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 Arrest Report : Jak Zabinski

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Rowan Mayfair

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PostSubject: Arrest Report : Jak Zabinski   Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:09 am

Arrest Report

Date: 8/12/2014

Arrestee IC Name: Jak Zabinski
Arrestee SL Name: Salentia

Deputy's IC Name: Rowan Mayfair
Deputy's SL Name: Shadoe Ninetails

Victims IC Name: Marc Reinhart  
Victims SL Name: ursamajoris

Charges: Murder of a law enforcement officer

Jail Time needed: Life!!

Bail Amount (if Any): None

Incident Summary: Deputy Reinhart called in that he has spotted the person of interest, one Jak Zabinski, at the corner of Raven and Blackthorn and requested assistance. Myself, and my police dog responded and turned the corner in time to see the suspect fire 2 shots into Deputy Reinhart. The suspect then took off and myself and Fluffy took off after her. She was told to freeze as I identified myself as Law Enforcement, but she did not comply. Once clear of civilians,  I gave her one more warning and opened fire while running, hitting her in the shoulder. But it did not stop the suspect. She kept running, firing the gun she took off Deputy Reinhard at me. One bullet grazed my left arm the other hit my vest. I was still able to finally subdue the suspect and bring her to jail, where I called on Dr Gracey Flanagan to treat the prisoners wounds. Dr Flanagan informed me at that time that my partner Deputy Marc Reinhart was dead, he hadn't survived the shots that apparently hit him in the throat and chest. Suspect then booked for Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer
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Arrest Report : Jak Zabinski
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