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 Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Right Suspect

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PostSubject: Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Right Suspect   Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:39 am

[22:03] Jak Zabinski (salentia) yawns and stretches as she walks onto the sidewalk. After a few beers she feels a bit more relaxed. She already did research on herself on the net in hack the planet before she got kicked out cause it was closing for the day. Lame. Jak pulls out her cellphone to see if Aislin left any texts.

[22:07] Marc Reinhart moves out of the Laundromat and frowning, he rubs his eyes to make sure they weren’t deceiving him. There she was! Right out in the open. His heartrate raced and his adrenaline started to thunder. Something in the air became charge with nervous energy as he reached into his coat and called out. She would hear him, but his gun was already coming out with his free hand. “CONTACT! Suspect is on the corner of Raven and Blackthorn! Request immediate assistance!” he called and then shouted out at the woman. “Jak Zabinski! You are under arrest! Lay down on the floor with your…” he paused a moment to let out a small cough, but recovered, but he could feel a big one building. Now was not a good time to have fingers down his throat. “On the floor with your hands on your head!”

[22:10] Jak Zabinski (salentia) froze when she heard her 'name' get yelled. "What the.." she says and back peddles a few steps. She quickly pockets the phone and holds up her hands. "What the fuck for? I have the right to know don't I?" she says toward the man. Noting his cough. Was he sick? Hm. Jak's energy started rising (Witch) building energy just in case. She wouldnt run for now.

[22:13] Marc Reinhart grits his teeth and advances carefully but quickly, his free hand rubbing his throat. He looked like death it seemed, pale and with dark rings about his eyes. “You are being arrested for suspected involvement in the Kings County Murder case. Now get on… on…” another cough, this time, stronger. His vision swam for a moment. Something on the corners of his sight started to darken... something perilous. “…GET ON THE FLOOR!” he shouted, but that was enough. With a wrenching sound that sounded like glass in his lungs, his gun lowered and his eyes moved away for just a brief second.

[22:18] Jak Zabinski (salentia) took that split second to move forward and grab his gun with one hand and the other hand skillfully using a fancy martial arts move to disarm him so she was now holding the gun. She flips it around and aims it at his throat. "Sorry dude. " She quickly jabs a hand in his esophagus to knock the air out of him more hopefully making his knees buckle. THen she squeezes the trigger while jabbing the gun at his throat. "BAMN." would then echo in teh streets. What npc's were there would duck then scream. Jak grins and pulls the trigger again. "BAMN. "I hate men.." she whispers and then looks around hoping to use the chaos to escape.

[22:23] Marc Reinhart fell to his knees and as the first explosion of sound rang out, he jerk a bit as a circle of red appeared in his throat. His cough immediately stopped, but the feeling of something lodged there became real. The bullet had ricocheted off of his spine and lodged in his throat. Slowly reaching up in shock and disbelief, he managed to look up at Jak as she lined up for a second shot, but even though life was leaving his eyes, it seemed as if he was looking at something over her shoulder in confusion. The blam. The second bullet tore a line though his lungs, piercing matter and tissue, the force of witch sent him falling back folded over and choking on his own blood… that same hacking, wet cough as he had been suffering form for the last week.

[22:29] Jak Zabinski (salentia) looks around and darts behind a few npc's, Jak switches the gun to her left hand. Her dominant hand and keeps her energy building up just in case. She made a break for the woods. The fog would protect her. That fog bitch better pull through..She would head for the only place she could think of. FUCK. That was sloppy. Fuck fuck. Damn it. Dad would be disappointed. If he was alive she would definatly get beat. But alas he wasnt.

[22:30] Rowan Mayfair was hurrying around the corner, going through the back alleys to where Marc and the suspect would be. SHe hears gunshots and pulls out her weapon keying her mike as she turns the corner "SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIRED OFFICER DOWN!!" she yells for Fluffy to attack "Gehen!" in German and she and the dog runs towards the woman with the gun "FREEZE SHERIFF'S OFFICE!" she yells at Jak, recognizing her from the bar. Least they were close to the fire house and clinic, maybe Marc had a chance, but Rowan had to protect the others in the street. She whispers "Tenebtarum" aiming the energy at Jak, hoping to blind her as she runs full speed after her. "I SAID FREEZE!!" even if Ro couldn't keep up, Fluffy was faster and had a chance

[22:35] Djinn: follows all the way and makes his hiding spot near the ice cream cart thingy. Djinn looks over and jumps when it looked like some one was shot. He looks over to see Rowan going in to stop the supposed suspect. As Djinn was slowly backing up, he doesn't look behind him and was unaware of anyoen or anything that just happened to appear behind him.

[22:37] Moxxi Mizer (orchidea.xaris) walks into the scene from the direction of the coffee shop, big cup of gelato in one hand, and plastic spoon in the other. When she heard the gun shots on her way back to the shop, she pauses and sighs. Slowing her pace to slide against the wall lest she risk getting nailed by something, she didn't now what had happened and certainly is not taking chances. Standing at the corner of the building, she waits and listens for now, did someone break into the shop? Looking around at the other citizens either running for cover or finding a safe place to watch from, and that is when she notes the cat doing the same, poor cat.

[22:38] Marc Reinhart gargled on the floor, looking up at the sky, eyes wide with shock and unable to make more than a wet, hacking cough. Tears were running down his eyes from the pain and his breath was non-existent. Somewhere in that gaze, he was looking at something and it terrified him. Perhaps it was facing death that did it, but his eyes were following something that was hovering over him, reaching down into him... and that would be the last sight Marc Reinhart would see. Because, you see… he was dead.

[22:43] Jak Zabinski (salentia) uses her parkour! skill to expertly jump over the fence like it was nothin' and continued running for the forest. Did she just hear a word of power? Shit a witch. Just jak's luck. She waited for the darkness to hit her while she was running but it never came. What was jak out of range or did she just fail? Jak didnt care all she knew is thank god it didnt work. The gun still in her left hand she was now a about 3 feet away from the greyish looking tree.

[22:47] Rowan Mayfair realizes she screwed up her spell "Fuck" she says as and tries again, this time remembering to build her power up. She runs as fast as she can, grated she didn't have mad parkour skills but Fluffy was a great jumper and was on Jak's tail, though not close enough for him to attack, and since he and Jak were getting farther away from Rowan, he was losing his solidity, which could only be maintained within a certain range. Ro was running fast though, and did have Jak in her sights. Since the woman was now out of the area where there were civilians, Ro fires a shot at the fleeing woman.

[22:53] Moxxi Mizer (orchidea.xaris) leans out a bit to peek around the corner of the building to see if the coast is clear, and boy is it so not clear by any means. She spies an officer laying on the ground, blood outlining him like thick, red chalk, and her blood runs cold. It wasn't the sight of the body or the blood, something else beyond the physical realm shook her. More gun shots, Moxxi is ducking back into her original hiding spot and attention on the cat once again. Well looks like this could be a while. Giving the calico an uplifting nod of her head to the animal, " Hey there, you uh, come here often? "

[22:55] Djinn: watches as he sees the culprit now on the loose and going french running on Rowan. Meanwhile, Rowan gives chase with her dog. He looks over to the dead corpse on the ground also and couldn't help but cringe seeing him there, bloody, dead. He then looks back to Moxxi when she speaks to him, causing Djinn to blink a bit before letting out a meow to her as he kept up his charade.

[23:02] Jak Zabinski (salentia) ducks when the shot is fired hearing it wizz past her ear. maybe even scraping it but adrenaline time for the win so jak didn't notice and would continue running reaching back to shoot down towards the ground at the dog chasing her. She was now in the bridge by a handful of feet. The dog was gaining ground jak was only human after all but she did have the gun now. And obviously wasn't afraid of using it.

[23:07] Moxxi Mizer (orchidea.xaris) looked on as Grace goes flying by toward the scene of chaos and death? Moxxi didn't know for sure, but that feeling, it was bad. Her shoulders slump, and she leans on the brick wall. The cat's meow. Turning back to the feline, faking a smile toward the creature. " Take it easy, tippy-toes. " On that note she slides off the wall and heads off back the way she came before more cops, and more people started to gather at the scene.

[23:09] Rowan Mayfair ran as fast as she could, but she could feel her link with Fluffy getting weaker, and the dog becoming less solid. At least she was in shape and had good endurance. She whispers the word of power again, the energy behind it properly "Tenebtarum" Though because of the energy needed Fluffy winks out of existence for a moment, flickers back, then poofs for good as the bullet hits him. "Bitch! You hurt my dog!" Ro yells as she feels her link severed, it was gonna take hours of meditation to bring him back now and that pissed her off making her run just a little faster, firing off a few more shots at the fleeing womans back. Rowan was SO not giving up easy, not after her major fuck up of letting Jak go the other night.

[23:11] GraceyLynn Flanagan (graceylynn.flanagan) was not feeling anything and saw all the blood and her hands were covered in it. The neck wound had his carotid artery dissected. Her heart broke as there was no more pulsing in his frame. There was no longer life blood flowing through those precious veins. She had just talked to him yesterday. He was telling her how thought life was changing. Now he was not breathing in or out and had no more second chances, Would never again save a child from evil doers. Would never stand in front wrong and do what was right again. "Marc ya bastard ya canna leave ya got work to be doin' ...still" her hands now crimson she sat there in a pool. " I'll not be leavin ' ya..."she whispered to the wind. For she would not be talkin to a dead man.

[23:13] Djinn: watches a bit as Moxxi would escape the scene. Definitely a smart move. For him though, he wasn't all too bright. As Rowan gave chase, Djin finally moves from his spot and moves over to Grace and the dead Marc. Looking at the woman as she shed tears for the person on the ground. Djinn would look at Marc for a moment, already seeing the color gone from his body.

[23:16] GraceyLynn Flanagan (graceylynn.flanagan) looked at the cat" Aye are then..it you and I cat..twas a good man..." She shifted her body as to make sure his weapon and  such were clicked to the safety" Now are ye gonna be able to get help then cat if I am need it " She shook her head" Aye Marc ye poor Bastard I'll drink a Pint or four for ya" She let the tears fall for her hands were covered and wondered how she would get the body back to the clinic.
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Right Suspect
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