter, the werewolf within him already tearing away at the flesh and buckling his body into odd contortions of bone breaking disfigurement. It would only take moments for the transformation to complete itself, the mess of his human shell laid about the ground in a grotesque pool of blood and pieces of discarded bone.

Keliah Angelis is, for the moment, a little overwhelmed. Flesh was splitting and falling away from his body as he Moon Prism Power Makes Up, finding herself staring up at her...acquaintance. The stench she had whiffed earlier had grown stronger and so, she supposed, it was time to form the lines. In a blink, her claws appear - her eyes lose their natural look, brightening at the iris, darkened at the white. "I'm thinking we kill this thing." Because it was snacking on people. In her territory. Shoving her foot into the ground, she launches herself at the monster, ducking low the make a pass at the thing's knee cap. She figured she'd be the first to test the waters.

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde tightened his grip on his blade's hilt as the massive beast's footsteps caught his attention. With the flash of a skilled fencer, he yanked his blade from the cane and held it at the ready. "Goes from vampires 'n mages to these things? I was hoping for something a bit more intimidating. Better than that joker card leaving joke, I suppose." The vampire was clearly delighted regardless. With all the stories he had been told, he felt rather left out. Not a single zombie or skeleton to fight! He delighted in something new. Though his delight was momentarily struck as the familiar sounds of a transforming wolf caught his attention. He turned to stare up at Kione as his transformation finished. He let out a labored sigh as he turned to face the other lumbering beast just as Kel rushed past him. Never one to be the last to strike, he bolted right after her to slam the thick metal end on his cane into the other knee cap. Teamwork!

Lexie Ellwyn takes a breath and turns to start toward the cave. Looking over to Kione and Kel. The sounds coming from Kione she had heard once before. He had told her run. On instinct she took a few steps back and then to the side. She knew she can't out run Kel but if Kione crazy maybe he would grab at one of the other two first. Giving her a little time to get the hell out of there. The fighting with the Aunts had changed her but until it seemed to unstable to be there should would continue forward. It is the smell that hits her first. Her hand going over her nose and mouth "what fuck is that smell?" shaking her head some and wincing at the same time. Her face paling as if she were going to throw up right then and there. Feeling the energy running through her now, she swirls her finger of her free hand, just a little in the air to call the element to her and send out a gentle breeze hoping to delude the smell some. The small wind could be felt by the others although it is barely strong enough to move someone hairs. It is then she sees the thing coming from the cave "Fucking hell" She stands there, hand over her nose and mouth not getting any closer.

Fat Zombie Fog Monster has no regard for its' well being, no sense of self preservation when the two vampires come baring down on it. Massive right leg lifts to step forward and try to stomp on Kel when she gets near to lacerate the knee open. Flesh of this monster should have been soft and easily torn, but the fog had enhanced it; making it tougher, and much-much stronger. Dead body in it's left hand is swept around at ground level to try and bat the two on-coming attackers away with the dead weight, releasing the corpse mid-way through and creating a projectile at those out of arm's reach; Lexie and Kione. Fluids spew from open wounds, creating a stink that is even worse than before if that is possible. Yellowish green pus squirts on the ground, hissing as the caustic stuff scorches the ground, bubbling like some kind of disgusting acid, stuff would eat away at clothing, and burn flesh badly if contact is made.

Ӄίoηℯ looked around through the new set of eyes of his monster, his rationale not exactly the same, driven primarily by rage and anger. His mind accepted that the other human looking things were allies, something he was able to retain as he shifted and focused on that stench coming from the cave. The blur of red and then of black as the two vampires dove in low for the things knee caps had him feeling that sudden battle urge, his frame haunched and his feet tearing into the earth before he was launched into the air above the other two, a roar loud enough to vibrate the very air around them as he sailed in towards this things sicly looking head, one giant clawed hand sweeping around in a circle aimed for its throat. He was hoping to simply severe the head altogether, his momentum enough that it would carry him into, and then past, whatever the hell this was, regardless of its head remaining attached or not. This was the 'intention' at any rate. It was only half way through that lunge that he was met face first with a dead body. It did little to actually stop his advance, but it was certainly enough to provide a distraction, Kione's massive, hairy frame sailing right past that mutherfucker in a tucked in roll that would have him landing on all fours, sliding to a grinding halt on the ground behind it.

Keliah Angelis is surprised and not pleasantly. "What is this?" She had expected soft, giving flesh. Not this. She had struck the knee-cap with her claws - and now she finds her flesh warming, reddening, and then bits of flesh bubble up where she had smeared it's vitae. She gives a snarl of alarm. The pain begins to brighten immediately, which only pisses her off. She leaps backwards in a blur as the body is swept and flung, "The vitae is poison!" She warns, drawing her gun.

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde was used to noxious fluids thanks to his work on the sewer abominations, however as he heard the hiss he turned his attention to the ground. The scent did not give him pause, he wasn't breathing around these creatures nor the fog. The bubbling distraction would have to wait, as he then noticed the sweeping limb. Following Kel he bounced back to swipe at the creature's elbow. With a surgeon's precision, he was aiming for the tendons as a little experiment. "Given de shit is bubblin' and hissin', I think it is a lil' more problematic den poison!"

Lexie Ellwyn's eyes widen as the vampires attack, seeing what looks like a dead body being flung around at Kel. Then seeing the body come towards her "fuck me" she doesn't even see which way Kione goes. She throws herself to the right hoping to miss the whole thing all together. Her body falling to the ground. The body losing it's momentum as Kione gets by it and it lands a few feet in front of her. The sight of it making her recoil even more as she scrambles to her feet. She still holds the energy to her but hasn't focused on anything to make use of the element. Looking over to the others really having no idea what to do.

Fat Zombie Fog Monster leans back just a bit, vampires working its' legs and the slight of a larger more dangerous creature coming toward it in the air. When Kione is close enough the mouth of the zombie falls open, and a plume of vomit comes spraying out of it's gaping maw at him, a stream of bile, blood, dead body parts and that same corrosive mix aims to paint the front of him in his passing, even when the side of its' neck is gashed open and the foul ichor comes rushing from the swollen pustules, it keeps puking straight ahead of it. Elbow pops under Remi's attack, gushing, leaking every where, it is a bad idea to be standing close as the bloated creature spews in every which direction.

Ӄίoηℯ landed on the ground behiind this thing, the fur and flesh covering the entire left side of his upper body smoldering from the projected spray of poisonous puss-vomit this thing just sprewed forth at him. The pain of it was immense, so intense that it drove the anger within him to new heights, his frame tense and shaking in that building rage, a coiled tension that was suddenly released once his arms and legs, all four, tore into the ground and sent him, once again, sailing towards the monster in a massive, 1,000+ pound ball of muscle and fury, his own strength propelling him with enough power to fell a redwood tree. He gave no thought whatsoever to the outcome of such a move - no advanced contemplation of the boiling puss that would erupt from it. He'd be aiming all fours at the things back, looking to literally tear 'through' its entire mass.

Skinny Zombie Fog Monster whirled through the branches of the forest, a blur amongst the foliage and setting sun at his back. Unsuspecting bird is plucked from it's nest, unaware of it's fate before innocent thing is crammed crudely into the ravenous creature's mouth with a small squeak and ruffle of feathers. It stops, arching its head back and forth, familiar intoxicating scent calling his name and beckoning him to follow and more importantly.... feast. Twisted beast lunges branch to branch, swinging from the limbs and clawing down the trees to reach the mouth of the mine till stealthily landing above the fair-haired witch at the outskirts of the clearing. Ear-piercing shreak penetrates the air upon upon his arrival, announcing his presence as he dives high off the branch and lunges for the Mage, bloody feathered mouth gaping wide and claws outstretched while hissing a blood-curdling shriek of terror.

Keliah Angelis "Do you have to elaborate on everything I say?" She aligns her body, holding out her wounded hand slightly away, and levels her ..45 straight for the Zombie's head. Her shoulders and spine brace and absorb for re-coil. In her day, she's seen plenty of....things. Fought plenty of....other things. Never had she seen a putrified flesh bomb vomit at a werewolf. She doesn't squeeze off a round, though. Not yet. Kione's cries of rage, pain...after what happened just to her hand, that had to be brutal. "Kione! No!" Well did she understand, at least to a point, the rage. The need to destroy. "Laborde, get out of the way!" Because there was nothing she could do - already backing up because the flesh of the belly had been...rather taut. "Take cover, Lexie!" But then came the scream - that shrill note of something unnatural - and suddenly it's raining zombies on the human's head. Not risking a shot at Lexie, she lowers the gun while rushing forward with /all/ her speed - faster than most vampires wet dream of - and attempts to bodily launch herself to intercept the more compact, less pudgy version.

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde was quite happy with his choice of jacket for this romp. The denim would hold the burning bile off of him for a moment. The creature's vomit stole his attention once Kel yelled out to him, which he bolted to get away from. He stood by Kel as he took in the situation, all the while tearing his jacket off before it could eat into his shirt. "Why yes, anything to make that eye of yours twitch, my dear Keliah." Given he knew quite well the rage of a werewolf, he did not wish to be nearby when that rage is completely focused on the biological bomb. He didn't have to stand around too long when he let out a annoyed cry as the shriek rattled his senses. He covered his exposed ear with a low hiss. His eyes momentarily shifting as he turned his attention to the cause. Yet, of course, Kel was there to save the day. While he wanted to focus on the burning ton of wolf fur, he spun and hurried to help assist Kel. After countless daylight hours playing games he knew well enough to protect he mage.

Lexie Ellwyn watches the zombie puke all over the place. Again her face pales at the sight. Shaking her head trying to fighting the urge to puke herself at the sight. Her phone goes off in her backpack, the song balring out "You got a friend in me." starts blaring from her pack. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" she calls out trying to find her phone and shut the damn thing off. There is thought of running going through her head but know way to sneak off with that going on. Pulling the zipper on the pack. After a few seconds she finds her phone, clicking on the button trying to turn the noise off. Looking back towards the others, then she hears the awful sound looking up just as it just at her.She didn't have time to react to Kel's warming. She screams putting both hands up in front of her face, losing her phone in the process. She didn't have time to move out of ithe screeching creatures way. The necklace about her neck does react as something is about to cause harm to her. She falls to the ground, the ward goes around her, forming a bubble around her to protect her before the monster gets a full hold on her. She is in a panic now. Trapped under the ward looking up to the whatever the thing is inches with her. She knew she had to calm herself in order to focus.

Fat Zombie Fog Monster is tough, and fairly strong, but not so much that it could withstand the claws and force of the wolf at it's back. It tries to turn. swinging that second body in its' grubby mitt, not that it would save it from its' awful end, but with an impressive reach not including the extra six foot of dead body, anyone standing near would be in danger of getting bowled over by the sheer strength and dead weight being flung in a wide arc. Zombie makes a gut-wrenching sound. Mass begins to shake, rotten skin quivering, rumbling, core going critical and swelling against the skin already drawn tight and being torn into. The thing explodes without warning; upper body blowing up like a bomb, literally; the size and mass of this thing would cause enough force to knock the average joe flat on his ass or into the air. A rain of viscous fluid comes raining down, easily dousing the area with ALL its' content. Plant life immediately dying as soon as the stuff hits the ground leaving the open area contaminated with death, decay and fog.

Ӄίoηℯ felt the joyous rendering of flesh and bone, if that's what it was anymore, as he tore through the monster, it's whirling around and flinging of dead bodies not concerning Kione nearly as much as the aftermath of his brash decision to attack full on like had. His momentum was stopped as the two bodies collided, the one comprised of death and rotting, putrid puss poison exploding and adding to the laws of physics which had Kione's own body rebounding from the impact and forceful waves of its decimation. Unfortunately, though, it hadn't sent him far enough away to avoid the downfall of that horrid guk, his body smoking and smoldering all over in large patches of burnt, boiling flesh that sent him scrambling and tearing into the earth to get. the. fuck. away. His mind couldn't comprehend at this point just what the fuck was happening to him, all he could do was throw himself at the rock wall and slam into its surface with all four clawed feet, climbing his way upward enough to launch himself anywhere but that circle of hell fire, for that is what it felt like. The roar was pain filled and horrific in sound, far more menacing in its fear and anguish then simple anger alone. His tunnel vision was pointed towards the crowd he'd arrived with and at this point...he couldn't exactly tell who was and who was -not- a bad guy.

Skinny Zombie Fog Monster crashes into the Witch, upper lip curled in horrific, blood stained snarl at dampening barrier that kept her from his grasp. Clawed talons smashes through her ward, gripping her by the throat and tightening it's hold about her panicking person. He paid no mind or heed to the two would-be helpers coming to her rescue, too content with with his current meal. Eyes are narrowed, looking between them coming and the feast in his hands before leaning down with crooked teeth and broken fangs are brought to her exposed shoulder and sinking in with a clenched jaw. Deep bite is given, the pattern of gnarled bite marks left in his wake before head is raised to the sky and a second high-pitched scream is exhaled into the sky, as if beckoning the two of them to come and test their luck.

[2014/08/09 17:13] Keliah Angelis (keliahangelis) was flung mid leap - her target never reached - as the exploding bag of zombie burst from Kione's attack. With an audible snarl, she finds herself face first in the dirt, sprawled out - gun lost and some feet away. For a moment, she's unsure as to how she came to be here. "Ahhh!" Her flesh begins to redden, and then bubble. Her dress? Starting to shred and melt away, coated as she is with the altered zombie juice. Her screaming changes in pitch, losing it's shrill, and becoming something more vicious. Her eyes lose color completely. Unaware that Kione is also now a slave to his beast and that he is a threat, she ignores him - her only target is the thing that she did not kill. She /had/ to kill it. She /wanted/ to destroy it. Again she launches outwards towards the other monster as fast as she can go, and with her most vicious of throws, she tries to launch her fist /into/ the skull of the man attacking Lexie.

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde was also left unaware of the enraged wolf as a rain of bile fell around him. With a cry of dismay he tore at his clothing. He felt the back of his neck beginning to bubble. He was quite pleased with his need to layer. His beloved hat was flung to the side. He let out an enraged noise as he grabbed a bit of clothing that had avoided the blast, due to it being on his front, and wildly wiped at the back of his neck before, in his rage anddesperation, clawing at his skin to tear at the infected portion. It worked for when his burn had set in, why not now?

Caine just watches from inside of his den at all the bipeds and wonders if everyone dies if the planet can correct itself and heal.

Lexie Ellwyn feels the weight of the monster fall against her. She had tried to calm herself enough. The wind had started to move stronger as her emotion started to get the best of herself. Losing control of the element but she still hadn't gotten focused enough to get a direct hit. Her head went back she felt the things hands around her throat, the pressure squeezing on her neck. She tries to move kick, wiggle, her free hand batting at the thing on top of her.Then the bite. As his teeth went through her shoulder she screams in pain. Taking a breath had one thought ~Get OFF~ the words given her focus enough to send energy that was uncontrolled pushed in his direction, hoping to toss him off. "GET OFF!"

Ӄίoηℯ had reverted to a different time and place, mentally speaking. He'd seen all of this play out once before, minus the putrid/puss/vomit/poison/stuff which seered the flesh over the majority of his body. It still burned and pain melted away his reason, but the felsh had stopped melting away and was scarred tissue at this point, mixed with spotches of exposed bone and muscle, giving him that appearance of having a severe case of mange, most of the fur gone from his frame now. He saw all of them gathered ahead. Saw Keliah attacking another. Saw Remi teraing at his clothes. None of this sank in as it should have, though. It was all confused in his pain wracked and rage filled mind. The only thing that struck that nerve of familiarity was Lexie, and the creature atop of her at this point. The memories meshed with the present, his awareness focused on saving those he'd given his word, but where was Skip? He couldn't find the man anywhere, the maw of razor sharp teeth growling out in confusion as he lunged forward, spurred on by Lexie's desperate plea. He raced forward on all fours, the ground trembling beneath his wake as he literally charged towards her, his shoulder lowered like a shield towards the creature, a protective barrier of meat and muscle (albeit seered and scarred) as he tried to scoop Lexie from the ground and haul her away from the danger. He'd have to find Skip later.

Skinny Zombie Fog Monster yowls as her blows connects with the side of his head, balled up fist blowing through ear and into the soft flesh till the audible crack of his cracking skull could be heard. Hands leaves Lexie's throat, turning his full attention to the sizzling, naked femme at his back. He paid little mind to the massive explosion of the fleshbag boomer, covered from head to toe in the creature's bile pus, already starting to dissolve his clothing. Impossible tongue unrolls from his mouth, easily as long as he is tall and spits towards a bare leg in an attempt to wrap around and pull her feet out from beneath her so she was down at his level. Razor claws drawn he turns to tackle her instead, movements turning slower, duller as the blow to his head starts to take it's toll on him, completely unaware of the oncoming train of muscle and fur bounding in his direction. Final blow nearly melts him, catching up offguard and solid connection is met with his shoulder to completely lift him off of the ground and smash into a nearby tree. Tongue tears in two like taffy, ends hanging limply from his mouth and around her ankle. He lays sprawled against the base of the tree, hissing and scowling in mix of pain and untempered rage but unable to lift himself to his feet.

Keliah Angelis Lexie's blast of wind knocks her back some. In her hands she holds oozing globs of the zombie's brain matter in her fingers. The only thing she knows in that moment was that something big and dark blurred by her and the target she had wanted. so. badly. was taken from her. Where is it; where is it...WHERE IS IT! Ah, there is her prey. She rises to her feet and rushes forward, "LABORDE!" She yowls, reaching for the monster's legs. "Catch the head! Pull!" She hefts the body and swings around to catch some momentum so that Remi can grab the head.

Lexie Ellwyn eyes roll back in her head. The pain shooting through her body from the bite, the uncontrollable burst of energy had left her down. By the time Kione grabs her, she was going in and out. She was very unaware of what or who had her. The shock of it all had set in

Dr. Remi Hodges Laborde followed after Kel and latched onto the creature's head just as he asked. Simply yanking its head wasn't enough however! He gripped onto the creature's head and began applying pressure to both sides of its head. As he began trying to crush its head like Galligar with a watermelon, he began twisting and pulling back. He wanted the thing destroyed. That twisted little cackle of his beginning to escape, he took a bit too much enjoyment in waiting for the noise of its crumbling skull and tearing flesh. His bloodlust came out, thanks to his twisted bloodline, in a need for sadism. This was clearly the closest he would get.

Ӄίoηℯ stopped at the edge of the clearing, his actions with Lexie far more gentle than one would expect from such an enraged beast. He looks back to the fray, the creature which had attacked Lexie no longer attacking anything now, and the others slowly gaining a smidge of recognition within his mind as he realized he'd come here with 'them' ... not with Skip. It made sense then, to a degree, but at the same time, now that the battle itself was ended, he picked up on that wave of emotion from Eva, one that sent chills of sadness through his mind. It churned his body into a semi circle as he lefft them all standing there, disappearing into the woods at break neck speed through the forest.

Lexie Ellwyn lays motionless on the ground

Keliah Angelis rips as Remi does. More snarls, more wretched cries of blood lost. She flings the now-headless corpse away from her, but not without reaching into fleshy column of the neck and rip from it the rotting corpse's spine. Parts of it, anyways. She had to be sure. Now? There was nothing left to kill. Northing left to destroy. Save Lexie. Curled on the ground, helpsless and beautiful with her flesh and pulse. Luckily, she was not her target. She was not one of the dead ones. All she wanted....was another. Turning on her foot she abruptly rushes away, moving opposite of Kione, to run. To escape the pain.

~End Scene~
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Fog monsters sightings: The battle in the clearing!
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