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 Vampire: Class Transcript

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PostSubject: Vampire: Class Transcript   Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:15 pm

So. Hi. How's everyone? I'm here to talk about some little basics about the vampire race here in Ravenhurst. We've been around for a long time. At one point, an ancient slept here, his grave deep in ground of this...very attractive place.

So what does it mean to be a vampire in Ravenhurst? Well, we like the atmosphere. It's attractive. Always overcast, rarely have to worry about direct sunlight coming out to fry us. Humble. Out of the way. Not a lot going on - yet very close to a land of night life and city bustle. Some of us are just keeping it on the down-low after the purge, unsure as to what the rest of the world - in terms of the supernatural - might think of us.

We're without the structure that we are used to. No governing "prince", no council of elders established. No older ones to report to - and the ones who /are/ older are keeping themselves mostly hidden, with the exception of a few here and there. Suddenly, we're the loners.

I want to talk about first 'Racial recognition' and a few of the refs I've posted on the forum. Being that we are such optimal hunters, we rely heavily on our senses to lead us to the best source of food.

Humans, of course, are the easiest and usually the most tastiest of prey. They are what we need to survive. However you choose to play your encounters are entirely up to you, but as a standard we have the ability of luring our prey and then make them feel that they've had the best, most intimate experience with another person they could ever have. The bite is pleasurable. To some? Addicting - this is why Blood Dolls exist.

Witches, werewolves in human form, and demons all come off the same, though wolves might be a bit warmer to the touch. Regardless, all are either human or in human bodies and present as equal opportunity snacks.

Fae smell woooonderful and generally smell a little like their element. Everyone else is the cake, they are the frosting. Buttercream chocolate frosting. Mmmm.... Anyways, on smell alone is not enough to determine race. Determination only comes from smelling/tasting the blood or if that character tells you.

Vampires, however, are a different story. To promote racial unity, like always knows like here. If you are a vampire - you smell like a vampire to us. We've always described it as the faint scent of death. Or moist earth - like the grave. We can pick each other out like a needle in a haystack. Unless you're wasting ALL your blood to pump your dead heart, you do not register as food. No heartbeat. Nothing. We can, however, partake of each other's blood. Usually considered very intimate.

Um, how can others detect us? To wolves we smell horrid. Like dead corpses left out in a sulfurous swamp. Gross. Everything about us is abhorrent to nature - and wolves /are/ the guardians of nature in a way. Our two species are polar opposites and have always been - but right now we are not at war. Not after the purge - which called for racial unity.

Fae might notice that we lack the "energy" of glamour. Demons will eventually notice that we have no soul if we're being pursued for one - though some of them might be attracted to our darker nature.

In all, we are the easiest to recognize, but we also blend it a bit better with humanity - perhaps because as a race, we might hold on to our own humanity. If a vampire has that 'flush of life' quality, they are harder to determine if they are a vampire or not. They smell better to others and appear to be very much alive. For instance, a fae pursuing a rubescent vampire's glamour might be a bit confused when there is none to find.
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Vampire: Class Transcript
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