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 Making a "sleep aid" from tea with passion flower to help with her insomnia.

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PostSubject: Making a "sleep aid" from tea with passion flower to help with her insomnia.   Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:54 pm

[11:06] Saphy (saphire.ohare) seen the closed sign on the shop and reached down into her backpack to retrieve her copy of the keys. Unlocking the door as she looks around to observe her surrounding. Nothing suspicious, so she pushes the door open and locks it up behind her. She would only be here for a few as she needed to work on a few herbal things. All she can think about was practicing at any and every moment she had. Between working at the shop and at the bar and making travels runs to the mainland, it seemed like it was taking a lot of her time. However, Saphy was determined to work on her abilities. There has been way to many occasions where she could have used her abilities for her own protection. But could not do more than she could because she was not ready.

When she locked the door, she managed to move around the counter and placed her backpack gently on the counter. She kept replaying this thought repeatedly on her mind, "I need a more stable place for myself. A place I can be safe and don't have to worry about roommates." Saphy worked really hard so that way she can survive in this town. Taking in all the factor to account, it never seemed like she would be out of debt for a long time. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a plastic jar. In it was passion flower...the dried leaves and stems. Settling them on the counter, she turned around and started boiling some water in the kettle.Before it boiled she added in a few passion flower dried leaves and a couple stems.

The whistle singing in the air as the water was boiled, and poured into a tea cup. Saphy takes two tea  bags and dips shamelessly into the water. Adding, sugar (Saphy loves her tea with sugar) lemon juice. Stirring it continuously.  She took a few sips to taste it, determining if it needed more of anything, like sugar, lemon juice, etc. It didn't. It tasted perfect. The point of this was she was having trouble sleeping. She was told that passion flower helps with that. The key to it was proportion. At least that is what she was told.

Saphy has been having a lot of trouble sleeping. It was to a point where she was becoming delusional. Now the next step was putting some energy into it for added measure. She still was not sure this would work. Not all first tries work. Her eyes would close lightly, taking in deep needed breaths. The sounds of the outside slowly disappearing and her mind becoming blank. The energy began to rise into her fingers. Pushing it into the cup. It was like she was falling into a trance.

She drinks up the tea to there was nothing left in the cup but the leaves and stems. Will it work? She'll find out when she goes home and takes a nap before work tonight. Her energy started to fall back as she feels relaxed. A little to relaxed. The room was spinning and it made her nauseous. That didn't come from the tea of course, but from the amount of energy she put into her tea. In time, that feeling would go away, hopefully by the time she woke up from her nap.
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Making a "sleep aid" from tea with passion flower to help with her insomnia.
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