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 Hysteria...and Who is Tim?

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PostSubject: Hysteria...and Who is Tim?   Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:04 am

[20:12] Saphy (saphire.ohare) nodded to Nicci and smiled, "You're welcome." She offered a genuine smile and went back to her duties with wiping down the rest of the bar top. She would eye the two, as they were making what appears to be flirting eyes to each other. At least on Nicci part. The patrons was still talking about the fog and other things..Drinking their life away as it seems. "Don't be throwing up at my bar. You will clean it up yourselves." She chuckled, "Do you like they do dogs when they use the bathroom where they not suppose to and get their nose smacked with a rolled up newspaper." She would have been informal with the whole bathroom talk, but it was highly disgusting to say shit or piss when someone is eating. When she was one cleaning the bar, she wiped off her hands and seen Kole reaching out. She reached her hand to meet his, "Nice meeting you, Kole Erikson." She too, heard a loud slam and looked into the direction it sounded like it came from. She frowned, "If you break it you will relace it!" She would yell out
[20:12] Saphy (saphire.ohare):  loud enough. Saphy went back to focusing on the small crowd here.

[20:13] Sofia (sofiagainsly) slips into the bar. Head down. Arms lax at her sides. Her steps exhausted; the rest of her slightly bent. Saying nothing and looking at no one, she eeks past them only to find a solitary stool of which to climb and eventually sit herself upon. She smells. Like days without a shower, like hard work, and something vaguely unpleasant and acrid. "I'll have the strongest you got please..." Waiting for the barkeep to notice her. Her hands tremble when she lays them on the bartop, stained with something dark and crusty. Blood? Possibly.

[20:15] Fiona (onigauger)'s amber eyes caught sight of Kole watching with a stunned expression. She held up her thumb, showing a 'thumbs up' sign. “I'm okay!” She yelled, from inside the bar it would probably just be a muffled sound because of the glass. But perhaps the thumbs up she'd given would let them know she was just fine. When he let her go, she pulled those frames from her face, eyes narrowing some. “You cracked my glasses Bard.” She'd frown, groaning some. The glass was cracked some in the upper corner. Not that Fi needed them to actually see...but still. She sighed, glancing back in. “I didn't know they were in there, we came out here first remember? Because you shattered six glasses by doing some grand magic trick.” She rolled her eyes. This was like a constant thing around him. He really did infuriate her. “Kole does all kinds of stuff.” She actually didn't know that, just what she had seen at the show. “Last night I actually got used as a volunteer on the stage. It was pretty cool.” Pretty cool?
[20:15] Fiona (onigauger):  How about -amazing-. Fi had felt so awesome being up there. “I'm sure he could teach you a thing or two.” She'd snort, “You know, help you work out your craft.” She wore an amused expression when he started speaking Spanish. Fi may have failed Spanish in high school...twice, but she at least knew that. She laughed however when he gestured towards her freckled face, “They are freckles smart aleck, not a galaxy.”

[20:19] ηιcσℓαs (nicolas.baryl) jumped when she heard the thump outside, and watched right along with Kole as some guy smashed Fi's face against the glass, she'd started to get up, when he let her go. Nic nibbled her lower lip a minute or two, then decided against going out there. If he got too hands-y, she might change her mind, but Ki needed to stand up for herself- Nicci smiled at the thumbs up and all clear sign. She pulled her legs under her, and lifted herself up a little higher to lean against the bar top. Sometimes being short was a burden...other times.. it was pretty fantastic! Like never having to worry about being taller than your date when wearing stilettos! She had just taken her first bite of Nacho when it dawned on her that Kole had said her pie was amazing... Her cheeks colored and she grinned over at him. "Thanks. Lou will vouch for my baking! Though he generally chases me off if things are to be fried..." SHe shrugged some, she loved to be in the kitchen, and loved picking on the large man, who seemed to tolerate,
[20:19] ηιcσℓαs (nicolas.baryl):  and even pick back at her. "Has it been pretty quiet in here Saphy?"

[20:23] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox) “No no no, Magician never tells the secrets of the craft..” he said looking to her with a nod “Well yes we were in there and now we are out there, i’m not stuoooopid Pond.” he kicked at a pebble along the ground. “Was a grand trick though wasn’t it, wallop of a good time, and a Smashing finish.” he said with a curt thrust of his arm in front of him. He smiled though “Oh that sounds fun, a stage..” He creased his brow through the window, before looking back to her. “Oh no constellations.. they all come together in these intricate little designs, very lovely actually, gives you a glow of sorts..” he lifted both hands as he framed her face some with it, bringing them in maybe smooshing her cheeks. “Has a glow, like a galaxy so vibrant and expressive.. and lovely..” he went sullen though “Those frown lines have to go though, going to frown yourself into old age.. No no I recommend no more frowns or getting angry.” He drop his hands away as he rocked in place. “Don’t want
[20:23] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox):  to frown that pretty face away.” he look about. “A face is but a world, where beauty lies… you know.. its all skin deep, and yours is interesting to look at.”

[20:24] Kole sniffed the air, as he was hit... yet again with the smell of unwashed. Kole's nose wrinkled, but he was used to Nas who smelled like he rolled in something dead. He casted another look over at Fiona and the strange man, he had seen the wave as well. And just gave that raised brow and an okay symbol. If she was alright out there then... well, why not. He did glance at the newcomer at the bar for second, but not longer than that. His attention however on Saphy, listening to the general conversation and... well drinking his beer. Those nachos were tempting Kole, making him want to eat them... but he did not want to go exercise that shit off tomorrow. He chuckled as Nic went red and Kole merely shrugged with his usual smirk, "Should try selling some of your treats at the bakery, bet they would sell if Lou doesn't let you do it here." He suggested before watching Saphy work the bar, he hadn't seen her in here before but she seemed to know her shit. "No one piss on the counter today?" He asked Saphy, yep stay
[20:24] Kole:  classy Kole.

[20:28] Saphy (saphire.ohare) looked up on the new comer and smiled to her, "Sure thing, coming right up." She would turn around and scanned the back shelf, for the strongest liquor they had on stock. "Ah, this is strong." She lowers the liquor down on the counter and grabbed a glass cup of the appropriate size. She looks back to the lady, "Do you want to start a tab? You pay for all your drinks when you are finished." Saphy looked back to the cup and poured the alcohol into it. It had an intense scent. Then moving back to the lady, actually seeing her fully, observing every bit of details. What she looked like, something dirty on her hands.And not to mention that foul smell coming off her. It was tough, but Saphy manage to not make a face like "Eww, what the fuck." Again, this goes along with her professionalism. It was not always an easy thing to pull off. She looks back to Nicci and shrugged her shoulders, "It's been pretty steady." Her eyes dart back over tothe couple outside and since neither of them acknowledged the fact that
[20:28] Saphy (saphire.ohare):  she yelled out to them about breaking the glass, she would keep an eye out. Let them damage this property and they will have hell to pay. She was tired of cleaning up after immature folks who can't be on their best behavior in public. Fi new better. She works here. It didn't seem like she was in danger of any kind..Not one that she wanted to get away from anyway.

[20:33] Sofia (sofiagainsly) glances here and there. Finally. Finally, it's sinking in that things that are normal are happening around her. Conversation. Calmness. Happiness? Small town...friendliness. When Saphy plops the glass down in front of her she reaches for it and guzzles it down as fast as she can. Coughing ensures nearly to the point of gagging, and once it was done, her face was tear streaked. The longer she sat there...that acrid smell...took on the familiary of urine. Stale. Old. Her gaze remains fixed on the counter. Long and hard. "How can they all just /sit/ here like nothing is happening. Don't /they/ know?!" Suddenly she stands up. So fast the bar stool tips over and crashes to the ground. "Don't they know! Don't they know!" Panic she rushes at Kole and attempts to seize his arm, "It's up there.. It's. Up. There!"

[20:34] David tunes into the camera placed discretely over the bar, and while talking on his cell, watches the on goings downstairs.

[20:37] Fiona (onigauger) smirked some, Kole had said something similar last night. She'd never share his secrets! And Bard? She was sure he hadn't actually mastered any sort of tricks so she'd just um, never bring it up again. His magic was a bit...rusty to say the least if that first trick she saw was any indication. She cleared her throat awkwardly when he started talking about her face. Oookay Bard buddy, just no. Her face scrunched up with confusion, cute? Okay, lovely? Nah. “So Bard, I feel like I don't know anything about you. Have you always been on the island or did you migrate here like the rest of the town seemingly did so.” Yep, Fi was going to move the conversation right off of her. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate the compliment or...whatever it was he was doing...it was more so that Fi just, she didn't want to become a sputtering mess. Sure she was good around Kole, he made her comfortable. Bard? He was borderline throwing this pup into a sputtering fit. It was only the fact that he was just as weird as she
[20:37] Fiona (onigauger):  was that kept her from crossing over that line. She had learned a harsh lesson with Kurt.

[20:40] Haven Slade (haven.enigma) walks in, brushing a few clinging droplets of moisture from her sleeves. She smiles at the sight of Nicci and Saphy, but hesitates for a moment, noticing the shattered window has been covered with an ugly bit of plywood. She frowns faintly in distaste at the marred aesthetic, then determinedly focuses her attention on the bar, just in time to notice the woman having hysterics in the otherwise calm atmosphere. Hearing her comment, Haven carefully looks up to check for any potential falling objects before finally moving to the bar.

[20:43] ηιcσℓαs (nicolas.baryl) nearly fell off her chair as the strange, and very pungent woman grabbed a hold of Kole. She crinkled her nose and turned away. Yep. She felt bad for him, did she rush to his aid? Neh. He could take her! She was sure.. Oh that smell. Nicci slid the plate of nachos away from her, suddenly put off her dinner entirely. She didn't know what was going on with the woman, or why she was having histrionics but she pulled her phone out to check for service, yes! She had three sweet bars! She dialed in 911, and hesitated on hitting send. "Do ah.. You need us to call someone for you?" She asked, trying to be heard over the woman... She turned her eyes to Saphy as if the other manager could understand the look. It was an "Oh shit what now" kind of thing.

[20:44] Kole sniffed the air faintly as... was... that... Kole sniffed the air, as his nose would not stop. Was that...? He glanced over at the unknown woman at his side who was drinking and tearing... Okay, don't stare. Do not stare Kole. He was drinking and then the woman flipped out. Kole right hand had the beer in it thankfully as she suddenly grabbed him. Kole was completely taken off guard annnd... "What the bloody hell!" He exclaimed as he tried to jerk away from her grasp, faint red coloration slipping on his face as he tried to keep himself rooted, which caused his own barstool to clatter over as he tried to keep himself on the spot. Shit, why was the crazy always after him?

[20:46] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox) glanced over to her. “stayed went, came back.” he put it simply. “Did things in between, things I don’t like to talk about..” That was the most sane he seemed maybe. He looked up at a bird as it flew by and perched new by. “Raven…?” He looked at it, and then to the bar as he lifted his hand and let out a “awwww, I see what you did thar..” he laughed looking back to her “Comedians the lot of’em, Birds that is.. all Birds.. accept Seagulls, there wretched..” he scratched at his shoulder “Crabby bastards like to poop on me every chance they get, then start Laughing it up… with their cawing.. bloody flying rodents of the sea..” Yes he had changed the subject. “Anyway yes from around here originally as you asked.. TIp top no stories, nothing to talk about.. got family here somewhere though, just ain’t found her yet..” he looked about and then back. “So my Constellation of Pond...with your charming little Freckles… and orby oogly eyes of ogling… and your red hair..
[20:46] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox):  of yours..” he paused and cleared his throat. “How is your Klingon Sex novel coming?”

[20:49] Saphy (saphire.ohare) tried to cover her nose discreetly, but it was becoming unbearable. She had fix to say, "Umm, you need a shower." It would be rude to say, however, even before she can say it, this chick got up fast, dropped the stool and looked like she was gonna lunge at Kole. Though she was just trying to grab his arm. She started ranting about something and it was not making any sense at all."What are you talking about?" She seen Haven on the side of her eye, but right now something was happening. She didn't know what, but whatever it was, this lady was having some kind of issue. She glanced at Nicci when mentioning the cops and put up a finger. "Miss...you need to calm down."

[20:53] Sofia (sofiagainsly) "Yes!" She says to Nicholas with her cell phone. "No!" To Kole as he shies away from her. Didn't they know? Didn't they /get/ it. The only thing that had sustained her for the past week had been water and a stash of nature valley granola bars in her pocket. Somewhere in the woods was her backpack. His backpack. Somewhere... The strong shot was affecting her. "I. I..." The faces around her were damn overwhelming. "My....my...it..." She stammers, but nothing coherent can seem to cut out. She stares intently at Saphy for a good long while, trying to formulate the jumbled up mess of her current state of mind. "It's getting closer...." She finally lets out a pitiful wail. "We all have to go. You have to run. It /ate/ him! It stole him and /ATE/ him. Things in the mist...things in the mist..." For a second, she looks like she might lose it entirely, but reason suddenly comes back, "Why are you all sitting here like nothing is happening!" She slams an open, bloodied hand on the bartop. Tear streaked and
[20:53] Sofia (sofiagainsly):  hysterical. "We have to fight it. We have to /do/ something!"

[20:57] Fiona (onigauger) wasn't sure why she was surprised at his response. He went from being completely normal...well ish, to off the wall comments about birds and...she just shook her head. He reminded her of a character from a series she read, a Valkyrie named Nix the Ever Knowing. Very sporadic with conversation, yet everything made sense to him. Nix had also been a genius. She'd cant her head some, yeah she didn't know if Bard was a genius, but he definitely had Nix's characteristics. She found it oddly charming. She supposed this...well whatever they were, his Pond, the bane of her existence...well it must work. She snorted some when he mentioned her book again. “Bard, my research is going just fine. You know, if you actually took the time to read over it...on your own time and not over my shoulder, you'd find that there are some very interesting facts there. I'm sure you could pick up a few tips too.” She had no idea if the book would be beneficial, but making a snarky comment seemed appropriate.

[20:58] Haven Slade (haven.enigma) moves slowly towards the hysterical woman, casually placing herself between Nicci and potential danger. Haven gazes just a little past the woman's shoulder, carefully not meeting her eyes, Haven relaxes and puts all the calm she can into her voice as she says with soft sympathy, "You've had a rough time of it, haven't you?"
[20:58] ηιcσℓαs (nicolas.baryl) nodded, and took a few steps back, she was poised and ready, glancing back to Saphy, this woman was off her rocker, seriously. Nicci, tipped her head, "Do you need to go to the er hun? We can get you some where safe? Away from the fog.. I mean you're in town now, It can hurt you here.

[21:01] Kole calmed his roll as she was still...screamed. Bitch be cray cray. But... Kole couldn't help but wonder if she meant... that strange fog. His expression turned from awkwarded out, which was hard to do... to nothing at all he slowly backed it up and moved away from the woman. He glanced at the other two as Nicolas and Saphy seemed to be talking her down. He still had his beer and that was consumed as he debated about opening his mouth... deciding against it for now, it was time for him to be the audience member for once.
[21:04] Saphy (saphire.ohare) glares at Sofia. What the fuck...then she realizes,"Are you talking about the fog???" She sees her staring at Saphy for a long time, so Saphy would stare at her back. She didn't even bother walking around the bar, instead she hopped on it, turned herself around and hopped back off. She, at this point, was standing next to her. "You're safe here in town." She would attempt to reach her hand over the lady's shoulder to console her. "I'll give you a shot of some whiskey on me. Let's not scare the rest of the patrons."

[21:06] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox) heard her out as she spoke about her research. He just blinked “But reading it along is Boring… its much better to read it over your shoulder, and attempt to comprehend it while dodging little red headed fists of rage..” he said with a nod. “Have you learned nothing of me POnd.” he would then reach out to take her hand if not stopped to set it on his crotch “Does it feel like I need a tip, maybe you need a tip.. or like more than a tip...I could help with that..” Though hew ould go to step away. “Anyway, I need to find someplace to stay that is ok with ball sweat covered Money.. The hour grows late and Ooo Penny.” he would pick it up and flick it in his grasp. “Well Pond… I think i should get going..I do love our little conversations.” he would raise his hand “Before you get misty eyed at the departing of the great and powerful Bard.. I ask you to remember, that I do not ride off into the sunset. Unless you can find me a horse because that would be soo bad assss, any way I just
[21:06] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox):  go to rest. Tuh tuh I know.. I know.. you are my number one fan and my favorite assistant, but I must go.. I shall return I swear..” he placed his hand over his heart as he made that proclamation.

[21:08] Sofia (sofiagainsly) Haven's warm, soothing tone is a beacon in a very, very dark place. Everyone is assaulting her with questions. Hovering. Touching. She continues to cry. Great big tears stream down her face. Mucous trails out of her nostril, over her lips. "No, no...no! It's not /staying/ there. It's coming here! It's coming closer! Why can't you all /see/ this! We are not safe here." She would reach for Haven's hand if allowed, and any other hand that happened to be in her vicinity. "We have to go...." She is nearly begging them. "Things in the mist. Things in the mist..."

[21:13] Haven Slade (haven.enigma) would allow Sofia's hand to clasp hers, and ignore the smell as irrelevant to the woman's distress. Haven pitches her voice to it's most soothing, "Shhh, little one...it's ok. Before we can run, we need to take care of you and make sure you're in good shape." She frowns a little, noticing the red splotches on the woman's hands, "Are you injured? Or is this from something else?"

[21:16] Fiona (onigauger)'s eyes rolled, “Reading alone is fine. It helps process things without...interruptions.” And in perfect Bard fashion he was taking that dainty hand in his and pressing it...against his cock? IN PUBLIC? She was disappointed in herself that she allowed her hand to linger there a bit longer than she should, but then he started talking about tips and Fi needing tips and...she yanked her hand away. Her face on FIRE. She thought the winks from Kurt set her off? Bard was...well let's just say she was thankful that she hadn't spontaneously combusted all over the sidewalk. “What is WRONG with you? First you take my -very- first kiss ever...on day one? Then you...you have me groping you on the sidewalk! Stay away from me Bard. You can't...you can't come near me again.” Fiona was livid, Bard was literally taking everything from her in the two days she knew him. And that...that was just unacceptable. She was fuming, she had seriously just been forced to grab someones cock. 'What did you do today Fi?' 'Oh you
[21:16] Fiona (onigauger):  know, the usual...walked the cat, watered the grass...grabbed someone's junk down on Blackthorn.' Ugh, infuriating male. “I'll be your number one fan as soon as hell freezes over.” She was so angry, so flustered...so very unlike Fiona. She was afraid that with the past few days...she was being forced to get out of fantasy world.

[21:19] Kole held the glass in his hand, why did he not drink anything stronger today. The woman weeping, it was making him more than uncomfortable. That night out in that horrid fog, he'd only been out there for maybe thirty minutes but he never wanted to do it again. It sent shivers down the spine of the well-ventured performer, he let the women talk her down more. Kole was kinda... at a lose of what exactly TO do. Stand there? Aid her? He shot looks at Saphy and then at Nic. He felt like a statue, unable to really do anything. Least the coloration his face had faded. He looked at the cup and slowly, like he was walking in foot deep snow moved to the nearest table and placed the cup down with a faint, before glancing over at the woman in question. Please for the love of god, don't set her off.

[21:21] Saphy (saphire.ohare) watched her reaction and frown, she knew the fog was out there and it did look closer to town. There had to be a way to calm her down. "I believe you. But how are we suppose to fight it?" Saphy did believe her about the fog getting closer and not being safe once it did reach town, but actually fighting a fog? How was that possible. She played along in hopes she can get the woman to calm down."Like Haven said, let's get you all better before we can fight anything." And to think, Saphy already knew tonight was going to be a long night. Damn her and her gut feeling. Next time Sapy need to have a gut feeling about winning the lottery. She looked over to Kole and curled her lips, "Do me a favor and get me a wet towel from behind the counter please if you don't mind Kole."Saphy thinking maybe if they help clean her up, we can get something resolved today. She points to the kitchen. "Lou will give it to you."

[21:22] Bard Wilhelm (maximus.maddox) took a step backwards further as she got all upset. He gave a smile as she said to stay away and not see her again. He gave a low shrug to that, wasn’t the first wouldn’t be the last to tell him that. He would give a mock salute to the woman. “Perhaps… you should stop thinking of the events of the last two days and focusing on the negative and focusing more on the positive of things in your life Fiona..” Nope no longer Pond. “You might be able to take things in more stride..” that damn Raven crowded “SHut up no one asked you..” The crow cawed again. “DON’T MAKE ME COME UP THERE!” He would nod “Good bye.” he said making his way down the street. Would he actually stay away more than likely not, this was a small ass town hard to do that.

[21:28] Sofia (sofiagainsly) Haven's calm voice does little to dissuade her. She shakes. Trembles. Openly cries...when she asks about her hands. Staring down at them, jerking them towards her. Speckled and blotted; stained with Tim's blood. "Tim. Tim. Tim. Tim. Tim...." She shakes her head back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. "I can't. I can't...." She tenses, but then keeps trying to move towards the door. "We have to go!" She looks pleadingly to Kole. Why were they all standing here? Suddenly, she clamps her hands over her ears, wildly staring at all of them - stumbling closer to the door if allowed, "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming...please be dreaming. Please be drea- I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!"

[21:33] Haven Slade (haven.enigma) releases the woman's hands when she pulls away, her intense dislike of the role of jailer coming to the fore, even though she knows the woman isn't even remotely emotionally stable. Haven turns to follow her, still trying to calm her, asking, "Ok, little one, home sounds like a good place to be - where is your home? Perhaps we can help you get there safely."

[21:34] Fiona (onigauger) was appalled. As he stalked off she just stood there, dumbfounded. Fiona seriously had the -worst- luck in the male department. She hadn't even asked for this attention! She shoved her hands in her pocket and made her way back into the bar. Her cracked glasses and appalled expression would let -anyone- know Fiona had not had a good night. She pulled the...we'll call it 'sack cash', since the money had been stored in Bard's crotch...from her pocket, making her way towards the bar. She placed the cash on the counter, pushing it towards Saph. “That...is for the six broken glasses earlier.” She didn't elaborate, didn't want to. Just handed the cash over, it was forty bucks and would be more than enough to cover the expenses. She didn't want to get into trouble for Bard's obnoxious antics. She glanced around the bar, it was busy tonight, however the patrons all seemed a bit scattered. She'd arch a brow, what had been going on in here?

[21:36] ηιcσℓαs (nicolas.baryl) was at a total loss of what to do, but it was rather obvious that no one wanted her to call the local sheriff department. She stuffed her phone back in her back pocket, and moved around the counter, usurping the task that had been given to Kole, she knew where the towels were, so she grabbed a clean one, and wet it down with warm water and held it over the bar, "Here Saph, this should do the trick."
[21:37] Kole was so close... so cloooose. Kole slowly turned his head to look at Saphy, in a 'you have to be shitting me' kind of expression before looking over at the counter before he again started doing that slow catious walk annnnd then she erupted like mount Vesuvius. Kole winced at the yelling as she tried to move towards the door, like hell Kole was going to go cash after an insane woman. He whispered lowly to Saphy, "She's fucking nuts." This was unsettling to say the least, Kole was about to say more when Fiona waltzed in with... broken shades and a pile of cash... well tonight just kept getting weirder and weirder it seemed. He glanced at her and kinda raised his finger to his lip, before tilting his head in Sofia's direction. Kole seemed, quite stiff unlike his usual relaxed self as his head turned to look back at the crazy woman.
[21:38] Pie (pieta.nowles): rush after*

[21:39] Saphy (saphire.ohare) frowns at her, feeling so bad for her. Saphy signed and started walking out toward the door. "Lou, cover for me for a little while!" She would call out to him. If this woman leave by herself she would get hurt."Ok I'm coming with you."Saphy had no idea what the hell she was going to do, but she was scared for Sofia. Someone had to go with her. She clearly can't be alone right now. Looking to Haven and nodded, but she had a feeling Sofia might not want to go home, but home would be the best place to be right now. Lou was at the bar, so he would take the money instead and would nod to Fi. Nicci had went to get the towels, so Saphy would head back for them. She would wait for a response. She hears Kole and looked to him and nodded as she was heading back to the door. "Please, let's clean your hands before we leave, ok?"
[21:41] Saphy (saphire.ohare): (oops she would wait for a response was suppose to be after asking to clean Sofia's hands)

[21:47] Sofia (sofiagainsly) Haven was coming closer. Sofie was unsure what to do. Was she friend or foe? Maybe they were /all/ part of /It./ Could be. Maybe. Possibly. The idea freaked her out to near hysteria. Before she could stammer out anything in relation to her story - Fiona disrupts her already precarious state. She /had/ come here to use the phone. Had come here to get help.... She glances wildly at Saphy. At Lou when he comes out. At Nicholas. Suddenly, she starts laughing - choked through her gallons of tears. "No!" No clean. She glances down at her hands and shakes her head rapidly. They were all what was left of Tim before the thing in the mist.... "THERE ARE THINGS IN THE MIST!" She bellows at all of them and turns tail, running out of the bar.

[21:51] Haven Slade (haven.enigma) watches the woman run out of the bar, and murmurs to Saphy, "She's going to get herself hurt, in her state. I'm going to see if I can catch up to her...maybe I can get her to the clinic.", and then tuurns to run out after her.

[21:51] Fiona (onigauger) frowned, something was definitely off. She glanced to the newer faces then to Nic and Saph, giving a questioning glance as Kole moved behind her towards the bar. She'd nod her head slowly with that pale finger came to his lips in effort to keep Fi quiet. Her petite shoulders would shrug, whatever was going on in here seemed a lot weirder than what she had just experienced outside. She moved around the bar some to, closer to Kole. Lou gave her a knowing nod as he took the cash, hopefully that would be the end of the glass fiasco. She'd lean into Kole, “What's going on?” She whispered finally, her lips didn't move when she spoke though. Trying to be all sly and what not. Then the female everyone had been staring at started talking craziness about 'things in the mist.' A chill moved down Fiona's spine, eyes wide. “What the hell was that?” She asked bluntly, just kind of looking around at everyone.
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Hysteria...and Who is Tim?
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