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 Dear Lexie #1

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Lexie Ellwyn

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PostSubject: Dear Lexie #1   Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:01 pm

Dear Lexie,

I have heard that when I enter the woods with the fog. I am automatically infected and will be crazy. How long does that last?

Scared alone and Lost in the Fog.

Dear Scared Alone and Lost in the Fog,

I would first like to recommend you exit the woods as soon as possible, Visibility is 0 and there are monsters that will eat you for dinner. The Fog itself will cause disorientation, fear, the feeling of someone watching you and possibly panic. The Fog itself doesn't infect you but one certain baddie out may. Now if you are in there for an extended amount of time you may have some terrifying hallucinations which IF you get out of the woods alive may rattle you for a few days.  I would say if you are lost in there for longer than a 24 hours you friends may want to have you confined to a temporary mental ward for observation.

Dear Lexie,

I came up on a scene the other day I wanted to roleplay in. I was waiting the post round and trying to figure out what was going on so I could react appropriately.  Before  I got through a post round another player was waving and saying hello to mine, posting me into the scene. I wasn't happy with that as I wasn't given a chance to let those already in the scene know anything about me or what I was doing.  Am I suppose to post as soon as I come up on a scene so I get the chance to let them know about my character or was I doing the right thing by waiting?

Lost in a scene.

Dear Lost in a Scene,

First off you were doing the right thing by waiting a post round. It is important for any person entering a scene to  have an idea what they are walking into so they can react accordingly.  In real life you walk in on people having sex you more than likely aren't going to say " hi there.. how are you doing today? I had a shitty day let's talk" it would be more like "oops sorry I didn't mean to interrupt or can I join in? " nor if there is  fight going on would you offer the a handshake to those that are fighting.  An inappropriate action can
   That being said the same things goes for the people already in the scene. They should wait to see what you are doing. . If a person hasn't posted in, they shouldn't be address in character. Perhaps they were trying to decide if they wanted to join the scene or last minute rl called and they had to leave before posting. Better yet what if they were coming with a gun with an intent to kill or crying because their boyfriend/girlfriend dump them.  You wouldn't give them a big grin and wave.  This being a basic roleplay etiquette and should be remembered. The wrong reactions could get your character hurt or even end a scene.


Dear Lexie,

I have heard that as a wolf I can smell out most all races. I had another player tell me I couldn't and I was meta-gaming for trying to.  Could you please clear this up for me?

Lonely Wolf

Dear Lonely Wolf,

Although wolves have a key sense of smell, they cannot sniff out all races. Demons and witches will smell like humans.  A vampire with rubescent wouldn't have a smell either. Others may use perfume or scents.  In wolf form you senses are heighten.. In those form you may be able to sniff out fae or a vampire however  demons and witches will still remain smelling human.

Dear Lexie,

I am new to sim. I joined a scene and in this scene I was made aware of another character and all their abilities. In character and out of character. Some of the abilities mentioned are no where in the cards. When I came across this player I was told something different. I just want to roleplay HELP!!

So Confused,

Dear So Confused,

Whenever there is a question about abilities will it work or not work please contact an Inspired member. Although other players may have good intent their information is not always correct and to avoid confusion the best thing to do is seek out an inspired. We will help you straighten things out before things get messy OOC. This also goes with abilities you run across ic that you may not have been aware of existing. If there is any question about these please contact an Inspired member so we can help clear things up. It's much easier than having an OOC argument over it.


Dear Lexie,

I have decided to add things into my back story after I turned in my application. The main point being that I had family in Ravenhurst when it was destroyed.  That would explain why I am here now and would let me be able to explain what happened here when it ended.  Can you please explain to me how Ravenhurst ended so I have the knowledge to back up my story line?

Changing up my Story

Dear Changing up my Story,

The first thing I want to make sure you understand that before adding anything to your back story that would effect or involve other players on the sim it needs to be approved first. At some point you may think oh if my character had this skill it would make difference in my roleplay. or my character had that because of his/her age. It is okay to make those changes however you need approval first.
The next part is about using npcs living in Ravenhurst at the time it went down or saying your character lived there is not allowed. The original Ravenhurst was open in Secondlife from 2009-2013. The Pacific Northwest version is the one the current Ravenhurst is a continuation of.  This Ravenhurst was in actual roleplay from the end of 2009 to the fall of 2012. Not all of the players returned but many have.  The end of Ravenhurst was actually roleplayed out. Those that were apart of that loved the story we created so although you may want to add your own twist to that story it isn't allowed.

Here are some things you may know from that time:

-Ravenhurst was not destroyed during the Purge. In fact it  was destroyed almost  a year before the Purge began.

- Ravenhurst has been uninhabitable from fall of 2012 till dec. 2013. There were no shops or anything reopening till April 2014. Only a few were allowed in before that.

-  All the files were lost in Ravenhurst when the town went down. Only a few pieces escaped and those pieces would be documents only the original players would have.

- Internet, social media and news media would all say that Ravenhurst was destroyed in a natural disaster which included heavy fog, earthquakes and hurricane speed winds. The residence (some were forced) off the island by the coast guard.

- Any humans living on the island, if they happened to see anything they fell under delusions and weren't able to tell officials what really happened.

- As a roleplayer if you get to know some of the players that lived there, they may tell you the story in character.

- In the next few weeks there will be a class for Q &A on the purge,


Keep your questions coming. We will do our best to help answer them.
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Dear Lexie #1
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