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 Nicolas Belmont

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PostSubject: Nicolas Belmont   Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:39 pm

✎ Basic Information
Avatar Name:  Nicolas Baryl
Character Name: Nicolas Belmont
Character Age: 30
Faerie Affinity: Though you're not kinain, there's something about you that Fae notice and like, and you're much more likely to be Enchanted, befriended, and aided by the Fae.

High/Warrior  (Could be an Alpha but she is currently a lone wolf.)

✎  Description / Back Story

You typically hear her well before she arrives on scene, the rhythmic collision of the numerous bangles on her wrists tend to give her away. No stranger to body art and alteration, a small silver hoop with a slightly faceted diamond affixed is attached to her belly button; the glint of moonlight draws your eyes to that guilty pleasure far before you notice anything else both of her delicate ears have been pierced far more then once as a seemingly forest of black hoops ranging {in order} from large to small adorn her ear from lobe to cartilage.

Despite the swaying of her hips, it is perhaps the movement of her arms and legs that appeal to the common warrior and/or Alpha. Her lithe movements are seductive and yet violent dance-like are reminiscent of those of Werewolf tradition and hint at a darker past then one might have thought.

Always one to drive the opposite sex wild, she has always maintained the means of defending herself once. She has studied mixed martial arts, despite her natural edge in being a high dominance wolf. She jogs, exercises, and keeps herself in peak fighting condition both in human form and in her wolf forms. She will never allow herself to be the victim again. One year in college taught her not to trust supernaturals outside of her families pack, and the vampires they are allied with..

Nicolas is from a small farm in the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia, born in raised in the crest of the Appalachian Mountains. She still has a bit of that southern accent, with her y'alls and fixen'to's, but that southern charm hides a sharp with, and quick mind. One that she used to keep herself alive during the purge, despite the fall of other wolves, and races. Her family one of the very few that made it through, they were careful, very careful, hunting on their own land, using their own cattle to feed their wolves, allying themselves with the local vampires to keep the veil intact. Still they had their losses.

It was the loss of her youngest sister that sent Nicolas on her way, leaving behind family and friend, and the memories, that were tied to her home town, filled her heart with hurt. All it took was one new face, and missed place trust and their little family circle was torn and broken.

She meandered her way across country, and found herself on the ferry to Ravenhurst, where she met new friends, David, the strange but handsome man that ran the bar (her boss), June, the sultry wolf pup that filled her heart and stomach with happy flutters. Scottie, who was a wise cracking and smoothing talking Vampire with a deliciously tempting bite, the quick witted and hell on wheels Grey, a woman who knew how to use a water hose. All the people she had come to know in the few months that she had been living in the small town...

✎ Weapons carried on her person, either in her bag, or pockets.
Boot Knife, Pocket Knife, brass knuckles and mace.
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Nicolas Belmont
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