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 The free running wolf

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PostSubject: The free running wolf   Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:18 am

~General Information ~
Full Name: Suzana Garis
Alternate: Cinder Runestar, Dare Devil.
Race: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Career: Traveling entertainer. (Skater & Parkour artist)
Accent: Minastoa

~ Physical Appearance ~
*Black hair with color.
*Changes between revealing and conserative clothing.
*Always has a pair of headphones on.

Cinder stands a height of roughly six foot 5. She has that of an athletic build with strong legs, thighs and upper body strength. With her life style of being out in the sun Cinder has a tanned complexion with a few spots that seem whiter due to them being constantly covered.

When showing skin Cinder sports five different tattoos one on her back, one on each shoulder, one going down her neck and chest and the final one sitting at her pelvic area. As for piercings, Cinder has belly jewelry in the form of a pair hand cuffs that dangle from her belly button. When she runs the small pieces make the faintest jingle sound.

Cinder is a happy go lucky kind of girl. Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented. Focused on immediate results. Living in the here-and-now, she is a risk-taker who lives a fast-paced lifestyle. Impatient with long explanations. While Cinder abides by the law, she considers herself politically incorrect. And if the law gets in the way of what she wants, rules are meant to be bent and broken anyway.

"Put me in a mini skirt, put me in business casual. I'll still be who I am. Clothing doesn't make the person, it is the personality."

Theme song- "Skinnydippin' - Vengaboys

As a traveling entertainer, Cinder had seen many places, she loved her chosen career path. The young woman brought joy by performing tricks on shoes with wheels in the heels. It allowed Cinder to change between skating and free running during her show.

She leads a life in secret of course as any supernatural being would. With her first shift at age nineteen, Cinder took to learning her werewolf nature as quickly as she could. As someone who lives for excitement and risk, her nature did nothing to hinder Cinder or scare her. It was a new challenge for her to conquer. It took three years before she told her parents, they fully accept Cinder and always offer help should their daughter ever need it.

As far a pack goes, Cinder had no real idea of where to start looking or even how to join one. It was just one more thing she tacked on to her list of reasons for traveling. Though when she does finally discover one and they accept her; Cinder will be ready to follow the hierarchy as the experienced and elders would mean a better life for her. (Dominance level - middle of the pack)

As the fall arrives, Cinder begins her three month down time of not performing. The fall and winter are harsh and her outdoor shows would suffer. She takes this time to look for new places thus her finding Ravenhurst. Reading about its rain forest climate; all Cinder could think about were climbing the trees and getting herself lost in the forest floor. The young woman didn't waste anytime in packing up and heading out on the road to this new place.

A new place, new challenges, more excitement.
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The free running wolf
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