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 Naz and Rie take some pictures.

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PostSubject: Naz and Rie take some pictures.   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:11 pm

Role Play:

[16:43] Rie Trager (rithisak): [16:39] Rie Trager poofed in like the epic genie wolf she is and shook herself out before stretching and yawning "kind of camera are we using dude?" she muttered, eyeing the skirt and shaking her head...she could hardly say anything, at least she'd remembered to snag her sweater. she yawned again before eyeing the bright deer in front of the PD 'the fuck are those"
[16:47] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [16:46] Naz (nazeeya.yven) smiled as she finally caught sight of Rie, slender fingers reaching into her back pocket to pluck the iphone from her back pocket. “This one...just like the one that fucker used,” she nodded in reference to the cell phone as she could not be sure that photographer had used an iphone. “I think we should start with out lovely Sheriffs station,” she smiled, turning on her heel to head to the window. She'd snap a picture of the inside of the station through the glass, satisfied smile crossing her lips as she looked at the screen. “That will work just perfectly. Where to next?”
[16:52] Rie Trager (rithisak): [16:51] Rie Trager shook her head before that nasty grin reasserted itself "best get the whales while we're over here" she'd trot over, eyeing the bright deer and considered tossing them in the water but was afraid they'd electrocute the whales they needed pictures of...course that would be a nice touch to the picture, a long study of the wiring around the deer is had then as she waited for Naz to be ready to move on
[16:55] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [16:54] Naz (nazeeya.yven) nodded, one booted foot moving in front of the other as she walked past the station towards the docks. “Sounds like a good idea to me, that would be an excellent photo opportunity...really. It will make for a lovely shot,” she snickered, carefully making her way down the docks. Again the phone would be lifted to capture the scene, another satisfied smirk tugging at the corners of her lips as she examined the product. “This is just too easy dude. Wanna finish up at the lighthouse and then head to the bar? I think three should do it,” she reasoned out loud.
[17:01] Rie Trager (rithisak): [16:58] Rie Trager: "yea, dun wanna get seen being too touristy. we'd have to pretend to be hippies and shit and hippies make me want to punch babies" she keeps an eye on the surrounding area, noting who was noting them but mostly the weather had people inside and that was good for her "damn whales" she muttered before she'd turn, once Naz was done "stuff at the bar'll be plenty easy to do up on and yea, i got sent 1, heard there were 2...3 should counter it nicely" another smirk had
[17:01] Rie Trager (rithisak): [16:58] Rie Trager: "yea, dun wanna get seen being too touristy. we'd have to pretend to be hippies and shit and hippies make me want to punch babies" she keeps an eye on the surrounding area, noting who was noting them but mostly the weather had people inside and that was good for her "damn whales" she muttered before she'd turn, once Naz was done "stuff at the bar'll be plenty easy to do up on and yea, i got sent 1, heard there were 2...3 should counter it nicely" another smirk had
[17:02] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [17:01] Naz (nazeeya.yven) giggled as she thought of the lighthouse. “Dude, I have the perfect idea for the light house. It will be a masterpiece, really. My best work by far,” she spoke to her friend. And with that, she'd quickly make her way off the docks before any trouble got started cutting through town as she made her way to the light house.
[17:04] Rie Trager (rithisak): [17:04] Rie Trager snorted softly, she was just glad they'd come up with the idea and she eyed the courtyard quietly before squatting down, ensuring she was out of the picture "i'm afraid to even ask" she muttered. she was tired and a bit crabby but the other femael's amusement was catching and she ignored staring at the barrel and remembering the last time she'd come over to this spot "just so long as we can make it look good dude"
[17:09] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [17:08] Naz (nazeeya.yven) practically skipped the entire way to the lighthouse, this was by far the most fun she'd had in weeks. “Dude, you kidding me?” she chuckled as she hopped atop a rock, lifting her fingers in a box to the air as if to frame the picture, gripping a single eye shut so that she could peek through the space between them. “Like those pictures were good? You kidding me? This is fucking child's play,” she chuckled, plucking her cell from her pocket to snap one last picture. “Dude we got it, lead the way,” she nodded, waiting for her friend to lead them off to the bar. “You have gloves, right?”
[17:11] Rie Trager (rithisak): [17:10] Rie Trager rollled her eyes, a last hateful look given to where he'd stood that night before grunting "yea, everything we need is in the office" she'd made a career of hiding who she really was, what she really was...they could lock themselves in and she could reveal glorious things that seemed commonplace in a bar "let's go. and no, those pictures were craptastic but like hell we could just ignore them. gotta get brownie points before i get beat over them" she'd snort softly in amusement as Naz skipped around before leading them off to the bar
[17:25] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [17:25] Naz (nazeeya.yven) hummed a happy little tune as they trotted along to the bar. “Dude, we can drink while we're doing this, right?” she asked, albeit a bit redundantly given who she was speaking to. She'd give a nod to the same strange wolf she'd seen that morning as she walked through the bar and into the back office. “Nice set up dude,” she smirked, emerald hues falling on a brand new laptop. “But we're gonna need a printer,” she nodded, pulling her long strands back into a bun as she sat in front of the computer. She'd hook her phone up with a usb cord, fingers flying over the touch pad as she opened photoshop. “Dude, I am thinking the more ridiculous the better,” she nodded as she went about uploading her recently taken photos. With that she'd turn to Google, searching various images. Periodically, she'd burst out in a random spurt of giggles as she went about collecting what she needed. It would only take her twent minutes or so to finish her product, pulling the new images up
[17:26] Naz (nazeeya.yven): for Rie to view.
[17:25] Naz (nazeeya.yven) "Finished"
[17:27] Rie Trager (rithisak): as Naz begins the work on the pictures, Rie bends to unlock and open the heavy safe in the corner. it clicked quietly before the door swung silently open, moving easily on its oiled hinges. she'd begin pulling a few things out, a box of the thick, dark gloves that tattooer's used, a cap that she'd loop her hair up into, covering it completely and another for Naz to use when she was done. she'd slide cap and box over by the stool to Naz before snapping on her own pair. she looked like she was breaking into her own safe, the blood encrusted silver blade glittering quietly on the shelf next to the printer that had seen better days. the good one was locked into the house safe and this one was carefully hooked up to the proper wiring with those covered fingers. a new ream of paper ripped open and she'd carefully load the tray, blowing the bit of dust off of it. a glance had over her shoulder at the images and this time laughter does come out, harsh and loud "those are awesome, print them bitches"
[17:32] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [17:31] Naz (nazeeya.yven) smiled and nodded with Ries instruction. She'd slip on her very own pair of latex gloves, letting the ends snap against her skin before pressing the key to print off the images. “This will be so easy dude,” she nodded, poking her head out of the office for a moment to signal Sam for a shot, and he happily obliged. “So, we just go drop these off and then hopefully the same asshole who ran the last ones will run these. I mean, they are equally ridiculous.”
[17:36] Rie Trager (rithisak): turning back, she'd reach for the stack of manila envelopes used for pictures and large documents, snagging one from the middle of the stack and running a rag lightly all over it, ensuring any prints were obscured. another smaller machine was gotten out and she'd type lightly onto its keys before printing up a tag with the Tribune's address on it. it was a nondescript tag, black and white and she'd peel off the back to stick it to the envelope itself. a smirk had as she stretches, fingers flexing comfortably in the gloves, used to them. she'd reach for the pictures as they printed on the generic photo sheets. she'd actually thank Gaia for Walmart just then. a few moments to let them dry before they are slipped easily into the envelope. folding the clasp down she'd reach for some tape and tape the flap down to proof against tampering and she'd grin toothily over at Naz "all done"
[17:41] Naz (nazeeya.yven): [17:41] Naz (nazeeya.yven) waited for her turn at the computer, this time pulling up word and writing a nice little letter to send off with the photos. “I think this will work, and debunk the previous ones,” she nodded confidently. She'd print off the letter as well, waiting for Rie to seal every thing up as she waited by the door. “Ok, so where should we mail these from, just the box in the middle of town?”
[17:45] Rie Trager (rithisak): [17:44] Rie Trager pulled off her cap, satisfied with their work and she'd reach into the safe for the usb that saved incriminating things from the camera feed. she'd hook it to the computer, typing a command and saving it before ejecting and returning the whole thing to the safe. she'd clean up, snagging gloves and anything else that belonged in the safe, unhooking the printer and setting the pictures on the couch for a moment as she closed and relocked the whole thing "box should be good" stamps added and they were done
[18:04] Naz (nazeeya.yven): 18:03] Naz (nazeeya.yven) quickly made her way through town to one of the only mailboxes the small town had; or she was pretty sure anyway. She'd look around, making sure the streets were empty before approaching the mailbox. “Ok, here goes nothing” she nodded, lifting a gloved hand to open the door to the box so Rie could slip the package inside. And after the deed was done she'd nod, all ready turning to walk off back to the bar. Now they just had to wait.
[18:04] Rie Trager (rithisak): [18:04] Rie Trager follows Naz smoothly, envelope carefully tucked under her shirt so as not to be seen with it. a few other pieces of mail, destined for out of town, had in hand as they moved over. smoothly slipping the envelopes into the box and then she'd turn, all casual and stuff "drinks?" she'd say for anyone who wanted to overhear

Letter included in the package:
To whom it may concern,
I was the one responsible for sending the pictures in before that have stirred up quite the controversy in our small town. In light of this, I decided to take a few snapshots of some other oddities I have noticed around town. Due to the nature of these images, I am sure you can understand why I am choosing to remain anonymous.

Pictures sent (only hard copies were sent-NO DIGITAL IMAGES-Linked to my flicker account cause it's easier.):
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Naz and Rie take some pictures.
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