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 Saphy's locater spell

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PostSubject: Saphy's locater spell   Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:49 pm

[10:14] Saphy (saphire.ohare) stands behind the counter as a few NPC's were in here doing their shopping for certain ingredients. Placing a smile on her face even though, deep down she felt like a horrible person. She had promised someone (NPC) that she would help locate their father. They even gave her a picture so she can show it around town. Of course, anything and everything stopped her. Maybe it was some sort of a spiritual sign.

Saphy knew she could not exactly tell them how she was going to try and find their father and she was not even sure she would find him. She sighed in frustration. It was kind of hard to not see the desperation on her face as she rang up their orders, placing them in bags and giving them their change if any. "Bless it be." she would say as the customers would leave the store. Her own items stored in her backpack behind the counter just waiting for her to use them and start a locater spell.

[10:21] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) comes barrelling down the stairs from the living space above the shop. Anyone in the shop can hear her coming. Then stepping out the door with a wide smile "Good Morning.. I mean Afternoon" she says to all those in store. Then looking to Saphy " how goes it?" she says. Immediately going to grab her kettle and starting a pot of water to make some tea. She is a bit stir crazy because of the rain and was in the need to go swimming or doing something. She had left Kei upstairs with Elvis. Letting her friend get ready for her next raid. Once the kettle is one she moves around to the front of the counter and hops on to . " Haven't looked out the window yet. Think that it is another rainy day?"

[10:26] Saphy (saphire.ohare) flicks her gaze toward her left as she hears footsteps. To only see Lexie coming out of the door. She would offer lazy smile. Tea seems to be very popular around here. Not that is was a bad thing, and Saphy does enjoy some tea, but on some days, she liked something stronger. But for now, tea seemed appropriate. Maybe it's because of the weather. Saphy would glance back to Lexie and nodded to her, "Seems so. I hope it stops b y tonight." Letting a slight chuckle leave her lips as she looks upon the rest of the citizens that were about, "But it's warmer than it was yesterday."

[10:34] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) grins "that is good. I am thinking about going to the beach today and swimming. Rain or no rain.. I need to get out of this shop and have some fun." looking over to Saphy with a big smile " can close the shop and if you want to go come with can take a picnic lunch have fun. " Leaning back " I even have a little something to help with being cold" she spoke making sure Saphy was the only one that could hear her. "I don't think the old man would care at all. He is busy anyway." She wiggles a little on the counter making herself comfortable.

[10:39] Saphy (saphire.ohare) smiles at the idea of swimming out in the rain, she also loves the idea of the beach, minus the wet sand sticking to her, but for now she shakes her head, "I'd love to, but do you mind if we close up shop. I kind of need to do something and I need no distractions?" She whispered that so only Lexie would here it. She didn't need anyone else snooping into her conversation and starts raising questions. She lift her backpack up on top of the counter, leaving it lay there for a moment.

[10:46] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) gives Saphy an inquizzitative look but says nothing "sure.. we can close get the chores done then go swimming" she looks back to see the last customer heading their way with things to buy. She offers the customer a big smile as she sat there. If Saphy helped ring the customer out. As soon as they were out the door she would hop off the counter and hurry to the window to flip the sign and lock the door.

[10:50] Saphy (saphire.ohare) did help the last customer as she would never deny anyone if they were making a purchase. "Thanks." She would not say anything about what she needed to do until the final customer was out there door and Lexie had flip the sign from 'open' to 'close'. When she did, Saphy would open her backpack, pulling out the map, ashes and juniper berries. "I need to do a locater spell. I, uh, promised someone that I will help find there father." Saphy didn't know what Lexie would say, but Saphy had been dodging this person for 3 days now, until she can get some kind of results.

[10:57] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) wrinkles her nose some at the mention of doing a spell "A locator spell hm.. who is it for?" she asks matter of factly and do they know.. about you being witchy?" making her way back to the counter. "Just curious as I want to know who we are doing spells for just in case I am needed to fix things later on" her voice was happy but at the same time she was serious. She has her on reasons of paranoia since the purge. " I can help you if you want"

[11:04] Saphy (saphire.ohare) placed the items neatly on the counter, setting it up properly. Saphy may have a little OCD in her. But she would never upright admit that right this moment. That will be for another time. She knew these questions would arise, and knew that is the only reason why she even mentioned it to Lexie. Saphy was not a stupid person. If she was, she would have attempted this when she wanted to, hell even would have tried yesterday. She removes her hands off the map and focused on Lexie. "It's for a someone is in need."

She sighed, remember the look on this girls face with such sadness. Only reason why she even agreed to help was because she caught Saphy at the time where she was drowning in her own sorrows about her parents death and as well as the covens death."She has no idea about me and what I can do." She reached in the smaller pocket of the backpack and pulled out a picture, sliding it across the counter." She handed me this to show around town to see if anyone see her father." quickly adds  "All the help I can get would be greatly appreciated, if you don't mind."

[11:11] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) looks over the items on the counter "It's nice to see someone that knows what they need. And of course I will help."taking a breath and starts pulling the energy to her. "As you were the one to speak to the woman it's best you leads this as you have had the contact but I will push energy your way and help steady things. Then we can go swimming" Her hand going up to sweep back a piece of hair. Not interfering with what Saphy is setting up unless asked to.

[11:18] Saphy (saphire.ohare) took a deep breath. This was nerve wrecking. It will always be nerve wrecking to Saphy no matter how many times she will or has done any type of spell. Exhaling slowing as she feels energy pushing to her " Ok thank you." She smiled as she starts to pull her own energy from within her. She straightens out the map, which by the way was not in the greatest condition. She had this map for a very long time. Clearing her mind from any distractions, reaching for the jar of ashes. Slowly pouring them unto the map. That was just the beginning of the spell.

[11:24] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) let's her body fill with the energy and then slowly starts to let it go towards Saphy. The boost would not be over powering but definitely felt. Offering just a smiel as she stands there. Lexie let her focus down on her empathy. Letting her feel and recognize the nervousness that Saphy was feeling "You are doing fine. Just relax. Take a few breathes and hold your focus. It's important not to let anything distract you. If it works great.. if not we do it again. Heavens know I have messed up more than a few times with spells" Lexie turns her attentiong to the picture of the counter as she stood there.

[11:34] Saphy (saphire.ohare) slow breaths in and out of Saphy as she licked her dried lips. Hoping for the best, but as every witch knows, nothing is a 100%. Saphy opened up the jar of juniper berries, pouring them into heavy duty wooden bowl. Pulling out a lighter from her backpack and a sheet of paper. Lighting the paper of fire and lowering those flames burn the berries.

Once she did that she would wait for the ashes to move, giving the location of the girls father. She was not aware Lexie can feel her emotions, but she would do what she can to not let that stop her from doing this spell. To hold her focus, she would close her eyes for a moment or two. Keeping her breaths at a steady pace. When she opens her eyes, she would find out the response. At this point, it can go either way.

[12:03] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) held the steady stream of energy that she is allowing to flow into Saphy. Saying nothing as she stands there. She watches as Saphy lights the paper and the berries. Waiting for more but saying nothing as she stands there. When Saphy opens her eyes. Looking down at
the picture. "just take a breath." she says with another smile

[12:13] Saphy (saphire.ohare) opens her eyes and seen that nothing happened. She was concerned, thinking the worse. She placed her hands down on the counter, thinking 'What the hell?" Taking in another deep breath, holding it for only a few seconds, then letting it go into the air. Thank goodness for great dental hygiene. Suddenly remembers she forgot the damn incantation. How can she screw that up already. She reached for her journal and searched for the words she needed to say.

After doing some research awhile back she made notes in her own journal. I guess you can call it a mini book of shadows. Finding the page, she would attempt to do this again. This time she kept her eyes open. " Thrughain Adhar Thruagort Isham" It took her some time to find the words for this spell, but will always have it in her journal now. After speaking those words, she would see some movements in the ashes.

[12:41] Lexie Ellwyn (lexie.vaher) giggles some at the Saphy's statement when it doesn't work Letting her figure it out. This time she offers a big smile and reaches out to touch Saphy. Her hand would rest on Saphy's arm if allowed to so that energy would flow a little more smoother and sending with it a feeling of calm. Nothing much but just enough to take the edge off. Listening to the words spoken she would then look to the picture as the spell starts to work.

[12:50] Saphy (saphire.ohare) felt Lexie's hand touch her softly, giving her a sense of calmness. Saphy was indeed much calmer now. She didn't think she would pull this off as this is her first time, but she did. A smile would spread across her lips as she looked and seen the ashes giving a location. Saphy was extremely happy. She looked to Lexie as she laughed with high spirits because it worked. "Oh my god. I did it!" She looked at where the location is and pulled out her cell phone. Searching for the name of the girl and would send her a message. "Thank you so much!" she said to Lexie. She felt so relieved that it was over and with the help of Lexie, she got the answer she needed. Now the problem is, is he alive. But that was the girls problem. Saphy did as promised.
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Saphy's locater spell
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