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 Fog monster sightings: Interruption of the Shifters

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PostSubject: Fog monster sightings: Interruption of the Shifters   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:54 am

Danea Andel blinks at Sora's words then in perfect and grand Dani style makes a face at him and sticks out her tong , the minute Zaap lifts his hand she moves towards him happily unaware of the thing behind her laughing at his words and nods " Maybe we should have a first date baby " lifting her own hand to take his

Violet Yeltatzie said nothing to Al as she seemed prepared to leave. She did smile and offer her a nod of the head which would serve as backing up what Sora said. When her attention shifted, she'd look up to Sora with a smirk, "It does? Wow, you didn't even have to get me drunk to see me naked." Oh geez. What the hell had gotten into her? Either way, her arms tightened around the man she was quickly growing fond of, and her head nodded quite a few times, "That sounds good to me... a drink." Casting a glance to Dani and Zaap, she nods her head excitedly, "Take her somewhere nice. My house is at the dock if you two ever want to spend time there watching the sunset or something."

Al Manx grumbled at Sora, she had no interest to be one with a pack beyond that of what her instinct tells her to d, and that pull was firmly in the back of her head and being starved into non-existence the longer she kept to herself. She grunted, there was a shift in the feeling of the air and heck no did it feel good at all, she growled slightly and took off like a bolt of thunder, a full on leap and sprint down the river and beyond..her tanned ass bouncing into the sunset.

Hulking Fog Monster The woods become quiet, that eerie calm before the storm, then the sound of stomping, animals run in terror, birds fly off in a panic, the fog washes into the area heralding one if its' summoned. The monster lumbers with surprising speed for its' size and bulk. Thick trees snap like twigs as they are shouldered out of the way by the charging berserker. There is life, warm flesh nearby, it could smell them, the fog could sense them. Cue the epic music as the thing barrels down on them, it is mini boss fight time.

Sora Senizen gave a low sigh. “Some will never learn I guess..” he brought a single digit up as he scratched along his beard. His hands would slowly tuck into his pockets. He nodded. “Yah? Just like that huh.. I mean if you're saying I don’t need to get you drunk to take advantage.” he poked with a knowing nod. “Naw I’m a bit more of a gentleman than that I would like to think.” he glanced up at the sky some. “I hope that one will be alright, shits crazy as of late going alone is for the birds.” he looked between Zap and Danea. “So I take it you two met at the bar?” He glanced back to Vi though, he suddenly fell silent. “Eh?” he glanced around at the ground as he twitched his nose. “What the fuck?” He then heard the trees as his eyes averted up in that direction, and his nose tingled, he would go to push Vi behind him as he stepped in front of her he gave a glance to Zappiel and then back to the forest waiting to see what the hell was coming out, but his spider sense was tingling.

Zaapiel could only laugh at Danea and her actions slipping his arm around her pulling her aginst his said. looking to sora as she spoke and nodded." Yeah we did then we fished a vamp out of the river and saved it.. Guess that was like our frist date." he would give one good laugh before he would go quite the same time as sora his head snapping around that arm around Danea now gripping her tightly as he pulled her behind him his stance going wide." the fuck is that?" he asked pulling that gun off his hip holding it down at his side those glowing blue eyes of his moveing all around even the wild life knew to get the hell outta dodge

Danea Andel's smile faded even as her mate smiled down at her , the forest it was wrong , so ...still , where had everything gone she did not have time to react as its then that Zaap feels it to and yanks her behind him , her eyes scan the woods her face going pail , evil , it was palatable she could taste it , the brand along her back seamed to sear as if affirming her thoughts, she suddenly grips the back of Zaap's shirt " The fog " she gasps out

Violet Yeltatzie rolled her shoulders into a shrug at Sora, he probably wouldn't have to get her drunk but... "you do seem more gentleman-ly... I can't deny tha--" She didn't finish her sentence, the sight of birds fleeing their nests and the sound if crashing trees quickly grabbed her attention. Before she could even think to ask what the hell was happening, Sora was pushing her behind him. Her bones began to ripple beneath her flesh as her fight or flight instincts argued about what was best at the moment. The red head poked her head out from behind Sora as she tried to gain visual on what was creating the ruckus.

Hulking Fog Monster did not stop to look at them, the creature is a mindless one track minded killing machine fueled by the fog that swirled around it. The ground it treads becomes thick with the stuff, air clouded by the palpable taint of death and decay.  One arm swings out to catch a broken tree in the crook of its arm and sends it sailing at the lot. Blood lust and murder in those milky white eyes, it follows the tree in, aiming to ram them, trample them. Fog follows suit, snaking across the ground to assault them on a different level; obscuring senses, creating what distraction it could, working in tandem with the beast.

Sora Senizen Every point in his body started to tingle, that fog only caused him to grow more focused. He let out a few quick breaths, was that fear he felt. Sora didn’t feel fear, thats when the beast emerged from the trees, that massive meat monster had his eyes go wide. His body admittedly worked on its own as the giant tree came sailing through the fog, Sora would reach out in an attempt to grab Vi In tandem of jumping with every want trying to avoid the beast as best he could, that tree scraping by him he barely missed the damn thing, apparent from the large scrape that now adorned his side. The fog was making shit difficult but he felt the bones in his body start to break and crack. It was either fight or run, and he would be damned if he was going to let Vi get killed, or anyone, plus that thing made it to the city an entire new set of issues. Kione had given the man a job and he was going to do it. “FUCK ME!” he was never going to his date at this rate. Turn, Turn quickly you motherfucker.. He felt his body ripping and the skin starting to peal as white hair started to emerge from the flesh….

Zaapiel Feelt his blood run could as what ever this was came at them his body got a slight shake to it as fear set in seeing this thing now." HOLLY." he didnt get to finish his stament as a tree came flying at them. Turning his body quickly to Try and grab Danea and drag her to the ground under the tree feeling it drag along his back tearting through his shirt and flesh as it went over him. Landing with a thud he looked aorund Violet and Sora were shifting. They needed time reaching to his boot he grabed the large bowie knife from it as he jumped to his feet." COME IN YOU BIG UGLY FUCKER!" he yelled as he ran hard for the thing as he got close he would go into a baseball slide and try to dragg that knife along its legs hopeing to hit something that would at least slow it down. If it didnt stamp him into a nice Zaapiel puddy

Danea Andel hits the ground hard under Zaap the breath knocking from her lungs , she feels his pain along with her own as the tree flys over them , then Zaap was gone and she turns watching in shock as Zaap charged the thing , her heart goes cold and she screams loudly " ZAAP" she pushes to her feet willing her body to change , bagging it to her mate was in danger ,Dani was in fact a very angery person , not that anyone would have guessed it , her rage boiled just below the serface , she was angery , at the world at her life , at everything that had happened to her , all of it pushed down deep and locked away , and with it her war self , she suddenly lunges to the creatures right screamming loud waveing her arms " Hey Hubba Bubba over her look no pants " trying to distract it enough for Zaap to make the blow safely as possible

Violet Yeltatzie's widened when she saw the large dead tree go sailing through the forest. it was aimed right for the small group. She hadn't gained sight of the fog monster yet, but that was mostly due to her being pulled with Sora tugging her out of the way. She jumped with him, landing on hands and knees as a branch whisks across her face to leave some nice road rash. The bones beneath her flesh continued to ripple and started to crackle as she went into fight mode. Her screaming through clenched teeth would be heard, and she fought her way to her feet in order to stay close to Sora as the fog settled in. Dark fur would be seen as her pale skin began to tear, muscle, ligaments and blood visible if anyone had been able to see her. Her warrior form was finally emerging. (( pretend she's a beast, on my phone so can't change)) And that's when she saw it... the large monster plowing through everything to get closer. The sight egged her shift on, forcing those bones to reform as painful as it was.

Hulking Fog Monster keeps going with the momentum it had built up, on top of them now, up in their face, all 15 foot of the abomination. Stomping on the ground, swinging those trunk-like arms with a HUGE reach to smack at and crush anyone foolish enough to be in harms way, monster possessed an alarming strength. Bellowing roar erupts from the bowels of the beast, spraying blood and gore all over the place. Zapp would find the thing's hide is quite tough, the flesh didn't cut like human or another supe's, it is like trying to cleave through a layer of armor, and while the flesh is laced open, the monster is unaffected by pain, or fear. Fog kicks up, tendrils of the stuff whip through the air to pounce on Zapp, trying to crawl in his nose, mouth, choke him. Murky gloom takes great pleasure in watching the struggle of the living, and while it might be faint, the word 'kill' could be heard as if whispered on the wind.

Sora Senizen hand came up as it slammed into the ground, the skin slowly going off as claws formed there, his body grew massive now, the human flesh fell away… His snout emerged from his mouth. Mid transformation one of those hulking arms found him, his half transformed body flew sideways smacking into the stone with a crack...downfall to not being able to move mid shift like this. His body hobbled there as he heard the thing it didn’t stop the transformation that was already happening it only quickened. It was only a matter of time before a low growl was emitted at first from his body laying in the fog. He started to stand, Pain was a secondary thing about this time.. Transforming was pain what where a few bones, It only ebbed him further. A loud roar emitted from with in the fog in the direction of the Hulking fog beast. He was now fully transformed, as his body prepared to attack, instinct kicking in.

Zaapiel rolled to a stop as the thing just kept going" fuck!" he growled going to get up right as the fog it self started to attack him. The sounds coming form his sickly as he tried to breath helpless as he had to watch that beast charge his new friends and mate. The light around him seeming like it was starting to dim from the choking. Then that word wafted to her ears. His eyes snapped open wide. Time felt like it slowed down for him. his heart hammered hard in his chest. that word echoed in his mind~kill~. He was done it would not kill his mate not while he drew breath. His eyes glowed bright the skin around his eyes darkened as pure animal instincts set in. The man Zaapiel was gone. And in an almost explosion of flesh and clothes his body shifted (rage shift) burning with pain. A deep roar to match that of the beast before him burned from his lungs as he stood there all beast him self. Rage burning bright in his blue eyes now set upon the beast.

Danea Andel had failed to get the things attention her heart was racing wildly , she would not fail them not again , not ever again , she grabs up a branch , for once her small size was a benefit , she manged to get under the things big arms , well above her head and flips the branch in her hands using it like a lance she screams and thrusts with everything she had , aiming up into the things armpit , she was able to get close but getting away may not be so easy , she would not stop shoving all her weight and strength behind the broken branch even as the fog turns on her , her beast screams to close to close but Dani ignores it , he one though was securing her mate the time to change and defend himself , she was so focused on her attempt to help she had not noticed Zaap shift in one rage enduced burst , that was gonna hurt him later

Violet Yeltatzie continued through the change, mindful of distance as her body took on it's new form. A scream of agonizing pain would be heard as her head reshaped and formed a maw with razor sharp teeth -- and soon the screaming turned into loud growling. While she might not be prepared for what was to come, she was ready to fight. She was aware now that Sora wasn't beside her, his growling gave some clues to where he might be but it wasn't a sure deal since he could move at any instant. The beast waited quietly for one of those tendrils as bile assaulted her sense of smell. The only thing she could think to do at first was take the monster out... and based on pure estimation if where she thought the thing was, she lunged forward in attempt to push herself at the lower portion to knock it over. Let's hope she didn't find a tree trunk instead.

Hulking Fog Monster is unphased by the shifters shifting, to the creature they are still warm bodies, and the fog drove it forward to smash through them until the very end of it or them. Fog explodes from the ground, in a concealing cloud around the monster, pushing out toward the rest of them to assault those heightened senses with strange sounds, false smells, and even tricks of the eye. This all happening as the raging creature flails out at them, grabbing, and swinging like a true berserker. Violet slamming into it would immediately grab its' attention. Clawed. . fingers, try to grab her, by what ever it could manage to grasp. Even shifted they would find the monster's strength quite a match for them, slamming into it would be like plowing head long into a brick wall.

Sora Senizen heard the sounds, his claws swinging blindly into the fog as it surrounded him, everything assaulting his senses. ANother loud Roar could be heard from him, a single hand grabbing the tree next to him, using it as a marker of his location. He had to rely on instinct. He heard Vi, he felt Vi He would focus on Vi she had to be kept safe. This forest had to be kept safe, and the people. The wolf would move forward through the fog, quickly Leaping forward at the last known location. His maw and claws would snap forward as he attempted to grip at the beast or a hope of it being the beast With jaws and claws, attempting some form of damage, though with it swinging wildly it didn’t seem like this thing had much to fear. In the ned What real choice did he have but to shove on, death or glory really, he had never seen something like this. He had never fought anything like this, the pure excitement at the prospect of death was exhilarating and the beast wanted to taste blood.

Hulking Fog Monster: has a big piece of freaking wood stuffed into its meaty hump, its lump, its lovely monster bump.

Zaapiel His raged mind had only one focus. That beast and his focus was not esaly pulled away from it though his head snapped around at the sights and sounds as he moved even slashing out at empty air as he moved. Seeing its movements as it went to grab Violet, And while he couldn't see sora he could hear him. It was time to take this thing down. He jumped up right at the things back his massive arms going around the beast trying to hook under its failing arms, The plan was to sink his claws deep enough into its thick hide to get a good hold on the thing, And drop all his weight digging his clawed feet into the ground. Doing his damnest to topple the S.O.B and drop it on the ground. Even as he felt a slash of Soras claws rip into the flesh of his arm. The pain only bringing another deep burning roar from his lungs

Danea Andel feels the branch break pulling it back to look at it " Oh shit that cant be good " the fog covers her and she cant see anything ,nothing that is but the forms in the mist , evil makes her skin crawl she begins to pant and spins every part of of her screaming run , as she does she comes face to face with her first nightmare , she stumbles back eyes wide " mama " her mother stood there covered in blood her eyes hateful and angery " Dani what have you done now " it snaps at her and Dani feels suddenly ill ready to throw up " Mama I swear I did not..." her mother lifts her hand up threatening " Don't you lie to me girl " Dani coward as she always had when faced with her mothers rage " Mama I swear I did not mean to." She screams as her mother linges forward and there where her beutiful green eyes should be , were pitch black ones , the demon was Dani's last though as the thing that looked like her mom smashes into her now a lump of pink flesh and she flys her body crashing hard into a tree , Dani tasting blood before she crumples to the ground

Violet Yeltatzie felt her head smash against the monster, and her body dropped to the ground beneath it's feet. She'd lay there a second too long trying to regain focus, and the monster grabbed hold of her right leg. Her claws would begin to swing wildly, and she'd try to move herself in a way that she could bite whatever had gotten hold of her. Her jaws chomped menacingly in hopes of being freed, but she didn't place all her poker chips in one bet. 'I'm caught' she tried to push through the pack bond she shared with Sora. Maybe it would translate, maybe he'd only get a sense of pure rage. She got sight of Zaap and locked her eyes on him as she continued to try chew through the leathery armour.

Hulking Fog Monster struggles to remain up right with the extra weight on Zapp on its back. Multiple wounds are registered from claws, teeth, tree branches, all puncture the flesh and what looks like blood floods out; it is black, thick, and smells awful, the ground instantly turns brown where it drops, not good, not good at all. With the fog still surging around it, making it impossible for even the creature to see, it feels something in that large mit, and starts to squeeze with bone-crushing strength. The other hand tries in earnest to reach back and grab at Zapp. Knees start to buckle, and it wobble forward. There is a thud as one knee slams into the ground, it is going down and it looked as it would collapse on poor Violet at any moment.

Sora Senizen felt his claws find purchase on the beast. He heard sounds in the fog, sounds that haunted him. Fellow pack members being ripped apart, his ears twitching slightly, cries for help he couldn’t discern real from fake at this point, Even the sounds of the Alpha of his pack wallowing in pain, his mouth would let go, though he felt that stinging feeling through the link with Vi.. He let out a low Growl feeling the beast buckle under all their combined weight. The fog made it hard to discern anything but shapes, a low growl would be emitted trying to focus on what was at hand. As he felt the beast buckle, his feet would dig in, feeling some of that bloody stank ooze onto his skin… He would draw back a claw hand as he attempted to force it forward attempting to locate and penetrate the maw of the beast and tear at those tenderals and maybe get it to let go of his future fake, maybe not so fake wife..Yah know the one that this beast totally cock blocked him from and ruined a perfect opportunity for Drunken Mistakes… and singing elvis weddings on a drunk Saturday evening.

Zaapiel so many things were going on at one time around him. Always in his mind was his mate. He could feel her fear her pain then nothing.. she was just gone. As he beast starts to go down. The thought sets in that his mate might be dead. Then he claws of that beast lay into him pulling feeling his flesh start to peal away. The pain burning white hot like someone had set his flesh on fire. He knew V was in front of the beast and knew it was falling that way. So he took the chance as that clawed meaty hand is grabbing at him he legs go to try and sink claw and teeth into it and just drop trying to pull its weight back so it would fall on him not V. Zaapiel would pull with all he had feeling his joins stain tendons stretch a little. Pain burning in all of body. Screaming for Danea with the mated bond he needed her voice. If she was dead this beast would be only the frist of poor Sora and V's problems

Danea Andel would say something but she is out cold her connection gone , her body broken and now understands why her mom never let her chew gum , it was bad for your teeth , she had lost sevreal hitting that tree

Violet Yeltatzie continued to chew for a few more moments, or until she felt the squeezing on her leg. Having good pain management while in this form was something she was thankful for. What she wasn't thankful for was the strength of the monster and the way it was beginning to snap the bones in her leg. Crunching and cracking would be heard as it forced weight in her limb and she'd begin to yelp loudly. Her claws frantically felt around the monster, trying to dig those claws in when she felt it's weight shift. Her goal? pull herself upward if it was at all possible. The pain she felt hindered her greatly, but she still had some fight left in her. She was trying to claw her way to the monsters head if that were even possible. One could hope, right. The screams of what sounded like thousands of demons in her ears assaulted her, and she'd be left clawing and growling and yelping desperately.

Hulking Fog Monster is strong, but the combined weight and strength of the two shifters is more than enough to overpower it in its weakened state. Monsters were not immortal, while tough, and scary, they could die. Life, or what ever pumped through the horror's body gushed out from new wounds, and the fog slowly begins to recede back from the dying beast still putting up a fight, but its moments are slow, strength slipping as it tried to keep crushing Vi, but there is nothing to fuel the muscles. One last roar, a pathetic sound muffled by Sora pulling its face pretty much clean off; wiggling tendrils and face meat yanked from the odd bone structure beneath, and Vi's claws coming into play, there isn't much left of it's head--they more or less decapitate it the messy way. Staggering forward, then backward as the center of gravity and Zapp's momentum hauls it back, going with him and falling to its death. Laying there without any sound for a moment or two, then something strange happens, it starts dissolves like a wax sculpture under a heat lamp; bubbling up, liquefied remains oozing into small rivers to the ground, and stink, oh boy did it stink.

Sora Senizen felt the squiggly tendrals come loose More than likely followed by a spew of that disgusting goop, he held them up as he let out another loud Rawr. The fog made it hard to see, though as it laid there, he smelt it before he could see it, feeling that ooze surround his feet as he stood there. A clawed hand came up to cover his muzzle… and of course this didn’t help his hand was covered in this goop. He would slowly attempt to back up breathing heavy, the saving grace it didn’t fall on Vi. Sora just watched it cautiously.. He didn’t know what was going on…. his face darted up, at least he wasn’t impaled by the large hook on the damn thing, or chopped.. a few broken bones and some scrapes mostly from the impact of the mountain.

Cheryl Kowalski "No!" Out of the fog drifts 'Cheryl'. "You foul, fucking beasts." She was mad. Mad that the beautiful thing of chaos that had been wrought out of chaos was destroyed. She glanced at all of them - appearing to be nothing but a human girl, despite the bit of flesh ripped from her face. When she spoke, it was with a layered voice - combined with something dark and evil overlaid with her natural one. She paces, seemingly unafraid of these giant wolves. She raises a hand. Fog seeps out from the ground, swirling around her limbs, claiming what was hers - this mess of flesh on the ground. Man, Zee was going to be pissed. She was pretty sure this was her favorite squishy thus far. Fog thickens and with it comes additional stink, eerie sounds - clicks and distant scurrying. And it draws the ooze that was left of the monster back to her.

Zaapiel as he fell the monster fell with him landing right on him feeling some of his ribs crack under its weight. Letting out a pained howl he went to push the now dead weight off him only to have his hands slip as it started to melt right on top of him. The gunck getting his mouth and nose making him fail under the think kicking and growling as he worked to get out form under the the ting the smell so over powering wish sence of smell in this shape. His stomach rolled hard feeling everything he had eaten that year start to come up from his stomach. Fianly the thing melted enought he could move rolling up to his hands and knees. his body jrecking hard as he starte lose his the contants of his stomach. onto the ground. The sudden voice has him looking up he goes ot move for it only to be wracked with more barffing from falling down onto his side panting heavly. a long low whine comeing form him

Danea Andel unlike everyone was happly out cold and unawear of the bad smell or the nasty goo , in fact her mind had gone rather erotic fast , there was her Zaap smileing that dark smile holding up his gun , that look telling Danea that the next several hours would be both terrifying and hot as hell , she moans from her spot under the tree where she had landed

Violet Yeltatzie feels the monsters grip loosen on her leg, but it's not like she'd be putting it to much use since it was broken in multiple places. She watches as Sora pulls it's face off, and feels her claws dig through a spot you'd think a neck would be, raking through the bile until it fell to it's death. Given her current location, she'd fall with the monster and land on the monsters humps... it's lumps.... it's lovely monster bumps. Check it out! Her claws reached for soil, dirt, anything she could use to claw herself away from the melting bile, not that it mattered since she was practically bathed in it now. As the monster dissolved, she started to lose her edge, that edge she needed to keep herself in form to heal. Her bones rippled beneath the fur and the all knowing crackling would start yet again. That was the price she'd pay for being young, she didn't know how to properly control the best yet.

Sora Senizen Turned now, he would of been amused at the fact Zaapiel was covered in disgusting goop, and maybe even more concerned for Vi, if it hadn’t of been for that voice from the fog. His body pivoted as he eyed the girl, and watched the fog swirl and the goop. She was a threat he could tell that much. He stepped forward a loud Rawr coming from his vocals as he ebbed closer to the terrifying women. His body moved without hesitation as a clawed hand came up bairling closer, smart move going after one you don’t know about Sora.. but this was the beast taking over, and he would be damned if she brought another beast like that.

Cheryl Kowalski all around her is laughter. Pouring from her lips. The smile on her face remains fixed and false; she slowly turns her head towards Sora as it comes nigh with roars and claws. Her eyes change - turning into something sickly and glowing green. Whatever attacks are made are fended. Turns out right now she is not strong enough to be truly solid. Her body whisps away into fog that begins it's slow crawl back towards the dead land. Hands shoot out of the earth making grabs for Danea's prone and unmoving form in attempt to drag the body along. In the distance, in the heart of the fog, are screams. Screams of terror. Screams for help. Screams of those that IT had claimed over the centuries.

Zaapiel ones his stomach was empty only dry heaving now. Though the sounds of Sora pulled at his ear roseing him to get back ot his feet swaying a little. That rage shift was realy starting to kick his ass. His mind went back to trying to feel for Danea still getting nothing shaking his head he looked around just in time to see Danea being dragged away. His rage hits high again. over his fucking dead body he jumps landing on four legs over Danea slashing at what ever the fuck had a hold of her. Grabbing trees pulling them down ripping up dirt and rocks . standing over her body letting out roar that by sound alone should make the very trees quiver in fear. As he stands over his mates body his head swinging wildly to look for more shit that needed to be shreaded. The man was still buried deep with in that wolf and right now he would try to kill anything that came near his mate

Violet Yeltatzie was fighting with herself, trying to remain in her wolf form so she'd be able to heal. She was down on all fours, growling as she tried to keep hold of her edge. The sound of laughter, and Sora's growling seemed to grab her attention in that moment, and it was when she saw the woman making grabs for Dani that she grabbed hold of the beast once again and the rippling of her bones beneath the flesh and fur dissipated. Not able to stand upright, she made use of her arms and dug her claws into the earth to scurry forward. A lovely dirt and grime trail would be left behind as she dragged her body forward, growly and snapping teeth. A pitiful sight, really. The closer she got to the group, the louder those terrible screams became -- those things would haunt her dreams in the nights to come.

Danea Andel's prone form begins to slide over the dead leaves of the forest floor a low moan comeing from her as her ribs protest the movement her eyes flutter open and at first she is confused , but not for long as she feels the hands on her , she was still slightly affected by the fog insanity and she suddenly begins to fight wildly trying to get them off , there were hands everywhere touching everything , evil cackling laughter and the screams of pain of others in the distance , her own madness mixing with what was really happening , he had come back to drag her into hell , a blood curdling scream comes from her as she grabs for anything that would save her and gets handfuls of darl black fur as her mate was suddenly there

Cheryl Kowalski the hands are easily brushed away, shredded away into mist - but then they reform. This time, the do not make any grabs - too far away as the fog sinks back further into it's claimed domain. Here was uncomfortable. Not because of the wolves, but because of the powerful ward near by, laid there by a very, very powerful one.

Sora Senizen felt his claws reach purchase on nothing, that didn’t stop the guttural growls and roars coming from him as he tried.. Though those woman's eyes caused him to jump back immediately and poise a defensive position. When the women turnes into the fog its self he shook his head, those those screams. His eyes perked as he looked in that direction. He was brave, but he wasn’t stupid. His arms would be thrown back as he let out a warning howl that would of echoed about the area, as in Danger stay back. “Rarooooooooo” Or something like that but you know less pittiful. He looked back to Vi to ensure she was ok and then back to the hands and the girl.
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Fog monster sightings: Interruption of the Shifters
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