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 Kates first night in town

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PostSubject: Kates first night in town   Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:12 pm

*Kate Bade walks into the *Thirsty Raven* with her bag over her shoulder and sees several people about :

Horus Sabra: cheri ... I be taken it choo be talkin about the billiards non?

Kate Bade: makes her way to the bar and bumps everyone she passes with her bag "I'm sorry, excuse me...pardon me" She sits down and drops her bag by her feet hooking the strap around her wrist and letting out a deep sigh as she takes a moment to calm herself

Ellie: "You're fine" she comments to the woman with the bag, moving forward out of her path, "um.... sort of? I can hit it but it's never very good- too much geometry for me to be good. at it, I think."

Kate Bade: takes off one boot and shakes it out as she orders a beer "Something in a bottle that isn't gross" she shouts over the music and struggles to replace her boot on her foot.

Alice looked at Horus nodding softly, " Kind of, well it like." She'd move slightly still getting slightly bumped into by the woman, then looking back to Ellie, "Well we could dance if you two are no go for pool." chuckling softly. Though she'd flutter her eyes to the woman that bumped her for a moment long then back to her friends.

Horus Sabra a look of total fear comes to his eyes as she says that looks first to Alice then to Eli and says "well ummm... see

Kate Bade: catches a glimpse of the woman and does a double take not quite in time to notice. She smiles sweetly at the woman as her beer arrives and then dumps out some change she was clutching in her hand onto the counter

Ellie grins, seeing his fear and totally mistaking it for nervousness. Maybe he liked her roommate... she nods, "Oh yeah- please do.... I'm getting pretty wiped anyway..." she makes her way to a booth, giving him very little choice in the matter.

Alice raised a brow looking to Ellie as she was talking about all three but shrugs and takes off her jacket and placing it in the booth with Ellie, " Come on Richard, you've gotta remember how to dance." she'd shout over the music as she moved to the dancing area she assumed as started moving to the beat.

Horus Sabra looks to the way shes dancing and is in total loss as to what exactly to do ... hes never really even heard music like this much less danced to it she was dancing maybe a bit like the slaves did but wasn't exactly sure.. he looks and tries to move a bit like Alice but is totally left footed at this

Kate Bade: slides three stacks of coins towards the bartender and straightens her posture as her smile widens from ear to ear and she pretends to clap as she orders "That should pay for that beer and one of those shooters you mentioned. Is it ok if I tip you next time?" *Babbles away flirting with the bartender and sipping on her drinks*

Ellie laughs quietly, covering her mouth with a hand as if she's just resting her chin on her hand. Idly she wondered when the last time he'd danced was. Surely he couldn't be that old.... though then again- she doubted there was an easy way to tell. She wasn't even sure when her roommate had been born.... and changed..... is that what they called it? She doubted Alice knew...

Alice giggled watching Richard and taking his hand, " Here follow me. It's like the Waltz only you let me lead and we throw in a bit more body movements." Shooting Ellie a look almost beckoning her to come before shouting, " You've gotta join us at some point in time!"

Ellie laughs and shakes her head, now stifling a yawn, "mmm no, I think ti's getting a bit late for those of us with work..... I have an early shift and will spend the rest of the day home. I'll be back around lunch." she stands and stretches as she says this last. "

Kate Bade: finishes her drink and writes down her number for the bartender on her napkin. As she starts to get up he passes her another shot which she drinks quickly and stumbles slightly before hiccuping and stepping away.

Alice raised a brow slowing her dancing, " You want us to walk you back to the flat?" her British accent thicker as she yelled a bit over the music. Glancing at the girl that had came in as she neared standing from the bar. Perhaps she was drunk, that would be a bit fun to feel for a bit. But she pushed the thought from her mind. She hated to bite humans, but Richard said he did it slightly different way that really wasn't biting oh she needed to get that outta her head. Looking back to Ellie.

Horus Sabra smiles a bit as he starts to dance following Alice's lead still off trying to do this but so trying to follow her lead because well he hadn't done anything like this since the civil war and they sure didn't dance like this back then

Ellie shakes her head, unaware she'd depriving her roommate of a distraction, "no no.... I'll run back, take a quick nap before my shift. Thanks though- ya'll have fun. Leave the app out if you want me to take it in tomorrow."

Kate Bade bites her lips as she dances hard to the music keeping her eyes on the other patrons as she subtly tries to get her attention

Alice nods and smiles, seeing Richard was starting to get the hang of it, " Alright be careful! I'll have it out fr you in the morning!"

Ellie yawns again and holds her chai like it's liquid gold, "Alllright, see you then!" she makes her way out the door, stumbling a bit even though she'd not had a drop of alcohol.

Kate Bade: watches the girl in blue curiously as she arranges her exit

Horus Sabra: should we not escort the lady home Cheri? non I mean tis .. well it is night after all...

Alice shook her head, " She'll be alright, she can take care of herself. Though we can tail hera bit if it makes you feel any better." Whispering just so him and her could hear maybe others that were more super-natural.

Kate Bade: wipes the sweat off her forehead and retreats to the bar pleased with herself, singing along softly to the music under her breath

Ellie waves and leaves, keeping herself and the precious chai upright as she heads home.

Horus Sabra: if you be sure dar Cheri I trust your judgement dar...

Kate Bade: turns around with a new beer and jumps startled from the enw arrivals that seemed to appear out of nowhere "better chance to score" she mumbles to herself and tries to smile at the new arrivals

Ⓡαуηє Ⓢαbrα (rayne.mirabella) nodded watching Ellie go. Though azure orbs would float back to the female human at the bar. Leaning back she'd whisper to just Richard, " Ever drank someone that was intoxicated before? I read once it's the only way for us to be pissed." Grinning at bit to him then to the girl. Though she'd eyed more people walking in. Nope with more seems her little experiment would have to wait. As she till tried to correct Richard's akward dancing as they went though always watching the new ones, curious if anything.

Kate Bade: makes her move towards the dancing couple and puts on her sweetest smile and shouts out as she gets close "hey y'all" she blurts out then hiccups twice and nearly drops her beer

Horus Sabra grins a bit nodding first to Alice and then to the woman and says "well hello dar Cheri you seem to be having a good night to say da least"

Alice looked over to the woman that approached and grinned softly leaning back a bit to Richard, " Try dancing with her now. You can do it, if anything that southern charm will get her. Though.." her voice went low, " she seems a bit pissed now as it is. Go ahead try it." as she'd slip away for a moment to rest leaning against a booth.

Kate Bade: scrunches up her face in a strange way almost as though in pain for a moment but bounces up smiling as she hollers "I'm Kate, do you have anything good to smoke?" she turns her back to them and backs into the blond, playfully but clumsily bumping her

Ⓡαуηє Ⓢαbrα (rayne.mirabella) smirked, shaking her head, " Nothing on me, " her British accent flourishing more, " Though you should try dancing with him. I'm sure if anything eh can buy yeah another drink." leaning once more against the bench.

Kate Bade: frowns and steps towards the woman again between the two of them and winks as she drops her beer, barely taking notice as she presses her hand to her heart "Oh my gosh I love this song...do you know where we can get some? *sings along for a moment and looks involved "man I am really feeling this shit right now. What did you ask me?"

Horus Sabra shifts in a bit looking at the girl his eyes trying to lock with hers as he dances with her a warm soft smile crossing his lips " well Cheri I don't be knowin exactly what choo be talkin bout but I'm sure we can get you a drink or something....

Alice shook her head, she didn't know and the more she thought she'd use ti to lure the girl away for a midnight snack the more she told herself it was wrong. Looking down at the bottle of beer that had hit the floors she said, " I don't know anybody, still new to town." over the music.

Horus Sabra: well dar cheri
Kate Bade: looks at the tall man for the first time directly and examines him briefly before doing the same to the blonde, seemingly much lower on energy "you don't know anybody for what?" she says genuinely lost and then looking back at the man and slurring in an odd loud whisper "hey did I ask you about finding me some of that sticky sticky *hiccups* I shouldn't drink so much I wanna sing here..."

Alice shook her head, this girl was really drunk, far past anything she should have been as she looks up to Richard, then to the girl once more. "Yeah you did, hey why don't we get you home or to a motel room. You really shouldn't be drinking any more." She said in thoughtfulness.

Horus Sabra nods agreeing with Alice then looks to the woman "Cheri choo have abit to much of dat dar bottle I be thinkin choo might not make it home if you dont watch out we could escort ya to the motel or to choos house now

Kate Bade: nods and agrees as she takes a deep sniff of the air and leans in towards her "is that you? *sniffs again* smells so good. Did you say your names are Maddie and Mark? *hiccups* I can just walk to my nana's " she says and smiles foolishly, rocking ever slightly from side to side and waving an awkward goodbye

Alice tried not to laugh. Drunks made her giggle as she nodded her head, " We can escort you if you like. Don't need the Bobbies causing you trouble for begin pissed out on the streets." Shifting a bit as she had worried for a moment that she smelt bad but it seem her perfume was working, at least for humans she didn't know how well ti worked for supernaturals.

Horus Sabra gives Alice an upward nod and smiles letting her know he agrees with her again following her lead in all of this

Kate Bade: points at her slowly and leaves her finger in the air as she slurs squinting "Ok...bobby. I'm Kate and don't ever under-estimate me *hiccups and turns to the man* that goes for you too. *she smiles and waves again as she walks forwards with her eyes slightly closed and crashes into the white-haired man by the door, her bag still at the bar as she starts to exit "I'm so sorry about that mister I'm a little off"she says to him a she spins away and backs into the door and almost out

Alice sighed shaking her head as it seemed pushing herself up from the bench. " She thinks herself a big girl then let her go. I'm heading back to the flat, I'll meet you there ok?" she said to Richard, coming up next to him so she didn’t have to shout.

Horus Sabra: hey dar Cheri is dat choor bag or dar by that chare you was sittin at...

Kate Bade: shoves the door open and bolts off hurriedly too drunk to process what anyone was saying and leaving her bag behind.

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Kates first night in town
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