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 Drake Montgomery Del'acord

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PostSubject: Drake Montgomery Del'acord   Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:02 pm

Race:human witch
Ethnicity:French American
Language: French, English

the Del'acord clan
   The Del'acord clan was driven out of france before the birth of Drake. his parents had been trying to help the werewolves with their fertility issues, through such magical intervention a spell went wrong and the alpha, who had aggreed to be the test subject in hopes he could have a child with his mate, was killed. the pack was angered but none where going to do anything as per his orders, however thanks to the new alpha pushing them they charged. and thus the clan was in america now, drakes mother, father,aunt and grandfather moved to america, here in maine they built a small home in the woods, made a garden and started a life. drake was born shortly after with his twin brother, and his sisters came soon after that, they had a large loving family now and the witches where secluded, only to leave their home within the woods for school. that was most of his life, until the age of 8 when his parents opened up an occult shop in a small city, it was wildly popular not only did they sell witchcraft supplies but also medicinal herbs and spices none of the mundane as they called them new they where real witches. it was here, and the green houses that drake spent most of his free time learning about the herbs and about how they are used.
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Drake Montgomery Del'acord
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