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 The rite to redemption....

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PostSubject: The rite to redemption....   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:10 pm

(after a trial and judgement passed, the Fury Wolf Pack goes to the Ruins to begin the Rite...)

[19:00] Fen Blacach grunted as he landed, hard, but corrected himself quickly, forcing himself to remain focused as they proceeded through the woods, unable to get the rich scent of blood from his nose, tweaking his every sense to the point of madness, the blood running from the damned's mouth making his muscles spasm with excitement. As they approached the woods he stood still, breathing heavily, the last bastion of humanity clinging onto the dominance of his body, the part that demanded the Alpha dictates if he were to shift. He swallowed hard.

[19:02] Carrie Weaver stood there dripping as the cold water soaked into his clothes, his body heat causing a steam to rise in the cold air around him. He looked down at Umia as he stepped close, settling into an easy stance, his weight resting on his good leg.

[19:09] Niyol Clawtooth: Storm would get to the spot on the ruins that would do for the ritual. He would throw Umia's body down on the hard, dry cracked stoney earth, the small portion that was devoid of grass and nothing to restrict the touch of Gaia. "Surround her, strip her. Nothing must get in the way of Gaia's teeth." Slowly he would close his eyes as his head bows to take off his hat, and in a rarity... removes his shades. His deep intelligent goldenbrown hued eyes, were dark, the shades of the spirits flaring in those orbs as they became more and more wolven. HIs voice in that serene eery deathly calm, became gruffer as his vocal chords began to shift as in his mind he would begin to walk the circle around them... His gaze searching the ground for the stick or stone that gaia would give for this....

Umia was still unconscious, the beating she'd all ready taken would have surely killed a human. Her body would hit the ground with a dull thud, bloody form landing in a lump atop the dead grass. Yet still, in her deep state of slumber, there was still a feeling of fear and panic churning in her core, causing her features to twitch every few moments as the overbearing mix of emotions stirred inside of her. She could sense her packmates even then, but instead of comfort she felt the need to flee.

[19:15] Maddox Vance had gotten the call and made his way through the woods to find the small group of them gathered around Umia's body.. His brow furrowed as he looked at the serious look on everyone's face.. He would have come too late to catch Storm's words directly and was unsure if he should join in.. He'd tuck his guitar case's strap down his arm and set the whole thing aside as he went to take his place next to Storm, covering a good section off from Umia if she attempted an escape, had she woken up.. He'd look over to Rie and the others and speak softly "What's.. Going on?"

[19:16] Rie Trager trotted easily through the woods, this was so close to how she had done it back home and her blood was running hot. she didn't even notice the cold or the ice that clung lightly to her hair, melting under her body heat. she'd take long breaths in of the blood from Umia's jaw, she felt a grinding regret that this is where they'd arrived but she did not blame herself or any others for what they stood at. Umia had made these decisions and pushed herself too far into the wrong field. she'd gesture to the others to strip her clothing, that dark amusement settling out to more fiercely feral serious views. she could sense the gathering around Storm, he would lead them in this and she would finish the job, leaving her broken body as an example and warning to their kind "we are giving her back to Gaia and hope that she can be reformed into something worth walking among us" is her quiet answer

[19:22] Zack Harkness comes over the hill having seen everyone coming past from the ridge. He stuck his hands in his pockets wondering what was going on but could tell there was plenty of tension in the air along with the smell of fresh blood. He looked to the ground where they all gathered, the body of Umia laid there, bleeding, naked. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine when he finally knew what was happening...what was going to happen. He stared, coldly, no expression.

[19:24] Fen Blacach observed the battered lithe form on the ground with a tilted head, a calm darkness eminating from his demeanor, the focus and drive of his wolf setting in. His arm reached over to the bayonet strapped onto his upper-arm, going to lay it on the grass, to keep it causing damage should he shift. He winced slightly, "Gaia have mercy; I pray for her sake there is mercy" He said in a cold Scottish accent, his eyes scanning every inch of girl. His head tilted once more, taking in a long draw of the blood scent, letting it dance upon his scenses, fill his mind and body, "Fenrir only knows how long it has been since I last killed." He sighed softly, referring to the Norse Wolf God.

[19:26] Carrie Weaver rolled his sleeves up, the wet fabric clinging to his skin trying to fight him every step of the way. He looked around at those assembled, prepared to send one of their own off for her own miss doings. He did not move much instead taking in every action of those around him, the sights and the scents so no matter what happened this memory would always be clear for him.

[19:32] Niyol Clawtooth: Storm would let out his hair, begining to speak gruffly in that serene piercing calm. After a few moments of meditative searching, he finds a branch in the shadow of the oak. One sharpened that would do their will. Slowly he would begin to approach the circle, looking from one or the other... before turning slowly to Umia on the ground. Ripping with his own hands the last shreds of offending cloth, moving to slap her across the face trying to wake her. "Wake up."

Her broken body was stripped to nothing by those who were once her family, though had she been awake she most likely would have stripped down on her own accord; even in her broken state, she was still herself. The energy from her pack surrounded her like a warm blanket, and while they were gather around her in order to end her as opposed to heal her, their mere presence was enough to make the girl stir. And the hand to the face was enough to make her eyelids snap open, eyes frantically searching around. A horrible gargling noise oozed out of her throat, had she had a jaw it would have been a scream.

[19:38] Maddox Vance: Found the way that Rie put what was about to happen was a rather pleasant way to look at it.. Though with the look most of them carried with them, it was clear that they were far from the end of Umia's final punishment.. He turned her eyes back to Umia then and looked back to Storm as Umia gurgled out a scream, he winced and slowly looked back to see the fear and rebellious anger in her eyes.. He noticed her missing jaw immediately and cringed.. "That's.. Fucked up... Someone needs to put this bitch out of her misery... " With his words he showed how unprepared he was for what was really happening all around him as well as the constituencies that would soon follow..

[19:40] Rie Trager lets her good eye wander the group silently, studying the unfamiliar male that she'd invited to join them. it was a hunt, of its own type, and the Rite was something that would be terrible to endure but it was honorable to send her away with it. once her spirit was free then the flesh left behind was nothing but flesh. as Storm prepared, her own Umbral presence would begin to come forward, more a sensation of breeze around her that was unrelated to anything else. Umia coming to makes her shift slightly, a gesture had in disgust "be silent, your time to speak and be heard is over. you have been judged, accept it with what dignity your worthless frame holds within it" she was cruel and cold, those in her family did not choose leeches over kin, did not risk their lives. Umia would pay the ultimate price for it

[19:43] Zack Harkness winced faintly but the wince quickly changed back to a cold experssionless face. He looked to every member. He rolls his neck from side to side, trying to release some of the tension or shake some of it off that is radiating from everyone, to keep himself from bursting out of his human shell. He tilted his head, trying to look into Umia's eyes, see the fear in it. He wondered why of course, morbid curiosity perhaps. Like seeing a train wreck or murder..bad example. He looked toward the man, the man with the scottish accent wondering why he was here, maybe he had the same morbid curiousity, who knows. He felt a chill far colder then the air around him.

[19:46] Fen Blacach met Rie's eye, his own piercing yellow eyes ablaze with intent and wonder. He looked down as the girl began to stir, a sinister smirk spreading along his maw. The chill that eminated from his form was based in years of standing as Sentinel for his former-pack. As far as he was concerned, this was a Viking-esk execution, full of ceremony and belief; where for many years he had cut the windpipe from traitors with nothing more than a scalpal and his own hands. His hands flexed quietly, watching with great intent, the smirk remaining.

[19:53] Carrie Weaver shot a quick glare at Maddox, over his outburst at Umia's missing jaw, it was clear now was not the time for it. He slowed his breathing, the one thing that had kept him calm through this whole ordeal, the others giving into their beast slowly as well, the heat began rising in him, a bile building feeling that he could only attribute to the disgust he felt for the actions that had forced them to come to this. Watching Storm quietly he waited for the ritual to begin in earnest, shifting from foot to foot.

[19:55] Niyol Clawtooth: "Umia silvertongue. You have been sentenced to suffer the teeth of Gaia. This is a ritual that has been passed down from ages past reserved for those who have done the most heinous of a crimes being a traitor, to their pack, their family and their very way of life." His head lifts to the sky and a low dark howl begins to push past his lips as he invites the void, the power of luna and Gaia to aid them in the striking of the woman's name from the histories of their world. " UMIA SILVERTONGUE!" His voice booms with the ages. His hair lashing around his dark features... His golden orbs a midnight yellow barely visible. "for befriending leeches in a time of War, for putting the life of a pack mate and fellow kin at risk for a non kin, for allowing a leech who knew our secret to live, for many many other small petty infractions and failures to learn, to better yourself, to show respect to those above you, to put this family before others.... May Gaia show you mercy, as with silvered tongue, you betrayed your blood." He'd lash forward and grip at her hand, Driving the stick towards her hand, seeking to drench it in her traitorous blood, if successful He would paint the traitor's features, her forehead, her ears and her lips... what is left of them, with her blood as he spoke. Repeating what he had said in english... In an apache, with the cadence of a chant.

Umia's eyes darted to the faces above her, hands reaching up to grasp at where her jaw should have been. She could not understand while she could not talk until that moment, and again a scream came out in the form of a morbid gurgle. Ries words seemed to ring through her skull, and after one more vein attempt at a yelp, she'd fall deathly silent, breath catching in her throat as she began to shiver. Eyes clenched shut when Storm's words boomed above her, causing her chest to spasm as she searched for breath. But once again the veil over her orbs would lift as the stick was thrust through her hand. Her torso jerked up in agony, tears beginning to stream down the sides of her face. She'd make a small whimpering gurgle as she was painted with her own blood.

[20:08] Maddox Vance: Noticed the glance from Carrie and gave a small shrug.. What were they waiting for? Why didn't they just put a bullet through her head? He sighed and continued to undress, pulling his vest off, unbuckling and removing his belt, and kicks aside his boots.. "I don't know if I can shift while I'm awake.." He said, loud enough for all around to hear but was clearly him just thinking out loud... He would try his best not to focus on Umia and more on Storm over her as he began the rite he spoke of.. He'd turn to Rie as his eyes slowly narrowed, clearly a bit unsettled about what was going on just then...

[20:10] Rie Trager: there was no smile had when Fen looks up at her, she simply took in what she saw and returned her attention to the Rite at hand. that was the nice thing about having a Fianna for an Alphaůthey may murder you but at least they did it properlyůmaybe even gave you a chance to survive. her own cool breeze flying around them, Rie's bloodline and heritage moving to meet and join with Storm's. there would be the distant sound of wings flapping, crows winging around them and creating a circle that seemed to glow the odd color of Rie's eye as the air moved around them, illuminating the group within it. that same green in her good eye seems to spread, filling the eye completely as she watches as if from a high point above them. the crows would lift up into the air, circling lazily above them, Rie's gaze never faltering from the female on the ground. she was aware of Maddox's gaze on her but didn't look at him, she was simply there, face with that even odder eye, calm and quiet "hush and watch Pup" is said softly

[20:16] Fen Blacach kept his glance on the girl, feeling the pull of a thousand generations on his very soul, the bloodlines within him stirring with the rites, his eyes closed, his form heaving with deep breathing, the very words of Apache chant moving through him, as though they were water.

[20:19] Carrie Weaver Stepped around Umia silently, his slate blue eyes never leaving her bloodied form as Storm continued the ritual making his way through each step in both langues. He brushed past Rie carefully, standing next to Maddox he clasped the young pups elbow gently, his voice low and quiet so as not to disturb Storm's process. "This ritual is important, everything will be explained as best it can, for now just follow our example." With that he seemed to fade back inside himself still staring at the writhing wolf on the ground even if he did not see her with his mind focused on other things.

[20:20] Niyol Clawtooth: "Your name will be stricken from our history, forever uttered as a curse from hense forth... " He would continue painting her eyes with her blood before rising and setting the stick down. He had performed this rite before... slowly he would pull out her long ripped out tongue from his pocket and began to lower it to his side. With a flick of his wrist and a downwards lashing movement, Storm would use her own flesh to demonstrate the effect of the right. The dramatic irony of calling her silver tongue, as the rite made everything that touched her flesh, slice it like a silver knife through butter. His head lashing upwards to the pack. "The hunt. Begins." His gaze looks down to Umia. "I ... suggest you run. "A slow dark malicious grin curls his lips waiting for the first blade of grass to slice into her paws.

Umia now turned her gaze to her Alpha. Her breath was coming out in quiver's, chest shaking with it's movements. 'This cannot be happening' she screamed in her head, Rie would have been able to hear her cry through their link. As Storm began to speak, her salty tears began to flow freely. 'Please' she screamed, body quivering to accompany her silent crys. 'Please,' she continued her wordless plea to her alps. 'I was foolish. I was wrong. I am sorry' she yelled, not so much meaning the words as just begging fore her life. Her dismembered tongue sliced her skin open as though it were a knife, sending a burning sensation coursing through her veins, pulsing from the area of the wound. 'Please' she screamed once more, eyes turning to Storm, a look of confusion washing over her with his demands. She would waste no time, seeing this as her chance to break free. She'd roll over to her side, the grass cutting and burning her like acid, repeating the same sensation as her hands hit the ground, then her knees and eventually the bottom of her feet. She was a bloody mess, more so than before. Still, she began to run as fast as she could, each step sending shock of pain coursing through her.

[20:37] Maddox Vance: Looked from Rie to Carrie as he neared and slowly nodded his head, as if taking the instructions of a trainer or coach.. He'd give Carrie a thankful nod, realizing it was time for him to shut up and pay attention... His aggression would clearly keep in check as he watched Umia and Storm and the ritual he continued to perform.. Even as her cursed blood tainted her face.. He looked upon her then as if she were a warning upon him as a young wolf to keep learning, keep pulling for the pack and never jeopardize the safety of even one of your own, for it pulls the family unit down.. No, he knew he'd do his best to keep his focus and do what he had to for his new family.. He felt that pull in his mind from what seemed to be Carrie, but he couldn't be sure... He listened intently and slowly closed his eyes as he heard Umia call out in pain as Umia was sliced with her own tongue and flayed more of herself over the grass.. He tried to focus on his inner wolf then, trying to allow all of his humanity to fall aside... Clearing his mind slowly of all of the human noise that polluted it.. He saw something deeper then, something naturally dangerous and terrifying to see within one's self for the first time.. He narrowed his closed eyes as his body broke a sweat, shaking in terror from the images he was seeing deep within his mind..

[20:38] Carrie Weaver snapped back from where he was lost in though, his hand coming off Maddox's elbow slowly as he watched Umia turn to run a bloody mess, leaving her trail streaming behind her. This would be a hunt different from any other night as the pack chased after her to bring the ritual to a close. He looked to Maddox giving the pup a nod of encouragement as he himself let the wolf come forward fully, with the subtle shifting of his muscles and tendons under his skin, his eyes darkening as he moved to shift. His body seeming to rip out on himself as the change started.

[20:39] Rie Trager: Umia's screams in her head did not go unheard or unnoticed, she watched the girl with that brilliant eerie gaze and a dark smile comes then, how fitting that the name given to her in derision was the first to inflict the harm of the Rite "run now Umia Silvertongue, seek forgiveness and redemption in the world Gaia gave usů.we are coming for you" her voice was almost a croon, almost kindůalmost redemption but it would send chills running along skin. that glowing eye fixed to her she'd gesture for the males to begin their shift, letting that power and Call race through her to them, Maddox especially, bringing out that devastating deadly Crinos that would race through the world that destroyed Umia. the crows that circled lazily would come to settle onto the stones of the ruins nearby, watching with keen interest.

[20:43] Niyol Clawtooth: His head would turn slowly to his pack brothers, giving a deep respectful nod to Carrie. then a glance to Maddox. "This hunt is yours brothers." He would then step back so as not in the line of vision of their war forms... His hand brings up the tongue, her tongue... and with the curiousity of a pup, let it roll and flop around in his hand, as harmless to him as a fly. His eyes danced with morbid amusement as he played with the flesh.

She ran and ran and ran, each step taking away chunks of her flesh, a long tail of blood following behind her. Her toes were the first thing to disappear, the razor like ground proving too much for the fleshy appendages. The sound of her pack mates on her heels would only fuel her need to run. And she made it admirably far given that stumbling and falling with the lack toes to balance her.

[20:54] Maddox Vance: Heard Rie's call and nods when Storm addressed him "It is.." He felt that inner beast forced itself to the surface before he even had a chance to finish his next thought. His entire body would begin shaking as he would slowly drop to his knees.. His clothing would rip and shred around him quickly as his body grew and began to sprout thick fur.. It wouldn't take long for him to dwarf his previous size and stand there before them in his purest form of destruction.. His chest heaved with each intense breath he took and though he saw everyone gathered there as prey, the one running, covered in wounds and scratches that left the thick trail of blood behind it would be his primary target.. He'd release a powerful howl from his frothing maw and start after Umia at a pace that made running through the woods as his feral form feel like such a slow, plodding thing.. It wouldn't take more than a handful of seconds for him to dash through the forest and reach Umia's shattered form.. As he got within range for it, Maddox would leap upon Umia's back, feeling his legs and hands dig through the skin of her back and feel her muscles almost turn to paste under his slightest touch. He'd dive in deep to clasp her upper spinal column through her skin and gnaw on it as if it was some chew toy, covering himself in Umia's tainted blood.. Through his fury, he'd break a few bones and finally lift himself from the carcass.. His demented smile would be presented for those who joined him there.. There was clearly no pup to be seen in the way he stared each and every other down.. As if issuing the world the challenge to tame or stop him from dismembering his kill...

[20:58] Rie Trager wouldn't shift away, they would know better than to strike her after all, instead she'd simply wait for Carrie to finish his shift and, once they went off, would follow them

[21:01] Carrie Weaver the wolf simply burst out his body, his skin seeming to peel back under the fur with the sound a candy wrapper being crumpled in on itself. The large war form being the only time he ever felt truly consumed by the wolf inside him. Rising from a crouch he towered to his full height, the brown streaked fur seeming to glint in the moonlight. He let out a low deep howl, relishing in the power and freedom of his form rather than the hunt for the traitor. His claws digging into the ground as he bounder after Maddox, strides propelling him along at a ground eating pace as he caught up to the pair with one already tearing into the other. Coming up he slowed stepping in, his heavy clawed foot to land on one of the girls out stretched flailing arms digging into the flesh and drawing more blood even as the grass and earth tore her to shreds easily.

[21:03] Niyol Clawtooth: He'd fold the tongue and gently put it back into his pocket, tucking it in like a handkerchief. He picks up his hat and shades, plopping them back on and with a hand sliding across the brim of his hat. He'd give a nod to his brothers racing off and jumping Umia... moving to follow behind Rie.

It was hard for her to move by the time Maddox took her down, her knees a mess of flesh and bone, fine cuts decorating her shins, and her feet were nothing but bloody stumps. She'd fly face first into the ground, blades of dead grass cutting through her flesh. The pain boiled inside of her, she'd never felt anything so intense in her life- not during shifting, not during sex. This was truly a pain one could only feel when they were close to death. She would not feel it for long though, Maddox's claws ripping through her back severed her spinal cord. She couldn't move, could barley breath, and the grass hat cut her eyes to badly for her to see. It started slowly, the pain of Carrie crushing her arm didn't even register. She felt light, and pain free, her for seeming to lift above the scene. She watched her pack mates dig into her all the while images from her life hitting her like a brick to the face- her first ice cream cone, first love, first fuck, first shift. But the scenes would grow darker, turning to her many transgressions, the vampires she'd so foolishly befriended, Maddox getting shot, all the times she spoke up so foolishly, she'd acted so foolishly. It would be just a second, but her lifetime stretched before her, and only in her dying breath did she finally come to the epiphany that she'd been wrong, that she deserved this, that she had brought this one herself. And with that last thought all the life would slip from her, floating off to wherever discarded lifeforms went. She died a traitor, but she did not die as the fool she had been.

[21:20] Maddox Vance: Roared as he fought within his animal to gain some control of himself from deep within.. His eyes scanned Rie as if she was a snack, though when he saw Carrie and glanced upon the strength of one of his own digging into -his- kill.. He'd growl intensely in a challenge to him.. If he wanted the body full of meat that he held under him, he'd have to fight him for it.. It wouldn't even take more than a wrong look from Carrie to prompt him into an aggressive stance, growling menacingly as he bent his knees greatly to lower his center of gravity, as if preparing to spring forward and take to him with an intent to kill and dismember..

[21:22] Rie Trager crested the hill after her Wolves, Storm next to her. she'd watch silently but the look on her face was as sad as it was quiet. a shudder passing through her, it was a terrible thing and only because it was her family would she subject them to such a thing. that sounded both horrible but it was a kindness. they had given her honor in this endůno bullet, no silly bleeder death, they had given her a proper Garou ending and she sighs out, long and low "it is done" is murmured to Storm, a frown flashed to Maddox as he got feisty and the thought of a run is pushed to Carrie but Maddox was his handful to deal with just then. Rie would wait for them to clear from the body to finish what was needed done

[21:28] Carrie Weaver could tell when Umia passed, like a small light fading out from the link in a blink.. Catching Maddox's growling and hunt natured as Carrie stepped on the kill, the old wolf understood completely. His understanding did nothing to stop him from not dealing with the challenge put forward by the pup, if this were a real hunt he would have to learn that those above him came first, and where better to teach the lesson than over the body of one who had failed to learn. Stepping forward he felt the bones of Umia's arm crunch under his feet, crouching he growled the sound violent and guttural, Carrying with it all his pent up rage over the past weeks, and his frustration, it was all up front for him when he gave into the wolf, and it fueled him. The growl kept going as his ears laid flat against his head, looking at the pup dead in the eyes urging him to be foolish enough to challenge him at this moment. Even in his state he could Rie thinking about a run, but there would be time after.

[21:32] Niyol Clawtooth: His head tilts, watching the pair. His weight shifts from foot to foot, watching. He had wanted to join in the hunt but, it was only fitting that they killed her. He'd wait for them to depart before following Rie to what was left of umia.

[21:43] Maddox Vance: Roared once more as he felt Carrie's rage insight his to new heights.. He'd be grasping control of himself and it would be clear by the intent in the eyes of his wolf that it did not want to back down, he wanted a piece of him.. But his mind was quickly reeling with the fact that he could sense the experience and dominance of Carrie had been much greater than his.. He gave a few stress releasing growls and grips the edge of a large rock and sends it flinging into the forest and out of view.. Anything he could do to release the aggression that had welled within him... He'd finally relax after perhaps ten to twenty minutes of pacing, growling and slashing up a few trees.. His eyes would focus on Carries once more and then bowed his gaze in submission.. Still covered in Umia's dried blood..

[21:45] Rie Trager waited silently for them to settle, each moment underscored by the body under their feet. a glance had over to Storm brieflyl as he shifted before she turned back to the two in the clearing

[21:51] Carrie Weaver Stayed there ready as the pup paced around the area tearing up anything in his way, Not once did the brown streaked wolf move other than to growl when Maddox strayed to close in his rampage. Finally as the pup met his gaze again, dropping down in submission he stepped forward into the other wolf's space, his large clawed hand coming up around the youngster to clasp the the nape of his neck, at first a stern gesture, it relaxed quickly until his large hand laid around the the back of the the others neck softly, his long sharp claws gently rested against the dark fur so as not to cause any harm. The growl was gone and his ears came up as he relaxed, the pup had done well and he let his praise known through the link. A gentle understand and pride at his control, even if it had taken time to gather himself. With that he moved his hand off the black wolf, stalking over to stand next to Storm, crouching down till his towering height was even with his brothers. Simply settling there, as he waited.

[21:56] Niyol Clawtooth: In the language of the body and growls and grunts of his gruff throat. He related his tiredness after the ritual. His head tossing back and yawning with a slow curled tongue. Then shaking himself out. His head jerks to Maddox then to Carrie before gesturing towards the woods a few times as if trying to impress upon his brother that the pup needed to be tired out.... while he and Rie finished off the corpse. He would never look Carrie in the eye during this near silent exchange, but he walked that line, respecting him as a beta but not seeming, even in this form, like prey.

[22:07] Maddox Vance: Felt Carrie's grip and expected the worst, though when he didn't do more than stroke his fur a little and then he'd turn to the three of them and let out another longing howl... He would flick his ears forward and backward a few times and adjust his neck a little as he learned the feel of this new and very powerful body.. With Storm's gesture, he wouldn't take but a moment to race off into the trees, not at his full sprint as he intended Carrie to catch up and overtake him to take the lead.. He'd feel the cool breeze against his thick, blood caked in the down under layer of his coat, making him feeling that much more alive and predator for having taken the first human life, impacting his life deeply, though the changes and full consequences of his very academic first shift into Crinos would have to be revealed in time... For now he just felt that much older, that much wiser to have participated in what he and his wolf now understood. His dark fur, though smeared and saturated with blood would slip between the shadows of the forest brimming with blackness. The gravity of the situation had all been lost upon him until that one finite moment that he had shifted into his final form.. One step closer to that inner, adult, experienced wolf he wished to be one day, one step towards greatness for himself and more importantly, on step closer to proving the greatness of his family.

[22:10] Rie Trager: no matter the form, Rie stood as that Alpha and beacon, putting off what she was as surely as that ivory hair and those odd eyes. she'd watch them both but they needed to get the body and get on with the last bit of what was going on. growing impatient, sensing Storm's tiredness, she'd stride down off the hill, heading right for the body. she DARED any of them to challenge her and she'd pull out her pocket blade and begin to cut into the scalp, tearing the hair free and leaving the bone exposed. fingers working swiftly and steadily now, this was not Umia any longerůthis was simply flesh and bone and was needed for a greater purpose

[22:14] Carrie Weaver straightened up from where he crouched next to Storm, watching the pup race off into the woods. He let the infectious nature of the black wolf's excitement take over him a little, trying to look at all this as something new and see it how he did. Casting one last glance and the bloody remains of Umia, and then to Rie as she set to work. Luckily with her focused on the work it would be hard to notice the subtle curl of the lip in frustration, and the softening of his stare when he looked at her. Lacking the composure to hide these things in his true form. Touching out to Storm through their link he thanked his brother for handling the ritual well before he bounded after the young pup, to lose himself in the wild for a bit.

[22:19] Niyol Clawtooth: Storm would make his way towards the kill trying to open her up and gather up what intestines still held promise... Braiding them together unil he had a rope of flesh of which he made a noose of her own entrails, and move to place it around the corpses head, tightening it, and wringing up the remains... The rite had worn off with the passing of the spirit from the body ... He would run his hand over what was left of Umia's features... Muttering in Apache, a prayer for the departed... an act of contrition. Before his head would lift to Rie. "were do you want the remains... "

[22:21] Rie Trager would gesture with one bloody hand to the covered bridge "we'll hook her over that and leave her. they'll find her fast enough, even in this weather" she'd straighten, shaking her hands off. she'd offer him the scalp, if he didn't want it then she'd toss it into the snow for the winter animals to feed on

[22:26] Niyol Clawtooth: He would take it and fold the tongue within it. "Arigatou." He'd move to lift the body and begin to take it to the bridge to string her up. Then went to work obscuring all traces that it was Rie, Storm and the others. Making due care and attention to finger nails and hair fragments and such. He knew better than to let his family get caught.

[22:28] Rie Trager would go with him, ensuring everything was clear, leaving the Wolves to hunt and run and she'd clean up in the river, knowing it would was away forever. they'd hold a memorial for her later, for now Rie withdrew to her own space
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The rite to redemption....
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