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 Ellen "Patience" Tracy

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PostSubject: Ellen "Patience" Tracy   Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:11 pm

Name: Ellen "patience" tracy. She'll always introduce herself as Patience though given the choice

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf. Dominance level C (guardian)

Personality: Patience is scrappy. a little coarse and vulgar. Quick to provoke and rise to challenges, perceived or otherwise though isnt stupid enough to get herself into unnecessary fights these days . She is rather self deprecating when it comes to her looks, and is a very practical in her manner of dress- if prone to making herself look tough. She tends to not make friends that easily until someone approaches her first, but when they ARE her friend, they are fiercely protected. She doesnt do well on her own, far more led on her instincts and seeking to keep a pack close, which is why she's a lot more subdued or aggressive when shes not around her Mate, Chains.

Appearance: Patience is skinny and young looking, with a strong bone structure. She can be described as 'striking' rather than pretty, even though she looks quite severe and serious most of the time. She has yellowish brown eyes, unruly wavy black hair and a darkened skin tone... and then her entire body is covered in rather noticeable scars that look like they were inflicted by claws or blades of some sort. more often than not, she explains it away as a car accident. She has a tattoo across her collarbone reading "the world owes you nothing" and a tendency to dress in scruffy, oversized dark clothing. She could be considered 'grunge', though in her case, its more because thats what people throw away.

Background: Ellen Tracy was born to what she considered nice, normal parents. she lived in a nice normal suburban area, and had a lot of friends. She was always seen as a wild kid, throwing major tantrums, fighting and chasing animals. in the very least, she was a tomboy who spent most of her infancy up to her knees in mud or trying to surround herself with stray animals she'd bought home, though she flourished in group environments like girl scouts and cadets. She'd considered becoming a vet, though she "wasnt really that bright" (her words, noone elses. though she isnt much of an academic), and most of the time she stuck to low-brain power waitressing jobs . her family all knew, the "family secret" was strong in her. she had several "uncles" and "aunts" all come into her life, and when she was old enough, they integrated her into their pack, and the same pack as Chains. the alpha she'd been brought up with had been the same man the whole of her life, and the security settled her quite a lot. for now.

She never paid any attention to much of the politics of the pack, though her territorial and protective nature meant that she rose quickly to a soldier position, even if her scrappy nature gave her the nickname "patience" for her inability to sit still. When the purge came to her pack, Patience fought as fiercely as many of the others, but despite her brutal injuries managed to survive. scarred up and embittered, she took to drifting with Chains. When she'd heard of the island, Ellen remains...sceptical, but hopes for the chance to at least settle somewhere in relative peace.

Shit you'll notice about Ellen:

- She is currently homeless and living in the shelter with Chains
- She curses like a sailor
- She is covered in horrific scars
- She's always hungry or eating, and never refuses free food
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Ellen "Patience" Tracy
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