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 A new Business Charter appears in City Hall Records...

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PostSubject: A new Business Charter appears in City Hall Records...   Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:36 pm

Business Charter:

KERBEROS PRIVATE SECURITY AND INVESTIGATIONS (hereby known as KPSI) and the CITY OF RAVENHURST ISLAND (herby known as THE CITY) have entered into a contracted agreement to allow KPSI to act within limited functions on behalf of THE CITY, up to and including functions as the following;

• Registered Bail Bondsman Firm and Federal Bounty Collections
• Registered and State-Approved Provider of Security for both private and federally protected assets, allowing for open-carry of weapons in FDIC and federally insured areas, such as Banks and repositories
• Licensed Private Investigations with a fully-withholding state non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in regards to information regarding private and public records (limited to information regarding official duties only, at the discretion of any federally authorized law enforcement officer)
• Licensed Open-Carry organization, limited to employees in good standing, no felony criminal history and fully licensed permit holders in the state of Washington
• Other peace-keeping duties, as requested or assigned by the Ravenhurst Sheriff’s Department, or any other Federal Law Enforcement agency

Conditions of Charter Registration:
a) KPSI must abide by all federal and state mandated laws regarding the registration, logging and usage of firearms in any official function. These logs will be audited by an officiated representative of the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (hereby known as the DOJ) and any other auditing federal body.
b) All assault weapons, ammunition and explosives must be kept in a locked safe, in a limited-access area of the KPSI registered building. Removal of these weapons must be logged as listed above, unless an emergency exception is encountered. In such cases, Exception Form 34-FGH.1K must be filed with the Sheriff’s office and signed by a law enforcement official as soon as possible after the emergency.
c) Use of information about private individuals are contained with a state-holding NDA and any non-public information disclosed outside of requested duties can result in a revocation of this business charter, pending federal review.
d) Requests to lend assistance to Law Enforcement officers must be attended to if it is within the power of a KPSI agent to do so. As such, official agents of KPSI are given access to the police emergency channels to receive calls, and may respond to officer assistance requests. This also allows KPSI personnel to request assistance via the emergency line without the penalties of normal civilian usage of an official emergency channel.
e) All KPSI field officers must declare any and all firearms to any federally authorized law enforcement officer, and carry their KPSI license and ID card at all times when acting on an official function or in possession of a registered firearm.
f) Medical assistance given by any KPSI-Registered EMT is given the same prosecution immunity as any other state-registered EMT, as long as the agent is fully registered and their credentials are current. They are, however, mandated to provide medical assistance if it is needed and it is within their power to do so.

Current Firearm Registrations:
KPSI has the following firearms registered to the Institution. These firearms are mandated to be permanently marked with the KPSI logo, (a three-headed Cerberus dog, facing left) as well as their log ID numbers. Some items are excluded from this marking, but their registration numbers are logged according to the charter agreement.

1 carbon fiber Extendable Police Baton
1 Tazer
3 Cans of ‘Bear’ Mace
2 Combat Knives

1 Sig Sauer P220
1 SPAS12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
1 FN SCAR-H - w/Underslung GL24
2 Taurus Model 85 Revolvers

(Ammunition Store)
2 Boxes of 50x .45ACP Rounds
2 Boxes of 30x .12 Gauge Shotgun Shells
2 Boxes of 60x 7.62 NATO Rifle Rounds
4 Boxes of 60x 7.62 Non-Lethal Riot Control Rubber Rounds
1 Box of 50x .38 Special Pistol Rounds
5 Breech-Loaded Tear Gas Grenades
5 Thrown Tear Gas Grenades
5 Thrown Smoke Grenades


Kurt Reinhart
KReinhart @ KerberosPSI.com
• Owner
• Licensed Bondsman
• Licensed Private Security Field Agent
• Open-Carry License Holder
• Primary Business Contact for administrative requests

There are no other registered employees at this time.

Marshal Hawke - Mayor of Ravenhurst Island
Sheriff Xander Pryce - Ravenhurst Sheriff’s Department

All other licenses are held in record at Ravenhurst Island City Hall, and are available upon request.
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A new Business Charter appears in City Hall Records...
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