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 Rowan Gets the Answer She's Been Dreading

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Rowan Mayfair

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PostSubject: Rowan Gets the Answer She's Been Dreading    Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:44 am

[01:50] Rowan Mayfair walks into the bar, glancing at the two nearby at the table she nods hello and heads to the bar, smiling at the NPC bartender "Hey Lou, my usual please" she happens to glance down at Fluffy, who's ears are flicking as they near Izonaka

[01:56] Izonaka Naminosaki walked into the bar looking around carefully as he heard the woman call to the bartender. He nods to her then looked up to the bartender, "Hey there, Lou is it?" his accent still a bit apparent as he spoke to the man, "I would love a beer and a bit of information if I could." he looked around then spoke carefully, "I am looking for a woman by the name of Rowan, a mutual friend had told me to come find her." he looked around dropping a twenty on the bar top.

[02:02] Rowan Mayfair is handed her drink, scotch, neat, laying a $10 on the bar for Lou. She had picked up her glass and had it half way to her mouth when she heard her name. She glances down at Fluffy again, who was trained not to react to Supernaturals, confirming his assessment of the man, he was a super, what KIND of super was beyond her though. She reaches down slowly, lifting the right side of her shirt and reaches to the middle of her back, wrapping her hand around the butt of her off duty weapon. "Why you looking for the Deputy?" she asks Izo, stopping Lou from blurting out who she was.

[02:07] Izonaka Naminosaki caught the movement of her hand and smiles to her. "Well that is between me and Miss Mayfair, so unless you are here then i would classify it as none fo your business." he took the beer and began to sip it slowly as he made sure to slide the twenty to Lou. Looking back to the bartender, "So my friend I am sure that you know who the lady might be. If you can point me in the direction of her. In would be grateful for it." he sipped the beer as he watched the woman next to him carefully. He was not about to reveal himself but be damned if some human would do any harm to him. He had seen enough of that a few days ago, he did not wish to entertain it again.

[02:14] Rowan Mayfair puts her drink down and slides off her stool, pulling her off duty weapon as she does, thumbing the safety and holding it at her side "Again, I'll ask you what what do you want with the Deputy. I'm very close to her and I don't like it when people ask about her... call me.. protective" The woman was a cop for crying out loud. She was gonna be careful as hell. For all she knows this guy is a friend of the serial killer she put in jail. She starts to gather her energy on around her, preparing ready to cast a power word

[02:21] Izonaka Naminosaki sighs as he heard the safety come off the gun she had in her hand. The fucking things he does for honor, "Well let me put it this way, I am sure that she would like know about Bryce. And I am sure that is enough for you put your little pea shooter away before one of us gets hurt." he turned to her as he looked directly to her eyes, "And trust me dear woman, the dog has a better chance of doing me harm then the gun in your hand." he let his gaze drift to the loud thumping heart but let it go for now since he had more pressing issues before him. Mutters, "The things i do for honor, thank you wise old grandfather for beating that into my skull." shook his head as he waited to see what she did next.

[02:27] Rowan Mayfair catches Lou moving out of the corner of her eye as he steps back "Shit Ro" he mutters to himself as he sees her pulling her weapon. She glances at Lou rolling her eyes as he says her nickname. Hearing Bryce's name she narrows her eyes at Izo she says, not pulling her gun away, not yet. "Since Lou has pretty much outed me, I'm Rowan. Now what about Bryce. Have you heard from him? He's not returned any of my calls in 2 weeks, and I'm damn worried"

[02:32] Izonaka Naminosaki sighs, "Well there is a reason for that and I am sorry I was unable to arrive sooner," he had to make a few stops along the way after exacting revenge. "Bryce and i were working a new angle for a group in Seattle." he looked to her, "How much do you know about Bryce, he said you were the love of his life but I am not sure how much of his past you know." he was matter of fact in his words as he looked to Lou then back to her happy that the loving couple had left. His head had been pounding in time to the woman's heartbeat. He looked to the woman claimg to be Rowan and waited for an answer.

[02:38] Rowan Mayfair finally reholster's her weapon murmuring a single word "Contego" feeling the energy surround her and protect her. She grabs her drink and drowning it, she steps closer, aiming to grab Izo by the ear and twist hard, her other hand reaching for his balls to put them in an iron grip "I know everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. He never lied to me and I never lied to him. Now you tell me where he is" her heart catches in her chest as Izo said Bryce told him she was the love of his life.

[02:48] Izonaka Naminosaki grimaced at the amount of pain she did invoke upon his body, He heard the word and wondered was that the dog's name. He immediately went to strike her hand on his genitals with an open hand strike at half his strength not wanting to hurt the woman he had come to see. So he was taking it easy on her or so he thought. His other hand went to give the same style of strike to her chest. He was not aiming to hurt the woman just get some distance between them. "Then you know how strong he is and what gave him that strength and the need to be careful about what is said. So release me and we will talk in private." he stared at her from behind his shades.

[02:53] Rowan Mayfair just laughs as he strikes her, both landing where intended, yet not phasing her one bit. Her hands remained where they were, if anything gripping and twisting tighter for a moment before letting him go. Damn she loved this spell "Yes, yes I do." she motions for Lou to pour her another drink make it a triple, "Put it on my bosses tab" once the drink appeared, she grabs it up and turns, heading for the door and outside where there were less prying eyes and ears

[02:57] Izonaka Naminosaki shook his head rubbing his ear and his genitals as he took in a breath, "Well now I know what he saw in her."he took the last of his drink, "Give me two more beers and another trip for the lady." he dropped forty on the bar top then took them all up and headed outside to find her. He set the drinks down in front of her and began drinking as he looked to her, "So you are some kind of mage I take it then Miss Mayfair." he let his gaze take her all in.

[03:03] Rowan Mayfair takes a gulp of her drink "Witch, and where is Bryce?" her violet eyes were burning into him "He's gone isn't he? He's dead, I know it, its the only reason he'd not come back to me" she says softly as she pulls out her phone and looks lovingly at the last text he sent her. As if he had seen something, and knew he wasn't going to see her again. Her eyes fill with tears and she looks out over the water "Damn you Bryce, just, damn you" she says as the tears fall from her eyes, trying hard to control herself and not bawl like a baby. Fluffy comes up to her and nuzzles her hand, and she leans down to wrap her arms around his neck and bury her face in his soft fur. "How did it happen" she says through the fur "Do you know?"

[03:16] Izonaka Naminosaki sighs as he took a long draw from his beer as he listened to her. His eyes look to her then out to the water as well, " He and I were working as a protection detail for what we thought was a simple VIP escort." shook his head. He looked to her, "Some one let a demon hunter loose in the midst of an assassination attempt on the VIP. Bryce and I were told to stay with the guy. Next thing we know two grenades later and we are blown across the room. VIP is dead and I can not find Bryce." took another long draw finishing the first glass and starts the second. "I finally find him and the demon hunter decided we were all his target. The coward attacked Bryce from behind and took his head." he looked down at the table, "I was not fast enough or close enough to help him. All I could do was bide my time, and avenge him. That is why I had not come here sooner I am sorry for that Miss Mayfair." he slammed his fist down and snapped the edge of the table clean off.

[03:26] Rowan Mayfair glances up at Izo, taking in his features. "He actually /talked/ to you?" she asks somewhat incredulously. One thing Bryce was, was one of the biggest racists she'd ever met. She knew he didn't even really like other vampires other than his one friend Zack. She listens to the story and shakes her head "As big as asshole as Bryce was, I'm surprised he got a job as security" she admits then jumps a little as he breaks the table, nodding "Thank you for that. At least I know he is at peace now. He was a tortured soul, I seemed to be one of the few that could tame the demons inside him." she wipes at her eyes and her gaze goes back to the water, a sad smile on her face, remembering how he said he'd take her fishing, then laugh as she said she'd puke with seasickness. "Ohh my love" she sighs as tears fill her eyes again

[03:43] Izonaka Naminosaki looked to her as he began to see what it was that Bryce had seen in her and understood why the man fell for her. He had delivered the news as honor had dictated. He looked over her as he felt the waves of emotions flow out of her. The pounding of her heart the breaths she took all told him of her plight with her man now gone. He looked out to the water as he thought a bit more about the man he had only met recently and had felt he needed to do this for. He looked back to her, "I am sorry for your loss and I would like to help you in anyway I can." he looked to her as his hand slid slowly over to hers.

[03:47] Rowan Mayfair sniffs and grips his hand tightly before letting go "You avenged him, I can't ask for anything more" she would have liked to do it herself, but at least it was done. "Can I ask your name? And, well, do yo have his backpack? His wallet? Anything of his?" her voice catches in her throat as another wave of sadness over takes her. She forces herself back under control and chuckles some "you know, I think I'm the only person on this damn Island that will miss him. No one liked him. So, you must have made one hell of an impression on him, and he on you, for you to come all this way to tell me. I truly can't thank you enough" She somewhat hides her face now that she felt the man was no longer a threat, her insecurities about her scars resurfacing

[03:57] Izonaka Naminosaki shrugs his shoulders as he looked to her and felt her squeeze his hand. "The name is Izonaka. And I think he just liked having me around to laugh with and trade stories about the war an such." he nods to her, "Well I did what was needed to be done. A coward does not deserve to live after that attack." he looked to her as she tried to hide her face. He reached out to her reaching for her chin. "I see why the man fell for you so easily Miss Mayfair, you are a very beautiful woman inside and out." he caressed her cheek with his thumb.

[04:12] Rowan Mayfair narrows her eyes at him "Which war?" course if it was WWII it would make sense that Bryce would like him since the Japanese and the Germans were on the same side. Her violet eyes grow hard "No, no he doesn't. You saw how I was when you walked in, imagine what I'd do to someone who hurt someone I loved?" her voice was hard, and filled with anger. She wrenches her face from his hand "No, I'm a constant reminder of what happened here, how we all barely survived the Entity" now that Bryce was gone, yeah her self confidence was in the toilet again.

[04:19] Izonaka Naminosaki chuckles, "That would be the war to end all wars my dear." stared at her as he looked into her eyes, "You are beautiful, and that will not change. You are the woman that Bryce was able to love and cherish. So do /not/ ever think you are not that at all." he reached for her cheek softly as he looked to her now seeing the scar she was trying to hide. "We survived the Entity because we were all lucky nothing more and nothing less. And we all have reminders of that time. No not all are on the outside." he looked to her as he let her feel his warmth along her cheek.

[04:25] Rowan Mayfair can feel the hot tears slide down her face again "You don't know what it was like, you weren't HERE. The nightmares, living nightmares, attacking you over and over. The fog, messing with your mind, making you see what you feared the most." she wipes her eyes and nose on her sleeve. "I.. I need to go Mr Izonaka. Please, if you have any of Bryce's possessions, drop them off at the police station for me, I'd appreciate it. Again, I can't thank you enough for telling me, and avenging him" she starts to walk off, towards the lighthouse, towards home, where she can bawl her eyes out on Gracey's shoulder.

[04:36] Izonaka Naminosaki looked to her and nods, "I am sure I can find what you are talking about." he looked to her as he watched her head off to the lighthouse, now he needed to look more into what had happened in this place as well. He had thought that he would come and deliver the news of the man's passing. Then saw a few kind words and do like he always has, disappear and blend back into the human world. He moves to leave and not worry about anything other then dropping the backpack off another day soon. He stops and looked to her as he closed his eyes and concentrated on her. He heard the heart beats and then the breathing. He stood there and then sighs, yeah he would be back to check on her again. Something about her had grabbed a hold of him and he felt a need to be there for her now more often.
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Rowan Gets the Answer She's Been Dreading
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